Things were beginning to get complicated in my life. My relationship with my girlfriend, Laurie, was developing. We weren't dating exclusively, but things were heading in that direction. Neither of us was even thinking about moving in together or anything as serious as that, but we were seeing a lot of each other. I liked her company, and we both enjoyed our physical relationship, but the sex just didn't give me the same intense excitement I got out of being dominated by Kyle and Josh. I still hadn't told her about them. I had told her that I liked to be submissive, and she was doing her best to accommodate that desire, but I don't think she realized how big a deal it was for me. I knew I had to give her the whole story, but I hadn't figured out how to explain it yet.

Meanwhile, I hadn't seen Kyle since our first meeting, but we were exchanging emails frequently. One day he suggested we get together again. He offered an interesting proposition. He said he wanted to be able to call me some day the following week, at any hour of the day or night, and I would have to drop whatever I was doing and come immediately to his place to service him and Josh. It sounded exciting, so I agreed. For the next several days I couldn't wait for him to call. I didn't jerk off so I would be good and horny when I was summoned. I jumped to the phone each time it rang. I tried to keep from sounding disappointed when it would turn out to be Laurie. Finally the call came. When I answered, he said simply, 'Get over here,' and hung up. I practically ran to the car and headed out. I wished he lived closer.

When I got to his place, I knocked on the door. My heart was pounding, just as it was the first time, but now it was out of excitement, not fear. He called out, 'It's unlocked.' I walked in. They were sitting down, both wearing robes. Kyle said, 'Strip.' I stood in the center of the room and took off my clothes. Kyle nodded toward the floor. I knew what he meant. I dropped to my knees. They stood up and walked over to me. Josh took the belt from his robe and tied my hands behind me, then they both slipped off their robes. They didn't blindfold me this time. Kyle turned his back to me and started rubbing his ass up and down on my face. As before, his ass smelled clean but funky. He didn't tell me to lick, so I didn't. Then he moved away and Josh took his place. Josh did the same thing to my face, grinding my nose deep into his hole, while Kyle got down on his knees behind me and started spanking me. This went on for quite a while. My ass was beginning to get sore, but I didn't mind.

Finally Kyle stood up and walked in front of me. Josh turned around to face me. They both stood right in front of my face and started jerking off, like a two-man circle jerk. Kyle explained, 'The first one to cum gets to fuck you later.' This was so humiliating. I loved it. Before long, Josh said, 'Open your mouth.' It was the first time I had heard him speak. He was the winner. He shot a huge load, which just missed my mouth and landed on my cheek. His second shot hit the target and went directly into my mouth. Almost immediately Kyle came too, shooting all over my face, some of it into my mouth. When they both caught their breath, they put their robes back on and went into another room. They turned on the television. I stayed on my knees with my hands tied behind me as the cum dripped down my face and slowly dried. I remained there for about an hour while they watched TV and talked and laughed.

When the show was over, they came back in. Kyle sat in a chair while Josh took off his robe. He untied my hands and gently pushed on my back so I was down on my hands and knees. He knelt behind me and greased up my asshole. He plunged all the way in on the first thrust and started fucking me roughly while Kyle watched. He pounded me fiercely. When he came it was with a shuddering orgasm. He practically shouted, 'Oh, oh, ohhh!' Then he pulled out and collapsed on the floor next to me.

Before Josh even recovered, Kyle said to me, 'You're dismissed.' I quickly got dressed and left without any goodbyes. They didn't do the $5 routine this time. The novelty of that had worn off.

It was dark during the drive home, so I didn't risk jerking off in the car. As I drove I thought about Laurie. It was only a coincidence that she and I hadn't planned to get together that night. If we had , I would have had to tell Kyle I couldn't make it, which would have spoiled the subservient aspect of the experience, or I would have had to make up a lie to tell Laurie, which I wouldn't do. That settled it. I had to tell her everything.

The next time Laurie and I got together, I told her. I said I was bisexual, even though I continued to think of myself as basically straight. To my mind, I'm not turned on by men, I'm turned on by submission. It's just that submitting to a man is more demeaning for me than submitting to a woman, and that degradation is thrilling. I wasn't sure I could make the distinction clear to Laurie, so it was easier to just say I was bi. She was perfectly comfortable with that, as I knew she would be. She has a number of gay and lesbian friends. She was a little less comfortable when I told her about Kyle and Josh, and how I liked being abused by them. I don't think she was offended or shocked by the idea, but she realized that they filled a need for me that she would never be able to fill. When we were all talked out, the future of our relationship was left somewhat unresolved. We agreed to go on seeing each other, but it was clear that we were never going to get married and grow old together. But that was never in the cards anyway. For now we would continue to be good friends with benefits.

Things got even more confused a few weeks later. One Saturday afternoon I got a call from Kyle. 'Josh is in your area,' he said. 'I've given him permission to go to your place for a quick fuck. Be on your hands and knees naked with your asshole lubed up and the door unlocked.' He hung up. I got an immediate hardon from being ordered around like that. I did as I was told. As I waited, I started thinking about Kyle and Josh. I didn't understand the nature of their relationship. They didn't act like lovers, but they seemed to be more than just roommates. Clearly Kyle exercised some kind of domination over Josh, but it was different from the way I let him dominate me. It wasn't any of my business, but I was curious.

When Josh arrived, things started out as they had previously. He took off his clothes, got behind me and started right in without a word. I mentioned once that Josh was not a big guy, but he was very muscular. He had the body of a gymnast, or a lightweight wrestler. He was quite a bit smaller than me, but definitely stronger, even though I'm in pretty good shape myself. When he thrust into me, I really knew I was being fucked. And he held my waist so tightly at times I felt like he was going to crush me. As before, he took long, deep strokes, plunging in all the way down to his pubes. Sometimes I could feel his balls slap mine. As he got close he started to groan. I was kind of getting to like the way he grunted and moaned as he came. This time he wasn't as loud as before, but his ecstasy was just as evident. He pulled back hard on my shoulders and let out a long 'Ahhhhhhh,' then leaned forward onto my back, completely spent.

But this time things got different after he was through. He gently spread my legs and arms out so we both sank slowly down to the floor together. He lay on top of me for a while before pulling out. Then he reached under me and began stroking my dick. It felt great and I didn't try to stop him, but this wasn't the way it was supposed to work. I was supposed to give him pleasure, not the other way around. He was good at it. I guess it makes sense that a guy would give a better handjob than a girl. We've all been practicing since puberty and we know what feels good. He started out with slow strokes, then gradually picked up speed until toward the end his hand was practically a blur. When I came, it was one of the best orgasms I've had.

Afterward, he held me for a few minutes, then got up to get his clothes. I sensed he wasn't in a hurry to leave. I said quietly, 'You can shower before you go.'

He hesitated for a moment, then apparently thought about the long drive home with his cum and my ass juices in his underwear and said, 'OK.' I got dressed while he showered.

When he was cleaned up and dressed, I showed him to the door. Before I opened it, he paused and looked at me. There was absolutely no mistaking that look. It was love. Then he looked away, quickly opened the door and dashed out. I would bet everything I own that he was crying by the time he got to the elevator. I felt sorry for the guy. I liked him, but even if I were 100% gay, I don't think I would have been in love with him.

Now this was a tangled web. I didn't know where Laurie and I were going. Josh was in love with me. Whatever was going on between Josh and Kyle had just become more complicated for them. And as for Kyle and me, I don't even think there is a term for our relationship. We definitely had some kind of mutual affection, but it wasn't romantic. At least I didn't think it was. The whole thing made my brain hurt, so I decided to have a few too many drinks and forget about it.


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