'Taylor...Taylor!' The voice of the police chief woke me from a light nap. I had been out all night partying, did not really get any sleep.

Snickers and chuckles filled the room as I sat up straight, running my fingers through my hair.

I cleared my throat, 'Uh, sorry sir, I uh...yeah, here...' I said completely embarrassed.

Chief Flanagan gave me an annoyed look, while shifting his feet behind the podium. 'Ya know Taylor, if you decide to go out the night before, the least you could do is get home in time so you can be physically and mentally prepared for roll call...'

Again, the laughs amongst my fellow officers, I sunk further into the chair.

'Yes sir...' was all I could muster, giving a soft cough, waving off the fact I had been called out.

'Now, ladies and gentlemen, I'd like to introduce to you our new officer. He's a transfer from district nineteen, been with the force about twelve years...'

As I listened to the commander, my mind wandered to the bird I had over my house. Such a looker she was; gorgeous brunette with long brown legs and a body to die for.

'Shit, why I am not at home right now?'

Since she did not want to leave and I was drunk as shit, I allowed her to stay in my apartment. Besides, I felt I knew her since we had been dating about two months. Renee is her name, beautiful gal that is intelligent, funny, and sensible. My emotions for her were high at this point, I felt as though I had found my soul mate.

'TAYLOR, WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR PROBLEM!' Flanagan's scream of my surname scared the living daylights out of me.

'Sorry sir, you were sayin'?' I knew I was in for it; George was a former drill sergeant.

'Taylor, what is the reason as to why you cannot pay attention?'

'I've got a lovely woman with a tight ass waiting for me...'

'Sir, forgive me, I was thinking if I had left my stove on or not.' I lied, knowing that I had not even touched the thing in like three days.

'Humph, well that might be somethin' you'd want to check on, eh?' Seemingly, he bought it since his face softened after I was done.

'Erm yeah, if you don't mind, let me just call home to my girl, she can check for me.'

George moved his feet once more while gripping onto the wood in front of him. 'Yeah, yeah, sure you do that...and while you're at it Taylor, why don't you hang out at your desk, you're on paper duty today. I'm not sure you're fit to go out and fight crime after enjoying yourself last night.'


Once more, laughter filled the room. 'Yes, sir, um, thanks...' I said slipping more into my seat.

'Now, any more of you have things you want to check on? We have a lot of rookies that would love to switch places with you vets and go out into the field instead of walking the beat or being filing papers.'

At the conclusion of his statement, not a single word was heard in the room.

'Alrighty then, let's move on shall we? As I was saying, Taylor, I really would have liked you to show the new guy around but since you are on desk duty, I'll allow him to go out with McFadden today.'

Agreeing with him, I nodded. I was exhausted. The last thing I needed to do was go out catching criminals when I was not completely prepared.

'Fantastic Taylor thanks for paying attention this time. Captain Nigel Mathewson, welcome to the district seventy-seven, we are honored to have you here.'

When he was done, a tall, slender man got up from the seat directly in front of him. Earlier when I stepped in, I noticed the guy but I did not pay him any mind, I was still in a daze.

'Allo, all...good to meet you...' he said in an accent similar to my own.

'Shit on me, another Brit...'

'Everyone, please come up and introduce yourselves to Captain Mathewson. He is in the commander-in-training program with only six months to go. So far, he's gone through it with flying colors, but in order to pass, he had to come through our district, the toughest in the city.'

Flanagan put his hand on Mathewson's shoulder as if he was his long lost son.

'Maybe Mathewson was his replacement.'

'Alright ladies and gents, as per usual the problem areas and special assignments are on the board. Be careful out there, go get em'. Say hello to Nigel on your way out.'

As everyone got up from their seats, I had just finished texting Renee. Although the stove was not on, I wanted to know if something else was burning at my place: her.

'Taylor, everything alright at your apartment, son?' Flanagan walked in front of me just as the naughty words from Renee flashed on my screen.

'Uh, yeah, sir, everything is good, really, she turned off the thing after I left.' Yeah, sure, she did, the fire between her thighs was still hot, and I wished I could stay there to extinguish it.

'That's good, Taylor. Like I said, try staying home some nights. You need to get married, then you'll slow down. Aren't you tired of being a playboy at the age of thirty-six?'

Hearing that I chuckled, 'No sir, there is always another party and since I'm not dead yet, might as well try makin' them all before I'm not able to anymore.'

The relationship that I had with George was casual; I felt I could tell him anything. In front of the force, he kept a stern demeanor, not showing me any favoritism, but when we were alone talking was when he became like a father figure to me. That setup materialized when I lost my last partner in the line of duty.

While we continued to chat, Mathewson stepped over on my right.

'Allo mate, what part of the country would you be from,' he said holding out his hand.

Slowly, I stood, extending my palm in his direction. 'Allo chum, from Castle Bromwich, actually, Taylor, Michael Taylor is the name.'

'Ah brill, I'm from Birmingham, Nigel Mathewson, it's a pleasure...,' he said gripping my hand tightly.

As we exchanged smiles, I noticed the pretty face in front of me. Nigel had the looks of an actor or musician, very attractive.

'How is anyone going to take this man seriously?'

Nigel's hair was a little long for the police force, the ends of his strands were barely touching his shoulders, the colors, and a mixture of blond and brown. How he got away with that was beyond me however, Flanagan did mention that he had been a cop a little over a decade so, special favors, I supposed.

'Same here Mathewson, how long you been in the states?' I said, peering into his brown eyes.

'Ah about twenty-two years, I love it here in the big city,' Nigel said taking a seat on the one I was occupying a while ago.

'Nigel, you should get going now. I'm sure McFadden is looking for you.' Chief pat him on the back reminding him he had no time to get into deep conversation.

'Humph, yeah, I better run then,' he said bouncing right back up, holding out his hand.

'Good to meet you again my man, I shall see you when I return...'

'Yeah, you will. Maybe we'll get a chance to chit-chat after, eh, be careful out there.'

'Indeed, see you later Michael, bye Chief...' Nigel trotted out the room, closing the door behind him.

'Nice fellow...'

'Well Michael, you should get to your desk so you can take some of that work off Lache'. He'll be happy to know that he can do something else...' George hit my back, as I was moving towards the entrance.

'Yeah, yeah, yeah,' I said going out the door.

'I hate desk work.'

Of course, if I had not gone out partying with my gal, I would be out in the field. Moreover, out hanging with my fellow countryman. For whatever reason, the dude was on my brain; I had no idea why.

Chapter two

With the day just about over, I put a call in to my pretty girl. Just thinking of her straddling my lap with her legs over my shoulders made my pants a little uncomfortable; more like, tight.

'Well allo beautiful, what are you doin?'

Renee began telling me how much she missed my warm body next to hers. I could get used to having live in pussy; meaning I would never have to leave if I didn't want to. Besides, I liked the idea of waking up to a beautiful woman lying next to me.

'God I want you,' she said loudly through the phone.

Upon hearing that, a smile appeared across my face. Knowing that she wanted me almost as much as I desired her got me all excited.

'This day needs to end right now, I got to go home and...eat...'

The moment before I passed out, I gave Renee the tongue bath she so richly deserved; from head to toe while paying special attention to that spot between her thighs. The motions of my mouth accessory made her come so many times, I swore that we were waking the whole building maybe even the neighborhood. I had been acknowledged for my oral talents, for Renee this would be something she should come to expect.


Still listening to my lady talk dirty through my Blackberry, Nigel walked in with McFadden.

I leaned back in my chair, watching the two chat as if they were long lost buddies. Seemingly, Nigel was quite a nice guy.

'Again, how would that help his chances at being a good commander?'

Nigel waved slightly while still chatting with McFadden.

At that moment, my body was craving some Renee; visions appeared in my head immediately of what I needed to do once I arrived home. Since I still had a little over two hours to go, I decided that I needed to hang up before I make a mess underneath my desk.

'Hey baby, listen, let me let you go, I will be back there as soon as I can, alright?' I still had a few files to look over and put away before quitting time.

Before hanging up, she gave me something to think about; the words were, 'I'll be in bed waitin' for you with dinner on a tray and dessert between my legs.'

'Shit, cannot wait for my slice of chocolate cherry pie.'

Smiling, I put my phone down whilst noticing the hard-on that had developed in my pants.

'He's ready and so is my tongue...'

Nigel jarred me out of my dream by popping a squat on the corner of my desk. 'Hey Michael, how's the paperwork comin' mate?'

'Humph, it's not but I know someone that should be...'

'It's alright chum. Today I realized just how much I hate being on the desk, it's been boring as hell.'

'Yeah, ah I remember the days as a rookie trying to gain the respect of my cohorts while peddling paper. All that filing, stamping, and signing can get quite tedious...'

'True, so hey, how was the first day out in one of the toughest districts in the city?' Quickly, I steered the conversation to Nigel's first day out in the real parts of New York.

'It was pretty uneventful...'

'Today,' I interrupted. 'Usually, the streets are hopping with random robberies, break-ins, and shootings; yoo name it.'

Nigel moved back on my desk, allowing his legs to hang over the edge.

'Well, not this time I'm afraid, and here I was, so looking forward to bringing in a couple of criminals in the, oh, so, famous crime ridden part of the NYC...'

'Stick around Mathewson, you won't be disappointed. Besides, it was only the first day. Just you wait until you been here long enough; district nineteen gots nothin' on seventy-seven.'

'Oh I know, Michael. Just kidding you is all. Hey, so what's your plans after work, anythin' intrestin'?'

The minute he finished his sentence, I thought about the two-course meal I had waiting for me on my mattress, highlighted by the sweet, chocolate pie with a cherry filling.

'Erm, my lady is at home awaitin' my return...' I said while the naughty thoughts ran through my head.

Chuckling, he folded his arms, 'Oh I see, married man ar you?'

'No, far from it. It's this bird I been seeing for about two months now, she was the somethin' I had burning at my apartment this morning...'

'Hehehe...really, you sly devil you. Nothing like a little woman to keep your bits in check, right?'

'Yeah, us men need to be serviced to keep us from gettin' the blue balls, you know?'

'Ah yes, a severe case of them ain't good, can make a man loose his mind,' he laughed gripping on to my desk tightly.

'True, so true...you got a woman, Nigel?'

'What made me ask that?'

Embarrassed, he looked down as if I had said somethin' that bothered him. 'No, Michael, not at this moment.'

'Oh? A good lookin' bloke like yourself, what's the deal...'

'Erm, I...I like the single life Michael. It allows me keep all my options open.'

'Ah yeah, a player, like myself...'

'I know exactly what you're sayin', mate. Until I met Renee, I had been thinkin' the same. Now though, I think I'm fallin' for her. Not so sure to make of it, really...'

Once more, he looked away not meeting my gaze. 'Sorry chum, am I touchin' on a sore subject with you?'

'No, not really Michael, just thinkin' is all. I'm gonna go have a chat with the chief. See ya' 'round mate...'

Before I could respond, he'd hopped off the furniture in front of me, trotting to Flanagan's quarters.

'What did I say?'

With the files still in front of me, I stared out the window a moment.

'Why was he upset, why did he leave so abruptly?'

Seemingly, what I said to Nigel struck a chord. In my mind, I was only talking about relationships and just wanted to know if he was happily in one, like I wanted to be.

Nonetheless, our conversation caused him to promptly walk out and unbeknownst to me, that sort of bothered me.

Chapter three

When I arrived home, Renee greeted me in nothing but her French cuts and brassiere.

'Damn, I could get used to this type of welcome...'

'Hello sexy, how was work today?' She took me by the hand, pulling me into my own apartment.

'It was good, love. Did you enjoy spending the night at my house?'

We plopped on the couch but I wanted to feel that tight ass on my legs, so I picked her up, placing her on my lap.

'I did, baby. I missed you,' she moaned running her fingers through my short black hair.

'And I you, love. You know, I really would love if you spent a little more time with me. We been dating for two months and...well...I think it's about time we got together...'

'Really? Oh Michael, you mean it?'

'Am I sure I want this?'

Though I still liked to play, the prospect of waking up to beautiful Renee sounded good. She was such a gorgeous woman, that I really did not want to waste my opportunity. Then something popped in my head about what Nigel said earlier, keeping options open. Maybe I...

'Yes babe, I really like you lot. That should be obvious, especially since you have spent multiple occasions over my place...'

That minute, she grabbed me, yanking me into her chest. The huge jugs damn near cut off my circulation but I appreciated it nonetheless.

'Oh Michael, I'm so excited. I like you too. I was hoping that you would say this to me at some point but, I did not want to push it...'

'Too late now...'

Again, she embraced me, kissing my forehead while I worked on her scarlet red bra. The look of it against her mocha skin was so beautiful, really made the color of it stand out.

'Damn, options not really open any more but...'

Once I got the contraption off, I took one of her nipples into my mouth, lightly biting it while I rubbed the other between my thumb and index.

'Oh Michael,' she gasped as I moved one of my hands to the silk covered space amidst her legs.

'God you are so wet, baby. Let me make you a little wetter, hmmm?'

Gently, I lifted her off my lap, putting her on my sofa.

'I'm hungry for dessert first...'

Renee giggled as I lightly licked her clit. 'Michael, you are such a tease. Besides, I thought I told you we were having dinner and dessert in bed...'

'Yeah, change of plans, the meal on the tray can wait...'

Whilst removing my jacket, I leaned down, delicately lapping her folds again through the soft material. Once I had it off, I loosened my tie before diving into that shallow pool, mouth first.

'Damn, ugh, Michael...' she breathed, combing my strands with her long nails.

To make her more comfortable and allow me more access, I placed her legs atop my shoulders. The heels of her black stilettos were scratching my back. I didn't care though because right now, I wanted to give her the pleasure I had been craving all day.

'Fuck,' she screamed as I moved her panty aside to take full advantage of that swollen nub. Slowly, I licked it while pushing one finger inside her vaginal canal. The minute I did that, I felt her trembling, I knew she was about to explode.

Coming up for air, 'Yess, baby, I know you want that...YESS! Come for me, come on...' I encouraged her although I knew she would not need it.

'Ahhh, sh...i...ttt, Michael!' At the close of her sentence, I put my face back in position to receive the gush of passion juice that was coming fast and furious.

Although some of it missed my mouth, the majority of it went right where I wanted it to, on my tongue for me to enjoy it.

After I quenched my thirst, I looked up at my baby who had the expression of exhaustion. 'God's baby, I love when you do that. Now though, you need to ride me. Hope you are not too tired...' I smiled while undoing my pants before sitting back down.

Renee chuckled, 'No daddy, this cowgirl is ready to tame the wild horse,' she said getting off the couch, sliding her wet undies to the floor.

'Then come on love, you're joyride is waitin'...'

With the close of my sentence, she sat on my cock, enveloping it with her still wet pussy.

'Shit, God's...ugh...' I moaned as my dick filled her completely.

Methodically, she started to move up and down on my shaft making me lose focus. I gripped her thighs, shifting vertically right in time with her. The friction between us was incredible; I knew I could not hold on any longer.

'Damn...ahhh, Michael,' she yelled grabbing my head to lay a rough smooch upon my lips.

'Baby, oohhh...mmhh, you feel so good...' I groaned, sensing the trembles that were not too far behind. 'Shit! FUCK!' I'm sure the whole building heard me but at this point, I didn't care who did.

Within seconds, I oozed inside her, making her squeal in delight. Again, she engulfed my lips, forcing her tongue inside my mouth.

'Michael,' she whispered, raking her hand through my scalp.

The aftershocks were wearing off. I peered into those pretty hazel eyes, while tracing the side of her face.

'I am falling for this woman...'

'Renee...' I said combing her brown curls with my fingers. Once more, we embraced; I knew that this moment would be the culmination of our relationship.

After ceasing our kiss, we sat there in silence. Just the feel of her on top of me, invigorated this thirty-six year old playboy. Only now, I wished to be a player no more. This one was special and even I knew a good one when I saw it.

Chapter Four

That following morning, I went to work fully rested and refreshed. I left my new beau sleeping in my bed like a baby, curled up amidst the moist linens. I let her know she could change them if she liked or wait until I returned home.

After roll call, I caught up with Nigel who was talking to McFadden.

'Hey, what's up guys...' I said, tapping Nigel on the back.

'Nothin, Michael. So did you go out again last night? You seem kind of sluggish again, even though this time, chief didn't notice...' McFadden joked while Nigel gave me the eye.

I chuckled, 'No, I stayed at home with my lady last night...she took everything outta me; of course, I matched her...'

'Heh, really? I didn't know that you were seein' somebody regularly. Didn't you just tell us that the field was wide open and you needed to take advantage of it?'

'Yeah, I did but the latest gal I been seein' got me to rethink that rather quickly. She's quite a woman, Fad, I think...I...might be fallin' for her...'

The minute I finished my statement, Nigel walked over to the desk next to mine, taking a seat. Seemingly, I had upset him again, still I was not sure why.

Not noticing Nigel's exit, McFadden went on, 'Woohoo, does this mean the playa might be turnin' in his card?' He moved his jacket with both hands while putting them at his sides.

'Yep, I think that is what it means. Even I can acknowledge a good woman when I see her. There's just something about her...'

The voice of Flanagan interrupted us, 'McFadden, your partner is ready...'

George had poor McFadden taking out a rookie today with him. Lache' who was just on desk before I took his place, was very excited to be going out for a second time.

McFadden sighed, giving me a quick slap on the back. 'Well congrats man, let me know when the wedding is...'

As he walked away, I chuckled.

'I said relationship, not a trip to the alter...'

When I turned around, I looked directly into the face of the commander trainee. 'What's up mate, did I say somethin' yet again, to embarrass you?'

Nigel exhaled, leaning back in his seat. 'No, it's just the whole commitment talk doesn't sit well with me is all...'

'Oh, why not, bad experience or...'

Before I could really delve into his business, he stopped me. 'No, no, no, it's just like I informed you yesterday, I like to keep all my options open. You neva know if someone comes along that might appeal to you...'

'I can't possibly think that anyone would steal my attention away from Renee. She's quite the looker mate, she's got everything a man could want in a woman; intelligence, looks, sex appeal, just...'

'That's fantastic chum, you ar a lucky one then. Excuse me, let me go drop these papers off on the chiefs desk then I'll be ready to roll alright?'

'Erm, okay,' I said shaking my head as he marched towards Flanagan's office.

'Again, I did or said something to jar this guy...'

I took a seat at my own desk, pondering Nigel's statement.

'What on earth does he mean?'

Moreover, why did I care what he meant or why? Is it because he was a fellow countryman? Do I want to get to know him better since we have the Brit deal in common?

The second statement might be true.

Although many of my co-workers were quite fond of me, I had no real close, tight, male friends. They were all married with kids while I was busy living mi vida loca, going out all times of the night, looking for girls. All of them said they lived their lives through me, often times I had came in giving my stories of nights before with just about every man here in the precinct, attending.

Nigel and I could be partners, buddies; two single men around the same age, hanging together. The plus would be that we were both from the same place, I would not have to explain my Brit speak to him.

However, that might not happen if I continued to say the wrong things. Wish I knew what they were.

'Alright Taylor, I'm ready to hit the road...' he said checking his phone while walking back over in my direction.

'Cool, let's roll...' I said hopping out the chair, following my tall partner of the day out the station.

While leaving, I checked my Blackberry to see if I had any naughty messages from my lady. Of course, there were several making me blush like a little school girl.

Nigel looked back when I chuckled about the last one. 'You alright there Taylor?' His browns met mine; the serious look on his face puzzled me.

'Sorry, mate. My girl is sending me some dirty texts is all...hey listen,' I paused thinking of how I could take a little time to make friends while still having enough energy to return back to my lair to please my princess some more.

I continued, 'Erm mate, why don't we go out for a beer er two tonight afterwards, we can chat. You seem a little uptight, you nervous about going out here...'

Softening his stance, 'I'm always a little nervous, I was just wondering why you were cackling like a hen...'

I giggled, 'Apologies chum, my gal is not shy about lettin' me know exactly what's on her mind. She's says she'll...'

'Erm yeah, that little excursion tonight sounds great, mate. I need to get out after taking all those stupid online courses last week. I felt like I was back at Salsberry Middle...'

'Did he just cut me off?'

Frowning, 'Okay Nigel, its set then.' I put my phone back in my pocket, watching him turn in the direction of the squad vehicle.

Still befuddled as to why he interrupted me, I quickly walked ahead of my partner, pushing the remote to unlock the doors.

Seemingly, Nigel had an issue every time I wanted to talk of relationships, my gal, commitment, I needed to find out why and since we would be alone in the car, I would ask him at that moment.

I had long considered myself a pretty stand up person, confronting people when something about them irked me. Although, I was happy to have a fellow Brit in the department to be close, tight, friends with, I felt we needed to settle the tension between us, immediately.

When we closed the doors, 'What is yor problem, Mathewson...' I said with annoyance. That last episode bothered me.

'Erm what,' he said looking at the radio, trying to find some music.

'What is your deal, Nigel. Every time I start talking about my gal, my relationship, you cut me off. Listen mate if were gonna be chums, you need to stop interrupting me when I speak about her. I mean, we haven't known each other two days yet and seemingly we cannot chat about somethin' as simple as my girl...'

Nigel turned, looking me in the eye, 'I don't want to hear about your woman, Michael. Sorry, maybe I should've articulated that...'

'Oh, you jealous, is that it?'

'Hells no, Taylor. I told you I wanted to keep my options open, that commitment is not my deal. Besides...I...I don't...'

Readying myself to explode since he just mentioned he didn't want to chat about my present lover, I sat quietly, balling up my fist, and 'You don't what!'

Nigel's eyes narrowed, 'I don't like women, Michael. I'm a bender, a nancy...'

Chapter five

Nigel's admission hit me like a ton of bricks. Quiet, we both sat there in the squad car, knowing we should be looking for anything suspicious.

'Erm, Nigel, I...I'm sorry...' I said, looking out the windshield.

'That's why all that talked bothered him, he's not into girls...'

'It's alright, Michael. That was rude of me, very rude, I apologize, mate. It's not your fault I was born a little screwed up...'

Although I wasn't gay, I could sympathize with Nigel. A close, tight friend of mine, back in Britain, came out while we still were in middle school. Often times I was his best pal since no other straight bloke wanted to be around him. I always considered him to be my best chum, until he took, his own life once he found out he had contracted AIDS several years ago. I was devastated and I committed my life doing whatever I could to help fight the disease.

Moreover, because of my fallen friend, I had no issue reaching out to gay men. Although I knew none at this juncture, simply because I did not hang in the same circles like I did when my pal was alive.

'You're not screwed up Nigel, nothin' wrong with being gay...'

'Oh yeah there is, especially when yor parents expect you to be one way and you are not wot they wanted you to be...'

'How close are you with them?'

'Not very tight anymore. My parents are strict Catholics; they refuse to acknowledge me as their son.'

'That's really a shame...'

'Such is the reason I moved here, away from them to start a new life as a cop. Moreover, I love fighting crime, it's my passion...'

'Indeed, mine as well...'

'Listen, I really rather you not say anythin' about this to anyone, you know the force is like the military...'

'Of course, Nigel, I would not dare. Your secret is safe with me...'

'Appreciated, look, again, I am sorry I been rude. Forgive me, I...I hope that my confession and my stupidity has not made you change your mind about us hanging out tonight...'

'No, no, not at all...' I said, starting the car.

'Good, you know Taylor,' he cleared his throat, then, 'When you asked if I were jealous and I told you no, that was a lie...'

Before, putting the gear into drive, I faced him again, 'Really, you envy the little thing I got with my girl or...'

'No, I'm jealous that she got the chance to be with you before I could put a little somethin' on your mind...'

Upon hearing that, I turned the ignition off. I heard the chief's voice coming from the CB but paid it no attention.

'What did you...'

'Did he just say that he was upset that he did not get a chance with me?'

'Yeah Taylor, I said I am envious of your girl for getting you first. What did you think I meant when I spoke of keeping my options open?' Nigel leaned in closer, flashing a wicked smile.

'Erm, I thought you were talking about playing the field...'

'Oh yeah, I was indeed, just not narrowing it down to just the birds. I mean, at times, even I like a little gal to keep me interested but clearly, I prefer the feelings of a man...'

Listening to Nigel reminded me a lot of Nicholas, God rest his soul. He used to say the same, how men were what he fancied so much more over the birds. I recall when he first told me that I tried to convince him otherwise, telling him it was just a phase.

However, over time, I had gotten used to the idea of him being a bender, even accompanying him to a lot of gay clubs while I was still in Britain. Before he passed, he came to visit me in New York. Of course, when I took him to the places here, he fit right in.

That last night before he left, he admitted to me that he loved me. That he wished I were gay too, just so he would not be alone. When we got back to my place, we shared a few drinks before waking up on the couch lying within each other's arms that following morning. At first, we were a little jarred by the scene but, once we chatted about it, everything ended up okay. I made it clear to him that I was not gay but I would support him through everything that I could. After some moments, we embraced, planting an indelible thought in my mind. I enjoyed the kiss; maybe I am a bit campy.

'I see, well, um...I...'

'Have you ever thought about what it is like, Michael?' The voice of the chief sounded again, but at this time, it was not important.

'Uh, I have, well, I used to have a friend that was gay and well, we shared somethin'...'

'Really? What was it?' Again, he came a little closer, putting his hand on the dash.

'Uh, well it was a kiss...'

'Is that so, one like this,' he said before angling towards me, enveloping my mouth with his.

The feel of his lips a top mine woke my dick up immediately. My slacks had become snug, tight.

'Mmmhhh...' I breathed as his hands cupped my face, keeping me in that position to receive his embrace.

Our tongues, intertwined, making this smooch even hotter. Slowly, I eased my fingers into his hair, combing the strands whilst devouring his mouth.

'Oh...Michael, mmhhh...' he whispered as we connected once more, decreasing the space between us.

Seemingly, for the umpteenth time, I heard Flanagan's voice from the radio. I shifted my hand from Nigel's head to the steering wheel, gripping it tightly before smacking it hard.

When we ceased, I snatched the receiver up, towards my mouth. I took a deep breath, trying to catch it after locking lips with my partner, the commander in training.

'Yes, sorry chief, we were having a conversation...you were sayin'?'

The voice came through loud and clear, 'Taylor, we need you and Mathewson to go check out a robbery on Fourteenth and Elm, what is your twenty...'

Fourteenth and Elm was less than ten minutes away. 'We are in the area sir, we'll go have a look...' I said while Nigel placed his hand atop mine.

'Good, and the next time I call you on the radio, answer damnit. I know you guys are from the same country but now is the time to work, you can have conversation when you get off the streets. Be careful, over?'

'Ten-four, sir...' I said before slamming the thing down into its holder. 'God's he can be such a prick sometimes...'

Nigel, took the back of my hand, placing a light kiss on my knuckle. 'He's only doing what a chief should be.' At the close of his sentence, he took a strand of my straight hair, curling it around his finger. 'I did not want to stop either, maybe later we can continue?'

'How did he know I did not want to stop?'

'Erm, yeah, I, listen we need to get goin'; hold that thought...' I said, starting the engine, bolting out of the lot.

Nigel released my hand before turning on the siren. While my eyes were on the road, his were fixed on me.

As I drove, I thought about Nigel's admission, my friend Nicholas, the kiss that Nigel and I just shared. Obviously, that moment long ago, that Nicholas and I had, left me wanting more.

What else would stop me from decking my new partner besides the fact he might be my boss someday? The initial kiss put an indelible mark on my mind, I could not resist feeling it once more. Moreover, now I knew why I cared so much about what Nigel thought and why he was on my brain the day before.

Nigel was a fine looking bloke and I could not deny the attraction, despite my new commitment, my body and conscious was interested in keeping the options open.



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