so me and my friend brad were doing our usual walking around the desert we call a city we were about to part our ways cuz i had to go home

he said we should hang out tonight and i'm like ok what time he said idk yet and i was like ok k** nap me or something i went home and did the same thing i had been doing for the past 4 months because my parents were busy for work so my home life consisted of my spacing for a little while cook dinner take a shower and go to bed yeah my life was kinda boring but instead of going to bed i was on the comp beating my meat to some hot porn lol yeah who didn't see that coming?

Lol i had my huge 10.5 inch cock in my hand rock hard and all of the sudden my phone went off it was brad he sent a message saying start walking down to mey road one of our 3 most busy roads but not at 2 in the morning lol so i start out stupidly wearing holey pajama's and a shirt 3

times to big for me lol so yeah it was kinda cold this must be kinda boring but don't worry the good Part soon i promise

lol but anyways we meet about five mins from his house. Dick head. And he's like consider urself k** napped SO we're back at his place he had a video game chair idk if you know what that is but its pretty Fucking awesome lol so i was in the and he's on the matteress on the floor at our feet and idk what it was but we were watching some best strip dancer show some chick was up re wasn't bad looking but she had a nice ass and no tits next up was a guy

Damn he was fuckling hot think jock but punkish but not hard core punk and less gym rat body but Fuck his body was still hot as Fuck! He had an amazing chest and a 6 pack you could do laundry on with TIGHT briefs that showed EVERYTHING he had an ego of some one who had aa foot long dong in their pants but i had him beat by 4 inches (you do the math lol) watching him rub his junk was getting my monster hard again i had it hanging over my right leg and trying to make it as less noticeable as possible but

my thinkness was making it complicated lol i looked down at brad and i could see his dick getting hard too.

"this guy getting u horny brad?" I asked with a laugh and he's like no the chick was weren't u watching??? "

Well duh lol I saw her im not blind" I said

Well then u'd know it was her that got me hard not that guy he probably got u hard though.

Yeah so? I asked it was funny his face got all serious and shit lol

U like guys? He asked

I like suckin dick I replied

:He stood up on his matress well I got seven inches of hard wood" he said grabbin his dick and starting to stroke it through his jeans " that u can suck on if u want."

"Shit whip it out already if u wanna get ur cock sucked what are u waiting for?

He undid his jeans took them off and threw them acrossed the room He pulled his dick out of his boxers throught the fly and started strokin

"I dunno this is a lot of meat u know" he said as he stopped stroking pulled out his average sized balls and started massaging them.

:You wish. I've tooken cock longer and thick than u" I replied then I took the head of his dick into my and started to run my tongue all around it and played with it with my tongue ring

"Fuck that feels great!" He said as he grabbed the back of my head and started face fuckin me ( I fuckin love getting face fucked!!!)

He face fucked me for a good five mins and then pulled out and started dick slapping me

Move he said and I got out of the chair and he sat down. And I got on my knees ( like a good little bitch lol ) and started to deepthroat his cock. He was only 7 inches so it wasn;t even a challenge for me lol.

I took his cock out of my mouth and started to lick the length of his dick running my tongue ring over his cock I went a little further down and started sucking and lickin his cum filled nuts I went back to deepthroat fuckin his dick and massaging his nuts I could feel his nuts getting tense

"oh fuck! Im about to cum!" he panted

I went all the way down one last time he put his hand on the back of my head and pushed it as far down his dick as it would go and shooted shot after shot of his hot steamy man juice in the back of my throat and I swallowed all of it I squeezed his nuts and deepthroated him one more time to get every drop of his cum

I pulled out and looked up still on my knees I asked " are u ok man"?

Yeah im fine just recovering that was fuckin amazing! U better go its almost 3 I'll catch tomorrow

All right later then I said

It kinda sucked I had to walk home with this monster boner in my pjs lol but that was that and I enjoyed myself ; )



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