Sunlight went through the window of the room. He was curled up in bed, thinking, staing at the empty side of it where his one-night-stand lay last night. He turned toward that side and hugged the pillow with his arms while the room was lighting up little by little. His face came closer to the pillow and he smelled the perfume he had left, a smell that made him remember the great night he had.

He remembered how he met him dancing in that club, how their eyes met each other in the dark and both came closer to dance and to take a closer look at one another. After a little while dancing and not even taking their eyes off of each other, they knew there was an obvious attraction between them. As soon as he wrapped his arms around his waist he felt that something was getting hard inside his pants. When he whispered those words in his partner's ear and felt he was hard, he knew his bad streak would be over.

Their desire and sex feeling started with a passionate entrance at his home. His partner took off all his clothes and pushed him against the wall while kissing his body fiercely. After that he got down on his knees and started licking his dick. His technique was spectacular, his partner moaned while shuddered with pleasure. When he finished he made him turn around and startd kissing the lower part of his back. He went down till he reached his buttocks when he opened them and kissed his anus. He transported to another world, a world in which he could only feel pleasure, the greatest kind he had ever felt in his life.

A spank he felt in the buttock made him come back from that world. He saw him getting up and undressing. He helped him take off his clothes and took him to bed. When they got there he pushed him toward it and got on his knees to take off the slip he was wearing. A little stain of excitement made him realise how hot everything was and turned him on even more. He repayed him by sucking him as well as he did to him earlier.

They went on like that until they couldn't bear the urge of taking a step forward. He took the condoms and the lub from the bedside table and he placed it on his partner. He kissed him on the lips before opening up for him. His hard dick slipped in. They did it face to face, feeling the breath of one another while pushing in and pulling out. A moan of maximum pleasure came out of the bottom's mouth as well as a white splash ended on his sweaty chest just before his partner reached the climax. He pulled out his dick, took off the condom and he placed himself close to the other's mouth, grabbing his head with his left hand, enjoying the scene. When he was there he shot the load all over his face. His partner felt the cum went down through his cheeks.

He kissed him on the lips after finishing, before they had a shower together and the night coming to an end.

He kept on smelling the pillow, remembering everything that happened the night before, and getting hard with it. That morning he had no one to help him with that. He didn't expect coming across him again nor sharing the bed either, but he had a night that would last in his memory for a long time and that was enough to him.

A brand-new day arrived. He got up and went to the entrance of his house while he still felt his dick a little hard. He checked the answering machine but there was no message left... It ws then when he realised there was a piece of paper he hadn't seen before. He took it with curiosity and he saw a mobile number written on it.

He thought that night may happen again after all. His dick went rock hard thinking about it. He took advantage of that good start of the day and grabbed his dick with his right hand. He thought of the good time he had last night and the great times yet to come.



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