"Aw, com'on D," Jamir squirmed, his face screwed into an irked grimace. "Why you gots to play with my tits?" His hands raised above his head like a cornered criminal, he sucked air through his teeth, shaking his head. "Com'on, D, just do it, a'ight?"I couldn't help it, though. His developing nipples, erotically swollen on his semi-flat chest, they were a tempting delight. Just rounding the corner of sexual awakening, his slim body was a confusion of boyish immaturity and threatening manhood. My fingers fondling his sensitive buds, I drooled, captivated. Jamir was so sexy.Acquiescing to his impatient demands, I opened his sagging pants. His anxious boy tool springing to life, it danced before his newly fleeced groin. The downy soft covering of hair about the root of his dick alluring, I ran my fingers through it. Irked again, Jamir sucked air through his teeth, irritated as I plucked his pubic hairs through my fingers. I couldn't help it, his was such a beautiful body."Dang man, com'on," He persisted, backing away. "None of that faggot shit this time."Looking up at him, I wondered what demons he'd battled, risking a return to my apartment? Granting him what he'd wanted all along, I grabbed his now fully erect wand, guiding it into my mouth. Hissing softly, he trembled, his eyes closing. Like an ill-gotten drug, mainlined by the dope addict, he'd finally got his fix...His dick extending in my mouth, he wedged it further, lodging it in my throat. Another hiss escaping him, he trembled, sweat popping out on his smooth chest. Air moving rapidly about his lungs, he sighed and hissed, looking excitedly down at me. In minutes, his dick hardened, bumping along my lapping tongue.

Crying out, he suddenly grabbed my head, raising up on his toes. "Shit!" He yelped, pitching forward. Grabbing my shoulders, he steadied himself, his dick leaping on my tongue. Warm jets of thick cum squirting from his swollen head, his breath hitched in his throat. Another volley leaping from his dick, he exhaled, trembling like a leaf in the wind. Over and over he spurted, my mouth filling with his warm issue until finally, his store was exhausted.

A look of utter confusion on his face, he pushed his dick back in his pants, readjusting it as he headed for the door.

Sometimes I try to imagine what these boys must be going through. When I was their age, there was no avoiding it, I liked boys. While I wasn't cavalier about it, wearing it on my shoulder as it were, I still couldn't deny my attraction. Between trysts I'd sometime question my orientation. Did my messing around with my friends mean I was gay? Would I always be gay? But all those questions went out the door the minute the urge hit.How did these boys go such long periods without another steamy session? Did images of us slip into their jack off fantasies? Or were they able to go so long because they actually found sex with their ladies gratifying? If so, what was the driving force that eventually led them back to my door?

The few times I saw Jamir around the neighborhood he acted as if I didn't exist. Head down he'd whiz by on his bike or totally avoid me on some occasions. Entering my building one day I heard Troy taunting him, opposite our fence."Been hearing you hang out with that fag next door," He goaded.

"You a Got-damn lie," Jamir bristled, standing. Glancing at me over the shrubbery covered fence he added, "Think I be hangin' with a faggot like that fo'?"Troy and his crew laughed, slapping each other five as I entered my apartment. There are times I wonder why I stay in this neighborhood? There were more 'gay-friendly' parts of town, parts where I wouldn't have to endure such taunts. Why didn't I pack it all up and just leave?Sometime after that dark day, I decided to rent a movie for the evening. Treating myself to dinner at my favorite Thai restaurant, I stopped at my video store on the way home and rented this movie called, "A Boy Called Twist", for obvious reasons. (Hey if I have to tell you why, you're probably in the wrong place, lol!)The boy who played Oliver was delish and, a chubby in my pants, I almost regretted watching it. As the credits rolled, I took my empty microwave popcorn bag and dirty dishes to the kitchen. Returning to the living room, I turned the TV off, darkening the room.

"Hey?" a voice called.

Startled, I looked toward the security screen and there, in the dark stood Jamir, his face pressed against the mesh. Though I couldn't believe it, part of me was not surprised. Approaching the door, I gazed at him through the mesh."Oh, you tryin' to play me now, huh?" Staring at me through the door, he was apprehensive."Better watch out Jamir," I taunted "don't want to be seen with the faggot." With a nervous grin he replied, "How you gon' trip 'bout that? What was I supposed to do?" Looking over his shoulder he looked back through the door. "Com'on D," He petitioned. Wondering if I needed my head examined, I opened the door.As usual he squeezed past me before I could close the door as if someone was hot on his heels. Quieting himself, he looked expectantly at me.

"Can't figure out why you're here, Jamir," I steamed. "It can't be because you want to be with the faggot next door.""Man you gon' keep trippin' I'll just leave," He snapped. I said nothing, waiting for him to back it up."Fuckit," He spat, storming towards the door. Reaching to open it, he paused. With a loud huff he turned, his face a study in frustration.

"Why you got to act so stupid?" He assailed.

"Damn, you just don't get it, do you? I'm acting stupid?"Utterly frustrated, he rolled his eyes, pacing before the door. Somewhat concerned with his display of anger I looked around for something to arm myself with, should the need arise. I'd decided the lamp on the table should do when he stopped, a distraught look replacing his anger."You think I wanna be like this?" He implored. "You think I wanna be lying to my peeps? Sneakin' over hear on the low-low and sittin' in my room, tryin' not to think 'bout what we do? Damn, you don't get it! How many times can you jack off? How many times can you keep fakin' it with the ladies and makin' up excuses? Shit is fucked up."Truly disturbed, he snatched the door open. "Jamir," I called, walking up behind him. Closing the door I turned him around.

"They stole my bike," He said, his eyes moist. Angrily batting back tears he shoved his hands in his pockets.

"Sit down," I said, directing him to the couch. He sat precariously on the edge, staring into the distance, his face set. "Fuck Troy," He muttered.

"When'd they take it?" He looked at me, distracted."Two days ago."

Plopping back on the couch he slouched, staring at the ceiling. I thought to offer a new bike but figuring it'd probably make more problems, didn't. He sat in silence for some time, that troubled look on his face, then quietly inquired, "How you do it?""I'm old enough I don't have to worry about Troy and what he thinks. You, on the other hand, have to be careful."He sat forward, resting his chin on his fists. "Wish I could just disappear," he mumbled.

We sat in the dark, listening to the sounds of a dog barking in the distance and the crickets outside my window. Imagining he'd dealt with a lot, I felt empathy for him. A boy his age should be throwing a ball with his friend, I thought, not struggling with adult issues.After some time he looked up at me, a curious look on his face.

"What'd you think, first time you saw me at yo' door?"I chuckled, "That you was part of a setup. Didn't you see the way I was looking?""Naw, not then."

"Oh," I said, comprehending. "That you was the cutest thing I'd ever seen," I finally declared. "Even though you still looked like you could jack me or something, those hard assed eyes of yours." He smiled, I believe for the first time. It was a beautiful smile, belying the youth within. With an intent look on his face, he asked, "How old was you, your first time?""'Bout your age."Yeah, who?" He asked, sitting up.

"My cousin from down south. He was older than me and tall and dark, just like you."

"Damn, yo cousin? Where'd y'all do it?""In my daddy's car. He'd let us use it to go bowling because Willy was old enough to drive. Least, that's what we told him we were going to do. We never made it to the bowling alley though. Willy drove around and we talked and talked and I couldn't remember feeling closer to anyone in my life. My heart was pounding and my hands were sweaty and I didn't care where we were going, long as I could stay with Willy.Then he passes this park and he says 'What's that?' and I told him "Pinewood park" and he says, 'Wanna stop?' and of course I said "yeah." Jamir stared at me, hanging on my every word. "He didn't even have to ask, just put his hand on my leg and I knew what was up. He got me off four times that night and I was still coming back for more. If we didn't have to get pops car back, we probably would've spent the night there," I chuckled, a bulge developing in my pants.""What happened when he left?"

"I just 'bout died."He looked at me a minute then, his face a work of frustration, he blurted, "Why I cain't do it with a lady?" He paused, that far off look in his eyes again. "I tried but..." Drifting off, he glanced at me. His face screwing into a scowl, he spat, "Man, I ain't gon' be no fag.""It's not you," I attested. He cut his eyes at me, almost as if he thought I was being cynical."You ever wish you wasn't like this?""Some."

I observed the way he was struggling with himself and fell deeply for him. His oval shaped eyes filled with questions he was but a boy, searching for answers. That I'd had someone to talk to, during those days after Willy left.I wanted so bad to hug him. To pull him to me and just feel his warmth next to me but we hadn't moved to that level and I was still unsure what he'd allow. We sat, content with the silence for some time."So what about that drink?" He asked. Remembering the drink I'd offered that first time I went to the kitchen to finally make good on it. Pouring us both a glass of Sunny D I grabbed some cookies, returning to the living room.He'd removed his shoes, and socks. Wiggling his toes idly in the carpet, a lopsided grin crept around the corners of his mouth. A bit stunned, I froze, staring at him. From his piercing, brown eyes to his sleek, brown form, I devoured him with my eyes, eventually returning to his feet. He looked down, as if noticing them for the first time. Sliding them slightly away from him, he wiggled his toes again, this time looking directly at me.I set the food down, walking to him. He lay back, eyeing me with those fierce eyes. Like that first time, they seemed urgent, demanding action. Kneeling between his legs, I traced my hands up his thighs, sensing the warm flesh beneath the jeans. He squirmed, a bit uneasy but a bulge was developing in his pants.

"Take yo' shoes off," He requested, glancing at my feet. I reached behind me, pulling my shoes, then my socks off, returning to his taut package, stroking it through his pants. I was about to unzip his pants when I felt his feet on mine. Curiously caressing the soles of my feet with his toes, he gazed at me, that lopsided grin on his face.I opened his pants, pulling them and his boxers down and off his feet. He spread his legs wider, his feet curiously exploring my legs now. His dick sat up hard from his exposed groin, a downy patch of hair just above it the only covering, his legs smooth. I stroked it, squeezing a clear droplet of boy essence out. He planted his feet on the floor and thrust his hips upward, extending his wand wickedly into my hand.

Suddenly sitting forward, he snatched his shirt off, tossing it aside. Drawn to his sensuous, dark nipples, I moved one hand up his torso, encircling a tender nub in my fingers. He hissed, his dick swelling in my other hand as he pumped his hips. Tossing his torso about, he arched his back, pushing his nipples at me. Then, to my surprise, he grabbed my hand and guided it over to his other nipple. This was a side of Jamir I'd never seen. He was literally on fire.His toes wiggling in the carpet he writhed, softly calling my name as I fondled him. Emboldened, I moved over him, lowering to suckle one of his ripe buds. He shuddered when I enclosed it in my mouth, his hands suddenly about my head, holding me tight against him. Swirling my tongue about the swollen pap I delighted in how it felt in my mouth. The sensitive areola, the darting, brown nipple, dancing on my tongue.

Writhing and shuddering, he wrapped his legs about my waist, his feet resting above my ass. The heat from his groin smoldering beneath me, I pushed against him. He rubbed his dick against my belly, drops from his oozing head staining my clothes. Breaking just long enough to snatch my clothes off I returned to his hungry embrace, drawing his other nipple in my mouth. He moaned and writhed, his bare feet on my naked back sensuous.

Lapping and suckling his sensitive nipple I feasted, his body a tasty treat. "Aaahh, Dwayne," He groaned, thrusting his swollen gland into my mouth. Swathing my tongue across his pert nipple, I felt it erect, sitting out from his smooth chest. Trembling, Jamir dug his heels into my back, his toes wiggling in mid-air.

Licking down his chest, I followed his thin breastplate, licking downward, over his taut stomach muscles. They rippled beneath my ministrations, then quivered when I swabbed my tongue inside his navel. His feet still dangling mid-air, his toes curled, folding atop his wrinkled soles. He writhed and groaned as I dabbed at his belly button, a look of surprise on his face.

I finally released him, licking still further down, amidst his wiry patch of dark pubic hair. He watched captivated as I lapped a few times, wetting his short and curlies. Then, his head thrown back, he gasped when I enveloped his dick in my mouth. Slumping on the couch, his ass hovered over the edge, his feet about my head as I sucked his stiff hardness.

Gyrating his hips he thrust it in my mouth, scraping the sensitive underbelly against my swirling tongue. That he'd never lowered his legs intrigued me. Raised high and slightly parted his asshole lay exposed, just below his tight, roiling balls. Taking his position as an invitation I licked still further down, pausing at his taut orbs.He spread his legs as before his toes dancing to the thrill of wet lips on his sensitive balls. I painted them, turning my head about each warm sphere, my tongue erotically swabbing them. He reached his hands between his legs, his long fingers running through my hair. With each new sensation he let out small grunts and sighs, his balls wet with my saliva now. Then, hoping he wouldn't object, I moved further down, across his quivering perineum, en route to his tight hole. He gasped, raising his legs even higher, spreading them for full access. I looked up at him, his newfound willingness intoxicating, watching as I licked down...down...down, finally across his pin tight hole.Had Jamir been wanting this all along? Had this forbidden memory crept into his fantasies as he stroked his throbbing erection, haunting him? His legs spread wide enough to almost open his asshole he writhed and moaned, his tight pucker spasming beneath my dabbling tongue. Over and over I swabbed my tongue up the groove of his warm valley, painting his hairless slot with spittle. But it was when I worked his winking hole he shuddered the most. His long toes wiggling, he'd gasp and writhe.Taking a big chance I wet a finger in my mouth, substituting it for my tongue. He flinched, sensing the wet digit sluicing across his quivering hole but said nothing, his eyes closed. Working my middle finger back and forth across his wet hole I watched to see if he'd protest when I ventured to direct it inside.He grunted, his toes clenching down atop his soles then, his hand shot between his legs, grabbing my hand. "Com'on D," He contested, looking warily at me, "why you always got to do the faggot shit?" Maybe he wasn't as willing as I'd thought.Raising up, I got between his legs, moving almost face to face with him. He recoiled, his eyes fierce once more. "What'd you say, first time you saw that guy eating that boy's ass out?""It's nasty," He asserted."And how'd it feel when I did it to you?" He looked away. "Give it a chance," I suggested, reaching between us to stroke his stiffness. Despite his objections his dick swelled in my hand."But that's faggot," He protested."It feels good," I countered, running my finger across his tight hole. He closed his eyes, a passionate sigh escaping him, his legs involuntarily spreading. "Dang D, you nasty," he charged, peering between his legs to watch me diddle him. Another gasp ringing out, he writhed on my stroking finger, his head thrown back once more.

Wetting my finger again I aimed it at his tight hole, this time pushing it in. "Choo doin'?" He glared, his asshole wiggling on my finger. Working more inside I searched for his hot spot, massaging my finger against the tight walls of his warm channel. Occasionally he'd flinch, my finger apparently causing him discomfort but he didn't move to stop me.Those fiery eyes of his watching my every move, I'd never been so attracted to him before. As with that first time they showed his soul, expectantly waiting to see what I'd do. Daring to trust me he sat up on his elbows, his feet atop my back once more, his legs spread as I fingered him. Enduring the small discomfort he emitted a hushed groan when I found his spot. His eyes wide his hips shot upward, trembling to the new sensation.Probing his swollen prostate, it rolled around on my fingertip. He gasped, his eyes flinging wide with surprise, then moaned, his pelvis rotating lewdly. Taking my time I sluiced my finger back and forth, worrying his tender gland, stoking the fires. His dick responding it stood almost vertical to his groin, warm drops of clear boy juice trickling down its side. He whimpered and gasped, digging his heels into my back as he pumped his hips, his eyes still filled with wonderment. Holding him with my eyes I stroked him, enjoying his every whimper and shudder.

"Be right back," I said, pulling out. He looked at me like I'd stolen something from him. Quickly returning I hid the items I'd retrieved beside the couch, raising his legs once more. He looked at me confused until I lolled my tongue against his upturned asshole.Excitedly wiggling his toes he let out another passionate groan, his quivering rosebud dancing on my tongue. In time he was bone hard again, completely involved. I reached among the items and found the lube. Pouring a healthy amount on my hand I lubed up my finger returning it to his hole. He gasped again, sensing the now lubed finger easily slipping inside him. Suppressing cries of elation he wrapped his legs about me, writhing helplessly atop my invading digit.

His dick bobbling in mid-air it oozed stickiness, dribbling down his hard column. Had I stroked it just a little he would've blown like a Roman candle. The lube enhancing the sensitivity inside his tunnel his prostate swelled, ricocheting electric bolts of fire up his tube. He was trembling almost uncontrollably now, tiny beads of perspiration popping out on his forehead.Retrieving yet another item from my secret stash I quietly slipped on a condom. He raised up, trying to see what I was doing but I lifted his legs, laying him back on the couch. Playing with his hole a little while longer I aimed my well lubed boy-reamer at his virgin orifice. Staring at the ceiling his eyes widened when my hardness pressed against his tight aperture.

"Ain't no fag," he asserted, staring at ceiling. "Ain't no fag," he kept saying over and over until the flared knob of my dick wedged inside him."Ahh!" He yelped, raising his hips. "Take it out, take it out!" He whined reaching between his legs for my dick. I held it inside him, stroking his throbbing tool instead. A look of confusion on his face he pushed at me in an attempt to remove my dick, all the while gyrating his hips when I stroked his pulsing seven inches.

Moaning loudly he grimaced as more entered him. The situation tentative I played with his throbbing boy toy in an effort to coax him back. "Hurts," he voiced, his face pained. Trying to find a combination of moves to bring him around I pushed forward, advancing more of my dick, then pulled out. He whimpered, his eyes darkening. Holding his slender hips I took a big risk, sliding inside him nearly to the root.His eyes widening his toes curled to the strange sensation. A look of stunned pleasure on his face, he no longer seemed in pain. Quickly pulling back out I held his hips again, reversing direction, my entire length slipping across his sensitive prostate. He cried out, writhing on my impaling girth, a passionate whimper escaping him when my dick hit bottom.

His dick wickedly hard it dangled above his stomach, a drop of clear boy juice pearled atop its swollen head. Lost in a sensory overload of sensations he looked at me astonished, his quivering asshole snapped tight around the head of my withdrawing dick. Before he could process it all he let out another gasp my dick sinking home once more, ravaging his raw prostate.

"Dwayne," He cooed, locking his legs about me. Pulling back out, the tight lips of his asshole tugged at my withdrawing dick, massaging every inch so, I thought I'd blow. Trembling, I pulled back until just the head was lodged inside his quivering orifice. Then, writhing and moaning, he dug his heels into my back, my dick thrusting back inside. His eyes flinging wide he stared at me, desperately struggling to process all the sensations assaulting him."Dang, you fuckin' me," He marveled, watching my dick slide inside him. "Ahh, shit!!" He yelled, throwing his head back.His legs nearly strangling me now he held on, his hips involuntarily pumping once more. "Damn, you fuckin' me," He gasped, gazing at his violated hole. Picking up the rhythm we fell in sync, his hips involuntarily rising to meet my down thrusts. His eyes alternating between his well reamed hole and my gaze he moaned and whimpered, still surprised at what he was doing. "Oh, Dwayne, you fuckin' me," he repeated, humping himself down atop my dick. "You fuckin' my ass... ahhh!"Pounding him now, I wrapped my arms about his heaving chest. He locked his hands behind my neck, holding on for dear life, unable to resist peering between us to watch my dick plow him. "Damn!" He bellowed, the site of our union extremely stimulating. "Oh shit, you fuckin' me!"His head thrown back his toes curled as he let out a wail, ramming himself clear down to the root of my dick. Rotating his hips atop the full length of my dick, he bellowed, his asshole clutching at every inch. Like a wicked milking machine it found the cum in my balls, wave after wave undulating up the entire length of his tunnel, snatching the substance from my balls.I yelled now, my head thrown back as my dick fired, propelling hot loops of cum deep inside his snatching hole. He yelled likewise, his dick launching angry pelts of thick cum at my quivering stomach. Like a rapid fire machine gun he spurted, cascading round after round of wet potency at me, wetting my chest, my stomach, one even leaping to pelt my chin.

I can't say who shot the most that night, my dick equally unleashing untold rounds inside him but after what seemed an eternity, we both eventually emptied, our recoiling dicks firing blanks, still unable to stop quivering. Jamir was still locked down on my dick, his asshole performing wonders as it uncontrollably convulsed and quivered. He moaned and whimpered, squeezing his ass muscles, wringing the last vestiges of indescribable pleasure from his plugged hole. Although I'd long since emptied the sensation of his hungry asshole whipping about the length of my dick wouldn't let it rest. We moaned and writhed, both in ecstasy as we finally came down.He fell onto the couch, my dick still lodged inside him, his dick still throbbing. Idly squeezing his ass muscles he occasionally lifted his hips, the sensation of a man's dick inside him unbelievable. He didn't want to let go but eventually he relaxed, allowing my dick to slip out.Raising his head to glare at me he warned, "Nigga, you ever tell anybody..." Then, as if realizing the absurdity of his admonition, he stopped, shaking his head."We'll keep this on the low-low," I said, lowering to kiss him on the forehead. In a flurry of extreme emotions, he grabbed my head and raising up to me meet me, aimed directly for my mouth. We kissed for some time, Jamir whimpering and writhing, a soul set free.

"Do it again!" He gushed, locking his legs about me once more.


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