My neighborhood is an eclectic mix of young married couples, retired couples, same sex couples, and singles. The homes are all older but extremely well kept.

The house next to me was a rental, and had been empty for several months. One Saurday, I saw the landlord showing the house to a tall well built guy with goatee and stach and shaved head.

I work from home, and with my 'home office' in the front room, I see a lot through my partially open blinds.

The following Saturday, I saw the man moving in. Being neighborly, I went out and introduced myself, or tried to.

'Hi,' I began. I'm Drew Williams. Welcome to the neighbor hood.' I offered my hand.

He simply grabbed another box and said, 'Thanks. I'm Duke,' andcarried the box inside.

When he returned, I asked if he needed any help. He quickly replied 'No,' and said he had some friends coming over later.

I returned to my house but continued to watch as he carried box after box into the house. A few hours later, three guys on Harley's roared up and afer greeting them with a strange hand shake and a hug, they began carrying in the furniture.

The guys were dressed in leather pants and two had on just leather vest on their upper torso and the third wore just a leather X harness atached to a belt arund his waist.

Later Duke left with an empty truck and returned driving a panel van with 'Robbins Consruction' on the side. He carefully unloaded his own Harley.

As the weeks passed, I watched and he would roar off every Friday ad Saturday nights, wearing leather. On some Saturday and Sunday mornings, I would notice one to three extra Harley's in his drive.

I did manage to find out that he worked Monday through Friday doing construction work, but my curiosity was arouosed and I wanted to know more about him.

One day after the mail was delivered, I decided to find out exactly who he was. Even though I knew he wasn't home, I walked next door and knocked. Of course there was no answer and as I waited I went hrough his few pieces of mail.

His name was Wesley Connors. A few pieces of mail were addressed to Duke Connors, including one plain brown envelope. On the front was 'Here is our latest catalog and a record of your most recent purchases.' There was just a P. O. box number as a return address in New York, N.Y.

I casually slipped it under my shirt and returned home, anxious to open it. Closing the front door, I quickly ripped thr envelope open, shocked at what I found.

The catalog contained all types of leather gear for people into bondage and slavery, including studded collars, leashes, shackles similar to the ones that the police use, male chastity devices, whips, and all types and sizes of dildos and lubricants. Ilooked at his list of recent purchases and saw that he had ordered a 'fucking machine', huge dildos, whips, and hand cuffs.

Being gay, I knew what the items were used for however I was not into that 'sick' form of sex. I reaized that Duke was probably a 'slave master'.

Time passed and a few weeks later I decided to take a two week camping vacation. A friend had said I could use some property he owned that was totally private and I would be free to go nude if I so desired.

I made my plans, got the gate key from my friend and began to get my gear together. The property had a one room cabin with one king bed, stove, refrigerator, TV, and a sofa and chair.

As I was getting things loaded that Friday afternoon, I heard something on the other side of the wooden fence seperating my yard from Duke's.

As I turned toward the sound, suddenly a totally naked young man climbed over the fence. I stood stunned and he nearly collapsed saying,'Help me, please.'

Running to him, I helped him up saying, 'Man what the hell is going on?'

'Get me inside, please. Hide me.'

I took him inside and got a good look at his nude body. He was bruised and his back was covered with red small cuts which appeared to come from a cat-o-nine tails. His buttocks had what appeared to be dried blood on them.

I introduced myself saying that I would help him but he needed to tell me hat was going on.

As I gave him something to drink, he began his horrific story.

'I'm Luke Swanson. A few weeks back, my dad came hone and found me in bed wih a buddy of mine. He's exremely homophobic and when he found out I was gay, he kicked me out.'

'How old are you, Luke?'

'Eighteen. I've been going with guys about six months only doing oral and kissing. I tried to talk to him but he wouldn't have any part of it. I pack some clothes and left. I tried later to go back and get some more things but he had changed the locks. I lived on the streets. Anyway, two weeks ago I was out on the corner of Third and Main, in the bar area with a sign. I was trying to get money for something to eat. This van stopped and the driver started taking. I said I needed some cash for something to eat and they tod me to get in and they would buy me some dinner. Like a fool, I agreed. The guy in the passenger seat got out and got in the back and I got into the passenger seat. A few bocks later, the guy in back slapped a rag over my face. There was a strange odor and I passed out.'

'Either, probably,' I said.

'When I came too, I was strapped into a swing device in one of the rooms with my wrist and ankles locked into restraints. Some of the guys there began making me suck them while others began raping me. If there wasn't some guys cock in my mouth I was gagged so I couldn't scream. I've been held prisoner there since them, getting used every night. The guy there said that if I tried to escape he'd beat me and that if I did manage to escape, he'd find me and kill me. He said there was no way he was going to jail over some 'punk fag'.'

'Where are your clothes?' I asked as I got my camera to take photos of his wounds.

'He locked everything I had in a chest.'

'Luke, you need to go to the police. He needs to be stopped.'

'No! I just want to get away. Please, will you help me?'

'Of course,' I said.

'Drew, I confessed that I'm gay but I promise that I won't try anything with you.'

'Luke, relax. I'm gay also, but I'm not ino the shit you said went on over there, especially the kidnapping and rape. I believe that sex should be consensual and loving, not forced.'

'Fuck, you're gay? You don't seem gay.'

'Well, I am,' I replied. 'But first, we need to get you some clothes.'

I had him give me his sizes.

'I'll be back shortly. If anyone comes to the door, do not answer it. Understand?'

'Yes sir.'

'Forget the 'sir' shit. I'll be back shortly.'

I went to Wal-mart and bought him several pair of jeans, some shirts, socks, briefs, and a pair of sneakers as well as a bag to carry them in.

I returned to the house and saw Duke's Harley in his drive.

When I went in, Luke came up to me saying, 'I was peeking out when he came home. He went in then came out on the porch cussing like mad. He made a few calls on his phone. I could hear him telling whoever he was talking to that I'd gotten away and to be on the lookout for me. He said that if they found me to call him. He told them that if he found me he was taking me out into the woods and cutting my throat.'

'Don't worry, he won't find you. I was preparing to go camping for two weeks and you can go with me. We'll work something out when we get back.'

'You'd do that for me?'

'Hell, yea. You need help and I want to help. End of conversation.'

'When are you, uh , we leaving?'

'I was going to leave tomorrow morning but I think it best if we left tonight after dark after he's gone. One of us needs to keep watch constantly to make sure he leaves.'

'I'll ake the first watch,' Luke said.

'I'll watch first. You go get showered and cleaned up then I'll treat your cuts and you can dress.'

'A good long hot shower would feel good,' he said.

He went to shower and I got a beer and took a seat near the window watching. Several times, Duke came out onto the porch looking around. It was obvious that he was pissed as well as scared. I loved seeing the fear in his face.

Then it hit me. If he'd do this to one guy, he'd do it to another, but not until he was sure that the police weren't watching him. I had an idea.

Luke came out of the shower and I treated his cuts with antiseptic cream I'd picked up when I bought his clothes.

He began dressing then said, 'Drew, I can't wear these jeans and shirts. It hurts when they ouch my skin.'

'Then don't wear them. Besides, when we get to our campsite, it's totally private and you cn go nude and let the wounds heal.'

'Will you, uh, be going nude also?'

'I was planning on it,' I replied.

He just smiled.

He removed the clothes and packed everything in the bag I had bought then asked, 'Wha am I going to wear to the campsite?'

'I'l find you something of mine that will be loose. Probably just some shorts.'

We watched and when dinner approached, Luke took over the watch while I prepared our dinner.

Finally, just after nine, Duke came out wering his leather pants and a leather vest, showing his muscular hairy chest. Seconds later he roared off on his bike.

My truck was loaded, and after I found Luke some shorts, we slipped out the back door and into the truck. Luke lay across the back seat out of sight until we were out of town. I then pulled over and he got up front with me.

We arrived at the campsite near midnight. After unloading the truck and putting things away, we went went out into the quiet darkness and each had a beer, both of us nude.

'You have quite a nice build,' Luke said as we sat by the lake.

'Thanks,' I said. 'I try to keep it decent. Your's isn't bad either.'

'Thanks. It's due to football in high school.'

We soon headed in to bed and I told him that we'd have to share the bed. He said it was fine with him.

After wegot in bed, I could hear him sobbing softly.

'What's wrong, Luke?'

'I just can't believe the nightmare is really over. This is the first time in two weeks I've slept in a bed.'

'Where did you sleep?' I asked.

'Either on the hard floor cuffed to the bed or cuffed up in the swing where I got raped.'

'Damn! What savages,' I replied. 'Come ver here.'

I held out my arm and he moved over to me, laying his head on my shoulder. As he did, I closed my arm around him holding him close.

'It's over. You're safe now.'

'Thanks,' he replied, still sobbing slightly.

For the first few days, we got to know each other better, while we hiked and swam in the lake nude. The cream was helping him heal quickly, and on that Thursday night, I looked at him as we sat by the dieing fire and asked, 'Luke, would you like to go to bed and have sex?'

'Yes, very much so.'

I stood and took his hand, leading him into the cabin and to the bed. Soon we werekissing passionately as our hands explored each others bodies. After a moment, he began kissing my chest, sucking gently on one nipple then he other. He went lower and began licking and gently sucking my balls, them moved lower as he raised my legs and began eating my ass. I was in heaven. Even though he was eighteen and I was twenty-eight, I considered him a man, not a boy.

He moved back up and soon swallowed my hard cock, burying his nose in my pubic hair. He sucked me expertly and soon brought me to a roaring climax. As my load fired off volley after volley into his throat, he quickly and eagerly swallowed every drop.

When he had me drained , we kissed again and I soon did the same to him. His load was huge and sweet and I eagerly swallowed every drop.

After another kiss, I said, 'In my opinion, that is the way sex should be, not the way you were forced into it.'

'Drew, it was awesome. Actually, it was the best I've ever had.'

'I'm glad you enjoyed it.'

Soon we were asleep, cuddled in each others arms.

The next morning upon awaking, we had a hot sixty-nine. It was fantastic.

That night, he ooked at me and said, 'Drew, fuck me.'

'Are you sure?'

'Yea. I did begin likeing it when they would fuck me but they did it with brutal force, calling me a slut and whore. You're not that way.'

No, I'm not. When I fuck or get fucked, I believe it should be done with loving care and not with force.'

'Fuck me,' he said

Soon I was gently siding my cock into his once ravaged hole. Once in, I began to piston in and out slowly and gently.

'Oh fuck yea. You makeitso pleasurable. I want to feel you shoot up in me.'

I lovingly fucked his ass and soon fulfilled his wish, firing off a huge load up into his hot young ass.

'Oh, fuck,' he said. 'That was fanastic.'

'Thanks. Now I want you to fuck me.'

He did and it was with gentle loving care. His load was huge and hot and I loved the feel of it filling my insides.

The rest of our camping trip was filled with loving sex. All too soon it was time to return home.

As we drove home, I said, 'Luke, I want you to stay with me. I have a plan to end your worries about Buck.'

'Drew, thanks. I have no where else to go. What is your plan?'

'Well, you'll have to stay inside 24/7 for a while, watching. If he did it to you, I have a hunch once he feels you're out of town and not a threat, he'll do it to another guy. If he does, I want to be ready.'

'You really think he will?'

'Yes, I do, and when he does, his ass is grass, and I'll be pushing the fucking lawn mower.'

Again, as we neared town, Luke lay on the back seat, out of sight. We arrived home after dark to find Duke and another biker standing in the front yard talking. Luckily, my drive as on the opposite side of the house and I pulled far enough to be out of sight.

I unlocked the back door and Luke quickly and quietly slipped out of the truck and into the house. I unpacked he truck, putting my gear in the garage and, even in the dark, I saw Duke peeking ever so slightly over the fence. I knew then that he was suspicious.

Luke and I lived together, sharing my bed even though I had a guest room. I grew fonder and fonder of him.

During the day, I did my work, ran errands, and returned to my regular routine of jogging several times a week in the late afternoon.

At night, I'd prepare dinner and we would eat, al blinds closed, but after dark, we'd crack the blinds facing Duke's house and sit in the dark watching. Later in the evening, Luke would go to bed and get a few hours sleep, then relieve me and let me get some sleep.

We knew that if he did grab another guy off the street, he'd do it at night when no one was out.

After a couple of weeks, I asked Luke if he had seen other young guys on the sreet when he was abducted.

'Yes, I did. There were a few male hustlers out selling their bodies and a few like me. asking for handouts.

We changed out routine and I began parking in a dark lot at Third and Main until all the bars were empty, watching.

Catching Duke had become an obsession with me. I was pissed that he had hurt the man that I had fallen in love with, even though Luke didn't know it.

Another two weeks passed and it was a Saturday night. I was beginning to wonder if I had been wrong. Suddenly, I noticed a white panel van driving slowly along the street. It made the block, again passing slowly.

On it's third pass, it turned the corner and dropped off Duke and another guy, then pulled away. Duke and his partner casually walked up to a young hustler and began talking with him. What ever they were saying to him, it was obvious by the way he was shaking his head 'no' that he wasn't interested.

As the van again aproached and turned the corner, it slowed as it aproached Duke and the others. Then, in a flash, Duke slugged he hussler and the other guy gabbed him. The van stopped and a third guy jumpped out and slapped a rag over the hustlers face. Whin seconds, the hustler collapsed and as he did they grabbed him, shoving him into the van.

I started up the car and at a distance I followed. When I ws sure tha they were headed to Duke's house, I turned and took another route arriving before they did. I parked on the street, turned out my headlights, and waited.

The van pulled into Duke's drive and I watched as they carried the man into the house. After a while, I got out and walked to my house and into the back door.

'They did it,' I said to Luke.

'What do we do now?'

'I'm going over to the fence near the room you were in and see if I can hear anything. I'll be back in a few minues.'

I eased out and over to the fence. After a few minutes I heard Duke's deep voivr say, 'Hey guy, our whore is waking up. Who wants to be first?'

'I do,' a voice said. 'I want to see if he can take ten inches.'

Undoubtedly, the guy shoved his cock up the hustlers ass because I suddenly heard a yell of pain.

'Gag him', I heard Duke say. 'We can't risk anyone hearing him and calling the cops.'

I returned to the house and told Luke what I heard. 'I'll be back in a few minutes. It's time to start the ball rolling.'

I drove to a convenience store and used the pay phone and called the police.

'I want to report a kidnapping,' I said. They asked my name and I gave a false name and they asked for detais.

'I was leaving a bar at Min and Third and saw hree guys grab a young guy off the street and shove him into a white van.' I gave the license number and coninued.

'I followed hem and they went to 1614 Oak St. I watched as they carried him inside. He looked like he'd been knocked out. I know I shouldn't have but I sneaked up to the house and heard them sayig that they were going o sexually assault him then I heard him scream. It's the third window on the left side. Please, get someone out here quick, but if they hear sirens, they might get spooked.'

They asked for the address again and I gave it. I hung up and hurried back to the house.

Luke and I sat in the darkened living room and watched and waited. A few minutes later we saw several patrol cars pull up, their headlights off. A few officers eased up the side of the house and after a few minutes,came backout and talked to the others. With a 'battering ram' in hand, the eased up onto the porch quietly and with a hard swing, the door lew open and they began holering 'POLICE!! HANDS IN THE AIR!!'

Luke and I quickly slipped on shorts and eased out onto our darkened front porch, with Luke squatting down behind a planter where he could watch without being seen.

We watched as Duke and five others were escorted out of the house, half dressed and in handcuffs. Finally, the young hustler was brought out. As the police took his statement, we heard him tell what had happened on the street.

'They put a rag over my face and I passed out,' he said. About that time, another officer that had been searching the van came up with a rag and a bottle. we heard him say, 'Either.'

The young man continued, 'When I woke up I was locked in the sling where you found me. They were taking turns forcing their dicks in my mouth and up my ass. They raped me.'

The officer got his name and address and said, 'Thanks to a guy seeing what happened and following them, they won't be doing this to anyone else for a long time.'

The young man spoke up and said, 'With any luck, if they're sent to prison, the same thing will happen to them.'

Smiling, the officer said, 'There's a good chance of that.'

After the police left, I pulled Luke to his feet and said, 'Baby, it's over. You can relax now.'

The incident made the news and bail was denied for all of them. A week later smeone came and moved all of the items that the police didn't remove.

A few days later I told Luke I thought he needed to go to the police and tell them what had happened to him and what Duke had told him he'd do if he escaped. He did and was old that he'd be contacted by the prosecutors office for a statement and would be called to testify at the trials.

Luke and I began living normal lives for the first time since our meeting. I told Luke how I felt about him.

'Luke, over the last few months, I've fallen deeply in love with you. I would love it if you would love it if you would be my lover if I'm not too old for you.'

Drew, I love you also and I'd be honored to be your lover. You've taught me how to love.'

The next day, I suggested to Luke that he call his dad and see if he could go by and get his things if they were still there.

'I'll be with you if you want me to be.'

'If he lets me, I definately want you with me.'

He made the call, nervously. To his astonishment, his dad said he was welcome to stop by and that he thought they should have a talk. They agreed on that evening.

We arrived, and his dad invited him in then seeing me asked, 'Who's this?'

'He's a very close friend, dad. I asked him to come with me. What ever we need to talk about can be said in front of Drew.'

'He knows about you leaving?'

'Yes, sir, he does. There are some things you need to know.'

We went in and Luke began telling his story.

'Dad, did you hear on the news about some guys kidnapping a guy off the street and using him as a slave?'

'Yes, and I was so afraid it was you until they gave his name.'

'Dad, he was their second one a that address. I was their first.'

'Oh, damn, no.'

Luke told his dad the story in detail. Hetold him that once he did manage to escape that I took him in and kept him safe. Then he told him about our plan and how we watched for weeks until they did it to the oher guy and how I had made the call.

'I went to the police and told them about what they did to me and gave them the pictures that Drew had taken where I had been beat with their fist and whipped.'

'Drew, I don't know how to thank you. When I found him with that other boy I feaked out at the idea of my son being gay. I've sought counseling and am over it but had no idea how to contact Luke to let him know he was elcome to come home.'

'Dad, I love you, but I'm not coming home.'

Luke took a deep breath then said, 'Dad, I'm living with Drew. He and I are partners. You might think of it as lovers. I love him with al my heart and he loves me.'

'I see,' his dad said. Then turning to me he said, 'Do you really love him?'

'Yes, sir, I do, more than anything else in this world.'

'Good. But I'll tell you this. I'm fine with it. He just looks happy, but if you ever hurt him, you'll answer to me personally.'

'That, you don't have to worry about.'

Luke jumped up and hugged his dad, tears in both their eyes. After a moment, his dad looked at me and said, 'Come jin us, son. Welcome to the family.'

We talked for hours before finally getting some of Luke's things and returning home. Don, Luke's dad, had agreed to come over for dinner Saturday night.

That night we taked about Luke's future and I informed Don that I needed help ith my business and was going o pay for Luke's courses he needed to help me out.

The trials came up and Don and I were there to support Luke. Both he and the other guy gave their testamony. I had confessed to the police that I had been the ne to make he call and I had to testify as to what I saw. The defense lawyers had tried to say that both guys went voluntarily.

All involved were convicted of all charges against them and their sentences were set to run consecutively, one after the other. When all added together, they would each serve a minimum of fifty years before any chance of getting out.

After six months, Luke decided he anted to visit Duke. Together we did. It wasn't a long visit. Luke looked at Duke and said, 'I have just a couple of questions.'

'Oh? What are they?'

'Why me?'

'You were young, hot and vulnurable. Me and my buds like ho young ass.'

'My second question you might not want to answer and admit to.'

'What is it?'

'Are you getting raped here? Are you some guys bitch?'

Duke gave us a cold hard stare.

'You're right, I don't want to answer that question but I will. Yes, I am. My cell mate owns me and pimps me out for smokes and other favors. I do what he says when he says.'

Luke just smiled and we both got up and left.

As we walked out I looked at Luke nd asked 'Satisfied?'

'Very. I now feel vindicated.'

That night Luke and I had the best sex ever. Hot, passionate kissing sucking and fucking.

Luke and his dad are close now and I even call him dad. We're welcome at his place anytime and he had no problem of introducing us as Luke, his son, and Drew, his son's life partner.

Drew and I have been together for 5 years now and as the story goes, we're living happily ever after.



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