I'm Luke Miller and I work for the largest and most sucessful catering company in Beverly Hills. I work part time so that I can attend college. I live with my uncle and pay minimum rent so that my wages will cover tuition and books.

Our company has catered events for nearly all the major stars in Hollywood and I have met them all. I looked at the upcoming schedule and saw that we had been booked to cater a reception at the home of Clint Jacobs, the current hottest male star in town. He was twenty-seven with a nice build, blond, sea blue eyes, and damn good looking.

I am also a gay white male but because of my build and mannerisms, no one suspects. Clint Jacobs turns me on like nothing else can.

Checking the list of who would be serving that might, I found my name. I was on nearly all the list and often assisted the lead person because of my attention to detail.

The night arrived and we went to Clint's estate. As we were setting up, I was adjusting the position of some of the serving dishes when HE walked in. He watched me for a few minutes and I felt uneasy, but damn it was nice to be in the same room with him with no one else around.

He walked over to me and as he did he casually brushed my butt with his hand before saying, 'I can see that you're very detailed.'

'Yes, Sir. It was the way I was raised.'

'Your parents are to be commended. Will you be working the event tonight?'

'Thank you, Sir and yes, I will.'

'Great! I'll see you later on then. I'm going to tell the caterer that I want you and only you serving me tonight. I like your dedication.'

All I could do was smile.

That evening, I noticed that he was almost continually watching me. I knew to take him a glass of gingerale whenever his glass was almost empty. Being a recovering alcoholic, he did't drink alcohol. At one point when I delivered a fresh glass he slipped something into my jacket pocket. When I private I looked at it. It was a hundred dollar bill.

After the party and while we were cleaning up, he came to me and said, 'Take a break. I'd like to talk with you.'

We walked into his study and we sat on the sofa.

'Tell me all about yourself,' he said.

'My name is Luke Miller and I'm nineteen and about to start my junior year at the university majoring in accounting and finance. My parents are deceased and I live with my uncle and help him out with his bills.'

'I'm sorry about your parents. I know it must have been hard on you to loose them at suck a young age.'

'Yes, it was.'

'So this is just part time for you?'

'It's considered part time but usually I get more than forty hours.'

'Damn and still manage to go to school? How are your grades?'

'Deans Honor Roll.'

'May I ask a personal question now?'

'Sure, but not to be disrespectful, if it's too personal I may not answer it.'

'Fair enough. How much are you paid per hour?'

'We're not paid by the hour. The company charges a flat fee. They then deduct expenses and take a percentage of the remainder. What's left after that is devided up amoung those that worked the function. Mine usually comes out to be about eleven to fourteen an hour.'

'Well, Luke, I watched you tonight and I like your attention to detail and your attentiveness. I recently discharged my personal assistant and I'd like to offer you the job. You would live here so as to be available when I need you. Of course, your studies would come first, and I like the fact that you are majoring in accounting and finance. I'll have a project for you in that area. Your college expenses will be paid and you will received a nice salary.'

'Mr. Jacobs, I'll have to think that over but it sounds very interesting.'

'First, call me Clint, please. Secondly, can you be here Monday evening about seven to give me your decision?'

'Yes, Clint, I can but right now I can't give an indication of what that decision might be.'

'Fair enough. I'll let security at the gate know that your coming so you won't be delayed there.'

Picking up the phone he dialed the gate and said, 'George, Monday evening a young man named Luke Miller will be arriving for a job interview. Let him in without delay, please.'

'See you Monday then. Oh, and Luke, you cannot mention this conversation to anyone and if you accept the offer you must keep silent. You know how the press can be.'

'I understand. No problem, but if I accept, my uncle will ask questions. I assure you he will keep it to himself.'

'You trust him that much?'

'Yes, I do.'

'Then you can discuss it with him with the promise that he keep it secret.'

Thank you.'

He left and I returned to work, my mind in a spin. It sounded too good to be true.

Saturday morning, my uncle could tell that something was weighing on my mind. I filled him in, telling him that he could not tell anyone under any circumstances. He agreed and said, 'Luke, it sounds good. At least you wouldn't have those late nights with school the next day and your expenses will be paid.'

'I know Uncle Don, but I worry aabout you being here alone.'

'Hell, son, I'm alone most of the time now and you can still visit me.'

'Yes, I could.'

'Luke, you have a good head on your shoulders and you are an extremely good judge of character. Use that to make your decision.'

Monday arrived and it wasn't until I arrived at the gate of his estate that I made my decision.

The guard came up to the window and asked if he could help me. I gave him my name and before I could say that I had an appointment he was opening the gate.

As I pulled up in front of the house, Clint opened the door and greeted me. When I saw him, my heart skipped a beat. the only thing he was wearing was a pair of mylon jogging shorts. I looked at his muscular chest covered with a medium amount of fine blond hair, nice pecs and washboard abs, and nice muscular legs.

'Hi, Luke. Come on in.'

I walked in and as I passed him he patted me on the shoulders. 'Can I get you something to drink? I gave the staff the night off so we could be alone and talk.'

'Just a soda will be fine.'

When he returned he handed me the soda and asked, 'Have you thought over my offer?'

'That's all I've thought about.' I replied.

'Well, before you say anything, let me show you around and fill you in on more details. Follow me.'

We went to his study with him saying that I had already seen it. Opening a door off his study he said, 'This will be your office. You can set up the files and arrange it however you want. You will handle all my apointments and keep me on schedule when I'm in town. After you graduate, you'll also handle things out of town for me.'

The office was large and exquisiently furnished.

He then led me upstairs. This is my suite. He opened the door and I gasped. We entered a large living room with small dining alcove. He led me through the living room to his bedroom. There was a huge custom made oversize king bed against one wall.

Then opening another door he said, 'Your suite connects to mine.' We entered the bedroom of what would be my suite. There was a regular king bed and off it was my own living room and dining alcove, only smaller than his. my suite also had a door leading out onto the hallway. Both suites had large private baths with jacuzzi tubs and large walk in showers.

As we returned through my bedroom into his he stopped and turned to me and said, 'Luke, does nudity bother you?'

'No, why?'

'Well when your helping me get ready I'll be running around nude and you'll be helping me dress. Also, whenever I'm up here, I live in the nude and I'd ask that you do the same so that I won't feel awkward. Could you do that?'

'Sure, no problem.'

He smiled and suddenly stripped off his shorts. Damn, was he ever beautiful. his cock was at least seven inches soft and thicher than average. 'The staff is off tonight so I'll get comfortable now. Let's go back to the study.'

We returned to the study and as we sat on the sofa he asked, 'Any questions?'

'No, not that I can think of,' I said aloud but thought 'Can I suck your cock?'

'Well, if you decide to accept the position, you can go ahead and strip. We might as well get used to seeing each other nude now. If you decline I assume you'll stay dressed. Think it over.'

I sat for a moment then stood and began stripping. Within a minute, I too was totally naked. He smiled. 'You quite nice to look at,' he said.

'You're not half bad yourself. I try to stay in shape and I'd expect you to do the same.'

'No problem,' I said.

We talked about the job in general then he slid closer to me laying his hand on my theigh. As he stroked it my cock began to rise as did his. Without warning, he slipped to the floor and began sucking my cock. After a while, he sat back up next to me and we kissed. As we did, he began fingering my ass.

'I want that. Lay back and spread your legs,' he said with authority. I did as I was told.

Lubing me with his spit, he slowly entered me. I winced in pain but as it slowly subsided I was engulfed in pleasure. He fucked my ass for what seemed like hours, asking me if I liked it.

'Oh fuck yes, I love it.'

'I'm glad, because another part of your job is to keep me sexually satisfied when I'm home.'

'Yes, sir.'

Soon he filled my ass with the biggest load I had ever felt shoot into me. As he climaxed, so did I all over my chest and stomach. As he watched my load erupt he smiled and said, 'Nice.'

After pulling out, he looked at me and asked, 'So you have no problem with being my sexual release? You might get fucked three or four times a night.'

'It would be my pleasure. But I never dreamed you were gay.'

'No one does. That's the main reason for our agreement being kept secret.'

after a few minutes he looked and me and said 'It's sixty-nine time.'

We hungrily sucked each other off.

As I prepared to leave he said, 'Be prepared to come to my bed to be used at any hour of the night.'

'Yes, sir. Just call.'

He handed me a two button remote. 'You will not use the front gate. Just past my estate is a gated dirt road. Button one will open that gate. Turn in and follow the road. As you round the first curve press button two and a fake stone will slide open to reveal a drive to the underground garage.'

'I understand. When do you want me to move my things in?'


Surprisingly, he kissed me good night as we reached the door.

I went home and told Uncle Don of my decision but not what would be expected of me. He wished me well.

After class Tuesday, I packed my things up and moved into my suite in the estate. Besides my work as his assistant, I was his sexual 'bitch'.

He would be gone for extended periods on a movie shoot and when he came home for a weekend I would be fucked for hours. Oh we would sixty-nine some and kiss some but he loved fucking my ass.

This went on for over two years. During that time I fell deeply in love with him and actually looked forward to our long fuck sessions. When hard he grew to ten inches and I loved having it up my ass. I graduated college and wished he had been there but he wasn't, because Uncle Don had passed away and there was no one there to see me receive my diploma. However, there was a white BMW convertable in the garage when I returned. I received a call from him and he said 'Did you see your graduation present in the garage?'

'You mean the car? Is that mine?'

'Yes baby, it is. And when I get home, we need to have a long talk.'

'When will that be?'

'About two weeks. See you then.'

He hung up and I wondered what he wanted to talk about. I was on edge for the next two weeks.

Finally the day arrived and I got a call from him to give the staff the night off. I did and waited.

When he arrived I was in my office, working nude. His rule was that we'd go nude when the staff was off.

He came into my office and stood and looked at me. 'Luke, you are so fucking beautiful.'

He had never said anything like that before. He walked over to me and as I stood up he took me in his arms and kissed me tenderly but with passion.

He took my hand and led me to the sofa. We sat down and he smiled and said, 'I've missed you so much.'

'I've missed you also.'

'Luke,' he said looking down, 'do you mind if people know you're gay?'

'No. Uncle Don was all the family I had, except you. Why do you ask?'

'Luke, I've realized that I've done nothing but abuse you since you came here. I've strictly used you for my own personal satisfaction. But during that time I began to have feelings also. Then about a month ago, I realized that I love you more than anything or anybody I've ever known.'

I looked at him and with tears running down my cheeks, I said, 'Clint, I love you also, and I have for a long time.'

'Can you ever forgive me for what I did to you?'

'There is nothing to forgive. I could have walked out but I didn't.'

'Luke, I want to be seen with you. If the question comes up i'm going to admit that I'm gay. If they asked about who you are I will say that besides being my personal assistant, you're also my lover.'

'Your what?'

'My lover if you would do me the honor. I love you and want you with me for the rest of my life.'

'Clint, I'd love that.'

'Then get dressed and let's go to dinner. How about the Brown Derby?'

'Fine with me.'

We showered together and dressed and headed out. All eyes were on us when we walked in. Word must have gotten out because when we walked out photographers were everywhere snapping pictures.

We returned to the house and went to Clint's bedroom and standing facing each other he said, 'Well, it's beginning.'

'Yes, but it's nothing we can't handle together.'

We kissed and slowly undressed each other. Lying in bed nude we had a slow passionate sixty-nine. After a short rest period Clint began eating my ass out and I was getting excited knowing I was about to have his beautiful cock deep inside me. He stopped and said 'Baby, will you eat me out?'

I got into position and began eating his ass. He began moaning with pleasure. After a few minutes he said softly, 'Fuck me, please.'


'Please fuck me. Make me your bitch like I did so unfairly to you.'

I got into position and slowly penetrated his anal canal. It felt great and he moaned softly. Before long I was fucking him passionately.

'Oh damn, Luke, that feels os fucking good. I wish we had done this sooner.'

Before long, I filled his love chute with my hot built up load. He climaxed out onto himself.

After we caught our breath, he looked into my eyes and said, 'Baby, my ass is yours anytime you want it, and I hope you want it often.'

Now we were on even terms. No longer was I his bitch but we were now equal and I knew that we would stay that way.

The scandal sheets were soon running the pictures of us leaving the restaurant. Some were calling for an interview. Clint scheduled a meeting with all of them and when it was time. We walked out together to face the crowd.

'Ladies and Gentlemen, I thank you for coming. I have a prepared statement to make but there will be no question and answer period. Is that understood?' There was silence.

'This gentleman is Luke Miller. I met him almost three years ago. At that time he was a struggling college student and worked for a catering company to put himself through school. I was immediately attracted to him. I'm sure you ladies can see why. I asked him to meet with me and I offered him a job as my personal assistant. He accepted but there was more to it than that. I used this loving caring man for my personal satisfaction. Howevr, along the way I began seeing him in a different light. About a month and a half ago, I finally realized that I loved him more than anything else in this world. He is now not only my personal assistant, he is also my life partner.' He motioned me to step closer and I did. We put our arms around each others waist. 'Ladies and Gentlemen, I can only hope and pray that you see us as two people in love and treat us as such. Thank you.' We walked off holding hands.

We returned to 'our' house and went to bed for hot passionate sex. Neither of us was dominate. We just had mutual hot sex on equal terms. We were deeply in love.

All the entertainment news people and the scandal sheets ran Clint's statement word for word, but there were no derogatory statements.

Ever after Clint came out as gay, his career continued to soar. No more seperation when he was gone off filming. I was with him and everyone accepted me for me.

That's been five years ago and things couldn't be better. We are still deeply in love and have no problem giving each other a quick kiss when out on location. Love is grand. I started out as a kept man but that soon changed.

May all of you find love.




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