Before I was even born my ‘parents’ went their separate ways. They never married and resultantly I never grew up with a father. As I would later learn, I had been a huge mistake due to my mother’s tardy approach to oral contraception. My ‘biological’ father, therefore, never played a part in my life other than alimony payments that he willingly paid. I never had any contact with him and consequently, no Christmas or birthday gifts ever materialized. I had no idea where he lived or ever had any contact with him. Fortunately, I had a rather happy childhood and my mother decided that she wasn’t interested in marrying. Whatever her reasons, it suited me just fine.

During my upbringing, mom had a number of relationships lasting one night, a month, and sometimes a year or two. Some of the guys were rather nice, but most treated me with contempt.

By the time I was sixteen, I unequivocally knew that I was gay. Although I had numerous opportunities to indulge in heterosexual sex during this period, I always abstained. My reluctance was always written off to the fact that I was shy, but as all my buddies assured me, that given time I would overcome this ‘malady.’

After turning sixteen, however, my life was about to change remarkably. Firstly, I began to hang out with a group of guys a couple of years older than me. They were really cool and I loved the maturity of these buddies. Sadly, however, this was to prove to have far-reaching consequences.

One night, whilst in their company, we broke into a vehicle of a guy who had stupidly left his wallet on the passenger seat. Unbeknownst to us, we were captured in living colour by a security camera during the act. To cut a long story short, my buddies and I all received three-month sentences. They were all sent to a regular penitentiary, but given my age, I ended up in a juvenile facility.

During my incarceration, my deep-seated sexual homosexual tendencies were finally and ‘forcibly’ unearthed, because three older guys in juvie decided that I was perfectly suited to becoming their juvie bitch. I was a very slim and attractive blond-haired boy who only stood five-foot-seven-inches tall. Given my petite disposition, I was like a sitting duck for sex-starved older teenagers wanting to get their rocks off.

My initial sexual encounter was a little scary, but the pleasure of finally having my mouth and arse solidly fucked, far outweighed any discomfort.

The three guys who continually used me thrived on their power over me. I, of course, fuelled their horny machinations by playing the ‘reluctant damsel,’ to the fullest. In the future, having acquired a taste for coercive intercourse in juvie, sexual domination always turned me on incredibly.

There was even a warden who upon catching me and my ‘persecutors,’ ‘in flagrante delicto’ one evening, became a regular ‘addict’ of my mouth and backside. Warden Morris also introduced me to another sexual practice that would always feature strongly in my future life. Prior to the first time he fucked me, I was warmed-up by a thick belt that he always wore. Once he had taken the strap to me, as he referred to it, I was totally hooked on being spanked.

My next life-changing experience also occurred during that week, when my mom visited and informed me that she had gotten hold of my father and that I would be living with him, henceforth. She explained that her current beau had proposed to her and that she had accepted his proposal. I was under no doubt that Cedric, her current lover did not like me at all and that he had no doubt had been very influential in her decision to rid herself of me.

I briefly considered turning on the floodgates but grasped that my mother would not be receptive to my pleas after my recent fuckup. I had screwed up and now I needed to man up and take my shame. I gracefully accepted my fate after reasoning that my mom deserved happiness. My mother had essentially kicked me out of the nest and I was being catapulted into my next phase of life.

Upon my release, I was actually quite sad that my initiation into gay sex had come to an end.

I was also mesmerized with the idea of meeting father. During the few days before his arrival, I wondered what he would be like. I had always accepted the fact that I would most probably never know him and yet, suddenly, he was being thrust into my life in the most unexpected manner.

On the day of my release, as I exited the juvenile facility and walked towards him a myriad of thoughts flooded through my mind. My dad was far larger than me and it was perplexing that I was his son, because there seemed to be no family resemblance at all. He had never insisted on paternity tests after I was born and as I would later learn, he had simply accepted the responsibility for being my biological father.

In his up and down career he had worked in an array of jobs and lived all over the place. Miraculously, however, my mother had never, not received her alimony payments. As I approached him I was oddly taken by how sexy he was. He was a real redneck hick, but a fuckin’ good-looking piece of white trash.

“I’m Reed, your dad, and am pleased to finally meet you, Tully,” he said in a gravelly voice, as a rough tradesmen’s hand reached out to me.

“What should I call you?” was the first thing that came to my mind.

“Fuck, anything you like,” he said with a smile, “But, ‘dad’ would be like music to my ears,” he uttered.

“Cool, then its dad,” I replied, as he awkwardly embraced me.

I cannot describe the surge of emotion that went through me as this happened. I uncontrollably began to sob and was placated by his reassuring rough hands as they stroked my back. Inexplicably and remarkably, I also felt my cock becoming rock-hard as he comforted me. When we got to his old truck I saw all my shit that he had obviously collected from my mother, on the back of his pickup.

Upon commencing our four-hour drive home Reed did most of the talking.

Reed, my dad, firstly told me about the school I would be attending. It was his second choice but as he explained, given my history it was the best he could do. Reassuringly, Reed then also confessed that he had spent six months in juvie as a minor. Reed next told me that he was a maintenance man at the local municipality where he lived. He further went on to mention that he lived in a trailer park and that although it was fairly small, it was, nevertheless, comfortable.

A while later, when Reed spoke again, his tone took on an authoritative demeanour. “I expect you to earn your keep while living with me. I am a real slob and I am pleased that I’ve finally got someone to take care of my needs.”

I found his last sentence rather perplexing. Why hadn’t he rather said; ‘cook and clean?’ I thought to myself. In addition, there was something strange in his look as he kept glancing at me. I, naturally, realized that I was somewhat of a novelty to him, but I was sure I could detect salaciousness in his eyes. It was both disturbing and exciting to me but I kept reminding myself that he was, after all, my father.

Another aspect of our journey that concerned me was that Reed was a heavy smoker. Neither my mom nor I smoked and it worried me how I would now have to get used to being around a person who smoked as he did. The rest of our journey was punctuated by the general chitchat of becoming acquainted.

With a half an hour left to our destination, I decided to ask the question that had been on my mind all along. “Did you ever marry or have other kids?” I asked.

Answering the second part of my question first, he got a wry smile on his face and said, “No, paying for one kid was enough for me.”

Then, after a pause, he resumed, “I never got involved with a woman after your mom. Truthfully, I lost my appetite for women after my relationship with your mother.”

Alarm bells now went off in my head. Sure, if I had met Reed as a complete stranger, I would have happily let him fuck the hell out of me. The thought, however, that he was my dad, put an entirely different complexion on matters. I reassuringly told myself that I simply had an overactive imagination.

Reed’s trailer was not only small but looked like a pigsty. Full ashtrays, beer bottles, and dirty clothes were scattered all about, and a mountain of dirty dishes was also in evidence.

With an impish grin, he said, “It looks like you’ve got your work cut out for you, Tully.”

I simply shrugged in reply. Reed then ordered two pizzas from a takeaway before taking me on the ‘grand tour.’

Apart from the living area, there was one bedroom and a separate bathroom and toilet. The small wardrobe in the bedroom had hardly any clothing in it, so my scant collection of clothing would easily fit. I was also categorically informed that we would be sharing the large queen-sized bed.

“I’m very happy to sleep on the floor,” I courteously suggested.

“No, that won’t work, and besides I don’t have any additional bedding,” Reed resolutely informed me, before resuming, “There are coins in that jar over there, once a month you need to wash the bedding at the local laundry in the complex, understood?”

I simply did not reply to this, stunned by the infrequency of the of his laundry regimen.

Next, after Reed had stripped and was only wearing his underpants, he retrieved two beers from the fridge. “During the week, you may only have one beer a day,” he then concluded with an impish wink, “On the weekend, however, that’s negotiable,” he said with a snort.

Reed had a muscular lithe body that hadn’t been toned in a gym but clearly formed by hard labour. Although he had a couple of non-noteworthy tattoos, he was unmistakably a real alpha male.

After our pizzas were delivered we consumed them. As we did so he said, “I’ve taken the day off from work tomorrow to get you settled into your new school. There’s a bus that will collect you from here and drop you off on a daily basis, thereafter, so have no worries on that score.”

After a while, he sternly continued, “I expect to see this place looking spick and span over the next few days. Are we clear on that?”

“Sure,” I replied, acquiescently.

Everything was beginning to feel like I was in a time warp and it was becoming totally disorientating to me. Was I going to be a fuckin’ sex slave to my father? I thought to myself.

‘Am I overthinking this?’ I then pondered, as I tried to acclimatize to this new existence.

When bedtime finally arrived, my heart began racing. After we moved through to the bedroom, Reed unceremoniously removed his underpants and blatantly stood looking at me, as if to say, check me out, bitch.

As I was about to get into bed with my underpants on, he growled, “Jesus, Tully, stop acting like a fuckin’ sissy. Real men sleep naked.”

Sheepishly, I removed my jockeys as I faced away from him, before surreptitiously sliding into the bed. Facing away from Reed I now curled up into a foetal position. My body was shivering as I nervously did so.

I could feel Reed moving in close to me before he asked, “Tell me about juvie?”

“What… what do you want to know?” I nervously stammered.

“Well… you’re a really pretty boy. The senior boys must have been all over you like moths to a flame,” he uttered.

I did not answer. After a pause, he then persevered, “Tell me what they did to you?”

Again, I remained silent.

“Did they make you suck their dicks…? Eh? …Did they kiss you…? Huh? Did they fuck your arse…?” he intoned in a breathless and horny snarl.

After several seconds of silence from me, he placed his lips on my ear. Despite my misgivings, I felt an electrical surge pulse through my body.

“Did you like it you little bitch?” he asked, his voice thick with lust.

When I did not answer once more he bit my ear hard.

“Speak to me, boy,” he said after he bit on my ear, before resuming, “Huh, tell me if you liked it,” he snarled, before smacking my arse really hard.

“Did you get spanked, boy?” Reed then roared.

“Yes,” I replied, in a scarcely audible whisper with my heart excitedly thumping in my chest.

“Do you want the strap, boy?” Reed exacted in a grunting and totally animalistic tone.

I was so worked up at this point, that I was almost peeing myself and my backside was tingling with anticipation as it craved the ‘agony’ I prayed would follow.

“Yes, please… beat my arse,” I pleaded in a garbled manner because my throat was totally constricted by my eagerness.

Reed chuckled as he got off the bed and retrieved a very thick old belt from the cupboard. As I watched him I practically commenced salivating.

As he went about his business, Reed pronounced, “Well, it feels like Santa, The Easter Bunny, and The Tooth Fairy have just arrived together in my trailer simultaneously.

“When your mother first called me I have to admit that I wasn’t exactly chomping at the bit. As she mentioned the juvie thing, however, I was instantly hooked.”

A swishing sound now followed as the belt set about its business. The pain was completely intoxicating and as a blow, after blow, landed on my backside, I bleated like an S & M acolyte in a state of complete ecstasy.

“Yeah… yelp you fuckin’ little whore. I knew you would arrive well-primed after juvie. This trailer is soundproof, so you can scream as much as you like… and I love a noisy bitch,” he grunted as he laid into my backside. My arse was now on fire and I was in a state of total elation.

Next, Reed pounced on me and commenced sliding his cock into my crack vigorously. “Let’s see how well those arseholes in juvie taught you.”

As he swiftly entered my backside he growled, “Ooooh, this fuckin’ hole is still nice and tight. Aaaah, fuuuck, this feels fuckin’ awesome.”

In the previous few months my arse had been well-used and his entry, although hard, was not too painful despite his larger endowment. Reed did not pause and shortly my backside was being pummelled.

Reed was extremely vocal and never ceased his incessant barrage of horny banter. Between expletives and blasphemous grumblings, his febrile mouth tantalized my neck and ears. This was a far cry from the inept young ‘persecutors’ of my juvenile incarceration.

“Mmm… oh, fuck… aah, aaah, oh fuck yes, this hole of yours needs a lot of hard labour,” he intoned as he began spitting on my face.

By now Reed’s hips were going totally ballistic as hammered my backside in a berserk fashion. I had to serious brace my arms as my hands pushed against the headboard frantically, in order to avoid any concussion.

“Are you enjoying your role as my; ‘wifey?’” he then bellowed in a mocking and lustful tone, literally screaming his last word.

Now fully in the swing of things, I began intoning my own litany ‘distressed’ sounds, further inflaming his manic machinations. We were totally in sync as we thrashed ever onward towards orgasmic oblivion.

Much as I loved being fucked senseless, I did, nonetheless, have the disturbing feeling that he was actually my dad. It was just fuckin’ weird.

“Jesus, I’ve got a shitload of cum that I’m going to pump into you, boy,” he finally roared, as his body began shuddering above me before seeding my arse.

“Yeah… fuck, fuck, fuck,” he commenced chanting over and over again, as his dick pumped squirt after squirt of his seed into pulverized arse.

As he remained on top of me afterward, he growled, “By tomorrow morning your throat and arse will have been completely conditioned to my needs.”

That night Reed proved his point conclusively.

Over the following few days, I discovered that Reed had an unbelievable sexual appetite. I was incessantly fucked all over the place, with both my face and my backside in constant demand. From the time he arrived home in the afternoon by body was annexed and used ceaselessly. His verbal rants became like an elixir to me and I played to his whims as I crooned, whimpered, and whined submissively. Reed never went overboard with his discipline. The belt was always in attendance and was used liberally but his cock, however, did most of the talking. Reed’s paws were always contorting me into every position imaginable as his hyperactive hips thrust my face and arse relentlessly.

Although I knew that Reed was very pleased with the way I cleaned and tidied his home, he nevertheless, always found fault. I knew that this was part of his modus operandi because the strap had to be ‘realistically’ introduced to our sexual interplay. He would also often fuck me as I tidied and cleaned, issuing instructions about how tardy I was becoming. This, being part of his repertoire, I happily played along by protesting and whining like a traumatized wench as he berated me for my ‘ineptitude.’

On one of our few quiet evenings, Reed surprised me by talking about his past. He then related a story about an old buddy named Roy. They had grown up together and remained friends after Reed had become involved with my mother. By that time, Roy was betrothed to his future wife and a few years later, they married they had two kids. Apparently, Roy’s marriage was very strained because he was in the unfortunate position of being very profitably employed by his father-in-law. Roy’s girlfriend and later wife was a wealthy socialite and loved travelling abroad.

This being the case, Reed, Roy, and my mom, spent a lot of time together. From Reed’s revelation, it sounded like the three of them enjoyed very special ‘relationship.’

Reed then dropped the bombshell. “After your mom became pregnant, I actually believed that you were Roy’s kid,” he said with a rueful smile.

“Why?” I asked.

He simply shrugged in a reflective manner, he then looked at me for a short while before concluding, “At the end of the day, you were suddenly on the way and our happy threesome came to an end.”

After a few thoughtful moments, he smiled and then reassuringly said, “In any case, here you are and I couldn’t be any happier,” he stressed in a caring manner.

These words had a very compelling effect on me. From the time I had met Reed, I had never recognized a single thing that would convince me that he was my dad. We were simply a universe apart in looks. In fact, there wasn’t a single feature about him that could vaguely be likened to any part of my physique. I still had unanswered questions but decided to; ‘let sleeping dogs lie’ for the time being.

As fate would have it, the following week a local crime lab visited our school. They were on an employment recruitment drive to introduce us to the ‘wonders’ of medical science. When they asked for volunteers to contribute blood, I immediately offered my services. They further required that I ask one of my parents if I could take a sample of blood from them in order to illustrate the wonders of DNA.

After explaining this to Reed he got a wry look on his face. Reed and I had a meeting of the minds on this matter. It was as we both wanted to rule out any doubt about his possible paternity.

Naturally, I had no intention of telling the DNA team that the sample I was submitting belonged to Reed. I simply concocted a story that my dad was shit scared of needles, instead of telling them that our neighbour who was less of a sissy than my father had offered to do so. The ploy worked wonderfully.

The following day when they had performed their task, the verdict was delivered: “You’ll be pleased to know that your neighbour is not your father,” I was informed. Of course, this drew a round of hearty applause in our classroom.

Upon his arrival home that night I gave Reed the result of the DNA test. I was really worried about the outcome of what had transpired that day.

With a reassuring smile, however, Reed responded, “Tully, I’ve always known that you weren’t my son. When you were conceived I was away on an eight-week contract. Once it was announced that your conception date was in the middle of my absence, your mom, Roy and I, all knew the score.”

Reed then paused briefly, before resuming. “To cut a long story short, we came to an amicable arrangement. You mom wasn’t really in love with Roy and so his exodus from her life was no big deal. She was determined not to have an abortion and wholeheartedly accepted that she was going to have a baby. With Roy about to embark on his stellar career and he simply couldn’t afford any drama in his life. From that time Roy has paid alimony to me, which has always been redirected to your mother’s bank account.”

“Roy is now a congressman and he his life is what it is. I am sure that he strongly regrets losing you in his life, but things are what they are. You mother has also found happiness and deserves her new life,” Reed concluded.

“Please think things over very carefully. Needless to say, it’s your choice if you want to stay with me after all that has just been revealed to you.”

After sipping on his beer, Reed added, “I really hope that you don’t upset the apple cart for all concerned, but that’s your choice.”

I was stunned and simple sat processing all the information I had just been given. I figured that being a spiteful brat would achieve nothing. My mother was happy, Roy was happy… and truthfully, I had never been happier in my life.

Before I could even respond Reed resumed, “The monthly payment from Roy will from now on be paid into your bank account.”

“But… I need to pay my way,” I blurted.

With a mischievous look, he replied, “There is no need for that. I’m perfectly satisfied with the way you’re earning your keep.”

In answer and with an impish look of my face I answered, “Then I guess you’re stuck with me Master Reed.”

“I’m glad to hear that, buddy. Really glad,” Reed said with a relieved and lustful look on his face. In a husky manner Reed then added, “I am really pleased that we are both, ‘roughly’ compatible.”

Next, after a brief pause, he added, now that you have settled in, I think it’s time for you to meet a few of my buddies.” Then, after a throaty growl, he concluded, “I am sure you are going to like them a lot, and I know they are going to fuckin’ love you. Do you think you are man enough for that?”

“Bring it on,” I answered with bravado.

Reed then embraced me and commenced kissing me passionately. As our lips parted he had a horny look on his face. “I must inform you, however, that you are in arrears at this point.”

After a good laugh we entered the bedroom and as we did so Reed retrieved his belt from the cupboard. Excitedly I instantly lay face down on the bed anticipating the divine agony that would follow.

Next, I heard a wonderful swishing sound.


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