This is a continuation of the fictional story of two Lacrosse players having the hots for each other and performing very steamy sex acts.

When Rick and I got to his dorm room, I was overcome with masturbatory fantasies of sticking my dick in Rick's rubber man doll's big ass. Rick noticed my eagerness to locate that man sized rubber doll and accept his earlier invitation to experiment with his sex toy.

"Eric, Babe, I bet you are looking for my rubber male doll that I told you about earlier. It is under my bed. Just pull it out and we will blow it up for you. But don't forget you're my bitch for a fucking hot night after a round with Jimmie that is what I named him. But don't get your nuts off with Jimmie. You're creme is only for me."

We took turns using our mouths to blow up the doll until he was over 6-feet tall with a big rubber cock, huge asshole and nipples as big as a world weight lifting champion. Rick and I had sprouted steel hard cocks by the time the doll was fully blown up and ready for me.

We undressed each other until we were butt naked and had begun to perspire. Our foreheads had big beads of sweat that made us more aroused. I loved the manly smells coming off Rick.

Rick placed Jimmie on the bed on his stomach, parted his big rubber legs and poured some lube on my aching cock and said: "Baby, he's all yours."

I was beyond carnal lust to fuck my first man-sized toy. I moved my crotch and hard cock to the entrance of that ass and inserted my huge cock all the way in knowing I could not hurt that man pussy. I began to thrust my aching cock all the way in knowing I could not hurt him. I began to thrust my swollen cock in and out as I laid flat down on the back of that mannequin. I became crazed and wild as I pounded that ass knowing there was no way to cause pain and only pure pleasure for me.

The feel of that tight rubber around my cock had my whole body quivering. When I thought it could not get any better, I felt a hot breath began to blow hot air on my ass and instantly Rick plunged his face deep into my ass crack. He began using his lips and tongue to suck like a vacuum cleaner on my puckering sweaty asshole. Shit, I thrust my cock and butt up and down on that doll as I fucked the doll's ass while Rick managed to hold on to my ass and grind his face deep into my ass. My fucking that doll while getting my ass eaten became like some form of nirvana. Both the feel and manly smell were intoxicating for both Rick and me. As Rick continued to eat my ass. I begged: "Baby, smack my ass cheeks. Make me pay."

Rick gave me a very hard spanking with his sexy hands until my ass cheeks were blood red. He then returned to eating my ass. After several minutes, I felt Rick insert first one, then two and finally three fingers deep in my ass. Oh hell, he began to massage my prostate with those magical fingers. I was so aroused that soon I began to feel faint from the pleasure of this unique hot sex.

I fucked Jimmie, the doll, and Rick played with my ass and balls for some five-minutes when I either had to stop or have a monstrous orgasm. Between the moans and grunts, I managed to beg: "Oh Fuck, yea, eat my ass. Oh holly shit, eat my pussy."

Rick responded: "Hey Bitch, how about taking my cock up that wet puckering ass? Man, I think that ass of yours might soon spoil if I don't give it some of my hot jizz."

That did it as I pulled my red-hot poker out and turned to face Rick. He grabbed me and placed me in a very tight embrace. I felt the rays of intense heat between our bodies. Our cocks were locked together and were oozing lots of pre-cum. Rick grabbed the back of my head as our lips met. We began a long series of sucking our buddies' tongue and drooling gobs of spit on our faces and chins. We took turns exploring the back of each other's throat with our tongues. We slid our tongues in and out of each other's erotic sweet smelling mouths. I'd never had a sloppier or more pleasurable guy's lips and tongue in my mouth. The kissing was sensuous beyond a meaningful description. Our bodies felt as if they were about to melt into one man.

Rick then pulled away, stood up, had me stand and he pushed my back up against the bedroom wall. He got down on his knees in front of my jerking cock. He grabbed hold of that big cock base and began to put his wet lips around my cock head and suck hard . I rewarded him with another oozing of pre-cum on his tongue. My pubic hair jetted out and rubbed against his face. Rick soon began to slid his tongue up and down my fat cock shaft and licked that cock for several minutes before he put his juicy lips firmly stretched around my fresh meat. He held his lips tight on my cock as I felt a raging stirring in my groin.

After several minutes of that playful mouth on my cock, Rick got serious as he took my entire cock deep into his throat. He began first slowly and then rapidly swallowing my cock over and over. I felt him pull almost all the way off my wood and then plunge my cock deep into his mouth until he was deep throating my boner all the way down to its roots. I got into the act as I began to thrust my butt and hips back and forth helping him give me the most unimaginable blowjob of my young sex life. My big balls slapped against his hot chin.

After about five minutes of this hot blowjob, Rick thrust a finger into my ass as he continued to suck my dick. There is a limit of how much arousal a man can take before one shoots his load. I was at that stage. I realized that Rick was in such a lustful condition that he could not stop and neither could I hold our any longer. Lust and fate had taken charge.

I warned Rick: "Babe, I'm going to come. You better pull off if you don't want my huge load in your throat. Oh shit, I feel a monstrous load. I warned you, Babe."

My words made Rick even hornier as he sucked my cock even harder. I felt the stirring in my balls and I had the enormous pleasure of my semen flowing up my cock shaft and shooting out my piss slit deep int sexy Rick's mouth. He swallowed as much as he could. The orgasm was so intense that I shot my biggest load ever that filled Rick's mouth. About half of the big ropey cum load poured out of his mouth spilling onto his lips, down his chin and onto his chest. Man it was a river of warm cum. I must have had at east seven major spurts of the ejaculate before I finally stopped except for the small dribbles of my seed at the end.

When Rick pulled off, his chin, face and chest had what would normally be a full load of semen. I got down and began to lick my warm cum off his body. When I had a mouth full of the creme, I shared the ejaculate with Rick as we kissed.

Rick looked deep into my eyes and said: "Babe, I want you to suck my cock. Make me hard and then I want to fuck the hell out of that pink man pussy of yours. I want to breed you and make my mark on your ass so you will then be my bitch."

I had Rick get on the bed on his back and spread his sexy legs far apart. I got between those beautiful legs, took my lips and tongue and began to run my tongue up and down that huge 11-inch cock shaft. I kissed his cock and sucked on his low hanging balls. I licked between his balls and asshole--a real sensitive spot for Rick. I plunged my tongue into his puckering pink asshole and gave his ass a real tongue massage. His ass muscles throbbed while I ate his pink ass. The manly smells had me wild to give my fuck buddy the best blowjob and ass eating he had ever had. After licking and sucking on his balls and cock for several minutes, I took a finger and inserted it in his beautiful smooth hairless ass. He bucked like a wild bull.

"Oh Baby, finger my pussy and suck my cock. Yea, that is so good."

I grabbed his throbbing cock and slowly went down on it until I had his entire huge cock deep in my throat. I began a wild fast sucking of that timber over and over. Rick moaned and thrust his hips up to meet my mouth. I sucked what seemed like ounces of his sweet pre-cum out of that piss slit. Finally, I felt the nerve endings in his cock began to swell and I knew he was close. He pushed me off his throbbing and jerking cock and said: "No Babe, I want to fuck my bitch and come inside you. I'm going to brand you like a cow and mark that hot pussy of yours. It is mine now."

I laid down on my right side on the bed; Rick sprawled his hot sexy body down behind my back; he began to spoon me, finger my rosebud and suck on my neck until it was red; and our feet became entangled. He raised my left leg high and held it there as I felt the head of his snake began to invade my private pussy. He parted my ass walls with that humongous cock going deeper and deeper into my man pussy until I was stuffed with the biggest dick probably ever in my life. My inners were burning from his hot poker that felt like he was half way up my colon with that tool of his. I pushed my ass back onto his cock as he drove in and almost all the way out over and over giving me the fuck of my life. I felt ever vein in his cock throbbing from the sensuous clash of cock against ass flesh.

After he had drilled my ass for some five minutes, he pulled his 11-incher out of my wet ass and we moved into the "Deep Stick" position. I laid down on my back on the bed, spread my legs far apart, Rick sat his butt down on the bed between my thighs with his cock facing my ass, bent his legs and feet backwards and thrust his eager cock deep into my wet ass. He pressed his hand shard down on my chest as he drove deep inside me. We starred deep into each other's flush face while we moaned and grunted from the feel of his cock massaging ever inch of my non-virgin ass. The look of pure lust and pleasure on Rick's face had my cock stiffening again.

After a long hot steamy fuck in this position,Rick was ready to fuck me from the "Jockey" position, my favorite position. What a thoughtful guy Rick was. I got down flat on my stomach on the bed, spread my legs apart exposing my burning pink smooth pink ass, Rick laid down flat on top of my frame, and he began to maneuver his throbbing cock across my ass crack to locate my ass entrance and then I felt his entire body press hard down on my frame as his stone hard cock drove deeper and deeper into my man pussy. He began to use his whole body to hump me as he fucked me harder and faster. I was able to occasionally thrust my ass upward as he pulled his cock part way out before driving it all the way back in. I became crazed with desire and begged: "Babe, fuck me , fuck my ass, yea, that feels so good, oh holy shit, don't stop, harder, harder, give it to me, holy fuck, man drive that horse cock deep, yea, that's it, you hit my gee spot, oh holly fuck."

I thought Rick was about to come as his breathing became rapid but then he pulled that stiff cock out and said: "My little bitch, I want to fuck you in my favorite position and blast my load in that hot pussy."

We got into a "Standing Doggy Style"position. I stood up facing his dorm room dresser, took hold of the top of the dresser with my hands, pushed my ass back toward Rick's police stick sized cock, Rick moved up close behind me and he shoved his now purple head cock deep into my ass. He put his hands around on my stomach for a good hold as he pounded my ass. He stood on his toes for powerful leverage as he fucked me so hard. I felt his entire hot sweaty body press hard against me. Our legs were touching, his cock was deep in my ass, our backs were tight against each other and his face rubbed against my neck. As I felt his cock moving all around my ass, I turned my head around and we began to kiss with our tongue battling each other.

In this position, Rick did not last long as he had been fucking me in all these position for at least what seemed like an hour. I felt his cock head swell, his balls tightened up against my body, his breathing became rapid and he muttered: "I'm going to come, hell yea I feel it gushing up my cock, holy shit, yea, Fuuuuuucccccckkkkkk !!!"

I felt his ejaculate shoot deep inside my worn out pussy. His fucking loud sounds and the feel of his huge sticky load in me put me over the edge. I felt my warm cum blast out my piss slit and I saw it land on top of the dresser and smear the mirror. I had shot my load without touching my cock. Man it was an awesome orgasm. I used my hands and fingers to gather some of my warm ropey seed and I fed it to Rick, my lover. We kissed and headed for the showers to clean these cum covered bodies.


Naughty Eric


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