In my last year at school, I was in the lacrosse team. My school took sports pretty seriously... you didn't have to do it as a subject if you were in a senior team.

This meant that we were good. Right near the top of the competition. It also mean that the guys in my team were damn fit, and I guess I was too. We trained pretty hard, and often at lunch time so that we could count that as the lesson and skip the last period and go home. Which was awesome for someone like me, it meant that I could go home and wank after seeing all the guys sweaty in the locker rooms. ; )

Paul, a guy on the team, was gay. Everyone knew, and everyone was cool with it. We gave him a bit of lip, and he gave it back. He managed himself well after training, but the guys all knew he looked around at them, and they loved it. I looked around too, but they didn't know I liked guys. Paul probably did, he noticed this kind of thing.

Anyway, the day in question, we finished in time to skip most of the last period. When that happened, we generally stayed in our kit, and went home like that. Paul lived near me, and we'd catch the bus home together. He got off a few stops before me. This day, I admit, I'd been not so discrete in my eye-balling of the rest of the guys... and I could tell Paul saw.

When we got on the bus, he kinda made sure his lacrosse stick touched me, brushing against my leg and such. After a few stops, it was pretty full, and we were standing. Paul was in front of me, facing the other way, and I couldn't help but stare at his ass. It was round and firm looking, and you could kind of see the jock-strap he had under his gym shorts. This is a good time to describe him... he was a bit taller than me, probably 6 foot 3 or 4, with naturally tanned skin, light brown floppy hair and dark blue eyes. He was handsome, and his chest and torso really ripple-y with muscle.

He looked around a me, and grinned as he saw me staring. I turned away, looking out the window, with my cheeks burning a little. After a while, we managed to sit down, and we just sat in silence. He kind of had his leg up against mine, but I couldn't tell if that was just me being hyper-sensitive about it. He struck up a conversation, something mundane about homework, and it inevitably turned to school sport. I hadn't been able to go to the weight session the day before. We talked about why, and then he said:

'Hey dude, you know my brother's got weights at home, why don't you come around, means you won't have to catch up later.'

I was like, 'sure', because I didn't want to go home and work.

So we got off at his bus stop, and went to his house. He told me

'you can dump your bag and your stick in my room if you want', so I went upstairs and put it down next to his bed. As I was bending down, I noticed some magazines sticking out from under the bed. I know it sounds kind of cliched, but they were there. I took my time straightening up again, cos they were kind of graphic, if you know what I mean.

I was still leaning over when I heard a noise behind me. It was Paul. He had his shirt off, he took it off as soon as we were in the door, and he was kind of grinning in a cute/mischievous way.

'What's that you got there?' he asked. I kind of stammered and didn't really reply. I noticed that you could see the top of his jock above his shorts, and that just distracted me more. He moved towards me a little, and said

'You like guys, right? I've seen you in the locker-room.'

I had no option to admit it, and let's face it, why wouldn't I?

We were quite close by this stage, and he leaned in towards my face. I could see a raging bulge in his shorts, and knew that it was matched by mine. He pulled my shirt over my head, and kissed me, sticking his tongue between my lips.

We were right up against each other now, our touching from our pecs all the way down to our cocks. He pushed me back on to his bed, and lowered himself on top of me. I pulled his shorts down, so that he was wearing just his underwear and his long lacrosse socks, still pulled up most of the way. He had his hands in my pants, and I couldn't believe that another guy was touching my cock. I lifted myself up for a second, and slid my shorts and boxers off, and he kept stroking me, not to get me off, but just making sure i was as hot as possible.

It took my a while to work up the courage to stick my hands in his jock, but once I did, we were so intertwined lying on his bed. He helped me pull it down as our tongues battled, and we grinded our torsos together.

Then he did something I didn't expect. He pushed me back down again, so that he was on top of me, and spat on his hand a few times. He rubbed it on his massive dick, and pushed his cock up against my butt cheeks. We were looking in to each other's eyes, his deep blue and mine brown, and he whispered that he'd take care.

He got his cock in me somehow, I don't know how. It was big, and boldly going where no dick had been before. I grunted, because it hurt when it was going in, but he slid it in and out a bit, slowly, and I got used to it. I felt so... full up and good.

I don't know how long we went for, all I could focus on was Paul pounding my ass with his meat, and his beautiful eyes. Eventually, he told me he was going to come, and I, being the veteran gay porn viewer that I was, said I wanted him to come inside me. He sped up his thrusting, and closed my eyes and tried to hold on to the feeling.

Then he spurted inside me, a torrent of warmth, and I came on my flat stomach. We were both panting, and he lay on the bed next to me, all sweaty as if we actually had had the work-out he lured me there with. I guess we did. :P

We showered together, helping each other out, me with cum dripping out of me, both tired from our exertions, what with training and sex. I guess I spent my free period pretty well...

The next day when I walked in to the locker-room at training, Paul just winked at me, and I smiled to myself, because no one knew how close team mates me and Paul really were. : )

The End.



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