Kris froze, with his dick, only a couple of inches inside Mick's tight virgin ass. He felt sweaty all of a sudden, as he heard the click of heels walking across the foyer. "Kris?" "Yeah!" He yelled back, hoping to God she wouldn't come down. If he even moved an inch, he'd bust his load, and he wanted to drag this out. "I'm shutting off the crock pot!" "Ok!" The clicking faded, and then a couple seconds later, resounded, and the door opened and closed again.

Kris looked down on Mick, whose mouth was gaping open in shock. Kris smiled down at him. "It's fine, she's gone." "I came..." Kris looked further down, seeing cum splattered across Mick's chest and stomach. He hadn't even made a sound. "Shit, you did." He felt a rush of arousal, and held his breath. "I feel like," Kris closed his eyes and shook his head. Mick stopped. "What?" Kris shook his head again. He wanted to pull out, but he knew if he moved even an inch, he'd cum. 

Mick kept asking him what was going on, and started shifting his weight, trying to move up, and away from Kris's dick. "No, no..." It was too late, and Kris felt his dick start to throb. Mick moaned and hung onto Kris, as he felt Kris's dick explode inside of him. Kris pushed the rest of the way in, feeling Kris's ass clench and release over his hard shaft, making the orgasm that much more intense. He put his arms around Mick's smaller frame, covering him completely, and pressing his open mouth against the boy's neck. He released all of his load inside.

Kris was still flexing his dick, when he pulled back, to look down into Mick's eyes. "Are you ok?" Mick nodded, with the same look of shock on his face. "I....It feels weird." "How weird?" "Like, warm and wet." "Do you like it?" "I don't know. How do you feel?" "Well, I feel really good," Kris smiled down at Mick. Mick smiled back, and his look softened. "What do we do now?" "Well, what do you want to do?" Kris looked down into Mick's eyes, studying the emotion behind them. He felt an amazing connection, and just because he'd unloaded his seed into the boy's tight ass. He wanted to protect him, and be his rock.

Mick was completely relaxed by now, and Kris's dick was still hard inside of him. The way he'd cum so quickly was a shock, and Mick could feel his face was flushed. He looked up at Kris, and saw a calmness in his eyes. He trust him, and felt this bond between them. He imagined his first time would be un-enjoyable, but longer. It was kind of cute the way Kris couldn't contain himself, and had cum so quickly. Maybe they would try again.

"So what now?" "I'm still hard. Mind if I stay in here?" Kris ran his fingertips in circles over Mick's stomach. Mick smiled and shook his head. Kris leaned in and kissed Mick's soft lips. He wanted to stay in there forever. He started to slowly thrust in and out of the boy, and kissed his lips passionately. Mick was sighing, and groaning with pleasure, while Kris moved softly in and out of his tight ass. They were soon in a smooth and soft rhythm, creating little taps of the headboard against the wall.

They stayed in rhythm for quite awhile, and Kris knew if they kept going, he'd cum again, but he wanted to last a little longer this time. He stopped, and turned his body to Mick's side, pulling him up with him. Without pulling out of the boy's tight ass, he successfully switched positions with him being on top. Mick started to softly ride Kris's dick. He felt the thickness of it, completely fill him up inside. He liked it. He quickly got the hang of things, and soon had his hands braced against Kris's hairy abs, and was pushing against him, to rise, and fall back down onto his dick.

They fucked slowly for over an hour They occasionally stopped to make out, or to switch positions. Kris would get himself up to the point of orgasm, and then slow down. Mick was squirming and moaning almost the entire time he was inside him. He liked having this power over Mick, like he could control his pleasure, and when he came. 

Mick's phone started vibrating. It was his dad, probably letting him know to be ready in a few minutes. "We should finish." "Yeah, I'm really close." "Me too." They kept fucking, and soon Kris was cumming again, and Mick followed shortly after. He shot a smaller load on his chest, which mixed with the dried cum from his earlier load. Kris felt his dick erupt again, and shot a healthy load inside the boy. He was still cumming when he pulled out, but they had to make sure everything was normal when their parents came home.

They quickly got dressed, as Kris finished himself off in an old pair of boxers from his hamper. They made his bed, and picked up around the gaming area. The guys went upstairs and put away the plates they'd used before, and as Kris started to put the leftover roast in a plastic container, the front door opened, and his mom walked in. "Hey boys. Mick, your Father's waiting outside." "Ok, see you Kris." "Yeah man." Kris smiled at Mick, with a look in his eyes. 

Kris put the slow cooker basin in the sink, and started to fill it with water, while his Mom hung up her coat, and came in giving him a half hug across his shoulder. "How was it?" "Oh, we had a lot of fun!" "Yeah? I'm gladd you boys are getting along so well." "Me too....Really well."



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