Labor Day Weekend, the official end of summer and the official end of the barely covered young studs. When you live in the Northeast you get used to the short summers and you take advantage of every opportunity to check out the local talent before they get all bundled up and those tight young tight stud bodies are concealed for another year. This weekend was looking to be an awesome opportunity to see lots of skin as the temps were going to hit the high 80's and the sun was going to shine for the entire long weekend. Armed with my Mirrored Sunglasses to hide my prying eyes, my digital camera with the mega zoom lens and cooler full of soda and other goodies off I went.

Arriving early I staked out the best location I could find. Close to the Volleyball net, within view of the snack stand and the rest rooms. I was poised in the highest traffic areas. My goal, get as many pictures as I could to hold me over for the long winter. Real hot studs being real on the last day of summer would provide me countless hours of jerk off material until the new wave of studs came through next year. Now all that was left to do is wait for the meat to show up.

Within the first couple of hours the beach was filling up nicely. First was the families that came to stake their claims for some real estate, spreading out 3 or 4 blankets so that they could keep the kids entertained, have dinner and still have room to lounge. Surprisingly I find some of the hottest images in the family man. They still have hot bods and in a lot of cases they love to get their dicks sucked in the changing room glory holes. This year was to be no exception as straight in front of me this father staked his claim for his family, checked the proximity of the bathrooms for the youngsters, food stand for the wife and seemed all happy. He seemed to have a nice enough body, course he still was all dressed so I was reserving judgment until some of the outer layers were removed.

Thinking that I might want a few pictures of him dressed I fired up the camera and took some shots. It is amazing to watch a straight guy when he thinks he is having his picture taken. He puffs up and is sure to give you his best side. This guy was no exception and soon he was taking off his shirt and showing off a very hot and very buffed body. I am guessing that he is a body builder as his chest was completely smooth of any hair, even his armpits were shaved. My type of man. Shit who am I kidding I look at them all and almost all of them give me a hard on at one point or another. I kept taking pictures of this very hot and sexy man and it seemed the more pictures I took the more he showed off. Removing his jeans he revealed the nicest ass I had seen on an older guy in a long time and whether it was accidental or on purpose while removing his jeans his swimsuit pulled down and showed a lot more of that firm bubble butt than I expected.

I put the camera away before I had the wife all nervous about someone filming her man. Not only that the college crowd was arriving and it was time to scope out the younger prospects as well. College guys are awesome at the beach, they stay pumped up the whole time they are there, playing volleyball and slamming the drinks that they think no one knows they have. They are an easy mark for a glory hole escapade. These horny Frat studs don' t care who is sucking their cocks off as long as they don' t have to see them. They just pretend it is a girl from school and slide that dick into your mouth, pump your face for a while and dump their spunk. Balls emptied they leave the changing room and go back to their buds. If you have not guessed by now, I take the pics in the morning and in the late afternoon but during the middle of the day I have a better job, emptying hot nuts of their man juice. Cock after cock and load after load I just can not get enough of giving these straight boys the best head they have ever gotten. If I had my way I would own an adult bookstore and would be the main attraction in the back. Glory holes are the hottest and the greatest way to get to taste some of the hottest cocks around.

The day was breezing by, lots of pictures of the college boys playing volleyball, a few ass shots of the boys when their buddies were horsing around and pulling their shorts down and the swim trunks went with them. You just have to love the boys when they have to show off their macho side but it was getting to be almost noon and well it was time for me to take up my position in the far stall of the changing room. My dick was already stirring and twitching at just the thought of all that man meat that was soon to be forced down my throat. As horny as I was today I might even back up to that hole for the right guy, I mean cock you never get to see the guy.

Down to the end of the changing room and into my favorite hole I had no more sat down on the bench when I heard the outer door close and the footsteps head toward me. I heard the door to the next stall open, then shut and the lock slide over. I was so hot thinking of who it might be and how big this dick would be. I peeked through the hole to see if he was getting ready or what, sure was taking him a while. Usually they run in whip it out stick it through and expect to be done in 2 minutes so that their buds don' t miss them but this guy was taking for ever. What I saw when I looked through the hole made me quiver. It was the straight dude that I had taken pictures of all morning and who had been showing off for me for the rest of the time I was there. He looked like he was writing something on a piece of paper and thought oh well must not be my lucky day even if he chose the right booth. I sat back, released my dick from my swimsuit and preceded to stroke it a little, just to get the feeling going you know. I had closed my eyes and was feeling the pleasures of stroking my own dick when I heard a 'pssst' and a 'hey' . I looked up to see the hottest and biggest cock sticking through that glory hole and I jumped to the wall before he lost interest and left.

Most guys get off quick when they visit the booth, afraid to be missed or just too horny from thinking about it all day but this guy was taking his time and enjoying every minute. He did not seem to care if he got caught as he would moan and give me explicit instructions. A couple times I had to remind him that he needed to be quiet or we could get arrested. His cock was huge and for the first time in my life I was hoping this guy would cum. My jaw was killing me and well honestly I wanted a load. It had been a week and I really need to taste someone' s cum real soon. And then without any more notice than when his cock appeared I felt his cock throb real hard and felt him force forward. I knew that it was time and I open my throat and got ready to receive his man juice. When he finished cumming I cleaned his dick off good so that he would not have any evidence and pulled away. He pulled that massive meat from my hand and then stuck a piece of paper through the opening. I heard the door open and slam before I even had time to open the folded paper.

Opening the note I could not believe what I was reading. He had included his phone number, explained that it had really turned him on when I was taking his pictures and even more it was his wife' s biggest fantasy to see him having sex with a guy. He wanted me to call so that we could set up a time for it all to happen. He ended the note by saying that his wife would not want to have sex with me and that she just wanted to watch. He also asked me to call soon and bring my camera. My head was spinning with the thoughts of what I wanted to do to him and he was actually looking forward to it, damn this Labor Day weekend was going to be one to remember.

The rest of the afternoon I sat in that booth, sucking off college guys and family men alike. Every time I would put a dick in my mouth I would think of the first guy and how and what I wanted to do with him. Sucking these guys was merely a motion because all I could think about was touching that straight hunks body and doing things to make him realize everything he had been missing. I also thought about how hot it was going to be to please this ladies man right in front of her. To have her watch and hear her husband getting off on me sucking his cock and fucking that hot bubble ass of his. Thinking of that made me swallow the college boys harder and get them off in record time. I heard one guy leaving the booth say to one of his buddies, 'ya know man, girls just don' t know how to suck a cock like that guy. I just might turn queer.' His buddy laughed and told his friend that if he did that he could use his dick to practice on. Only frat boys get along like I tell ya. They don' t care who is getting them off as long as they are that is all that matters.

The afternoon was getting along now and I wanted to see if the man of my dreams was still there so I left my post and went back to the beach. Sure enough he was laying there on his stomach looking right at me. I decided I would give him a nice show and pulled the swimsuit off to the side a little letting him see my half hard dick and then put it back. He sat up a little and winked, looked at his wife and announced that they should drop the kids with his parents for the rest of the weekend. You know honey we need to spend some time on our dreams too you know. She nodded looked over her shoulder at me and mouthed 'Call Us' . I shook my head yes and started packing my things. First if I was going to spend the weekend with them I had to get some better clothes and other props but more importantly my cock was getting so hard I needed to leave the beach and soon.

I can honestly say that I don' t remember ever leaving the beach this early but I knew I that I was going to have the time of my life for the rest of the weekend so it was all good. It took me about an hour to get home, running to the phone to make the phone call. I have no idea what the hurry was, guess I was afraid they were going to change their minds or something. I heard the answering machine kick on and almost did not leave a message but figured I better just in case they like to screen their calls. I left my name and number and told them to get in touch or that I would call back. I did not want to leave much more than that after all what was I supposed to say; hey there this is the guy that sucked you off in the changing room and now wants to fuck your brains out in front of your wife? I must admit that is what I wanted to do but I figured discretion would be the better part of valor.

An hour had gone by and I had called back 5 or 6 times, hanging up before the machine would come on and I was started to feel pissy. I was figuring they decided not to do this and now I had left the beach early and would end up with nothing. I went and packed some necessary things, lube and condoms, a couple dildos and some different outfits. I had just climbed in the shower when my phone rang. I about broke my neck trying to get to it before the caller hung up hoping it would be him. The voice on the other end of the phone made my cock go rock hard almost instantly, deep and soft and oh so sexy. He told me his name was Darren, that his wife' s was Anne and that they could not wait for me to get there. I got the directions and asked if he wanted me to bring anything. He mad the comment I expected about my mouth and cock and then added and anything that you think will make we wild. We are very open-minded and love to try new stuff so be creative. I told him I would see them in a couple hours and hung up, running back to the shower for the fastest one I had every taken.

Finished showering I dressed, added some more toys, nipple clamps, cock rings, paddles and anything else I thought might make him quiver and headed out. My cock was half hard and twitching, my balls were filling up and I could not wait to get to their house.


Tony Davis

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