Chapter 1: The Trip -- Part 1

Lane Peters was, what some would call, a nerd. He was a little shorter, a little skinnier, a little smarter, and a little, well, different than the rest of his classmates. He went to a smaller state school, and had only been enrolled for two months when the following took place. He was, by no means, bad looking. Quite the opposite, actually, and if he presented himself just a tad differently, he would have been eye candy to everyone at school. He had incredible brown eyes, short brown hair, a tight body, a gorgeous bubble butt compared to his frame, and a healthy cock at seven inches that would make anyone swoon. He just hid under baggy clothes, glasses, and kept his head down so he would go unnoticed, which is how he liked it. 

Lane was gay, although he had never told anyone before. He never had any really close friends to tell, and his parents never really paid attention to him, so he really didn’t have anyone to tell. Lane also had a bit of a darker side to his fantasies. He wasn’t entire sure the extent of it, but lately, his mind had been wandering to very… kinky things during his masturbation sessions, something he did often since he has a single room. He would fantasize about being controlled completely by a strong guy, someone who would punish him for being bad and reward him for being good. Lane was not entirely sure where these fantasies came from, and he knew that he would never have the audacity to act on them, so he was content with his routine jerk off sessions to satiate his needs.

For one of his photography classes, Lane was tasked with accompanying the schools soccer team to one of their games out of state. Lane was less than thrilled, as jocks made him feel less than great about himself, but he was told he would have his own room. Well, that wasn’t the case, because when Lane arrived to the bus the day of traveling, he was told he would be rooming with one of the soccer players. His heart dropped when he saw who it would be.

Jake Lyon was, to sum it up in one word, a stud. He was good looking, had a killer smile and incredible blue eyes, was built like a brick house, and was one of the nicer people you'd encounter at our school. Lane had seen Jake several times, and he was excited and nervous to be sharing a room with someone who was part of his jerk off fantasies on a consistent basis. To make matters worse, Lane had brought a few toys he was going to experiment with since he was promised a single room. What if Jake found them? 

Jake went out of his way to introduce himself to Lane. “Hey man, I’m Jake,” he said with that literally perfect smile.

“Lane,” said Lane. He took Jake’s outstretched hand, and he immediately got butterflies in his stomach. ‘How am I supposed to spend two nights in the same room with this hot piece of ass’ Lane thought. 

“We’re gonna be rooming together for the next few nights, and I just wanted to make sure you weren’t some creep or something,” Jake said with a hearty laugh. 

‘God, he has an incredible laugh,’ Lane thought. 

“No, not a creep. Just a nerd,” Lane said with a chuckle. 

“Ah, now none of that. We’re gonna have fun, bud,” Jake said while giving Lane a light punch on the shoulder. Lane was not so sure if Jake was just putting on face until the coach wasn’t within earshot and he would call me a queer, or if his reputation of being a genuinely good guy was accurate. 

Lane sat at the very front of the bus, and while everyone from the team passed him, he started one of the four movies he’d loaded on his iPad. He was surprised when Jake sat next to him. “Oh shit, I love that movie. Mind if I bum one of your headphones?” 

Lane froze. ‘What is happening?’ he thought. Nevertheless, he took one earbud out of his ear and handed it to Jake. “Sure,” Lane said with an unsure smile.

“Hey man, the soccer team isn’t like the typical jocks. You don’t need to be so uptight, honest,” Jake said, and put his hand on Lane’s leg. Lane flushed, and smiled. “Ahh, there’s a nice smile,” Jake continued and gave his own smile that made Lane feel weak. The bus pulled out and the two watched the movie in silence. Every so often, Lane would look at Jake’s crotch or legs, and think, ‘Fuck, I want him to destroy me.’ And every so often, Jake would look at Lane and think, ‘Control yourself, Lyon, control yourself.’

When everyone got off the bus, Lane thought that the other members of the team might say something to Jake about having to room with the nerd photographer, but nothing was said. In fact, one of the guys asked him to come to their room later to chill with the rest of the team, a request he gave a half hearted “I’ll think about it” and went to his room. 

Once inside, Jake playfully pushed Lane out of the way so he could claim the bed closer to the window, only to stop dead in his tracks. There was only one king size in the room. Lane was horrified, but Jake was totally unfazed. “Looks like we’re sharing a bed, roomie!” Jake said with a huge smile. 

Lane was less thrilled, but shrugged. “If that’s ok with you…” he started, and looked down. 

“Of course it is! My brother and I shared a bed for most of our lives, so it’s no big deal at all.” Jake gave another playful punch. “Just don’t try anything on me, ok?” he said, jokingly. 

Lane, however, didn’t pick up on his joking tone, and his eyes opened wide, thinking his roommate knew he was gay. “I, um… I could ask for another room if you… um…” 

“Oh, dude, I was just kidding! I don’t care if you’re gay. I was just playing around bud.” Jake put his hand on Lane’s shoulder. “You be you kid,” he said with a smile. 

Lane relaxed at that. Someone else knew now, and the world didn’t end. “Thanks.” 

“Of course! I’m gonna go over to Kyle’s room. You coming?” 

“No, I really have to do some homework, I’m a little behind on some things,” Lane lied. He wanted to try some of his new equipment, and he knew if Jake left, he would be going to dinner with the team, giving Lane at least an hour or two to play. 

“Sounds good, man. I’ll catch you later then.” And with that, Jake left. Lane immediately opened his bag to find his new toys. Some of them he would wait on until he wasn’t sharing a room, like the restraints, the estim, and even the chastity cage, but he wanted to use his 8 inch dildo, his 7 inch vibrator, his spider gag, and the new lubes he’d found, one for increasing sensations, and one for numbing sensations.

Lane took out all the things he wanted to play with and undressed. Once naked, he lubed up his fingers, and began to open himself up. Never once thinking that he forgot to lock the door. Never once thinking that at that very moment, Jake was about to open the door since he forgot his wallet. And when the door clicked open, and Jake saw Lane on the bed, toys laid out, with three fingers up his ass, he froze.

Jake looked around and saw the toys on the bed, and some restraints that had fallen out of the bag, and an odd thought popped into his head. A… kinky thought. Lane didn’t even notice he had come in. He was too lost in the sensations in his ass. So when Jake said, “Lane?” Lane almost fell off the bed. He grabbed any covers he could find to hide himself, hoping they would swallow him whole and he would die right there. He had never been so embarrassed in his life, and was about to cry, when Jake said, “Don’t cover up.” 

Lane froze. “Throw the covers on the floor, Lane,” Jake said with authority in his voice. When Lane still didn’t move, Jake spoke louder. “Now.” 

Slowly, Lane emerged, clearly shaken by being caught. “It appears that you have been a very bad boy,” Jake says. Lane’s eyes go wide. “I think I need to punish you,” Jake continues. Lane had to be dreaming. Jake didn’t kick his ass, didn’t call him a faggot weirdo, but… he was going to… play along? 

“I…” Lane started, but Jake cuts him off. 

“You speak when I tell you. Understand?” 

“Yes,” Lane says in a whisper.

“Yes, Master,” Jake commands, with a wicked smile.

“Yes, Master,” Lane replies. 

Jake smiled. He had always fantasized about this, but he never took action on it. He even had bought toys to use on any girl or guy he had in his bed, on the off chance he would work up the courage to use them. And now, here he was, looking at this sexy naked guy calling him Master. He could barely believe it, and he wasn’t going to let the opportunity pass.

“Do you have other toys besides these, slut?” Jake asked. Lane’s cock got infinitely hard at the word ‘slut’. 

“In my bag… Master,” Lane responded. Jake opened the bag and found Lane’s other toys. He pulled them all out, and took the restraints. 

“Do you want this?” Jake asked genuinely. He wasn’t going to make this kid do anything he didn’t want to do. 

“Yes Master, I really do,” Lane said, almost begging.

“You will give me full control?” Jake asked. “Once I have control, I may not ever want to let it go.”

“Good…Master.” Lane said with a slight smile. 

“Spread your arms and legs,” Jake commanded, and went about locking Lane into place spread eagle on the bed. “Would you like to say anything right now before I gag you?” Jake had the spider gag in his hands.

“Please don’t hurt me…” Lane said. Jake smiled and took his sub’s chin in his hand.

“I won’t hurt you. Well, not too much,” Jake said with an evil grin. “Open.” Lane obeyed. With the gag in place, tied to the bed, Lane was realizing how helpless he was. He didn’t hate the feeling, but he didn’t know if he could trust Jake, yet here he was, giving total control to someone he barely knew. 

“Lane, you’ve been very very bad, haven’t you,” Jake asked. Lane tried his best to respond in the affirmative. Jake took off his shirt. Lane got even harder. Jake’s body was a work of art, thanks to all the running and lifting he did for soccer. He had a 6… no 8 pack, his chest was incredible, and it all led down to a ‘V’ pointing straight to his cock, which was hard, but still confined. 

“And do you think you deserve to be punished?” Jake asked. He was rubbing his hard cock in his shorts, although Lane couldn’t make out how long it was. Lane again said yes.

“Good boy. I’ve always wanted to do this, Lane, so I am going to apologize in advance that, this is going to be really tough for you. I am going to play with you a lot. Like a crazy amount. Since we have 12 hours until we need to get ready for the game, I am going to take advantage. You’re probably going to beg and plead with me, but I really don’t think I’m going to listen. If you NEED me to stop, you’ll shake your head back and forth violently. If I stop, we never do this again.” Jake then took off his shorts. He was wearing a jockstrap. Lane nearly fainted.

Jake’s cock was at least 10 inches, maybe more. The jockstrap was no where near big enough for the cock. Lane’s eyes were as wide as saucers, unable to take his eyes off of it. “You won’t want to stop, will you Lane?” Lane slowly shook his head no.

“Good boy. Then lets get started…” 


Hello everyone… I have been having trouble finding the creative spark to write, but I wanted to try to start something here. I’d like your feedback and suggestions on where the story should go. If there is enough interest, I will keep going, as I have a vision for the story, but I want to make sure it’s worth investing my time. Happy Jerkin’.



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