Kevin and I have seen each other at the gym, the beach and in the locker room at school. We both gave off vibes that were interested in one another. But we have never met nor talked. We have seen each other in all states of dress and undress, but we have never touched. We were attracted to each other's muscular builds, our broad shoulders, large well developed pecs, our bulging biceps, and strong legs. Both of our baskets contain ample equipment and we displayed them to each other with pride. Kevin is 6' so taller then my 5'10'. He weighs 185 pounds to my 165 but our builds are proportional to our relative sizes. We are also equally handsome or so we think and short hair. One night we are in the same bar, each talking to our own close friends, but well aware of the other's presence. By chance we both were at the bar to order drinks. Since it was crowded we were pressed tightly together so that I could smell his musky odor no sweet smelling cologne just the essence of man smell. We smiled at each other, but neither of us spoke except to make apologizes for bumping into each other.

'Boy it sure is crowded in here tonight you can hardly move!'

'It sure is, and since it appears that we won't be going anywhere until our orders are filled, my name is Kevin but my friends call me Kevin.'

'I'm Bob but my friends call me Bob.'

'You're a funny guy. Oh our drinks are here, see you around.'

We went back to our separate circles of friends but we both kept an eye on each other waiting for a chance to loose our friends and get together. At least that is what I was hoping for and I'm pretty sure Kevin was too. When most of our friends have drifted off, I looked directly into his eyes across the bar and nodded my head for him to join me in the john. I got in line first and soon I sensed him behind me in line. He wrapped his arm around my waist and let it to slip down to my ass. I let my left hand drop behind me and quickly find your bulging basket. Your balls are huge and your cock hardens, as I stroke your crotch. I turned around so that we could face each other. Without hesitation he slipped his hand into my jeans and groped my stiff dick and hot hairless balls. We broke apart because of the cat calls we were getting from the other guys in line like 'get a room' or 'take it outside.' So we made small talk again and find out that we both like to wrestle not only no holds barred but also free style. We agreed to get together later that night for a private match of muscle and .... After we relieved ourselves of several used beers, we returned to our last remaining friends and excused ourselves from their company. Kevin was waiting for me in the parking lot and since he did not have a car, I drove.

In the car we continued to discuss wrestling. When I mentioned that I was a member of a local wrestling club and that I have a key to our private workout room, his eyes lit up, and his hand slipped between my legs and cupped my basket. I returned the grope but almost hit a parked car so we broke apart. We reached our destination, an old garage that was being used as an all purpose workout room. After we got out of the car and I unlocked the front door. There was only a night light burning but I know the way to the wrestling room. After we climbed up the dark stairs, I flipped on the light switch, illuminating the wrestling mats with a soft glow. We undressed each other. When we are stripped to our jocks we embraced each other in a bear hug. We walk hand in hand to the center of the mat.

We assumed the position. I am on the bottom for now but that will soon change. Kevin slapped my gut to signal that he was ready to wrestle. Being on top, he pins me quickly but I sit out and escape. Now we are both standing and facing each other. We closed and lock up, each grabbing the back of the other's neck, as we search for a opening to execute a take down. Because of his height advantage and longer arms O struggle to stay upright. I attempted to take him down with a double leg take down but he blocked me. He grabbed my right biceps, dropped to one knee, shoved his right arm through my crotch and threw me with a fireman's carry. I fell on my back. He sits on top of my chest, his arm still buried deep in my crotch, his biceps flexing against my jock encased

balls. As I struggled to escape his hold, he flexed his biceps even more. With each squeeze my cock grew harder, as he felt it lengthen, he realized that I really enjoy having my balls worked on. To throw him off of me I placed my hand over his jock pouch, and with a mighty heave tossed him

off. Again we are both standing, but our cocks are straining at the fabric of our jocks, attempting to poke a hole in the mesh pouches. We lock up again, this time I take him down, but instead of a fireman's carry I slip my right arm under his left armpit and grabbed his right bicep. I rocked him

back and forth several times until he lost his balance then I lifted with my right arm and pulled down with my left. Suddenly his feet are off the mat and he is flying through the air. I dropped him on his back and fall across his chest.

'You have became the victim of my lateral drop' I taunted. I snaked my left arm around his neck and locked him in a half nelson then I managed to join my hands together and finish in a cradle. After he realized that I had pinned his shoulders to the mat, he gave in. Afterwards we both rolled around the mat enjoying each other's manly body and scents. We are both sweating profusely from all the exercise.

Kevin playfully ripped my jock off, allowing my cock and balls to hang free. Immediately I hooked my fingers into the bottom of his jock pouch where the leg bands come together and yanked his jock off, the waist band drags across his stiff dick before it springs free. Again we are equal, equally naked, hot, hung and horny. Sweat is running down our foreheads. We resume our

wrestling match by starting on our knees instead of standing. But as we grappled with each other our sweaty bodies prevented either of us from completing many effective holds. We were both trying to gain the advantage over the other, but each time that it appeared that one of us will gain the upper hand the other escaped and we must start all over again. After a long time we were finally winded. We wrapped our arms around each other and crushed our bodies together in mutual bear hugs.

When I accidentally forced my thigh against his balls, he let out a long sigh. When I look puzzled, and apologized for bumping his balls.

He whispered 'Don't stop! I really enjoy it. In fact my balls can take a great deal of punishment.'

'Really? I'll give them a good workout to see if that's true.'

Kevin's balls are larger than mine.

We started fondling and caressing each other's sacs. We squeezed and kneaded each other's balls rolling them back and forth in their bags. Kevin went down on my fat stiff dick and took all of it into his hot mouth. His tongue flicked across the head of my cock stimulating it more as he attempted to suck the juices from my nuts. Then I twisted around to kiss his balls, running my tongue all over his sac, tasting and savoring every part of it before I sucked his left nut into my mouth. Because his balls are so big I cannot get both of them into my mouth at the same time. When I stopped sucking on his balls, I took his rigid pole into my mouth. He exchanged my balls for my cock.

My fingers found his loose sac and wrapped them tightly around his balls. He let me know that he got really turned on by having his cock and balls abused. So slowly I began to squeeze the two orbs between my fingers pulling and stretching his sac to the limit of its elasticity. His huge balls were straining for relief from their confinement even while I was trying to compress them into a smaller mass with each passing second. The pain was approaching the excruciating point, when I suddenly relaxed my grip and allowed his nuts to spring free, returning them to their original shape and size. With the sudden release he almost passed out as the blood surged into your testicles with the speed and force of an express train. The blood vessels expanded and his balls swelled with the

blood surge. But their freedom was short lived as my hand clamped shut on his sac, flattening his nuts again. I pumped his balls with my muscular grip, alternately squeezing and releasing them, like one would do to a tennis ball to develop his fore arms. With each cycle I increased my pressure, little by little, until he was begging for me to stop and not bust his balls. When one hand tired I switched to the other until finally the fingers in both of my hands starting to cramp from my constant flexing of the muscles in my fore arms as I ever more forcefully massage his balls. I allowed him to regain his breath because his breathing had become heavier and heavier with each new squeeze. Then I began to use my thigh to press and rub against his abused scrotum. Kevin moaned as I forced my leg into his crotch and rocked my thigh back and forth against his

cock and balls in a sawing motion, trying to separate his right NUT from the left, while my thigh grated against his rigid dick. Again as my leg began to tire I traded off and used the other, until I brought my right knee up and begin to dig it into his crotch. I used the hard bony point of my

knee to grind against his balls even more as I forced it deeper as a miner would drill into solid rock seeking a vein of gold. I began to slowly grind his balls against his pubic bone, again flattening

them and forcing them apart. While I had his nuts separated with my knee I forced them against the soft tissue of his sac. I continued to test the toughness of his balls stimulating all of the nerves in his sac and balls, sending rivers of pleasurable pain coursing through his body. His balls were churning with excitement and seeking to unload the massive load of cum that he had generated and saved up for this special occasion. Kevin began moaning loudly and his body rolled from side to side from the intense stimulation I was inflicting on his scrotum. His head was rolling from side to side as I continued to grind his balls with my knee and rub my hard muscular thigh against the

tender underside of his rigid cock. I was driving him mad with the intense pressure that I was applying. Kevin was nearing the point of orgasm. His cock was dripping with precum juices that were covering his cock and balls with the thin slippery clear fluid. There was enough to lubricate my thigh and to reduce friction to near zero, allowing our flesh to slide almost effortlessly against each other. Quickly I realized that he was about to release that massive load of cum that was straining to erupt like 'OLD FAITHFUL'. His body was jerking with the approaching ultimate relief, when I suddenly stopped administering pleasure to his hard, swollen manhood. I seized

both of his wrists with my hands, locking my fingers tightly around them. I forces his hands away from his joy stick to prevent him from gaining instant relief and slid my body over hiss. I pressed my hairy, sweaty chest against his and our nipples grated against each other, causing them to harden into small volcanoes. As our sweat covered bodies slid against each other, our groins met. Our stiff dicks came in contact with each other for the first time and our two rigid prongs work against each other increasing our mutual affection of each other. Our shaved balls slammed

together as our hips ground together, cock to cock, balls to balls, and bush to bush. I slipped my rigid cock lower and lower until I drove it into his scrotum attempting to spear your balls, to impale them with my rigid tool. Slowly I ground the tip of my battering ram against his sac, smearing

both of our precum juices over the smooth surface of his sac, until his balls were drenched with the slick sticky fluid. As we both wanted to release our loads, I began to use my stiff dick as a battering ram, pounding it into his nuts. Again and again the head of my cock tried to penetrate his scrotum.

I massaged his two orbs of pleasure. Soon his whole body was quivering with excitement of his exploding orgasm quickly approached. Ooohs, aaahs and moans escaped from Kevin's lips

as your body arched up off the mat. The tension was growing stronger and stronger so I released his wrists and he wrapped his large muscular arms around my back and pulled bodies even closer together. As we rocked back and forth in our embrace, our bodies slid effortlessly against each other. Finally we both reached the limits of our restraint, we could no longer contain our ultimate climaxes. Our cocks erupted in a massive flow of cum, filling every gap between our tight tomachs, mingling with the sweat in our pubes. Again and again the waves of thick white fluid issued from the tips of our cocks. With each new blast, our balls spasm and contract until they have emptied themselves and our sacs deflated and contracted tightly against our crotches. We continues to hold each other tightly. Our hands wandered aimlessly over each other's body, searching for some part that did not receive its fair share of attention. Our hands finally slipped between our cum drenched bodies, our fingers wormed their way into each others groins until they reached each other's spent balls, with one last heavy squeeze, we both fall asleep.




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