My first time sucking a cock was when I was twenty. I’d been talking to this older man on line for a while and eventually he asked, “Would it be ok if I come to your location to meet you in person?”

I said, “Yes, I’d be gladly for you to do that.”

I was so fascinated by Kevin that we would often talk for hours on line about more than just sex, we’d also talk of such things as politics, religion and society in general. 

After work on the appointed day I went to where we were supposed to meet and purchased some items such as a razor among some other things that I would need to freshen up. I’m sure I’d already shaved that morning but I don't remember. But I do remember needing a new razor. 

I walked across the street to the Starbucks where we were supposed to meet and saw Kevin sitting there. He looked so stunning to me I was almost afraid to go any closer. 

I silently but quickly walked up to him and sat down. Kevin still didn’t notice I was there because he was looking at his cell phone, so I said, “Hello.” 

Startled, Kevin looked up at me and replied in his sweet voice, “Hey there.”

We talked about how lame and pathetic the town was before I followed Kevin to his car and we drove to the hotel where Kevin had gotten us a room. 

We’d talked about it before so we both knew what was going to take place there. 

We drove around for a while talking to break the ice. 

I didn't look at Kevin much because I was just so nervous about this. Over time though I became more relaxed. 

Kevin talked about the time he’d had to serve jury duty for a case that took place in the area and commented how it was amazing that I’d never ended up in that whole gang-life that many youth fall into.

I replied with, “Well, I’ve been asked but I never found it appealing so I always refused.”

Kevin was very smart and could easily carry on a conversation, which I loved because I am exactly the same way.  

When we got to the hotel, the clerk clearly knew what was going on with us. I mean come on, a one-bedroom hotel room for a young man and an older guy. She gave Kevin a ‘nice catch there’ look as she gave him the room key. 

She looked at me and smiled too, but I was so nervous that I didn't know how to respond.

When we got to the room and Kevin went in for a kiss but I had no idea what to do because I’d never kissed anyone before. He asked, “What’s wrong?”
And I answered, “I’ve never kissed anyone before.” 

He was surprised. Then he laid me on the bed to teach me. Kevin was a great kisser, so I quickly learned and loved it. We then cuddled for a while and then I asked, “Could you remove your shirt?”
Kevin said, “Sure,” and then I got to cuddle against his hairy chest and I loved that. He was a hairy man and fit the bear profile. This went on for a while until Kevin grabbed my hand and said, “This is what you did,” as he moved to his crotch. 

When I felt the huge bulge in his jeans, I asked, “Can I put it in my mouth?”

Laughing, Kevin said, “Of course,” as he started taking off his pants. I smiled when I saw that his green briefs had a large pre-cum stain on them. As he removed them, I gasped, "Oh god," when I saw his big cock. It was over seven inches long and very thick with a big, puffy, and a deep shade of purple head that glistened with pre-cum and a maze of thick veins that begged to be traced by my hungry tongue. 

Taking his heavy cum filled balls in my hand, I stared at his thick cock as it jutted up from his thick nest of kinky black pubic hair.  

Wrapping my fingers around the base of Kevin's cock, I leaned forward and kissed the tip…his slit…his pee hole … the source of his clear, slick pre-cum. 

I took my tongue off his slit and stroked his cock with my hand. I watched a bubble of his pre-cum emerge from the slit and turn into a string running over the base of my thumb. I licked up the slimy juice and got another good taste of him. 

Taking his cock in my hand, I closed my lips around the shaft just a little passed the head. 

Kevin moaned, “Uuuuuuugh,” low in his chest and started to massage my shoulders. 

I swirled my tongue around the head of his cock and slid more of his shaft into my mouth and then mumbled because my mouth was full, “Does that feel good?” 

For an answer, Kevin moaned, "Ooooh migod, yes. Suck it man, suck my cock."

So, I continued to suck his big cock for a while and loved all of it from its smell, its taste, to its texture and all of his sweet pre-cum. 

I moved my head up and down, sliding his cock in and out of my mouth so deep that his spongy hard knob rubbing on the roof of my mouth and bumped the back of my throat. 

Kevin started working his hips, moving his big cock roughly in and out of my mouth. His curly pubic hair tickled my nose and his sack of big nuts bouncing on my chin. 

When I took his balls in one hand and gently massaged them Kevin moaned, "Ooooh, ughh, Ooooh, yeah, gonna cum."
"Muuumh," I mumbled, my mouth too full of his moving cock to talk. 

"You gonna swallow it?" Kevin murmured between gritted teeth. 

"Muuumph, unh," I answered as I tried to nod my head up and down in assent.

I felt his cock flex, the head flare bigger, his shaft stiffen, the vein on the bottom pulse and then a blast of thick cum shot into my mouth and against the back of my throat. 

As I gulped it down, another thick glob squirted into my mouth. 

I backed off just a bit so I could feel his salty, creamy cum roiling onto my tongue. 

Kevin was humping and grunting, "Unnnnh," as I took all his cum and swallowed it, as fast as I could.

Eventually Kevin pulled me back up to him for more kissing. 

Rolling us over, he was above me on all fours smiling down at me. I smiled back and when our eyes meet I knew that this man would forever have a place in my heart. We kissed some more.

Then Kevin leaned over and grabbed something on the nightstand. It was a small brown bottle. 

Pouring some oil onto his hand, Kevin grabbed my cock. He said, “This might get a little intense,” as he started to slowly jack me off with this very warm oily substance. 

He devoted a lot of attention to the head and used lots of grip while he was doing it. 

And no joke, it was intense but nice. I was so close to reaching an orgasm several times but Kevin knew when to stop so that the fun would last much longer. 

We kissed some more. I just loved the feeling of Kevin's body hair against me and his blue eyes were so nice that I couldn’t help getting lost in them. 

Eventually Kevin told me, “Sit on his chest so I can suck you off.”  He said, “Since you gave me a blowjob, it’s only fair that I give you one to.”

This was an evening of firsts for me. My first date, first kiss, first time sucking a dick and first time getting a blowjob all in one day. 

Kevin got so excited that he cummed while he was blowing me. I was so tempted to lick it off his sweaty body but he wiped it off with a hand towel before I could.

Going back to my lap, Kevin licked and lapped at me in small motions. 

Starting at the head, he kissed and licked my cock. 

It felt so good that I thought that I was going to pass out. 

As he kissed, licked and nibbled, I whimpered like an injured puppy. 

Then he started, inch by inch, slowly taking my cock into his mouth. Sucking, licking... Sucking … lick … my legs trembling by this time. If I hadn't been standing, I would probably have fallen down. Then he started to bob his head. I knew I couldn't hold out much longer. I could feel the hot cum rising. 

“Kevin," I gasped, "Stop. Stop! I'm gonna cum." 

Kevin put his hand on my thighs and started to bob his head and suck me hard. I breathed in sharply, and then lost it. Oh boy, did I lose it. I shout out, “Cum,” so hard that it hurt. My cock kept contracting and he kept sucking, until I was dry. 

We both laid down after a soak in the hot tub that was far too hot because Kevin didn’t pay attention to the water temperature because we paid more attention to each other. 

As we lay in bed next to each other under the covers, Kevin asked, “Do you want to go home?”

 “No,” I answered, “I’m very comfortable right here.”

We both fell asleep cuddling together. Kevin's snoring was cute and waking up away from home in a bed other than my own was odd. I thought to myself where the hell am I? Then I looked to my right and there he was a beautiful bear sleeping on his side. As soon as I saw that sight, I said to myself, all right I just had an amazing night with an amazing man. 

The end…



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