Oh shit! That was the first reaction Steve had when he went inside the bathroom and closed the door in Uncle Greg's house that night in July two years ago. He had just finished a few beers and had gone upstairs to the bathroom to say goodbye to those beers. There were quite a few people downstairs drinking and talking and generally having a good time. Steve had turned nineteen earlier that week and his family and his friends had decided to wait till today, Saturday, to celebrate it with Steve.

When Steve got to the bathroom he assumed it was empty even though the door was closed. So he just walked in. And there was Bill, Uncle Greg's neighbor, sitting down and masturbating with his hand going up and down at a very good rhythm. Bill was quite big. Steve could see now that Bill was quite big all over judging by the size of what was in his hand. Bill was about forty-five which to Steve was pretty old. At the moment, though, Bill looked a lot younger. Steve had seen Bill all his life but never this way. He had noticed that Bill was prone to giving orders so he wasn't really surprised when he heard Bill say, 'Try it Steve.'

Oh shit! Steve thought again when he saw Bill's free hand grab him by the shirt and pull him down to get a closer view of the action. Steve had seen lots of porn movies so he knew what Bill expected of him. Of course, he didn't think he could do it or should do it or wanted to do it. But when he put his hand on Bill's pubic hair and closed his fingers around the base of that hard penis, he knew he wanted to do it. And when his lips and tongue touched the shaft that Bill left exposed to Steve while removing his hand, Steve knew he really wanted to do it.

Bil's penis felt so good, warm, and hard. Steve's senses somehow seemed sharpened. He could concentrate more and was aware in detail of the texture, the smell, the sound, the feeling of the scrotum and testicles and, of course, the penis he had in his hands and in his mouth. Yes, because by now he had his cheeks and tongue hugging the large head with both lips pressed tightly against the shaft just below the head. Man, that felt so good and so different from what he could have dared to imagine had he been so inclined. But he was not inclined towards thoughts of sex with other men, far from it. That was made these sensations so strong with this situation coming out of left field.

At any rate, there he was, sucking on a dick and enjoying every inch. By now he had gotten much more than just the head in his mouth. His ability to make that beer flow almost uninterrupted down his throat sure came in handy now. He just imagine it was beer instead of a big dick and his throat sort of relaxed. Somehow instead of hitting a wall at the back of his throat, the head just kind of pushed through without much resistance. Once it was through, Steve held it there for a while, savoring the experience. This relaxed his muscles even more and he deep throated Bill a couple times more.

Now he wanted to explore from the outside. So, and this was unexpected, with some reluctance he took the excited penis, because Bill had gotten so worked up his dick was actually throbbing, out of his mouth. Oh, look at those balls! Steve was excited and felt his own hardon throb as he cupped those testicles and moved them in his hands and then put each one in turn in his mouth. How new and stimulating that was. Actually, it was apparently quite stimulating to Bill too who by now couldn't take it any more and burst forth in a geyser of cum spilling volley after volley through the air quite a ways onto the back of Steve's shirt, and hair and, when Steve looked up, onto Steve's expectant face. The cum on his face was what satified Steve so much. It was the fulfillment he needed for sucking Bill's dick. That was somehow even more fulfilling than his own ejaculation which was even now gushing from his over excited loins.

Man, they had made a mess in the bathroom with cum all over! Hey, nobody cared. and he was ready for more one day if it happened. Why not? At any rate Bill and Steve went downstairs quite satisfied allright.

When you see a closed bathroom door,

Knock on it or you might be kneeling

Before you know it on the floor

With a dick in your mouth, sucking, sucking, sucking.



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