This was all a dream or was it.....

I went to my doctor for a regular check up. I always called him DJ. As he is Dr. Johnson. A nice looking guy, my age, mid 40's. Full head of dark brown hair, clean shaven, beautiful blue eyes. I was glad I picked him as my dr, it was always nice to see him.

Hey mike, what brings you in today.

Hey DJ, just my usually check up, the basics you know.

Ok, well, take your shirt off and let's get started. How have things been with you ? Home ? Work ?

Things have been great, busy at work, things are great at home.

Cool, now stand up and drop 'em and cough

I loved this part, my straight good looking dr, was holding my balls in his hand.

I coughed and coughed again. Ok, the boys seem to be okay.

Now at our age, you really need to be concerned about you prostrates health.

DJ, that gets plenty of massaging. I've heard that massaging it, helps prevent any problems.

Yes, from what we have found, that does help. Now, just so I can can give you a clean bill, assume the position.

I got up and bent over the table, my ass up in the air. DJ grabbed the tube of lube and it. It's have been slippery, and it fell to the floor. I looked behind me to see him end over at the waist to pick up it up. Then I noticed something odd. Under his white lab coat, His slacks only went to his knees and nothing from there up. I got a quick glimpse of his furry ass and was in heaven. He stood up and applied the lube to his fingers and to my hole.

Damn, can't you doctors ever warm up,that lube ? It's ice cold and guys are nervous as it is and it's no wonder your fingers always feel huge.

Sorry mike, they won't let's us do anything to warm it up.

Bastards !!

He slowly circled around my hole to loosen me up, almost teasing me. Man , he had to have had some lessons on how to finger a hole. Round and round, slowly sliding his finger in. He slowly began fingering me easily, then he slid in another finger to get that one lubed up. Then without telling me, he slid in his two fingers.

Mmmmm. Oh shit, I just made a sound that meant I enjoyed what he was doing.

His fingers slid all the way in and felt around my prostrate, checking it to make sure it was ok. He rubbed and gently applied pressure to it and then my cock started to drip precum. Now I'm in trouble, I thought myself.

Ok Mike, everything feels ok in there.

Good, are we done ?

Yes, you can get up and get dressed now.

Well, that will be the problem, from that massage you gave me, I'm kinda hard and a bit wet now.

Well, it's nothing I haven't seen before, I'm a doctor, if you recall .

Ok, well, ok. I lifted and turned myself around and sat up, my cock pointing to the ceiling and at its angle, DJ's face.

Well, it looks like jr enjoyed the massage .

Yes, he sure did. Now I'll be like this for a while, thanks. I told him with a wink.

As I moved to get off the table, I noticed there was a bulge in the front of his white lab coat.

Hey DJ, do you think it's wrong for guys to like guys?

No, not at all, love is love, lust is lust. Who you are attracted to is who you are attracted to. If someone doesn't like it, then screw them.

Opened mindedness, I like that in a person. Then I reached forward and grabbed his bulge. But it seemed a bit more than just a bulge. It was like it was his bare cock. And hard, very hard.

Mike, you know that's not professional to do.

Well neither is wearing half pants, as in the bottom half only.

You saw that ? My coworkers dared me. I didn't want to do it.

Well, I'm glad you did, I got to see your ass and grab your cock.

I'll tell you something you probably have been wondering. I'm gay and love hot guys like you.

Well, that explained why you liked my fingers in your ass.

I wished it is was something else tho.

So are you gay DJ ?

No, I'm straight, married and boring.

Well if your hard, you can't be that boring.

I'll tell you something, it always turns me on when I have to finger a male patients ass.

Really, that's kinda hot.

Really ? I just thought I was turned for some unknown reason.

It could be something else you know.

Like what ? I'm gay ?

No, more like you want to fuck a tight hole of any kind.

Hhmmm. I haven't gotten laid in months. The wife hasn't been in the mood lately and she hates penis.

DJ, say it right, say she hates my cock, I'll say it with you.

And together we said " she hates my cock"

Ok, how do you feel ?

Good, that's easy to say here with you.

Thanks. So why does she hate your cock ?

Well, most people don't like it.

What is it small and bent to the left and kinda useless, cuz it's hard to do anything to it or with it?

No, nothing like that. Every man in my family has it as far back as the family tree has it recorded.

Well, then it's normal and a good thing.

Depends on who you are. I personally love it. Nobody else has loved it as much as I have.

Well DJ, what the hell is it then ??

Here, I'll just open this and show you.

He unbuttoned the middle button of his lab coat, then the next one down and finally the last one.

Ok, get ready and he pulled his coat open. What I saw was the most beautiful uncut cock, I have ever seen. A thick vein bulging 8" uncut cock that was probably about 7" in girth. What really caught my eye and made me rock hard, was the inch of overhang. He was rock hard and still had the overhang. And there was just a small drip of precum from the tip.

Um, well DJ, there's nothing wrong with your cock, seems normal to me. But why are you so hard ?

Well, I honestly think that between fingering you to check your prostrate, and the Viagra the other doctors put in my coffee this morning, is making me this hard. Fuck, the crack of dawn isn't safe right now.

That's just wrong, that a bad joke to play on you. So what is it that your wife doesn't like about your cock, besides that fact that it's huge !!

Well that is one thing, it's too big for her, her pussy can't handle it. If we wanted kids, I'd have to jerk off and shoot my load into her.

And the other thing???

She hates my foreskin, not just the overhang, well especially that, but the whole damn foreskin, overhang and all. She won't even suck my cock, even if I pull back the skin.

Damn, that's bad, will she give you a hand job at least ?

Rarely, I've so desperate for sexual human contact, I've been thinking of finding a woman that would suck me or let me fuck her. But that would be cheating and that would be bad.

Well, I for one, think your cock is huge and it's perfect. I reached towards his cock and with my finger wiped up the long gooey drip of precum and just barely touched his overhang. When I touched his skin, he moaned with pleasure. Who knew just a simple touch would make him moan. Then I brought my precum covered finger to my lips as he watched , covering my lips with his precum and sucked my finger clean.

Did you just taste my precum?

Yes I did, and a very tasty sweet precum at that. Wanna try some? I asked him as I wiped up a second helping. I brought it to my lips and saw him staring at my mouth, licking his lips. Then I brought my finger to to lips, moving it back and forth on his lips. He barley opened his mouth and I slid my finger in his mouth and he sucked my finger clean. Tasting his own juice.

Mmmm, that is sweet. I taste pretty good. Thanks! That's probably the hottest thing that has happened to me in years.

Well. I'll make you a deal DJ. You don't cheat with your wife and I'll take care of your cock for you.

But you're straight, you'd really get me off?

DJ, how many straight guys have you give prostrate exams to that moaned in pleasure, with 2 of your fingers deep in their ass ?

Now that you mention it, some guys can barely handle one finger.

See. I'm not straight DJ, I'm gay.

Ah, that explains it all, as far as enjoying my fingers and tasting my precum and liking my cock.

And I'd love to show you the pleasure that your cock should be getting !!

I think, I'm ......can I think about it ?

Of course, take your time. It's a big step to cross the line.

Ok, thanks.

We stood there for five minutes, not saying or doing anything.

He walked to the cabinet and picked up the phone.

Stacy, can you clear my schedule for the afternoon, I not feeling so well and I'm gonna go home. Sure thing Dr. Johnson.

DJ looked at me. Yes, I want to see what real pleasure is like.

Ok, let's go. My place is not far from here.

I left thru the front door and he made his way out the back door.

We met in the parking lot and I gave him my address.

Five minutes and we were there.

We got out of our cars and headed to the front door. Opened it up and we went in.

DJ, you want a drink to calm your nerves ?

Yes, rum and coke possibly ?

Of course, my favorite , I'll make 2 and join you.

So can I ask a question, I've never really known any gay guys.

Sure and you've been missing out on a lot of fun, socially and friendship wise.

Really, I bet I have been. How long have you been gay? I'm really curious to know all about it. With the wife and upbringing, gays were kinda outcasts.

Well, I'll change all that today. How's your drink?

It's great, perfect on a hot day like today and it's relaxing me.

Great. So let's skip the chit chat and get to business. What do you want to try first ?

Wow, you're going for the kill aren't you ?

Well, you're hard and dripping, thanks guys. Remind me to thank them later. And I'm craving some prime uncut cock like you wouldn't believe .

Well, a hand job would be good to start and then maybe oral sex.

Well, let's skip the hand job, that's your wife's job since she can't handle anything else. Let go for the blowjob or would you rather me suck your big thick hairy uncut cock ?

His cock dripped more precum.

I guess sucking your big thick hairy uncut cock is what he wants.

I got between his legs and grabbed his thick cock and slowly pulled back all that overhang. His cockhead finally saw the light of day. His precum was everywhere, slick and slimy. I pulled the skin back up and pulled the skin as far as I could . It ended up 2 inches of skin. I help the tip of the skin and gently licked from the bottom of his shaft, slowly up to the hidden head and then licked the skin overhang. His skin started to expand.

Did you cum already ?

No, I'm a precum fountain. I produce more precum than anyone else and it's more than my cum.

Damn, I'm gonna love this. I kept licking his cock and watching the skin expand with precum inside. I slowly massaged his cockhead with his skin and all his precum. Then another burst of precum and his skin was full. I slowly and carefully inserted the tip of his overhang into my mouth and held it in place with my tongue. Then I let go while my lips were wrapped around his cock head. He precum oozed and oozed. I could taste the sweet sticky syrup. It just kept oozing out and filled my mouth. I've had some good size loads in my mouth, but this was one of the hottest.

Fuck, DJ, that's a lot of precum and your loads are bigger ?

Yep, you might choke on some of it.

And if I choke to death, it'll be the prefect death. Sucking a prefect huge uncut cock and swallowing or trying to swallow all that cum.

Well, start sucking cock sucker.

Yes sir. I began the his first real blow job. I pulled back most of his skin, leaving just enough for me to tease and nibble on. I swirled my tongue around the tip of his skin, tongueing his slit, doing everything I could to please him. I pulled his skin all the way back and rubbed the tip of my tongue on his frenulum and I looked up at him. His eyes were rolled back and he was moaning like a cheap whore.

Get up and lay on the floor.

Why ?

Just do it, I have a feeling your gonna love this.

He got up and laid on the floor. His big thick cock pointing to the ceiling, still dripping precum.

I got on all fours above him, my face by his cock.

You ready ?

For what ?

The best thing ever, you may want to marry me after this.

Ok, do your best.

I got into position and then started to suck his cock head, then without warning, I swallowed his thick 8" cock down my throat.

Uuuugggghhhhh fuuuuucccckkkkkk, what .....are you...... Oh fuck, I'm cumming.

And cum he did, I could feel his shaft pulsing and pulsing. Load after load of his cum, right down to my stomach. I pulled up to get some air and to taste this mans cum. He just kept shooting more and more, it never seemed to end. My mouth was full and I swallowed it. And still more into my mouth. Finally the jets slowed down and he stopped. My mouth half full and I swallowed it down. Enjoying every drop of sweet nectar. Damn, I thought to myself, he could get any woman pregnant with one orgasm. I milked his shaft with my hand to get every drop.

What, pant pant, the fuck, pant pant, did you do, pant pant, to me. That was, pant, amazing!!!

I gave you a blowjob and deepthroated you and swallowed that ocean of cum.

I've never felt anything like that. Can I ask a question ?

What that ?

Will you marry me ? I'll get a divorce or an annulment. Anything to get rid of her and marry you !!!

Well, let's wait a bit on that. Let's see if my ass can handle your cock and let's see if you like sucking cock and getting fucked first. But if I can handle your cock, you probably won't be fucked. I love to bottom for uncut guys. And since you're my Dr, you know I'm clean and neg, so your cock is gonna be pounding my ass without condoms, raw, bareback and you're gonna breed my ass good.

Ok, I'll try it all and see how things go. I've never fucked anyone or anything, my cock is too big for everything. Even tho I'm a doctor and know all the risks and dangers, id love to feel my bare cock in your ass. I've already fingered you til you came, so I've already been in side you.

When do we do it ?

I'd love to do it now, but I don't think I could even get it up right now.

Ok, you get some rest and refill that gallon size prostrate of yours and then we will meet up again.

Ok, sounds great.



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