I find myself naked but for my collar and cock cage sitting in a dark corner of the bunk room at the Vulcan steam in San Diego. Hello cute little brown boy. A hispanic 20 sum in a white towel. I spread my legs, displayed my throbbing purple cock and gave him a cum hither smile. He shuffled over and I pulled off his towel. He was hairless by nature or razor. Nice midsize uncircumcised model cock 5 inches and thick with a nice foreskin completely covering his cock head. I gently grabbed his nut sack and pulled him in close, where I started kissing his cock and snuffing his man scent all up. Sneaking the tip of my tongue into his foreskin and tickling his piss slit. His cock quickly hardened to a nice thick 8 inches throbbing in my mouth. I rolled his foreskin up and down with my lips and licked around underneath it.

He was harder than your husband so I took his cock down to the root and gave it a squeeze or two with my deep throat. Went back to kissing his cock licking his foreskin, working it back and forth, over and back with my lips and fucking his piss slit with my tongue, licking off his sweet pearl pre cum ooze. Savoring his taste and smelling his cock was completely my world and I was loving it. So need I say how hard my own cock was ? Well VERY, 6 inches throbbing purple curving up with my balls thrust together by my 3 ring steel cock and ball cage like a big purple pool ball. He was standing between my spread legs and I could feel the piss and cum stained carpet on my tightly puckered asshole as I fucked the air. I grabbed his ass and pulled his cock over even closer and all the way down my throat, I started to swallow around his cock head. My head was back against the wall and I just let him fuck my face ALLDAWAY down giving his balls a lick or two. We were both SO HOT a bit of an audience was gathered. A few times men would reach down between our spread legs and give my cock balls and asshole a bit of a fondle. I could feel his pre cum throbbing and building up in his balls so I pushed him out of my throat, smiled up at him and said ' Please give me your cum. Shoot in my mouth. Shoot on my face. Shoot on my body. Shoot on my cock. Shoot anywhere you like but my asshole. But PLEASE please give me all your cum.'

Then I went back to the kissing / licking / deep throating.

He just said 'KAY' grabbed my head and started lustily fucking my face again. I had a hold of his ass and I could feel it tense up and his cock start to throb violently. He shot a very big tasty load of semen down my throat and all over my tongue as he pulled back. I did not spill a drop. We smiled at each other and both said 'THANK YOU' in unison [jinks.] then he toweled up an stumbled off. I just sat back closed my eyes smiled and played with my cock a bit.

And SURPRISE ! when I opened them there was another hot young hairless hispanic boy jacking an even bigger cock in my face. Who am I to blow against the wind ?

So I did him too and then another boy...





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