What was I doing? I must have been absolutely nuts to hook up with someone I met over the internet! It was too late to back out, anyway; I had just gotten off of the plane. Yeah, what a great time to reconsider: after you've already arrived in another state by plane with the little money I could actually spare for a 'vacation.' Maybe, I thought, it wouldn't be so bad. I suddenly thought about those dumb online matching sites, and their happy couples who met and fell in love entirely based on a computerized profile. Still, was I any better?

We had met on a porn forum I belonged to. It started as just polite conversation, which then became some friendly bantering back and forth. It's refreshing to find people who share a similar sense of humor. The fact that he could actually spell his words properly was an added bonus; I never needed to decipher endless lines of nonsense to understand his point. A few jokes formed between us, the occasional teaming up against some obnoxious idiot or other, and it became friendship. It wasn't as if I was going for a booty call, I was going to visit and stay with someone whom I'd become friends with. The possibility of sex, or rather, the possibility of having some intimate encounter, was a little extra. I felt a stirring in my pants. It was probably smarter to not think about sex and get hard while passing through the airport.

I only had two bags with me - my carry-on, and my suitcase. I don't even know why I brought as much as I had for a week. Was I really hoping this trip would turn into something more? It would be really awkward for both of us if it didn't go well. What if he wasn't as interesting in person? I doubted the idea, mainly because he sent me so much cool porn and we'd also had some long discussions about various movies, books, and tv shows. So, even if I wasn't getting anything extra out of the trip, I'd at least have some laughs and good conversation. The airport was really small. The one I departed from was bigger, and it was small by most standards. I took a look around at the people waiting at the arrivals gate. There was no sign of him anywhere. Did he stand me up? I suddenly had a sinking feeling in my stomach. He had said I was welcome to stay in his apartment, so I never booked a hotel or anything like that. I went to the side. Maybe he was running late, I tried to reason. I decided to grab a soda and wait by the newsstand for him to come by. We'd exchanged pictures, lots of them, so I figured we could recognize each other. I decided to focus on getting the soda; if I pondered the exchanged pictures, I would have gotten hard on the spot.

'Ben?' The voice came from behind me, slightly winded.

I turned in response to my name. There could only be one person in the state that knew me. 'Yes?' I stopped myself from gasping. There was no doubt that the person before me was my friend, Kurt, but I was still surprised. He was beautiful! His pictures did not do him justice: his green eyes were a little paler, almost blue; his hair looked black in the pictures, but it was a rich shade of brown with subtle highlights of lighter brown, possibly blond; he was my height, about six feet, one inch. I knew what he looked like under his tee shirt and jeans, so I wouldn't think of that, should that hard on appear and make the situation awkward.

'So, how should we do this? Shake hands, or hug?' He smiled at me, his teeth a row of white pearls.

I almost melted, to be honest. I wanted to greet him by making out with him the middle of the airport like a really cheesy porn movie. OK, I thought, I needed to move away from the erotic thoughts. 'Well, what would you prefer?'

He reached over and hugged me. His embrace was warm and gentle, yet powerful. He worked out at home, he told me once. He wanted to look like one of the guys from a Bowflex commercial. I hugged him back, briefly, trying to keep my mind off of the pleasure his hug was giving me.

'Sorry I'm late,' he said, stepping back. 'I lost track of time. Were you waiting long?'

'No. I just arrived, actually. I still need to get my suitcase.' I saw the crowd of people I followed off the plane convene around the baggage claim. 'It looks like my luggage is arriving. That's awfully fast.'

Kurt walked at the same pace I did. 'Yours is the only arrival for the next hour or so. It's a very small airport.'

'Yeah. This is weird, though. This entire airport could fit inside the smallest one back home.' He laughed, gently nudging me to the baggage claim. 'Here it comes. The green one.'

Kurt reached over and pulled it off the conveyor belt. I imagined myself yelling out that he was one sexy stud for getting my luggage for me. It was pretty cute, seeing him lean over and grab the handle, then swing it up and onto the ground. I also caught a glimpse of his underwear when he reached up! Again, I steered my thoughts clear of anything that turned me on. I was starting to feel like a slut. He carried my suitcase for me, which I thought was really nice, and led me to his car.

The car ride was pretty uneventful. We talked about my flight, and I commented on how nice the area seemed to be. We stopped for lunch at a McDonald's, then headed directly to his apartment. He turned down a small road and into the driveway of a decent-sized development of two-story buildings. I recognized them from back home; they were designed differently, but they were those little suburban 'apartment buildings,' like the ones a few of my cousins rented.

'I didn't know you had these apartments here, too,' I said, a little shocked.

'What did you expect?' Kurt seemed a bit baffled.

'I don't know. Maybe something resembling a motel of sorts, or like a Holiday Inn-sized building.' I laughed, trying not to sound rude. 'Or like, an apartment made from someone's basement or garage. I just never gave it much thought. We have these all over the suburbs back home.'

'From what you tell me, I'm sure they're twice as expensive,' he surmised. 'It's not much, but it's still home.'

'How big is your apartment?' I doubted he had a guest room for me.

'It's only one bedroom,' he answered. 'It has an eat-in kitchen, which is a huge plus.' He turned into a numbered parking space and put the car in park. 'Well, we're here!'

I guess I'm sleeping on either the floor or sofa, I thought. I smiled. 'Thank you for having me!' I unbuckled my seatbelt and got out of the car. He went to the trunk and got my bags, then walked with me down a walkway to one of the smaller buildings. I had to admit, though, it seemed like a nice place to live; the building he lived in, though the smallest in the complex, still seemed pretty big in comparison to some of the ones back home. He put his key in one of the doors on the first floor.

'You need to lock your doors here?' I was kidding, of course. We had a constant running gag online about me being a city boy and him being a country bumpkin.

'Yes, we do. We're in the 'country,' as you put it, not the Fifties.' He winked, then pushed open the door. It was neat, though I know he cleaned up for me. It was too neat to be normal. I stepped in and took a look around. I recognized certain things from various pictures he'd sent me - the computer on its desk, the sofa, his DVD rack, the table his mother bought him as a housewarming gift. I smiled.

'This place is nice. It's bigger than expected for one bedroom.' The sofa looked pretty comfy too. I could spend a week on it. Kurt wandered into an open doorway with my things. I followed. The kitchen was adjacent to the living room, the bathroom was next to the door Kurt entered. I could only be headed to one place - the bedroom.

Kurt put my things next to his dresser. He turned around and smiled. 'Well, you'll be staying in here this week.'

I started. I so desperately wanted to know whether or not it would be with him in the queen bed. 'I like it!' I wanted him to say it.

'Help yourself to anything,' Kurt offered. 'For this week, my home is yours! Did you want to do anything special?'

It was too easy, I couldn't resist. 'Are you trying to make this sound like one of those bad porn clips we send each other?' He laughed in response. 'Kurt, I'm fine. You've asked me fifteen times since we got in the car. I'm game for whatever you want to do.' I leaned in close to him. 'Whatever you do here in the boonies besides chop firewood.'

Kurt pushed me onto the bed and began wrestling me. 'Just where do you see a fireplace?'

Between laughs, I managed to say, 'You're lighting my fire right now!' If he kept it up, he was going to make me really hard, and really horny.

'What does this do for you, then?' He moved his hand down into my pants, gently caressing his way toward my groin.

'What do you think it does for me? It makes me hot!' I pulled myself away from him, somewhat nervous. I couldn't just walk into somebody's apartment for a booty call! It was apparent, however, that he was quite comfortable touching me where he pleased. I felt my dick strain a little in my briefs. Fuck. I was hard.

Kurt shifted, slightly timid, and turned slightly pink. 'Sorry. I went too far.'

The air was becoming awkward. It was obvious we were both thinking the same thing. 'No, it's not that. You made me really hard, and I was having fun when you were wrestling me and feeling me up. It's just... I've been feeling slutty since I got off the plane. Every time I think about you, I think about the pictures we've sent each other, and it gets me horny. I didn't want to have this massive hard-on the whole time because I was afraid you'd get too freaked out by it.'

'Oh, Ben,' he said, making his way across the bed to me, 'after all of the things we've said online, I wouldn't be freaked out. I was also getting that way, myself.' He reached out and put his hand on my shoulder. 'Actually, since I saw you in the airport, I've been trying not to think of ways to get your clothes off.'

I started to laugh. 'When you grabbed my suitcase in the airport, I caught a glimpse of your boxers. I got turned on.' I felt myself blushing.

Kurt jumped to his feet abruptly. 'If that's the case...' He undid his belt and opened his jeans, letting them drop to the floor before seating himself on the bed again in his tee shirt and blue boxers. 'I'll walk around the house like this the whole week, if you want. But on one condition.'

'What is that?' I knew it was going to be something sexual.

He reached over and pulled my shirt up, over my head, then tossed it on top of his discarded jeans. 'I want you to walk around shirtless.' He ran his hands down my stomach.

'But, I have nothing to show off.' I looked down at my exposed chest and stomach. I wasn't chubby, but I was a far cry from being lean in any sense of the word. It wasn't like I had abs, or really developed pecs, I was just there. I had some hair on my chest, and some on my stomach, going down into my waistband; even that wasn't spectacular on my pale skin.

Kurt ran a finger down the hair leading from my naval. 'I don't know. This treasure trail is pretty hot to me.' His finger found its way into my waistband. I felt my softening dick lurch into hardness again.

'Kurt, you're getting me hard again.' I wanted to kiss him. Actually, I thought, he was discarding his inhibitions. Why couldn't I? I leaned over and placed my lips to his. My first kiss ever was with Kurt. I was thrilled. He returned the favor, his lips seeking to devour my own. His tongue slid inside my mouth and caressed my own. I pulled back. 'Eww!'

'Yeah, that wasn't so great for me, either,' he said, grimacing. 'Those pornos really make it look easy and appealing.' He took his finger out of my waistband and began to undo my belt. It was a cargo belt, so he managed to undo it pretty easily with just one hand. 'That was my first kiss. Wasn't it yours, too?'

He remembered that conversation! Had he committed everything I said to memory like I did for him? No, I thought, he wasn't a loser. 'Yeah,' I admitted. 'Your sexy lips took my kissing virginity.' Wow, I was really reaching for witty, sexually-oriented banter.

He reached over with his other hand and undid my fly and zipper. 'I want to see your cock in person.'

'Have you been jerking off to those really bad nude pictures of me?' I said it to be funny. I had been using the ones he sent me as a nice fantasy aid.

'Fuck yeah,' he said, pulling my pants down to expose my gray briefs. My dick was straining against them. 'Dude, you look so constricted! Let him get some air!'

I rose from the bed and pulled off my jeans and my briefs. I plopped back onto the bed in just my ankle socks, my dick standing straight up. 'Why am I the only one naked?' I leaned over and kissed him. 'Take your clothes off, too.'

Kurt didn't hesitate to comply. He pulled up his shirt to reveal his toned chest and abdomen. He didn't look like a model, either, but he definitely had more tone and definition than I did. He had a dusting of dark hair across his stomach, and chest. It looked much nicer in person than in his pictures. He pulled his boxers off, his semi-hard dick surrounded by its thick bush of black hair. He tossed them onto the floor and cuddled up to me, our exposed skin caressing each other. I looked at his exposed dick. It was not as big as it looked in the pics he'd sent me. Then again, I thought, maybe that was because he was rock hard in the pics he sent me.

'So this is the monster cock I've been jerking off to?' I couldn't resist teasing him.

'Well, he needs motivation. Usually, you say something suggestive, I start visualizing, and he grows,' Kurt answered. 'But, I guess in person, you're just not as motivating.'

That was enough of an invitation for me. However, I was a little timid because of my little virginity problem. Did porn stars get butterflies in their stomachs before a shoot? I swallowed hard, feeling like there was a lump in my throat. My mind raced as I thought back to all of the more explicit exchanges we'd had. I tried drawing a deep breath as I remembered all of the sexual acts I'd described performing on him.

'You're turning red,' he said, adorably. 'And, you're getting hard. Really hard.' He kissed my bicep. 'What are you thinking about?'

'Right now, I'm remembering the time I told you I wanted to lick my way down your chest and abdomen and blow you,' I said. It got very warm in the room, despite the warm weather outside. My cock was rock hard, and felt like it was going to explode if I got any hornier. It actually hurt. I saw Kurt's dick twitch. Did the thought of it horn him up? 'And now, I'm thinking of the time I shot a load fantasizing about you licking that spot between my balls and ass.' His head got bigger. I wanted to see him get rock hard. 'I see you're getting motivated.'

'Seeing you like that is getting me started,' he said. 'I don't want to be the one left out.' He leaned over to kiss me.

'Hold it, mister,' I said, placing my index finger on his lips. 'I wanna see it grow!' And grow it did, it looked like a plant sprouting up in that sped-up sequence you see on the Discovery Channel. 'Ah, there we go!' I kissed him. I couldn't get enough of his lips on my own. 'That's the meat I know and love!'

We sat there for a moment, neither of us sure of where to go next. 'I have to say,' Kurt said, breaking the silence, 'I had hoped we'd get this far, but I envisioned it much later.'

'Me too,' I admitted, smiling. 'But now that we're like this, I'm not really sure how to proceed.'

'Well, I know how to proceed,' he said quickly, 'I'm just anxious about it. I never really thought I'd feel like this.'

An idea came to my mind. 'We could start slowly. I mean, we have a whole week.'

'That's true,' he said, sounding a little relieved. 'In that case, I have just the thing!' He pushed me back onto the bed and rolled on top of me. His cock rubbed against my thigh, its warmth making me crave its touch against my own penis. He entwined his fingers with mine and began to kiss me. I didn't resist. I kissed back, each time more forcefully than the last, wishing he would shift so that our cocks would rub against each other.

'Kurt,' I whispered between kisses, 'Move your cock so it rubs against mine.' He complied. It was warm and sensual, and he began to gently thrust against me with each kiss. His hair had fallen forward into my face, and I stared into his green eyes. I was content to lay there while he thrust and kissed me. I started thinking of the next step in our encounter. I wanted to take his cock into my mouth and my ass badly, but the very idea of it sent my stomach fluttering. I gently nudged him, guiding him reluctantly off my body. I gasped for air. 'That was intense.' My cock throbbed. I swear it was protesting the abrupt end to the grinding.

'I don't know what it means to be a 'good kisser,' but I'm pretty sure you're it,' he said to me quietly, his hand moving to stroke my thigh gingerly.

'You're not so bad yourself,' I said with a smile. I moved my hand delicately to his thigh, then shifted my way to his erect meat. My fingers wrapped around his shaft delicately, and I began to move my hand up and down its length. How long did he say it was? Who was I kidding? I had committed it to memory the minute he told me (accompanied by a picture): a little less than eight and a quarter inches long by five and a half inches around, cut. He let out a little moan before the hand on my thigh found my own meat and began stroking. It felt so strange to have someone other than me rub my meat. I slowly thrust my hips back and forth to increase the sensation. I was so completely aroused by the fact that I was getting a hand job that I started convulsing.

'Are you coming?' Kurt looked a little surprised. 'That was fast.' He began to jerk me off faster. Before I could react, I felt my cum explode out of my penis and splatter on my side. I looked down, panting, and noticed Kurt's hand covered in my sticky white jizz. He continued jerking me off, making me shudder each time his wet hand rubbed against my sensitive head. 'I've only done this to myself once, and couldn't handle it for more than a few seconds. How do you like it?'

I convulsed as his had stimulated my head, gasping. 'I...,' I couldn't breathe. 'Stop...,' I was barely more than a whisper. His hand moved quickly away from me, as if he was startled. I took a deep breath. 'It was really intense,' I said weakly. 'I couldn't handle it.' I began to stroke him again. I must have stopped right before my orgasm. My eyes moved from his relaxing face to his cum covered hand, then to my softening cock, covered in the same cum. 'I want to lick your hand.'

He looked down to his drenched hand and blinked at it. It was obvious he had forgotten about it. Had my asking him to stop given him a scare? He put his fingers to my lips and moved them gently around, as if he were writing something. I moved my tongue slowly across my lips, seeking out his fingers. He moaned, and I felt his cum dribble down my hand in a burning cascade. He let out a groan and relaxed onto his pillow. I looked at the thick glob covering my fingers. The next time he came, I promised myself, it would be on my body.



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