Well, as I stated in the previous story (The Massage) ; I am over 21 years of age and my nephew who is just 23 years old lives with me in my home.

This is another story about one of his friends coming to visit and my nephew not being home.

It was a warm sunny day here in Central Florida. Actually; it was down right hot , so I was going around in the house , wearing nothing but a pair of boxer briefs that were about a size too small. These were the ringer briefs with contrasting ribbing so the accent your package quite well.

I came out of the kitchen into the living room and there stood Justin, a friend of my nephew's. Justin had not knocked ; but just walked on in ; as is the case for most of my nephew's buddies.

When he saw me he looked down toward my legs , gasp, and quickly looked back up at my face and ask if Adam, my nephew was home.

I told Justin that Adam had went to his father's for the week end and wouldn't be back until Sunday evening and that it was just me and the dog keeping each other company.

As I said this ; I noticed that Justin's parachute shorts were beginning to tent up somewhat; BUT I did not say anything.

Justin ask what I was going to be doing and I said probably watching a lot of porn. Note here that I have / had over 600 'XXX' DVDs of all genre and it was well known by Adam's friends.

Then Justin said that he had nothing to do and would I mind if he just hung around and watched some of the porn with me .. and I saiod OK.

By now; I saw that Justin's Dick was starting to poke it's purpleish head over the top of the waistband of his shorts ; still I kept silent...

I told Justin to go to the cabinet and pick out whatever he wanted to watch and he came back with a gay dvd. That kinda surprised me as I woud never have thought in a million years that he's watch anything like gay or Bi porn etc as everyone thought he was such a ladies man.

The porn had these two hot and sexy guys and one was giving the other a 'Sports massage' for his aching legs ... this lead to a 'Happy Ending' as well as a special happy ending with each guy blowing the other's nice firm cocks ...

By now; I could see ole Justin leaning back on the couch rubbing his crotch and playing with his dick thru the material of his shorts .. and that head that was sticking up over the top of the shorts was leaking a fountain of pre cum of which Justin pretended to ignore.

Out of the blue; Justin says to me something like ; 'Do you still do massages ?' To which I said, 'Now and then if the ocassion calls for it etc ...'

So; he begins about how his back and legs have been bothering him , especially his upper thighs between his legs and he stand up , pulls down his shorts to show me some redness on his thighs. And; would I please help him out? All the while , he acts oblivious to about a six inch , hardened dick pocking straight up his stomach with cum dripping down it.

By now; I was with a raging boner , myself ; so I told him to come on in to the massage room which is my bedroom and to get himself undressed and lay on the bed on his stomach ...

I then took a bottle of the Strawberry Champaign oil and began to do his neck and shoulders as he just lay there cooing and mumbling just how good and awesome it felt .

I worked my way down his back 'n sides as helay there moaning. I got to his but and was massagiing those firm cheeks and slid my hand on down in the crack , all the while massaging the inner tissue. Louder moans from Justin. Then, I slid a finger into his hole and began working it all around ..then another finger , all oiled up and massaging the nerves and prostrate near the opening to his young 22 year old boy pusssy .. as instinctively shook with waves of pleasure.

After a few minutes; I moved on down and oiled the legs and began doing them on down to his ankles ... and then ask him to turn over.

There he lay; face up , stark naked , and that nice round and hard cock dripping his pre cum from it's eye, like a leaky faucet might do.

I began working up his legs as I watched his dick twitch and jump with expectation that it would soon get a helping hand for some releif.

I finished his legs and thighs as I allowed my hands to graze those plump boy balls of his while I did the inner thighs.

Now; I was working my hands up the sides of his body to the chest , down the stomach .. as that ole dick was now throbbing and begging for attention.

Justin was now also begging me to do his dick .. 'Please, go ahead and do my Dick ..it is killing me and i NEED to get it off !!' he yelled ... BUT; I kept on massaging the abdomen , then around the base of his dick very slowly ..grasping the base and massaging the hidden part of his dick as well. I took his balls and massaged and rubbed on both of those as he was not thrusting up and down really needing relief ... However; I went on to his soft spot of taint and massaged that as I allowed one had to softly caress the head and shaft of that nice young cock.

Sensing he was so near the edge; I went ahead and appled some oil onto my hands and started to gently stroke his head ..then slowly up nad down the shaft to the base and I gently twisted my hand ... I pulled the skin back and lightly ran my fingers all around it and then grasp the throbbing piece of meat with a firm grip and speed up my strokes as he began to come and come again . I think he got off four good ropes of cum and was almost passed out as I cleaned him up.

After he was dressed ; Justin said ; 'Ya' know .this was AWESOME ! I'll be back again next time I know Adam isn't going to be home ; If ya' don't mind ?'

My reply ... 'See ya' then !' .....



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