When I emerged from the shower my audience of one was gone. I wrapped the towel around my waist and headed back up to the patio to found him pouring us a fresh glass of cold wine.

“Here you go handsome.” His eyes inspect every dripping inch of my body. He runs the cool glass against my erect nipple before handing it to me and his free hand lands on the knot of the towel.

“May I?” his voice almost quivering.

I spread my arms out in an inviting and accepting pose, as the towel drops to the ground.  I remain posed and on display while his eyes and hands make passionate love to my body with moans and murmurs escaping both of our mouths. Mine from the feeling of his touch, his from the sheer excitement of feeling all of my powerful muscles.

“Jesus fucking Christ!” he exhales.

I am not the most well-endowed man I have come across, but I am no slouch in the dick department either. Soft I am good heavy four inches and decent thickness. Half hard the way I am now, my cock hangs very full and shows like a prize piece of meat. My ball sac is loose and hangs well below the tip of my cock, filled with precious orbs the size of eggs. All shaved smooth and shiny after a good shower.

For his approval I puff up both pecs and flex every inch of my chest to maximum expansion. His hands go wild. Groping and feeling every curve cut and cleft in each muscle.

“Does this bother you”? He asks not waiting or caring for an answer.

“Does it look like it bothers me” I flex my cock and make it bounce in unison with my chest.

“I mean to be worshipped sort of like a piece of meat?” his hands never stop covering every inch that he can reach, from hefting and testing the weight of my heavy nuts to feeling me up all the way to my neck and traps. Tracing every ridge cut and muscle outline he can identify.

“The look of lust and fire in your eyes is all that I need.” I reassure him as I lift his chin up and gently kiss his lips. Before allowing him to return to his mission of me.

……………..Yea! It is a shallow world we live in. Yes it does turn me on to be treated like a piece of meat. So What! I mean hell; I have worked my ass off in the gym for well over 25 yrs. I am 54 years old, 6’1” and weight a solid 220 of prime daddy muscle. Not one hair on my body below the eyebrows to display and show off all of my hard work and I am proud of it. I am a well-respected business man in the community, have a college degree, a brain that functions very well, a great group of friends. But! If for a few hours some hot man like this wants to reduce me to a piece of meat and muscle head for sex – who am I to complain.  Let’s be real. It is fucking hot to be lusted over.

Mr. Rackman, Trevor, he is no slouch either. Probably 10 years my junior but a very hot tight body on him. I guess he weighs about 165 and is 5’10”, and you can tell he takes pride in his appearance, from the clothes he chooses to the neatly trimmed chest hair. Clipped to perfection. Obviously a white collar executive type. It looks as though he is a runner and possibly yoga. Not so much tossing heavy iron in a gym, but still the effect is the same, a very handsome man taking the time and making the effort to become the best he can be. And he is proud of it too. ………

By now my cock is rock hard and leaking a steady stream of precum out of the tip. But his hands are content to find and explore every muscle he can. His movements are slow and deliberate. Feather light soft touches send shivers down my spine and firm squeezing to test the density of the muscles when I flex for his approving moans.

Finally I raise my right arm and slowly and deliberately flex the biceps up into its massive rock hard peak. If eyeballs are ever capable of having an orgasm his just did. They exploded with passion and lust at the sight of my bulging gun all for his pleasure. He cups both hands around the rock and bring his mouth and tongue up to taste it.

When he has a firm grip with both hands on my biceps I decide to crank it up a notch and start raising the arm higher. I want to see him dangling from my arm. That would be fucking hot for the both of us.  I don’t quite get his feet off of the floor, yet he gets the hint. I am one strong bull and he is loving the display. When he gets his feel of my right biceps, I raise my left cep up and flex it then make it pop and dance for his hands and eyes.

When he has had good feel and taste of my guns. I wrap my arms around him tightly for another overdue kiss. The kiss lingers this time.  Damnnnnnnn! I love the slow steady seduction of a real man on a mission, yet not rushed nor frantic.

“My turn”. I almost whisper as our mouths part and a single string of spit still connects us.  He nods and smiles his consent.

I cup each furry pec in my hands and use my thumb to circle and tease his erect nipples. His eyes close and his head rolls back exposing a long sensuous neck with protruding Adams apple that I just have to lick and taste causing moans to rattle in his throat.

I use each hand and run it under his oxford shirt and finally slip it off of him gently slowly revealing his incredible physique. His perfect shape and beautiful sculpted body covered in the most perfect dusting of hair causes a gasp to escape my throat this time.

He is really that stunning. Standing there with his shirt off, bare chested in a pair of fitted jeans that are now packed full with a swollen and what looks painful bulge bursting at the remaining buttons.

My lips trace from his neck down his torso. Enjoying each nipple along the way before following the treasure trail down and into the top undone button. I flick my tongue past the inside of his jeans reaching for the concealed treasure. With my hands still up on each pec, I take one knee in front of him and use my expert mouth to pop the first button and lap at the abdomen exposed.  I take my time, why rush now or change this incredible rhythm we have fallen into.

Flicking my tongue past the inside of the next button I can feel the trimmed pubes match the rest of his manscaped torso and almost feel where the base of his cock starts swelling against the fabric.

Torturous as it is, I take my sweet time here too. Inhale deeply. Reveling in the aroma of his natural pheromones. He smells just as good as he looks. His natural odor is causing my tongue to water more as I lick and suck my way around the inside and outside of his denim creating a nice wet spot showing my path.

I lower my hands from his nipples and place them on each round butt cheek. They fit perfectly in my large paws and are firm and as solid as two ripe melons.

My mouth gently nipples its way down to the next button and I pry it loose with my teeth as I lower the waist down the back side of his sweet ass. X marks the spot.  I am looking at the rock hard solid base of a very impressive dick still tucked mostly behind the denim, and I can’t hold off any more, I release the final button and allow his cock to spring free slapping my against the cheek and slinging a nice string of precum and it passes my face.

I lower his pants to the floor and lick nuzzle and kiss my way around his groin. Not his cock. Two can play the game of drawing this out into a slow deliberate extended session, and I am enjoying it.  I nuzzle up beneath his nuts, I lick around both sides of his thigh my hands cover each butt cheek.

His heavy dick is resting on my face as I enjoy tasting and exploring his entire groin area. Impressive, he is packing a good solid 8 inches of prime stud meat. And on his lean smaller frame it looks fucking huge. Wow.  This man is a real stud through and through I lick his balls and taste his essence.

“Fucking Beautiful” I look up into his eyes watching every move I make while exploring him.

I position myself even lower and allow my mouth and tongue to finish the exploration even further down him, tracing his legs and thighs. Down his calves until my mouth meets the pile of denim strung around his ankles. I gently lift one foot and slide it out of the tangle of jeans, except I do not place it back on the floor. Hell no. I raise it up and lick each toe, like a smaller version of giving a dick a blow job.

“God Dammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” trails out of his mouth slowly. Surprising even him.

I suck each toe deep one by one, suction it and slide it in and out of my mouth. Making passionate love to his sexy feet with total abandon.

“I was not expecting that” he hoarsely whispers.

I reach over and drag a nearby chair and scoot it behind him for a place to sit while I do what I do best.   Take care of my man.

I raise his other foot and free it from his pants leg and toss them aside. No use for these any longer.  I raise both feet together and lay them flat on my face with my tongue wedged between them as I massage and rub them firmly.

He is sprawled back into the chair watching every move I make with my mouth and hands. His eyes are huge with expression of disbelief.

“I have never experienced anything like that before” he is lost in the sensation of a man with a major foot fetish doing what he does best,  servicing a very hot clean well-groomed set of beautiful feet. Size 10’s I would venture to bet.

I place both of his wet feet on my thighs as I scoot back up on my knees and settle between his open legs. One target on my mind now. That perfect dick. Heavy full rock hard and twitching. Dripping a steady stream of precum out the end all over me.

I test the weight in my hands and let it bounce up and down. His heavy balls hang low swinging between his thighs. Shaved smooth like mine. No hair to get in the way.  Smart man. I lift his cock up and run my finger gently over the tip smearing the liberal amount of precum down the shaft. 

My tongue begins at the base and I coat his entire length with spit as I work my way up to the shiny tip. I look deep into his big brown eyes while I lick my lips and wink before I inhale the entire cock in one smooth swallow until my nose is pressed firmly into his abdomen.

My large arms are laced over his thighs and my throat remains lodged to the base of his cock when I start milking my tonsils and flexing my throat to suck his dick without moving a muscle. When his hands lay on my biceps spread out full on his thighs we are connected as deeply as I love it.  My muscles doing their part to satisfy him and his cock feeding my like a starving animal.

I flex the biceps as they lay there flattened out on his thighs, his hands dig in and start massaging the muscles as I begin bobbing up and down enjoying the sensation of his dick gliding down my throat and back out.   I am in heaven on my knees with such a hot cock attached to a beautiful man rammed down my gullet. My peace, my place, where I belong and am well aware of it.

His hips try and back out, his breath is ragged and raspy. It has been over an hour since he first handed me that glass of wine and we both are on the verge of busting loose a load of cum. I wedge a hand behind his ass and pull him in deeper letting him know without question I want his load and I want it now.

He arches his back, I can feel his entire body lock up in one giant flexing spasm when the first load erupts out of his cock and coats my throat. I back up enough for the next few spurts to fill my mouth with his one of a kind taste and texture. For such a quiet reserved man, his orgasms are loud and aggressive. I can feel his throat rumblings all the way down through his quaking cock.

His hands are both latched onto my biceps using them like handle bars for stability while he bucks and trashes. For the last few drops I let those land on my face and chin while keeping his full load in my mouth tasting every morsel of his seed.

His body is flushed red all over and covered in a layer of fresh sex sweat while he regains his breath and comes back down to earth and rejoins us here. I swallow the remaining seed in my mouth smacking my lips and licking wildly for any missed droplets. 

“And for your turn” he pulls me up by my pits, surprisingly strong for his lean tight frame.

“What is your pleasure” he asks kissing me softly.

I stand up, place one foot beside his leg on the chair, move his arms over his head and pose him like a sculpture, the Greek god that he already is.  

I grab my big dick slowly while I soak up his image. Precum is flowing out of my dick coating his furry pecs. When I get closer I raise my left hand behind my head and flex,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, yes  I even flex for myself – then I unload.

My nuts snap up and the first shot clears his head sailing past landing on the decking. The next few volleys I aim for his perfect torso, coating his fur with my load is my main target and I keep firing. I flex the bicep harder into rock hard knots of muscle with each and every jet of semen.

By the time my nut is spent I sink from weak knees and am kneeling back in front of this incredible man. I lay my head in his chest and nibble at the remnants of my load I deposited there. I lick and clean until every hair is back in place and he is spotless of any of my sex.

 I lay there cuddling into his torso while we both settle down and relax into the embrace, when we hear a loud grumbling.

We both look up and laugh. My stomach is complaining now. Feed Me!

“I was so horny, I forgot I had skipped lunch.” I laugh.

“And after that performance I am starving.”

“We may have to order in” he suggests. Rubbing my muscles again.

“I am not sure it is safe to go out in public with all of this just yet.” He teases.

I sit back on my heels and stretch out good with an exaggerated flex for his benefit and effect.

“Fine by me” as I hit a rock solid double biceps flex for his eyes and hands before lifting him out of the chair.

“You are going to be a handful” he teases me with a clap along my butt while we head indoors.

My mind reels with possibilities and I like them all.



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