"I'll stop, if you want me to," he was saying. From the husky, emotion-filled tones of his voice, it was clear he did not want to stop. His hand was pawing my crotch, first rubbing my balls; then squeezing my rapidly expanding erection. I didn't reply, only spreading my legs and shifting my hips upwards to press my cock more securely against his fist, silently giving the permission he sought. I knew what he wanted. I had known it even before he had first put his hand on my knee. He wasn't the first guy to come on to me. But I also knew he did not want me to act bold or prove experienced. The adventure of seduction is wildly stimulating and I knew enough not to spoil it for either of us. His agile fingers excitedly tugged down the zipper of my pants. A gasp of pleasure and surprise escaped his lips as my man-sized erect cock popped up into view. He went down on me.

When it was over, when he had sucked up my semen and swallowed every bit of it, he had said, with obvious, heartfelt sincerity, "What a man!" It had made me feel proud.

Now, some ten years later, as I was moving at the posted 25-mile per hour speed limit through a small town, up ahead, near the edge of town, I spotted a young guy with his thumb out, hitching a ride. A wave of carnal lust coursed through my veins as I realized how much he reminded me of myself at his age. And I remembered how much I had enjoyed all those blowjobs from men who had picked me up. He wore a bright smile, a short tank top with exposed midriff, low-slung cut-off jeans, and sneakers. He looked farm-bred and healthy, full-bodied and muscular, and was truly a cocksucker's wet-dream come to life standing there by the road. The full crotch beckoned me even more dramatically than the outstretched thumb.

As I slowed the car to a crawl, approaching him, his hand shifted to a friendly wave and the smile widened to an inviting beam of pleasure. I stopped next to him. He opened the car door and leaned down, thrusting his face in at me. God, he was handsome!

"Hi!" he said in a friendly manner, "How far ya goin'?"

"All the way, kid. All the way!" I said with a laugh. I felt emboldened by his open approach and handsome good looks. To me, being that handsome at his age means already having been propositioned. He must know the score by now, I reasoned.

He laughed, too, and got right in, sliding partway towards me, not sitting shyly up against the door. That was an initial very good sign.

"Where're ya headin'?" he asked as I slowly drove out of town.

"I'm going to a lake up near the state line," I told him.

"That's great! The farm I'm goin' to is about half way. Should take about an hour." He spoke in a pleasant, masculine voice accented with the hint of a southern drawl. "And thanks for pickin' me up," he added, using a phrase with an obvious double meaning, as if he had already read my lewd intent.

There's no denying it, this guy was so sexy that my intentions were indeed lewd. I glanced over at him and smiled. He spread his legs apart slowly, causing my eyes to drop down to watch the movement. My mouth went dry. I glanced at the road and then back to him. He was smiling at me.

I licked my lips and said, "You've got a great build. A fine body. Do you work out or does it come naturally from farm work?"

"Oh! I don't work on a farm," he quickly informed me, "I'm just goin' to visit a buddy who lives on a farm."

"Oh, I see."

"Yeah, I'm strong because I'm on the wrestling team at school, and I've been weight lifting since I was fourteen."

"Well, that sure accounts for the great shape you're in. How old are you now?" I wanted to know.

"Eighteen," he answered without hesitation.

"That's a good age. I had some terrific times when I was eighteen," I told him.

He grinned. "How old are you now?" he asked. It wasn't impertinence; he was just continuing the conversation.

"I'm twenty-eight."

"You look younger," he said. It was simple flattery but it made me feel great. I can remember how old anyone over twenty-five had seemed to me when I was only eighteen.

"Thanks," I said shyly, feeling my face redden.

"You're in good shape, too," he added. "Do you work out?"

"Yeah, almost every day. And we have something in common. I was on the varsity wrestling team when I was in college," I admitted. Well, that broke the ice and we got to talking about schools and team meets and such things, and he told me all about his teenaged interests and goals. From time to time he'd drop a hand into his crotch and apparently adjust himself, as I glanced over at him, giving me the impression that he was one hot little fucker. But the conversation skirted the issue of sex. Until...

"Ya married?" he asked after a brief pause in the conversation while I negotiated some sharp curves in the country road we were travelling. The question came out of the blue and I wondered why he had asked but I kept my wits about me.

"Nope," I said with a smile, "are you?"

"No, of course not," he answered through giggles.

"Got a girlfriend?" I pushed.

"Naw, not really. Do you?"

"No." I replied simply.

"Wadda ya do when yer horny?" he asked boldly.

"Same thing you do, I'll bet," I said. Then I lifted my right hand from the steering wheel, made a loose fist, and began an up and down pumping motion, while glancing at him.

He grinned and blushed appealingly.

"Does this seem about right," I asked, grinning, too, as I continued the international pantomime of jacking off.

He nodded. His face turned redder.

"We all do it," I confirmed, letting my right hand float down over to his naked thigh. I patted his hot flesh, near the edge of his cut-offs, as I added, "Don't worry about it."

He sucked in his breath at the touch of my hand but did not pull his leg away. That was another very good sign, even better than the first. I was getting a boner. The seduction bug had bit me. And not for the first time, either.

I kept my hand resting on his naked flesh. The memories of my own reactions to the adventures of my seductions by older men flooded back. Furtive movements. Risqué talk. Fondling. Rubbing. Hardening. Unveiling. Sucking! Thrilling! Coming! Unconsciously, my fingers kneaded the firmly muscled sinews of his thigh as I remembered the intensity of those orgasms.

He cleared his throat. It startled me out of my reverie, but I left my hand where it was. I glanced at him.

He smiled. "Ya seemed lost in thought, there, for a minute."

"Sorry, I was just thinking back to when I was your age," I admitted.

"Those 'terrific times' ya mentioned?"

I looked at him. His eyes shone brightly with keen interest

"Damn, I had some good times," I sighed.

"Including this, I take it." As he emphasized the word "this" he looked down at my hand fondling his flesh, but he lifted his right hand and mimicked my jacking off motions. Then he grinned at me. Any resolve I might have weakly held not to attempt the seduction of this handsome youth melted with that sexy smile and that lascivious gesture.

"There sure was a lot of that," I confessed.

He nodded, knowingly.

"Still is, nowadays, for that matter," I added.

He nodded again.

"You know what I'm talking about, don't you." It wasn't a question.

"Man, I do it all the time," he sighed.

"Feels great, doesn't it," I whispered, firmly sliding my hand from the hem of his cut-offs to his knee and back again. I felt goose bumps rising on his skin. I repeated the movement several more times, almost like I was jacking his leg off. He offered not the slightest resistance. It was the best sign he could have given me.

"Yeah," he whispered back, "it feels terrific!" It was difficult to tell if his comment was about jacking off or about my hand touching him. His right hand had fallen into his lap and he attempted to adjust the contents of his tight crotch.

"Yeah, it does feel terrific!" I sighed in agreement, and I allowed my hand to slip up onto the fabric of his cut-offs for the first time, stopping only millimeters from his balls. I looked down at his crotch. It looked enormously distended and enlarged. I figured the confining clothing had to be discomforting, but I continued sliding my hand to his knee and back up onto the cloth, getting closer and closer to my goal with every pass. Suddenly, as my hand rose towards his crotch, slowing as it neared, he shifted his hips and my fingers slid against his balls. He wanted me to touch him.

"Ummm," we both hummed in unison, both thrilled at the contact. I was enthralled by his inviting reaction and immediately set upon carefully massaging his balls through the confining cloth. Lightly! It was not the time to be reckless. Press too hard and he'll double up in pain and swat the hand away. No. Balls, especially those with no place move, must be handled with great tenderness.

"This feels terrific, too," he sighed.

I was thrilled by his verbal openness and I took his remark as willing permission to slide my hand up onto the extended pouch of the cut-offs. Eagerly I felt masses of hardening flesh coiled like a serpent. He had to be uncomfortable from the constrictive clothing.

"Feels like you're all knotted up, in there," I whispered. "Want me to give it some relief?" I held my breath, wondering if I was being too aggressive. Then, without waiting for his reply, I added, "I'll stop, if you want me too."

Instantly, on one level, I was amazed to hear myself using a phrase I'd so often heard men use on me. By twenty-eight, although I had had innumerable liaisons with other gay men, only a very few could actually be classified as seduction. So this opportunity was really getting me excited. But on another level, a more powerful level, I was delighted that the seductions I'd been the focus of had proven to be such useful lessons in the training of the seducer that I was now becoming. And I also had the unequivocal feeling that I was carrying on, and, yes, teaching, an age-old tradition. And keeping that tradition alive!

As he humped his hips upward into my hand, clearly indicating he did not want me to stop, he also whispered, very boldly, "I don't want you to stop, man!"

The music of his voice overwhelmed me with lustful desire. I almost drove off the road, but cleverly, one-handedly, popped the top button of the jeans, and unzipped them in a masterful stroke.

He spread his legs wider to welcome my advances. His blond cockhair shined brightly in the sunlight. I spotted the coiled flesh and reached for it. He moaned as I touched it. I tugged. And tugged. A massive length of fat, tubular cock uncoiled and out popped a giant cockhead. Freed from confinement, the cock was enlarging faster than I can describe. Its hues and dimensions were incredible. Its intense heat and the manly odors emanating from it were mouthwateringly irresistible. I wanted to dive down onto it, but I was driving a car. So, glancing at it as often as possible, I began a massaging manipulation of the big cock, imitating my own best technique when I jack off, and brought the huge organ to pulsating stiffness. Eager readiness.

"Man, this feels wonderful," he sighed, he head resting back.

"What a fantastic body you've got! I want to touch every part of it," I sighed as I released the rigid dick and slid my palm through his golden cockhair and upwards, past his navel, raising his tank top, feeling his hard body. He gasped as I played with and then pinched his nipple.

"We're coming to a dead-end cut-off up ahead a ways, if ya wanna pull off the road for a little while." His voice was low with passionate emotion as I fondled his big balls, and then re-fisted his cock in a strong grip

"I'd really like that," I said sincerely. It was one of the best invitations I've ever had. My guts churned with desire as I realized we'd stop and make out, safely and in private. I was shaking with pleasure.

"Right up ahead there - on the left. See it?" he asked.

Oh, yeah," I responded, releasing his cock, grabbing the wheel with both hands, slowing the car and then turning off onto a one-lane dirt road shaded on both sides with dense trees and bushes. It was like entering a long, dark passageway. "Hmm," I added, "looks like a local make out spot."

He chuckled quietly.

"Been here before, have you?" I asked, grinning at him.

He raised and lowered his eyebrows in response. It was a very sexual gesture, and not comical at all. I loved it.

As we were reaching the end of the short road he said, pointing, "Turn to the right over there."

I saw a car-path to the right and took it. After a few hundred feet we reached a small clearing, more than large enough to turn the car around in, and saw a small patch of beach along a lovely stream. I parked the car in the shade and turned off the engine.

Then I turned to look at him. What a marvelous sight! His pants were wide open, his tank-top was raised about his nipples, and his hard, impressive cock lay stiff against his trim belly, the cockhead touching above his navel. It looked awesome. Grand! Without comment I reached for it. He said nothing, but sighed with pleasure as my hand encased the hot flesh. I pumped it, up and down. The skin moved smoothly in my hand.

"Ahh!" he sighed.

"Feels great, doesn't it," I stated.

"Yeah," he agreed immediately, but after a pause added, "but lately, every time I get hard, I find I want to put it into something. Know what I mean?"

"Like your fist just can't do the job correctly, right?"

"Yeah. Somehow I want more."

"Why don't you try something..."

"What?" he whispered faintly, hinting at both eagerness and hesitation.

"Let me put it in my mouth," I instructed.

His eyes opened wide, but he said nothing. His cock answered for him. It went from stiff to stone-hard rigid.

"It feels real good, believe me..." I assured him, paused, and then added, "...even to me."

"It does?" he asked in surprise.

"Yeah," I answered honestly, "I love it!"

"What if I bust a nut while it's in there?" he questioned. "I'm so hot, now," he added by way of an explanation.

"That's even better," I told him, licking my lips.

"Wow!" he sighed, obviously liking the idea.

Taking that as not only agreement but also as desire, I lowered my head towards my goal while sliding my fist down to the base of the thick cock. A large droplet of clear liquid formed in the slit of the huge cockhead, welcoming me. I sipped it as I kissed the fiery hot knob, which expanded even further at the touch of my lips. The slippery fluid lubricated my lips and tongue, enflaming my passion. I pressed my lips down over the meaty crown and slowly engulfed the massive cockhead. It was spectacular! It was everything I had ever dreamed of: A handsome, willing, virginal lad's giant erection slowly filling my mouth!

"Oh! Man! That feels sensational!" he moaned, humping his hips up at my mouth. He liked it! He slid his right hand onto the back of my neck, a natural movement, as he urged me to work his meat.

My tongue twirled around the curves of the amazingly hot glans. My mouth sucked lovingly, yet diligently, on the thick, firm meat. My head forced itself down over the cockhead, sliding it to the back of my throat, as I sucked. I pulled back, capturing the curved flanges in my tight lips, planning to repeat the process until I got the cock into my throat, when, suddenly, he groaned, "Oh, man, that does it! I'm gonna come!"

Immediately, a gusher of hot semen splashed energetically into my mouth, filling it completely. I swallowed. Another hot gusher filled me up again. I swallowed. Another! Swallow. Another and, immediately, another! I swallowed. And still more, and more, until I was sucking for the oozing that completed his tremendous orgasm. I marveled at the taste of his hot, thick jism, its heavenly smell lingering in the air around us.

During the orgasm, his body humped and lurched, his hand tugged hard at the back of my neck, his legs stiffened in orgasmic bliss and his heavy breathing sung to me.

Finally, he had reached the point of super sensitivity and called out for me to release his spent cock, saying, "Enough! Enough!"

As I rose up from his lap, wiping my mouth with the back of my hand, feeling blissful, myself, and nearly ready to come in my pants, it dawned on me that I knew what the first thing I would say to him now would be. I said, sincerely, "What a man!"

His frown of post-orgasmic confusion immediately changed into a beam of self-confidence, as if to say, "Yeah, I am a man, aren't I, and I am good!" His body language changed from huddled down worry to out-thrust chest and spread-legged pride, as he straightened up and smiled at me, looking me right in the eye.

"That was good," he admitted, simply.

"No," I claimed, "that was great!"

His reaction was to smile so radiantly that I leaned over towards him, wrapped my arm around his shoulders, drawing him to me, and hugged him affectionately. After a moment, I felt his arms wrap around me, too, and the hug was energetically returned. I could not have been more delighted.

As we began to disengage, I was aware that awkwardness might develop. After all, he'd come. Too many men lose all interest in sex after orgasm, even wishing they were somewhere, anywhere, else. But as I leaned back, he suddenly said, "Let's go for a swim!" His expression was alert with interest. He wanted some fun.

"Okay," I agreed, immediately, "I'll get some towels and a blanket from the trunk. Do we need suits?"

"No!" he blurted emphatically. Then he blushed slightly, grinning, and added, "We won't be spotted. No one ever comes here on a weekday. Only weekends. I often bathe here in the nude."

"And jack off here, too, I'll bet," I challenged in a friendly tone.

He blushed more deeply, but grinned and nodded his head in agreement. "It's real private here," he acknowledged.

I got out of the car and went back to open the trunk. He got out on his side of the car, not bothering to zip up his pants, and came to watch me. His muscular thighs held his cut-offs up, and his tank top was still up above his nipples. His cock was softening, but was still at that stage of tumescence that made it look very long and very large. His ballsac was so tight and crinkled it looked like he had not even had an orgasm. Just glancing at him excited me.

I tossed him a towel, took one myself, grabbed an old army blanket, and headed towards the small beach. He was right at my side.

He kicked off his sneakers, stripped the shirt off with an easy flow of his strong arms, and shucked down and stepped out of the cut-offs. Standing there nude, he ran a palm through his patch of golden cockhair, and then hefted his balls under his palm, as if showing then off to me, knowing I was studying his every movement.

I licked my lips. He grinned. But he also watched me as I unbuttoned my light shirt and took it off.

"Geez, you've got a great build," he praised.

"Thanks," I said, feeling suddenly shy. But I unzipped my jeans, while kicking off my loafers, and then slipped out of my pants. I, too, was naked. Not only naked, I had this big erection standing lustfully in front on me, which simply could not be hidden. This was a very tricky moment in our relationship. Many men are intimidated by a really large cock; especially a really large, hard cock.

"Wow!" he sighed in awe, "That's a big one! And it's hard, man."

"You really turned me on, back in the car," I admitted honestly.

"Yeah, I can see that," he said in awe, staring at the erection. He moved closer to me, there on the small beach, eyes on my rampant hardon.

"Wanna touch it?" I asked quietly.

His head snapped up and he looked me in the eye. I'm sure he saw a gentle expression on my face, not a lecherous, demanding, or demeaning one. He could see that I wasn't implying that he played with other men's cocks, but that I was allowing him to look at and play with mine, if he wanted to; if he found it interesting; or appealing. His expression softened.

"I... I've... I've never..." he sputtered, looking back down at the cock with obvious curiosity.

"It won't bite ya," I whispered, lightly, through a grin.

He glanced up to my face and, I'm sure, was relieved that I again was not putting him down. He grinned back at me.

"Go ahead," I whispered, holding my breath. My cock strained with rigid arousal. I was hoping he would touch it.

"It... It does look..." he said hesitantly. Then his hand reached out. "...hot!" he added.

My guts churned with carnal delight. My abdomen tightened, my hips shifted, forcing my cock to rise even taller as it pulsated rigidly, and my breathing stopped. In the splendor of the summer afternoon my cock looked magnificent. Looking at it, myself, I knew it matched his in perfection, making it one of the very best he would ever see.

His hand was moving, as if in slow motion, steadily towards my meat. It touched it. It tickled it lightly, fingering it, toying with it. Then, it wrapped itself around the thick column strongly. It tugged on the skin, moving with a firm grip up the shaft. It pushed downwards, pulling the skin towards the sac. It was the knowing touch of a man who enjoys masturbation, who does it often, and who can quickly figure out just what another man would like to feel. It felt great!

As I watched the hand move on my erection, familiarizing itself with a new cock, another movement caught me eye. It was his dick. It was growing. The experience of touching my cock, of jacking it, was reinvigorating his. It was elongating; and, now, pointing at my leg, was getting harder; and, now, pointing at my balls, was climbing steadily in erection; and, now, pointing up at my face, was in full erection. It was a glorious vision to watch as it lengthened, widened, reddened, and erected. Now, a tower of penile perfection! Pulsating along with mine. But I didn't touch it. I didn't want to break his concentration as he continued to pump mine, which was now starting to leak serious amounts of fluid onto his fist.

"It's gettin' gooey," he said, almost to himself.

"Yeah," I whispered in agreement. "I always leak a lot when I'm hot. When I get so excited."

He glanced up at my face with a grin. "Me, too," he confirmed, then immediately returned his gaze to my cock.

"Did you ever taste it?" I asked quietly.

His face, neck and shoulders all turned red. The blush was very becoming. But it told me what his answer would be, if he could overcome his embarrassment and admit it. It would be yes, he had tasted his own pre-cum.

"It doesn't taste bad," I stated, as if he had indeed answered the question. "Does it?" I asked.

He shook his head, silently, still looking down at my sizzlingly hot, wet cock.

"Neither does mine!" I whispered excitedly, but so faintly I could hardly hear myself, myself.

But he heard, all right, and he kept staring at the oozing head of my cock as he continued to pump the long shaft. Slowly, even imperceptibly at first, he lowered his head, bending downwards. A shock of hair brushed my chest erotically. He drew away slightly as he, too, felt the touch, but kept moving downwards. It was one of the most arousing moments in my life. This novice stud was going to taste my juice. All of my concentration was put into keeping myself from shooting off in his face.

His lips lightly grazed the top of the v-shaped flanges of my cockhead, kissing and wiping up some of the fluid. He rose slightly and licked his lips. Immediately, he pressed his lips more firmly against the cockhead and moved them around, quietly slurping up most of the goo. Without looking up at me, he said softly, breathing hot air onto my straining cock, "It's hot! Slippery! Smooth!" He paused. Then he added, "It tastes good! I like it!"

"That's great," I said softly, comfortingly. "You'll get more if you draw it from the slit," I instructed. Then I kept still.

He kissed around the head of my cock a bit, but then he sucked at the long slit at the tip. I could feel liquid being drawn out of me right down to the bottom of the tube. He got a mouthful. It seemed to excite him. I watched him swallow.

Suddenly, he straightened up, looking at me earnestly. "My lips and tongue feel all slippery, man," he said huskily. "And it tastes great!"

"But you want more, don't you," I told him.

His eyes were almost wild with excitement, as he said, "Yeah! I want you to come! Will ya?"

"Put it in you mouth, just like I did yours in the car, and I'll come almost instantly. You are really getting me hot, man!" I couldn't have said it more sincerely.

He flashed a smile of excitement and bend down to his task. Instantly, I felt his open lips on my cockhead. Then he slowly sucked the entire cockknob into the intense heat of his mouth. It felt like my entire being was entering him. Waves of orgasmic bliss fired off throughout my whole body, and I spasmed, stiffly, humping cock into him, and began pumping cum into him.

He held his own ground, swallowing my semen each time I filled his mouth, holding my cockhead in his mouth and sucking like crazy until, finally, I had to put a hand on his forehead and struggle to lift his mouth off of my now painfully sensitive cockhead, completely drained.

"Holy Shit!" he said excitedly as he straightened up and looked me in the eye. "I see, now, why you like suckin' cock, man!" he announced. "I'm so fuckin' hot from suckin' yours, I'm about to spray another load all over this here place! Want some more?" His hips thrust out at me and his extraordinary cock vibrated in the final stages of pre-orgasmic readiness, a beacon of passion in the bright sunlight.

Unhesitatingly, I went down on it. This time I was able to bob seven or eight times on the long pole, not only getting it to the back of my throat, but actually getting much of it into my throat, before he yelped with pleasure and began shooting off into me. He humped and jarred me, standing there in the open air, using all of his body to elaborate his orgasm, pounding my chin with his big balls, and really whooping and hollering, this time, losing his inhibitions in the thrill of the moment, knowing no was else was around. I was ecstatic! I remembered how easy it was for me to come three or four times in a row when I was eighteen, and I realized how much alike we were, this sexy guy and I, as I drank down his sticky cum, his sexy elixir, with extreme satisfaction. True bliss!

I was out of breath when he finished, so I spread out the blanket and invited him to lie down with me for a while before we went swimming. He agreed immediately and no sooner had the blanket touched the ground than he was flopped across it. I stretched out next to him, on my back, our bodies touching at the shoulder, hip, thigh, our arms rubbing together. I closed my eyes for a moment, content in the afterglow of such terrific sex with this lusty country lad.

A hand was shaking me, rubbing my chest. I woke up. When I opened my eyes I was staring up into the amazingly handsome face of this sexy youth.

"You fell sound asleep, man," he told me.

"Umm," I agreed.

"I gotta take a leak, and I didn't want you to wake up and not find me here," he explained. He did not remove his warm hand from my chest, but was rubbing idly.

"That was nice of you," I said, smiling at him. Then, thinking about it, I said, "I think I gotta take a leak, too."

"I thought so," he said with a wicked grin.

I looked puzzled.

"Ya got a big hardon, now. I think maybe it's a piss-hardon."

"Oh!" I looked down at myself. My fat erection was staring in one-eyed splendor back at me. In a flash I remembered what I had been dreaming about. About sucking cock. His cock! I decided to tell him so.

"It's not a piss-hardon, man," I insisted. "The truth is I was dreaming about you."

"You were?" he asked innocently. His eyes were keen with interest.

"Yeah. I was dreaming about sucking your cock!" I told him emphatically.

"Ooh, that's nice." He paused, then, pressing his groin against my hip, he asked, "Wonder what I was dreamin' about?" His long, hard, hot erection flattened itself tightly against me.

The erotic movement took my breath away. The feel of his heat, the touch of his stiff manhood against me, the throbbing I could feel in his long member, all sent thrills of excitement through me. Like myself, he seemed to have an open, experimental attitude towards sex, and I loved it. It really turned me on.

"Maybe you were dreaming about shoving this big thing up my tight little butt," I suggested, reaching across my body and running a finger along the long length of my ass, knowing that, even if such an idea had never crossed his mind, he'd be thinking about it now. His eyes grew to saucer size. His erection throbbed to maximum extension.

"Can that be done?" he asked incredulously, but something in his voice told me he already knew it certainly could be. But it also seemed to tell me that he had never done it before. Although that wouldn't stop him, I was sure.

"All I have to do is roll over on my stomach," I told him calmly.

"Would you?" he asked in amazement.

"If you want me to, I would," I admitted, keeping a gentle smile on my face, and continuing to run my finger up and down the length of the meat pressed against me. I wanted him, but I didn't want to scare him off by being too lascivious about it.

"Just the thought of it is getting me really excited," he admitted. "I thought I wanted you to suck my cock, again, but this sounds even more exciting. I never thought I'd get a chance to do it. Yes, please let me do it!" he pleaded.

"Well," I responded hesitantly, "I know it's exciting, but you've got to promise me you'll control yourself. Take it easy. Give me a chance to accustom myself to your huge weapon. It's giant-sized, and I don't usually do this."

"Wow!" he sighed. He grinned with great pleasure, listening, but also thrilling at the idea of fucking me in the ass. "Okay, I promise," he agreed.

"I'm serious," I told him.

"I know you are. It's true. I'll take it easy. I'll go slow. You'll enjoy getting it up..." He hesitated being too descriptive.

"...the ass," I said, finishing the sentence for him. I grinned.

"Yeah," he sighed. "The ass," he repeated with great emphasis. "You'll love it!" he added.

"I believe you'll find that my ass is really what you've been longing to press that big thing into, when you said you've been wanting to put it into something when you jack off. But, well, first, bring it up here and I'll moisten it real good for us," I announced. He looked bewildered, so I added, clearly, "Let me suck it so it gets moist and goes in easier. Here, straddle my chest. That's it, crawl up a bit more. Aim that big thing at my mouth. Gee, I like the feel of your big balls rubbing on my chest..." and I could no longer speak. The big cock was forcing its way into my mouth energetically. So I sucked it!

"God, that feels great," he enthused, as I allowed the long pole to slowly enter completely into my throat, right down to the balls. "I could come, again, like this," he added.

So I put both hands up under his thighs, thumbs right up against the joint next to his ballsac, and half lifted, half pushed him down my body, withdrawing his cock, which sprang up hard, wet, and ready in front of me. "Back down, some more," I instructed, and as he did so, I added, "I'm rolling over now,"

"Jeez! What an ass you've got, man!" he whispered in wonder. His hands started to knead the muscular cheeks. "It's the best I've ever looked at! I've always loved the feel of masculine, firm, asses when I wrestle, but I never thought I'd get the chance to..." his voice trailed off as exploring fingers touched my puckered hole and caused me to raise my hips in erotic pleasure, offering myself to him wordlessly.

"...to fuck," he sighed, as I felt the thick head of his cock slowly slide in between the heavy cheeks. The sensual touch of his big cock almost caused me to shoot another load, but I forced myself to concentrate on helping him enter me. I spread my legs further apart, causing him to get between them and also causing his cock to press right up against the small portal. He began to push, hard.

"Wait!" I hissed, instructively, "give it a minute to adjust."

He held everything in place, following my instruction. He was good. He felt the heat building; the oozing of his lubricating fluid smearing my pucker; the slowly welcoming movements of my tissues; and, suddenly, the allowing of entry, relaxing of muscles, and, then penetration!

I felt the widening of my sphincter as the cockhead inserted itself into my rectum, fully. It surged to extreme expansion inside me. It felt sexy and fulfilling, yet at the same time huge and hurtful, it was so big.

"Wait!" I insisted, again. Immediately, his body responded to his control and pressures were relaxed.

"Man! This feels fantastic! It's so hot! I want to fuck the shit out of you, but yet, I don't want to hurt you. Doesn't it hurt like hell?" He was turned on but solicitous.

"It does," I muttered, my forehead breaking out with beads of sweat, "but I can take it, man! I feel you inside me. I love it!"

"Wow!" he sighed, again. Then, experimentally, he slowly re-engaged his pile-driving force and inched cock into me.

"Uh!" I moaned.

He realized that sound wasn't like saying, "stop" so he continued, forcefully, slipping it to me. He stopped at a certain point and slowly withdrew a few inches. Then he reapplied pressure and fucked cock into me. It was getting easier. He became more and more domineering, a real cocks-man, a genuine ass fucker, and before I knew it, had me plugged to the hilt. A sigh of immense pleasure escaped from him.

"Oh, man, that feels so good," I sighed.

"It does?!" he asked in amazement. His entire body stiffened.

"Oh, man, it really does," I confirmed.

"It feels terrific for me, too," he admitted.

"Take it out for a minute," I told him, and before he could protest, and I knew he wanted to protest, I added, "I want to turn over on my back and have you slip it to me from the front, so I can watch you as you fuck me!"

He made a funny noise of agreement and almost painfully pulled out. I was quick in turning over, raising my legs in a "V." He held them and pushed my bottom up for the best angle, knowing instinctively what to do, and plowed right back into me. Now, I was able to see the ecstasy in his expression. He loved fucking me. I could see it in his eyes as I looked deeply into those pools of blue lust.

"I'm going to come," I sighed.

He was startled.

"Your cock feels so good inside me, it's bringing me to orgasm, man," I told him.

"Oh! Uh!" was all he said as he stiffened in orgasm, himself. I felt the giant cock throbbing spasmodically and knew he was unloading up my ass. Far up my ass.

Without touching my cock, a long stream of white sperm erupted from my shiny cockhead and splashed under my chin. He seemed both amazed and delighted as he watched the explosions of my semen cover my chest, and never once took his eyes off the scene as I came. It was truly one of the best fucks of my life!

As his own spasms of ecstasy wound down, he dropped my legs and collapsed atop of me, thrilling me with full body-to-body contact. I wrapped my arms around him and embraced him enthusiastically.

We lay together like that for a long time, really full of contentment, and, after a while, I felt his erection subside and slowly withdraw from my hole. He sighed in unison with my sigh.

Then, he giggled, and said, "Now, I really do have to pee, man."

I laughed, half pushing him off of me, half pulling myself up as he rose, and, naked, with long cocks swaying, we walked over to the river's edge. Standing there, next to each other, so close we were touching, we both released long streams into the water. I'll always remember that. Even though I didn't yet know his name, we were like old friends standing there, pissing together, unashamedly. I loved it!

We were waggling off the last drops of pee, when he suddenly put a strong palm on the small of my back and pushed me into the water! I heard him laugh as I fell, naked, into the river, having purposely allowed myself to lose my balance, going along with his horseplay. I sputtered, coming up for air, and splashed a wide wave of water onto his stunning frame as he stood there, legs wide apart, hands on his hips, looking gloriously naked, laughing at having dunked me. His laugh was cut short with the cold spray.

"So! Ya wanna play, do ya," he cried, and dove in, grabbing me in mid-air, as we flopped together into the clear, cool water. I grabbed on and we thrashed about playfully trying to drown one another. Then, we pushed apart and swam some, luxuriating in our nudity, enjoying the great out-of-doors as nature meant it to be enjoyed, yet being reinvigorated in the process.

"What's your name?" he asked as he swam towards me. He was grinning like he had an evil little plot he was fixing to enfold.

"Jack," I replied, asking, "What's yours?"

"Bob," he said, coming closer. Then he reached out and pushed me under the water, holding me down. Even underwater I could hear him laughing.

I surprised him completely by grabbing his balls. Immediately, his hand was removed and I popped to the surface, still holding his giant balls. Our faces were close enough for a kiss. He looked wild with excitement, as my hand stayed clamped on his balls. He wasn't being hurt. No, I felt his cock begin to erect against my wrist. He was enjoying this.

Suddenly, his hand grabbed my balls! He was looking deeply into my eyes. "You really get me hot, Jack," he whispered tenderly.

"You, too," I responded. "Want to go back to the blanket?" It sounded like a really lascivious invitation, which it was. His reaction was to nod in agreement, immediately, grinning like a satyr, which he was. And I licked my lips like an insatiable cocksucker, which I am.

We rose up out of the water together, coming up onto the sandy beach, cocks swelling in anticipation of another round of hot sex, dripping water in the bright sunlight, our bodies displaying well-defined muscles as a result of the energetic swim, and I felt sensational! I realized that together we looked spectacular - two loving, giving, sexually overactive men in their prime, knowingly heading for another orgasm together, completely relaxed in each other's company, without a care in the world. For me, at that moment, I expected it to be the pinnacle of the powerful memories I would carry of that afternoon.

Then I got a real shock! A voice came out of the blue. "Hi, Bob," I heard a youthful male voice call out. "What are you two fuckers up to?" it asked brazenly.

"Oh, hi, Paul," Bob answered calmly, sounding cheerful, turning away from me towards the voice. "I wondered whether you'd show up, today, or not."

"I said I'd be here, didn't I?" he responded testily.

I was simply dumbfounded. My chin had dropped after the initial surprise of this unwelcome intrusion. But Bob's reaction was very confusing to me. He acted like he knew right along that he and I would end up right here this afternoon, and knew that we might be interrupted at any moment. I couldn't help wondering what would have happened if I had said I didn't want to turn off the road into this place, or if we had been interrupted while he fucked me, or while he was sucking my cock.

Bob turned to me and said, in that calm manner of his, "Jack, this is my friend, Paul. We've been coming here to jack off together, lately."

Before I could even react, Paul blurted out, "Shit, you're not supposed to tell anyone that!"

"Ah, it's okay," Bob told him, "he's all right. He just sucked my cock."

I let out a small, startled laugh, as Paul, nearing us, his eyes wide open, his gaze shifting back and forth between our two naked bodies, taking in our nudity and staring at our enlarged dicks, blurted out, "He did!

I wondered how he got here without my hearing him, but was delighted to hear he was Bob's jack-off buddy. I figured he was probably also a member of Bob's wrestling team. He had the thick neck muscles of a wrestler, and the heavy build of a serious weight lifter. He looked older than Bob, but probably wasn't. His only item of clothing was a loose fitting pair of khaki colored shorts, in which my experienced eye caught the outlines of a good-sized pecker. He stopped only inches from us.

"Did you like it?" he asked.

"Like what?" Bob asked right back.

"Getting your cock sucked, man. Getting your cock sucked."

"Oh, that. Uh. Well, yeah. Sure."

"You don't sound very convincing," Paul said.

"Well," Bob said hesitantly, "it just occurred to me that maybe Jack, here, doesn't like me talking about it. Telling you about it."

"Hi, Jack," Paul said with a friendly smile, holding out his hand in introduction, "I'm Paul."

"Hi," I said, smiling back at him, shaking his hand firmly, "I'm the cocksucker he's talking about!"

It was Bob's turn to let out a sudden yelp of laughter.

Paul took it in stride, saying, "Very pleased to meet you." With that he very blatantly unsnapped his shorts and let them drop to the ground. A powerful looking penis and tremendous, pendulous balls enhanced his robust build. Dark hair spread handsomely through his groin, trailing up to his navel. He put his hands on his hips, assuming the stance of a cocksure man who knew just what he wanted. He was looking me in the eye.

I let my gaze drop to his crotch and saw that his cock was on the rise, already almost twice the size it was moments before when he dropped his pants. As I stared it began to lift itself upwards, filling out rapidly. I have to admit it; it was a very impressive sight.

Bob was pressed next to me, watching too, but keeping still.

When I returned my gaze up to Paul's face, he asked, quietly, "Want some?"

I found the question very exciting and saw no reason to say no. But I thought it might be polite to check with Bob. When I looked, his gaze was fixed in fascination on Paul's growing erection. In a flash I felt that although they'd jacked off together, Bob really wanted much more. Bob wanted to suck that big cock, for one thing. I was sure of it.

"Do you want me to, Bob?" I asked softly.

He turned to look at me with a puzzled expression, then frowned.

Not wanting to blow his cover, I added, "I mean I told you I'd suck your cock, now. Right? Do you still want me to? Or would it be all right if I went down on Paul's, here." I motioned to Paul's now completely erect cock. "It's a big one, isn't it," I asked pointedly.

"Yeah, it really is a nice one," Bob replied slowly. "I've always wanted to suck it, myself," he added, softly.

"You have?" Paul blurted out immediately, "Why didn't you say something?" His hand went to his meat and he started jacking off, instinctively, getting very excited.

"I was afraid of your reaction."

"Shit, man, I've been waving this big thing under your nose all summer, hopin' you'd just touch it, or bite it, or anything. I really would love it if you'd suck me off, man." He was sincere.

"You would?" Bob asked in amazement.

"Here it is, man! Go for it!" and he waggled it slightly as both Bob and I stared. It was easily as big as Bob's and probably as big as my own, with an awesome crown, deep flanges, and mouthwatering hues. I understood, looking at it, how Bob could find himself admiring it, lusting over it. Another two-second delay and I'd be down on it myself. It was only out of respect for Bob and the wonderful sex we'd enjoyed together that I was holding in check my otherwise lascivious behavior.

When Paul softly added, "Please!" in a voice dripping with desire, Bob dropped to one knee and lapped at the long shaft. Paul shifted slightly, facing him, and we both watched lustfully as Bob's mouth engulfed the head of the large cock.

I watched Paul's eyes close in ecstasy as he asked me, "Man, what have you been teaching this boy?"

"He's no longer a boy, now, is he?" I asked back.

Paul's eyes opened and he looked questioningly at me.

"He's a man, now," I explained. "A real man, sucking a real man's cock. Isn't that right?" I challenged.

"Yes, you're right," Paul admitted sincerely, "he's sucking like the real man he's become, and he gonna get a real man's load, in a moment, if he keeps it up. He is good."

"If you are a real man," I demanded, "suck my cock!"

Paul's eyes darted to my cock. It was enlarged to its absolute maximum, aroused to the point of explosion as I watched these two overwhelmingly handsome young men making out right in front of me. It was an amazingly erotic scene, right there in the open, and it make me hot as a pistol.

"Oh!" Paul exclaimed. "Just the thought of sucking that big thing is putting me over the edge, man. Look out! I'm gonna shoot my wad!"

I think he expected Bob to stop sucking, but Bob didn't hesitate, didn't relinquish his prize, keeping up the pressures. As I watched, Paul's eyes sort of rolled up into his head and his abdominal muscles began contracting, his hips jutting forward, his big balls, up tight against the base of his cock, mashing into Bob's chin. It was an awesome display of hot sex. I realized that he was pumping out gallons of cum!

As Bob slurped up the remains of the heavy orgasm, Paul looked steadily at me, in obvious enjoyment. Then Bob jumped up and, wiping his chin, announced, "I'm gonna pop!" His giant cock, wet and gleaming, was irresistible. Without waiting I leaned down and sucked it noisily into my mouth and began a skillful blowjob.

Immediately, Paul went down on his knees and watched my sucking up close. Real close! As if wanting to see exactly how it's done, taking instruction and keeping notes. All of his attention riveted on the action.

As Bob asked, "Whacha doin' down there?" I put on a great display of cocksucking skill, deep-throating the long cock till I was pressed up tight against pubic bone. When Bob said he was going to shoot off, I caught the first spurt deep, the second in my mouth, and opening my mouth and aiming the cock with a finger, let the third spurt sail onto my tongue as Paul gurgled in surprise. Bob moaned in orgasmic bliss while I sucked in the entire cock-length and drank down his hot juice.

When Bob was completely finished, I straightened up, flaunting my erection in Paul's face as he knelt there in a haze of post-coital bliss and in awe of the performance he's just witnessed.

Bob smiled at me in great satisfaction and tender affection. "Thanks," he whispered. I knew he what he meant. He had loved sucking off Paul and we both knew he'd do it often, now. But, when he looked down and saw Paul kneeling there, staring at my throbbing penis, he said, encouragingly, mimicking Paul's own earlier instruction, "There it is, man! Go for it!"

As if shaken from a trance, Paul glanced up at both of us. Then, he looked again at my cock. We both saw him make up his mind. As Bob had done, he leaned in and lapped at my cockshaft.

"Doesn't it taste great?" Bob whispered, and then knelt down next to Paul. They stared into each other's eyes as my cockhead slipped silently into Paul's mouth. It was an extremely erotic moment for me. Their shared intimacy over my cock was something to see. They fell in love when I started pumping cum down Paul's throat. It was incredible!

It was early evening by the time I was ready to leave. We had swum, and sucked, and fucked, the afternoon away. It had been an amazing time.

"Do you still want me to drop you off at the farm?" I asked Bob.

He looked puzzled and asked, "What farm?" When he saw my surprise, he added, "Oh! Oh, no. I wasn't really going to that farm. My bike's over there in the bushes with Paul's." He pointed to bushes near the car.

"You mean, you planned to stop here all along?" Once again, I was completely dumbfounded.

"Well, sure. Didn't you come to realize that?"

"Uh... Well... No!" I stammered. "I thought this was the first time for both of..."

Their grins stopped me in mid-sentence.

"Sometimes I hitch a ride..." Bob started, tenderly.

"...sometimes, it's me," Paul continued, sticking out a thumb.

My jaw dropped. "But... I thought..." I stammered again.

"Sure," Bob said gently, "and that's just what we wanted you to think so you'd have a good time, too. And you did have a good time, didn't you?" They both wore angelic smiles of seeming innocence.

"I'm absolutely amazed! You fooled me completely. I was certain I was teaching you two young, but adventurous, virgins the traditions of seduction."

"Well, we want you to remember it that way, when you..." Bob said, as he repeated the fist pumping gesture we'd both used in the car.

"Come here," I laughed and hugged him tightly. Paul joined the hug enthusiastically.

I drove off shaking my head at the wonder of it all. I had had a great time with those two boys. I mean men! And talk about keeping a tradition alive. I mean, well, really! What a tradition they were perfecting!


Jack Sofelot


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