'So it's you again, wanting your fix again I 'spose, Jerry?'

'How did you guess,' I asked like I was trying to be cool, all the while thinking no way will he let me into his life again. Thing is, - well okay I did dump Danny a year ago, it happens, - sometimes a guy needs to move on, search fields anew, thing is the field I searched did not bear oats - it was a lousy choice I made and the guy was a downer anyway, it really made me appreciate Danny and I wanted him back. And then, seeing him standing there in front of me, looking as gorgeous as ever, brought back delicious carnal memories.

'Well, you'd better come in then - I've got nothing else on so you may as well come in and spin a few words with me.' I almost cracked the usual corny joke about him saying he'd got nothing on, in my mind remembering that and how he looked in his bareness, when we'd had so much fun together, how I missed that, and how I wanted it back, just like it was wish all the trimmings, But would Danny want that too after, lets face it, I did the dirty on him and went for my brand new coloured guy, thinking he would do it all for me big time, when instead he was a flop and he never did gratify me, he was more into cross dressing anyway which wasn't particularly my thing but each to his own. But apart from that and most important of all, he wouldn't take - so me wanting that, to give it to him like I did with Danny, it turned out to be a real no go, we couldn't just go one like wanking each other, it just wasn't the same without the vital end product of you see what I mean. With Danny the end product was always thrilling and gratifying, he had a quality ass just made for fucking and there was I just wanting to get back inside.

'So how are you doin' Jerry and how's Oliver'

'Who's Oliver?' I replied trying to show he was no longer in my life .But seeing the doubting look on Danny's face I had to come out with it: 'It was a mistake, a big mistake, look I will come clean, I want you, only you, I was completely mad to give you up for that dick head!'

Danny looked at me in that condescending way of his, looking as though he didn't quite believe me, So he had gotten despondent and who could blame him, I had to show him I meant business.

I hated the way he looked at me like that, remembering how he used to look, that certain hunger in his expression that said out loud he wanted me full package.

'Look, I'm sorry, right Danny Okay? And if it is any condolence, I will never leave you again, I have learnt my lesson, it is plainly you that has that exclusive place in my life.'

'So what happened to Oliver?'

'Dunno, don't care. He is out of my life and that's definite.'

'Wasn't he as good a fuck as you thought he was gonna be then, Jerry, like you texted me to say how he could move and what a great shag he was?'

'You know and I know, fucking isn't the be all and end all, it has to be more to make the blood rise up.'

'You used to rise up for me once, Jerry.'

'And I want to again, just give me another chance Danny that's all I ask?'

He looked pensive and unsure. I hated seeing him like that, I needed to just show him that everything was the same as before. I took the bull by the horns and went for it. He was conveniently spread ion the sofa so it didn't take much for me to spring there beside him and literally touch him up, like I used to, over his jeans, remembering how he always commented on how I just helped myself and how he loved that about me, well I was doing just that, squeezing him through his tight jeans that he looked so good in, as good as ever.

At first, no reaction, no expression even, had I gone too far too quickly, was he about to tell me what to do in no uncertain way?!

For a moment I paused and held my breath, would he respond or not, then I saw his eyes close as I squeezed him down there once more, this time gently unzipping, winkling his ripe cock out and working my thumb up beneath his rising erection, like I used to do, me thinking now he was aroused, me thinking it was okay now.

But then he grasped my hand with his, pulled it away, his erection half mast - like it was between heaven and earth, I wanted to get it to heaven, the natural instinct was to take it in to my mouth and taste his nectar once more as I took in his scent - but he still had doubts,

'I am not here just for your pleasure you know, Jerry.' He scowled.

I think he was just trying to show me he had his pride, that he was not that cheap and easy so I explained that I cherished him, he would always be special and I would never ever take advantage of him to meet my own ends.

'Don't give me that crap, Jerry. You just want to get your end away and be done with it.'

I was gonna show him I was still in love with him. We always had this understanding of each other, that we could insult each other like hell and still be friends so, right, go for it..

'Okay I want your ass, I want to feel your fuck big time, I wasn't to suck your cock till it cums' I yelled.

Then I followed with a more quieter tone that besides I also wanted his company, his great charisma, that I wanted him complete.

That seemed to do it. He grabbed my hand once more, this time guiding it down to him- prompting me to wank him again. I was soon there lapping up the delightful experience of having him there full in my hand, his huge cock throbbing for it, like it always was, and there was the scent again, quite unique, now I wanted the taste that ripe budding young cock, you know there's nothing quite like the flavour of fully aroused quality cock, the feel of it rolling inside your mouth, delicious and so fulfilling, stretching the foreskin full back to get the real experience, to realise the nectar of prime cock, to delight in cradling his firm balls as I started to deeply suck him, yes, we were back on course Danny and I and I was back where I belonged.

I was deep in concentration -losing myself with the delightful feel and taste of Danny's dear cock when came a knock at the door,

Danny sprung to his feet, causing his cock to slide out of my mouth with a loud slurp.

'Do you have to answer, right now?' I complained, my mouth feeling so empty all at once.

'Yep I do, you see it is someone you know,'

I looked, I was puzzled, confused - until Danny opened the door, then I was absolutely stunned. It was Oliver standing there with a huge vindictive smile on his face.

'You see, Danny , Oliver is like you, a giver - that's why you couldn't make it with him.' He was telling me something I already knew of course, but why, what was Oliver doing there?

'You mean ---?' I asked losing my words, not believing what I was seeing. But stuttering I managed to find the words that anyway Oliver and I did enjoy some mutual stuff together, okay no penetration but it was good at the time!

'Come on, Jerry - you know very well a fuck isn't a fuck unless you go the full hog, and with Oliver, well need I say more, he treats me like a real queen and all I can say he can have my ass whenever he wants.

'But not me, so this is the way you treat me, sweet revenge Huh'

'Well you started it, Jerry,' then as if to make things worse he turned to Oliver asking him to strip, to show me what a real man looks like. Then I remembered how bloody huge he was! 'See what I mean, Jerry - I mean you could never compete with that, could you.'

I have never felt so humiliated, it all seemed to be going so well before that knock on the door. Me still with the taste of my lover in my mouth. But he was no longer my lover, he was Oliver's lover for there he was, no shame, stripped and bending bare backed for Oliver's pleasure. I could stand no more, I just had to leave, I'd got the message.

But the image of Oliver fucking Danny would stay in my mind forever.

But life moves on doesn't it. Of course there shall never be another Danny - but just lately I have been weighing up this young guy in the office, I know he is of like mind, the way he smiles at me, yes I could go for that. I was intent not to let it get the better of me, convinced that was it, the now Danny and I were truly finished.

'You don't have to go you know, Jerry>'

'What do you mean?,' I queried seeing that he was now being well pumped by the very well endowed cock I remembered so well.

'Or maybe you are not up to it?'

'What are you on about, Danny?'

What was he on about. Wow' how could he take this new guy like that, the twisting and the turning as he plunged cock in ass like s proverbial steam hammer. And all the time Danny was yelping, asking for more so it seemed a long time I would have to wait for his reply.

But then all at once Oliver made one huge last thrust and he was spent, but I was thinking one comfort, he wore a condom whilst Danny always insisted he did not want me to wear one, that he always preferred to feel bare cock inside him and I was happy with that, we didn't put it around and made sure we always showered before and after, in fact that was part of the fun as I remember.

'Look at it this way,' Danny said between baited breaths. You couldn't make it work with Oliver because you both have something in common - but, well with the three of us it could work so well, so why not lets make it a threesome in future, that way we can all get some of the action with the added bonus of what that could mean.'

I wasn't happy with that and told him so.

'But why, you don't need to be so possessive, Jerry, I will still love you, in fact I believe the threesome will endorse our relationship and sustain our togetherness even more - and for me it will be the best of both worlds. You see I have often fantasised how it would be with two guys'

'You have never told me that?' I queried, still not quite taking in what was happening, but then thinking about it, yes I had been very possessive and perhaps now had come the time to share in another dimension.

'Well I have had very erotic dreams ...'

'Tell me?'

'Well when I oral you I have often wondered how it would feel with you fucking my ass at the same time if you see what I mean, But of course that's impossible, but with three of us?'

No I was stirring again, somehow the disagreeable thought of sharing Danny with another did not seem so repugnant, we could both take our share of him and maybe it will be a new sensation to know that as he sucks me he is being fucked by Oliver and vice versa.

And I tell you what, somehow it worked perfectly. Mind you I think it helped because Oliver and I had been together already as a twosome. But it came to pass that the most delightful thing was to see just how Danny was enjoying the threesome, and how delicious to be between his thighs, him on top sucking Oliver and me spreading those ass cheeks so wide apart, opening up that so delicious well fucked orifice so warm and attractive and pushing my face into him relentlessly getting the absolutely rapturous feel and taste of asshole, cock and balls, tasting licking and even swallowing his juices seemed so wonderfully engaging, and then watching Oliver do the same, yes I think we were onto a great new type of relationship, there was gonna be an awful lot of mutual fucking going on... I'm glad Oliver knocked on that door, it gave my life a whole new perspective.



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