I sat in my usual seat in the classroom. I had been takeing night classes in phsycology at the local college. From my seat I could see all the other student's as they filed in. I didn't really talk to any of them. Most of them were overly smart, young college kids and I was a middle aged man who was trying to make something of himself. Thirty isn't that middle aged. I have short dark blond hair, green eyes and am a little heavy set. Not obease, just chunky. "More cushion for the pushin" as my cousin would say. Finally the teacher walked in. God he was hot! Tall with short black hair, brown eyes, large, full lips and light, caramel colored skin. Mr. Martin was his name and he was possibly the hottest black man I had ever seen.

The class settled and Mr. Martin began his lesson. When he came to the phsycological reasons for masterbation, I heard titters and giggled ripple through the class. I wondered if Mr. Martin ever jerked off? I know I did. I am not very well endowed "down south". 5 inches when hard. I believed that was the main reason I have never really had a relationship. Most guys are looking for lovers and partners who have some heft in the cock department and I just dont. I am ok with it though. It used to throw me into deep depression when I would send a hot guy I liked a message and would never hear back from him. Now I realize that internet dating isn't all it's cracked up to be. You only meet the man of you're dreams online in movies.

The class ended and the other students started leaving. Mr. Martin began gathering his books and notes and putting them away. I was doing the same. Suddenly he looked up at me and smiled. "You're very quite tonight Stephen." Stephen is my name BTW. I smiled. "Just have alot on my mind sir." He nodded. "I was just headed out for some coffee and a sandwich, care to join me and we can talk about it?" You could have knocked me over with a feather. I stood and walked down to him. "I wouldn't want to impose, you probably have someone waiting at home for you." He snapped his briefcase shut. "Nope, I live alone and besides Mr. Cheevers, I am single and free." I cocked my head to the side and smirked. "Mr. Cheevers?" Mr. Martin laughed. "My cat." I nodded and followed him down to our cars. The parking lot was pretty much deserted. My car was parked alongside a light.

"Wanna follow me to the local diner?" Mr Martin asked. I nodded. I got into my car and took a deep breath. What the hell was I doing? I should just go home and tell Mr. Martin I had suddely become sick. I shook my head. This chance had been given to me and I was not going to waste it. I drove to the diner and parked. He was waiting for me. "Hungry?" he asked. I looked down at myself and then smiled. "When am I not?" It was ment to be a joke but a look a such pain came over Mr. Martin's face, I believed I had hurt him. We went into the diner and sat in a booth.

"I asked you here because I need to talk to you about something." I nodded. I could tell he was nervous. "I am in love with one of my students." Again I nodded. "Do they know?" He shook his head. "No, I am afraid to tell him." My heart almost stopped. Mr Martin, the beautiful black man I had been lusting after was gay! I cleared my throat. "Well, why don't you just ask him out to dinner or something and see where it goes?" He nodded. "I was about to but I am afraid of getting into trouble if things didn't work out." I nodded. I was well aware of the schools policy about teachers dating students. It happened but not out in the open. "Well, if he likes you as much as you clearly do, I don't think that'd be a problem."

A smiled lit up his beautiful face. "Thanks, I knew I could count on you." I was glad I could help. In one way. In another I was kind of bummed that he wasn't speaking of me. The waitress came and took our orders. "So what is bothering you?" I frowned. "It's nothing. It's no longer important." He nodded but didn't say anything. I knew Mr. Martin wasn't one to pry. We are and then went out to our cars. "Thanks Stephen, I really appriciate you listening to me." I nodded. "Let me know how it works out with him." Mr Martin smiled strangely. "Oh, you'll know."

I went home and sulked. I felt terrible. It felt like everyone around me was finding love and having a life and I was just here. Almost as if I was on one side of a two way mirror and everyone else was on the other side. I could watch them fall in love and have relationships but I could never experience it myself. I nodded as I got into bed. I am never one to brood. Ok, so Mr. Martin isn't into me. So what? I went to bed determined not to care.


Marcus laid there in bed, his cat Mr. Cheevers sleeping next to him. His chest was smooth and muscular wirth two dark nipples. He smiled. So now he knew he could ask Stephen out. He had been in love with him since he first started taking his class. Marcus's 10 inch cock grew rock hard when Stephen was near him. He often times had to jerk off in his car. He had just finished doing so, bringing himself to a mind shattering orgasm. He didn't care that Stephen was heavy set. That was part of what made him sexy. He didn't care for all these muscular, self-centerd men. Stephen was quiet and kind. Marcus liked that.

He stroked Mr Cheevers soft furr and felt him purr. "I think we might just have found the one baby boy." Mr. Cheevers mewed in sleepy agreement. Marcus could hardly wait to see Stephen tomarrow night in class. He smiled. He knew Stephen would be shocked when he told him. His cock twitched when he imagined his caramel colored skin against his white skin.


I took a deep breath before walking into class that night. Mr Martin smiled at me as I took my seat. I didn't fawn over Mr. Martin like I usually did. He loved someone else who clearly wasn't me so what was the point? After class I gathered my things and was preparing to leave when Mr. Martin stopped me. "Can I ask you a favor?" I nodded. "I am meeting the guy I told you about at a local restaraunt and I was wondering if you would like to join us?" I felt anger rise up in me. "I dont think so I really have to..." The look on his face was so imploring that I sighed and agreed. I went home and changed. "What the hell am I doing?" I asked myself as I drove to the restaraunt. I found Mr. Martin. He looked very handsome in a fresh, crisp dress shirt and slacks. I sat down. "So when is you're mystery guy supposed to show?" Mr. Martin smiled. "He's already here." I blinked. The realization of what he said hit me like a ton of bricks. "You mean me?" He nodded.

"I'm the one you're in love with?" Again he nodded. "I've been in love with you since the first time you walked into my class." I didn't know what to say. "Why me, I mean, I'm a nobody. There are plenty of other guys in the class that are way hotter than I am." Mr. Martin cocked his head to the side and smiled. "You know why I like you? The first day of class I watched you give up you're seat so another person could sit there." I blushed. "That was just me being an gentleman." Mr. Martin reached across the table and touched my hand. "That was you being the warm, kind hearted man I know you are."

I smiled. "Mr. Martin..." He laughed. "Call me Marcus please." I nodded. "Ok, Marcus. I have to admit, I have been lusting after you since the first moment I saw you." Marcua smirked. "Why don't we get outta here and go back to my place." I frowned. "I don't think I am ready for you to see me naked yet." Marcus's eyes sparkled. "I ment to talk and maby share some wine." I laughed. "Ok." We drove to Marcus's beach house. It looked like a Frank Loydd Wright creation with different levels of glass windows. "Nice place." Marcus nodded. "I like it."

The inside was even more spetacular than the outside. In the frontroom was a huge, stone fireplace, soft black leather couch. The kitched had stainless steel appliances. Marcus smiled. "Would u like a glass of wine?" I nodded. "I have a hotub out back you know?" I laughed. "I didn't bring any swimtrunks." He smiled laciviously. "That's the whole idea." I laughed even harder. "You're hell bent on doing everything you can to get me into bed tonight aren't you?" He nodded. I sighed. "Ok,fire up the hotub and I'll join u in a moment." He looked like a little kid who had just been told he could blow up frogs as he walked down the hall to the back porch.

Oh God! What had I just agreed to? I was about to get all necked with a man I had been longing for since forever. What if he was dissapointed when he finally saw me naked? I have dips and valleys on my body that could be called fat rolls but not alot. My manboobs are a particular embarassment to me. I must be out of my freaking mind to be doing this! I steeled myself and walked out onto the back porch. The porch itself was made from beautiful wood and I could hear the sounds of the ocean in the distance. I looked up and noticed La Luna, Goddess of the moon was riding high on her cloudy throne.

I looked at the hotub and my breath caught at what I saw. Marcus had stripped and was now sitting in the bubbling water smiling expectantly at me. "Are you gonna join me or just stand there with you're mouth open?" I took a deep breath. "It's now or never!" I said to myself.


Marcus watched as Stephen lifted his shirt over his head. His chest was smooth and he longed to feel and suck on his manboobs. God this was making him so hot! His pulse quickened when he watched as he slowly unzipped his pants and pulled them down. Oh he could hardly stand it. He wanted to pull him into the hotube and ram his now steel hard cock deep into his ass. Fuck him without mercy. Marcus knew he was in love. For the first time he found a man who wasn't self absorbed and vain. He didn't care that Stephen was a big man. He found his bulk beautiful.

Stephen wore a pair of briefs. "Get in here!" Marcus ordered with a smirk. Stephen smiled. "I'm still wearing my briefs." Marcus moved to the edge of the hotub. "I said get in here!" Stephen shrugged and sank into the hot water. "Wow, this feels amazing!" Marcus reached under the water and placed his hand on Stephen's leg. "I know something else that'll feel amazing!" he leaned in and pressed his lips against Stephens. They frenched for a few moments. Their tongues slipping in and out of eachother's mouths like eels. Marcus reached below the water, inside Stephen briefs and grasped his cock. Stephen moaned as they kissed.

"Stand up and turn you're back to me." Stephen did as he was told. Marcus gently pushed him forward until he was leaning agaist the edge of the hotub. He hooked his figers into the wet waistband of Stephen's briefs and slowly pulled them down. Stephen's ass was beautiful. Smooth and round. He placed his hand on each cheek. "I'm gonna make you feel so good!" he whispered into Stephen's ear. He nudged his legs further apart with his knee and parted his cheeks. There in the middle was Stephen's rosebud. Marcus flicked his tongue across it and laughed when he felt Stephen jump.

"Liked that did you?" Stephen nodded. Marcus was pleased he knew not to speak. The occasion didn't call for words. He licked between Stephens wet cheeks and heard him moan. "MMMM!!" Marcus gently massaged his low hanging balls while he worked on his ass. "Oh fuck yeah!" Stephen exclaimed. Marcus smiled. This guy was quickly becomming inihibited. He dove into Stephen's ass, lapping at his hole. Stephen was sighing softly. "Shit that feels so freaking good!"

Marcus spent a few more minutes licking his ass before he spun Stephen around and sat him on the edge of the hotub. He noticed his cock was rock hard. It wasn't very big. 5 inches but it was thick with a glistening, mushroom like head.

Marcus gently stroked his cock while licking the tip. "Ooooh!" he eclaimed. I looked up and saw his eyes were closed and he was smiling. I devoured his cock which wasn't hard for me to do since it wasn't very big. I hated sucking on massive cocks that made me gag. "Holy fuck!" Stephen exlaimed. I smiled. I worked his cock. Moving my mouth up and down his slippery shaft. I gently played with his balls as I sucked. He was panting and moaning softly. "Oh, you sure know how to suck cock!" he murmered. I felt his balls draw up in my hand. "Oh shit, I'm gonna cum!" he begged me to stop but I only sucked harder. "URRGGGHHH!!!" he groweled as I felt his cock twitch in my mouth as his hot, sweet spunk flooded my mouth and went down my throat. I drank every drop like I was a man dying of thirst.

"Wow!" Stephen exlaimed when I had cleaned his cock off. He slid back into the foamy water. I sat next to him. "Shall we continue this in my bedroom?" Stephen nodded. I helped him out and we moved upstairs.

Authors note: I switched to Marcus speaking in the first person because I find it easier than writing in the third person.


Fucking hell! I had just had the most amazing blowjob from the man I was quickly falling in love with. I had never cum so hard. I followed Macus upstairs watching his perfect ass sway with each step. His cock made me gasp when I saw it. It was freaking huge. 10 inches at least. I wondered if I could take that moster prick up my ass. I sure as hell was gonna try! When we got up to his room He turned and smiled at me. I could see his body in the moonlight. It was beautiful. His chest was smooth and sulpted and his stomach was flat and ripped. I watched as he moved closer. "I wanna fuck u so bad!" he exclaimed. "Can I suck you first?" I asked. He nodded. We climbed on the four poster bed and I knelt infront of is rock hard prick. Taking it in my hand and stroked it. It was thick. I could barely fit my hand around it. I licked the tip and heard Marcus gasp. "Yeah babe! Suck my big cock!" I took the head of his cock into my mouth. It tasted wonderful. I moved lower, careful not to go to far. I didn't want to gag.

Marcus moaned softly. "Oh Yeah!, This is what I've been waiting for!" I stroked his cock while I sucked and rolled his heavy, fleshy balls in my mouth. Soon he was breathing heavily and I knew he was close to cumming. I stopped and stared up at him. "You wanna fuck me now?" He smiled. "Get onto you're stomach." I loved it when he ordered me around. I lay on my stomach. I heard him uwrap a condom. I jerked a little when I felt him squirt some lube onto my ass. "Cold?" he said with a chuckle. I nodded. I felt him insert a finger. It felt wonderful. He moved it around. "Damn baby, you're so freaking tight!" I smiled. "That's because I've never had a man like you to open me up daddy!" He slapped my ass. He worked my ass with his finger, adding a digit before he stopped. "You ready?" I nodded.

I felt him raise himself over me and saw he grabbed his moster cock at the base. I moaned loudly when I felt it pass between the valley of my ass cheeks. He didn't move. "This is gonna hurt but just remember to push out like you're taking a shit. It should help. You ready?" He asked. I nodded. My heart was going a mile a minute. Marcus began moving his hips. I felt every inch of his cock pulling out and pushing in. He inserted more of his cock with each thrust. His massive cock was almost stretching my hole. It didn't hurt as bad as I thought. Soon I was enjoying it. "Yeah, fuck me!" I felt his body pressed against mine. His heart beating with mine. "You like it when I fuck you're sweet ass with my big cock? " he murmered into my ear. "Yeah, fuck me daddy!" He chuckled and gave my cheek a slap. "That's right and don't you forget it!"

Soon we were both sweating and panting . "Oooh! Fuck me with that big cock!" I moaned. Marcus moved faster, thrusting deep into my ass like a jackhammer. "Oh, fuck, I'm close!" he murmered. He continued to hammer my ass and cup my mantits with his big hands until I felt his cock swell and he exploaded. I felt his hot cum fill my insides. "UUURRRHHH!!!" he roared as he came. When his cock stopped twitching he pulled out and flopped down next to me. "Damn!" I nodded. "I know." He propped himself up onto his shoulder. "I love you." I smiled, tears filled my eyes. "I love you too!" he smiled. "Move in with me?" I was so happy I couldn't speak. I kissed him and then he stood. "Come." We stood under the hot shower. He reached between my legs and began stroking my cock. "Yeah, I want you to cum for daddy!" I felt my balls draw up. "UHH! I'm gonna cum." I felt my cock go off like a missle, shooting my spunk all over the tile floor of the shower. "FFFUUUCCK!" I moaned as I jerked with passion.

We cleaned up and fell asleep in eachothers arms. A smile on my face. I had finally found the one man I had been looking for.

The End.



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