It's been a while since I wrote a real story, so let me begin by presenting myself. I am a 35y/o married white male, 5'-5" tall, about 150lbs, 6"cut and a total whore for a real man. So, now to the story. It all started on a Saturday morning, the wife left to visit a friend in California and I was hornier than ever. I got up to see her off and immediately afterwards I ran upstairs and opened my video folder with porn. I started the day with some light gay porn then into a little more hardcore kinky stuff but within an hour, maybe a little longer I was watching some tranny and CD porn playing with my butt plugs and a dildo when I decided to browse the Craigslist personal ads for some cock. I had already responded to several ads by 10 am and some that had been posted since the night before in hopes of a response from someone but unfortunately I got nothing.

A little over an hour later, and even hornier than ever, I found an ad that stated:

Just need to get drained, he was 6'3", average body, 48 y/o and divorced with this ad.

Just looking for a nice mouth to work my cock until I shoot! Swallowers are best! Might recip if I like what I see. DDFREE UB2 Really...If your going to respond...actually follow thru or don't waste my time.

I am not usually one to hook-up for a blowjob but thought who cares, I really needed a man's cock badly. So I quickly responded to his ad and thought that since he had recently posted it I might get lucky. Immediately after emailing him I jumped in the shower and cleaned up. After I was finished I checked my email and found he replied "yes!! wear lingerie! cum now!". I responded as quickly as I could to let him know I could cum now and was getting dressed and where I could meet him. As I was dressing he emailed back with a location, in which I knew and then told me his address. I finished getting dressed in a red satin teddy with garters, black lacy thigh highs and a pair of lace panties and left the house.

On my way I checked my email one more time and found another asking me how long it would take, which I replied with about 20-30 minutes. I found his house and parked behind his truck, as requested, when his garage door started to open. I walked up his driveway and into the garage as it was almost half way up. He quickly stopped the door and started to close it. After the pleasantries, I stripped my man clothes and presented my sissy self to this stranger. I normally don't find men attractive but this guy was a manly man, nice body, tall with a shaved head and of course a thick real mans cock about 7 inches or so, bigger than mine anyway with a perfectly formed mushroom head. His garage was big with a table towards the door inside and a few big boy toys inside, some work out equipment and other odds and ends.

As soon as I was undressed, the slut came out and after he dropped his pants I started to drop to my knees ready to service. He had other ideas though as he climbed on the table and spread his legs inviting my slutty mouth to his gorgeous manhood. I couldn't wait and dove right in. The smell and taste of his cock was delicious and made me feel even more like a cock slut. I sucked his beautiful cock for a while every now and then slapping it on my face or tongue to prove my place to him when he told me about the rolling chair and it would be easier to please him that way. I sat in the chair and continued pleasing him, as any good whore would telling him how much I enjoyed his cock. After a while of sucking he stood up and in front of me pulled my panties to the side and grabbed my clit. He stroked me a couple of times and I compared the two, again proving he was the man but then he surprised me. He had me climb on the table and started sucking my clit. He did a very good job and it was all I could do to keep from cumming, as the man should always cum first.

He didn't stay there long and decided it was my turn to please him again. I took his cock back into my mouth and decided to show him what a slut I really was. Taking him as deep as possible, gagging of course, then back again and once he was sloppy wet with my spit I turned to his big heavy balls, one at a time. Back and forth from his cock to his balls for quite a while as I truly loved the feel of his cock on my face. During my back and forth he surprised me by saying something about pleasing daddy. This got me going even more as I have a serious daddy fetish and took into it like a greedy whore. Of course I replied several times about how I loved daddy's cock, and how wonderful he tasted. At this point I wasn't sure if he was getting close or not but we changed spots again and he continued sucking on me again but this time he went a little further and rubbed my tight puckered pussy through my panties. I couldn't help but give a slutty moan as he rubbed and pressed my pucker while pleasuring my clit.

This went on for a little longer, all the while I continued stroking his cock the best I could. When he was finally finished with me he jumped back on the table to allow me the pleasure of finishing him off, even though I didn't know at the time. I quickly took him back in my mouth and sucked and stroked him for all I was worth when he finally muttered he was going to cum. Something clicked at that moment and I went even faster with my mouth needing to drain his balls of all this juicy man milk. As he approached his climax I swallowed his cock even more until he finished by giving me my reward. I felt several shots in the back of my throat and before I knew it he was spent. After cleaning him up, I ask for permission to get myself off which he agreed to. I stroked my clitty and admired his manhood with my eyes and mouth as I shot my load in my hand.

Once I finished he handed me some wipes to clean up with but I almost wish he would have forced me to eat my load as well. I also really enjoyed being used like that in his garage as it gave me the feeling of being even sluttier and would love to try it in even more places of his choosing of course. Everything considered, this was definitely the best time I ever had just giving a man a blowjob and would enjoy making it a regular thing of being his bitch, at least when I can get away from the family. Anyways, after I was cleaned up, I got dressed and headed back home. As I got home, I watched even more porn and played with myself until I came again.



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