I suppose I should begin by saying that I make terrible choices that often put me in situations I desperately wish to escape from. Take now for instance. At this very moment I am laying a random bed wondering how I got here, while the result of my bad choices treats my dick like a pogo stick. The only thing I can see is his head thrown back while his mouth hangs open to allow his moans and screams of what I can only perceive as pleasure mingle with the bed squeaking in the otherwise quiet room. I just cannot understand how he is getting off since my body lays stiff as a board. I really thought he was faking it and thought about pushing him off of me but his sudden outburst interrupted me, 'I'm gonna cum!' All I could think was it's about time while I watched his tiny cock shoot a load onto my chest. Looking at his tiny cock finally made it clear to me why he wanted to turn the lights off. The whole time he kept moving my hands away from his pants saying that he was shy. When I finally got the chance to touch his cock I knew why; it felt as though someone had placed a cocktail weenie in my hand.

'Are you gonna cum?' he asked

'I did. It went into the condom.' I lied, 'I already flushed it.' There was nothing to flush I just wanted this to be over. I wasn't getting off anyway.

'This was fun,' he said, 'you think we could do this again.'

'Sure,' I told another lie. 'Just give me your number.'

While I got dressed I started to backtrack to earlier that night when I met him. I was sitting at the bar when the bartender hands me a drink and says it's from the guy at the end of the bar and he points to this skinny guy with blonde hair and green eyes. I should have known this would end badly when the bartender handed me some fruity drink. I hate fruity drink; I prefer something like a beer or Jack and Coke. He waved at me and I smiled back at him. He then proceeded to chat me up with mediocre conversational skills. It wasn't long before he had his hand on my leg and hinting towards going back to his place. I though what the hell, I have got nothing better to do. So we left the bar and made our way to his apartment. I know its kind of slutty, but like I said, I make bad choices.

After he put his number in my phone I got dressed as quickly as possible and called my friend Ben and asked him to meet me at waffle house. Ben was probably my oldest friend. He was the first person I came out to. His response to my big secret was that a lot of things suddenly made sense, which he drenched in sarcasm in an attempt to make me laugh. Our relationship was always like that; he was someone I could count on to be honest with me.

When I got to waffle house Ben was already sitting down in our usual booth attempting to chat up the same waitress who continually shot him down while she poured another cup of coffee. Her name was Libby. She was short but slender, with blonde hair that usually cascaded down her back, but tonight she had it tied up. I suppose the manager finally said something about it.

'I did it again,' I said as I sat down in the booth.

'Well hello to you too Jon,' he said with a serious look on his face. Ben was tall with thick brown hair that desperately needed to be cut. He always wore his glasses even though his parents had bought him contacts. I thought the glasses made him seem older than he really was, which I felt was perfect since he was always so serious.

'I'm sorry,' I replied, 'it's just that I cannot believe I had sex again with someone and then regretted it half way through. Why do I keep getting bored with the guys I am sleeping with?'

'Dude, I don't know,' he answered, 'Perhaps you should stop sleeping with every guy that buys you a drink or flashes you a smile. You have got to have standards.'

'No that can't be it,' I said, 'I like sex, its just that I need to find someone who can screw me the right way.'

'Jon do you hear yourself!' snapped Ben. 'You are not making any sense.'

'I know,' I responded, 'I just really need someone to just take me.'

'I have no idea what you are talking about,' he said. We continued our conversation while we ate surrounded by the usual crowd of our fellow university students who file into the local waffle house to come down after the drunken high of Friday night partying. The low hum of conversation mixed with the laughter in the air, while the smell of hash browns floated on the air.

After I left waffle house I made my way back to my apartment. I was still horny and I started thinking back to my conversation with Ben. I wondered had anyone ever just taken me before. I tried to think about all of my previous sexual exploits while I stared at the ceiling in my bed and realized that only one stood out from the rest. It was the first time I had ever been with a guy. His name was Chris and he was little older than me at the time. Right now I am 21, but at the time I was 19 and he was 23. He was about 6'4, four inches taller than me. He was black and had a big chest with a dick to match. It was right before I had come out of the closet and I wanted to try sex with a man just to be certain. I don't even remember how we ended up on a date but right now it doesn't seem important. I do remember showing up at the theater and reading the movie times while I waited for him to show up. When he got there he came around the corner with his hands in his pocket. I could feel my heart begin to race from being nervous.

'You are really cute,' Chris said. I am about 6'0 tall with a really light brown skin tone because I am mixed with so many different things. Kind of like the Rock or Jessica Alba. My hair is thick, kind of curly, but I keep it cut short, and black, but it looks almost brown in the sunlight, natural highlights I suppose, something I got from my mother, and my eyes are dark brown, same a my father. 'You know what, I don't feel like watching a movie anymore,' he said, 'Lets just take a walk.' We proceeded to walk around the mall that the theater was in for a little while and we just talked about random stuff. Eventually I had to go to the bathroom and Chris joined me. We were the only two in the bathroom, probably because it was so late. The room smelled like lemon cleaner and our feet echoed on the tile clean white tile floor. After we both washed our hands I made my way over to the trashcan and threw my paper towel away. Just then I felt Chris's hand wrap around my body and spin me around until we were face to face. He peered deep into my eyes and leaned forward to kiss me. It was the first time I had ever kissed another man. At first it felt awkward, but as I felt his hand press against my back pulling my body closer to his I began to kiss him back. He started walking me into the handicap stall, our lips never parting. I heard him close the door to the stall and lock it even though no one was likely to come into the bathroom. When he took a break from kissing me he pulled of his jacket and placed it on the hook on the stall door. I proceeded to do the same. Then Chris took the only step that separated us and pressed his body against mine once more. I could feel his chest against mine. My heart began to race; I feared that he would feel my heart beating against my chest like a hammer pounding a nail. He pushed my body against the wall leaving me no room to move. I was trapped between the wall and his body. I could smell his cologne that gently mixed with the smell of cigarettes that lingered on his body. His warm and inviting touch began to run all around my body, from my chest to my back. While he continued to kiss me, I heard him unfasten my belt and felt my pants fall to my ankles. His fingers gently tickled my stomach where it met my gray boxer shorts. I began to twitch and squirm, but to no avail. There was nowhere for me to move. Chris let his pants fall to the ground as well and then took my hands and placed them on the inside of his underwear against his round ass. His soft butt felt good between my fingers as I moved them closer and closer to his hole. My cock began to stiffen against my underwear and I could his pressing against my leg. When he finally stopped kissing me he took a step back and slowly began to peel my underwear away. My throbbing hard cock flopped out and stood at attention while precum dripped from the tip and onto the floor.

'Wow, you are kind of big,' said Chris with a grin on his face that revealed his teeth. I was about 6.5inches. I really didn't think it was that big, just average.

Chris took his finger and gently pressed it against the tip of my penis acquiring a drop of my precum and hoisted it to his mouth to suck his finger his finger. With his other hand he gently used his fingers to stroke my cock. I went weak at the knees from his touch; luckily I was standing against the bar in the stall and was able o catch myself. Chris giggled at my folly and began kissing me again, once again trapping me under his body. He pulled his green boxers down and I felt his hard cock against mine. His hand slid up my shirt and back down to my cock and he began stroking it. I felt wonderful. His lips left mine and traveled to m ear. I felt his tongue slide into my ear like an eel until it pulled my ear lobe into his mouth. Then he kissed my neck. His hands lifted my shirt and his lips gently pressed against my skin and sucked my nipple until his tongue slowly traveled down my body to my chest, bellybutton, and pelvis until it reached its destination. His tongue gently licked the tip of my penis taking away the little bit of precum that still cling to it before I felt his lips wrap around my girth. I gasped for air. I looked down at Chris masterful art form in amazement. I had had my dick sucked before but never like this. Every time he went down on my cock it was as if a firework went off in my body. I wanted to scream out but didn't for fear that someone would hear, which only made the moment that much more erotic. Until then I had no idea the joy someone's mouth could bring me.

I suddenly felt Chris's mouth leave my cock and his hands grab my body and spin me around until my chest was pressed against the cold tile wall. He stood up behind me and laid his chest on my back and his hand grab my ass.

'Wait,' I said, 'I have never...' I tried to stop him, but before I could finish he interrupted me.

'Don't worry,' said Chris, 'I'm not gonna slide put my dick in.'

The next thing I felt was his finger press against my hole. At first he just rubbed the walls that protected the inside of my ass, but when he tired of teasing he pushed past my threshold. I cringed at the sudden burst of pain. His finger coursed through my ass until I could feel his knuckles against my ass and then he pulled back out, but only to add another finger. I tried to move but couldn't. I was stuck in between him and the wall.

'Just breath,' he said. I tried to relax as his free hand reached around my body to my cock and began stroking me softly. The pain quickly turned to pleasure. My whole body began to get hot. My balls tightened up against my skin.

'You're gonna make me cum,' I said.

'Shoot for me,' whispered Chris into my ear.

I held my load back as long as I could but to o avail; I busted my nut all over the wall of the bathroom stall. Chris kissed the back of my neck and whispered into my ear that it looked as though I had enjoyed myself.

Sitting there in my bed thinking about Chris I easily found myself with cum dripping down my fingers. As I cleaned myself off I wondered why I never went out with him again and thought that it was a shame that we didn't meet up more when he was still in town.

I wonder why cannot find another guy like Chris. I am sure there has to another one out there.




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