His breath was coming in short bursts and he opened his lips as he felt Nathan’s tongue touch them. Nathan’s thumbs were lightly teasing the aureoles and nipples of his tits making his balls tingle and his cock to stretch out so that its head broke through his foreskin. Harry moaned and leaned forward so that his mouth met Nathan’s and they kissed in slow motion, their tongues beginning the dance. He felt Nathan’s cock grow. Its dark cut mushroom head rising alongside his sheathed one, as they each responded to the sexual stimulus. He reached down and grasped the round cheeks of Nathan’s butt in his hands and pulled him against him; he used one hand to explore the dark softly haired crack; he found the puckered gateway and after rubbing a finger around it, gently inserted it up to the first knuckle causing Nathan to break their kiss and cry out before biting him on the neck.

Fuck me, man, fuck me……. I want you so much

Harry breathed in the scents from Nathan’s hair then after rimming his ear whispered to him. 

Only if you will fuck me later… I need to feel your great muscle pumping me full of your seed.

Nathan turned his head and kissed his mouth,

Sure baby, I promise but I want you now! Put that long snake of yours to work and fuck me now.

Harry lifted the younger man onto the bed and moved between his legs lifting them up on to his shoulders. He rimmed him, lapping and hardening his tongue as he pushed it through the softening hole. He raised his head and bent and kissed Nathan as he fingered him first with one finger then two in order to open him up to before putting his cock at the drool-wet entrance. With the lightest of pressure he pressed forward his sticky-coated, precum-dripping cock head and Nathan pushed back drawing him past the relaxed and loosened sphincter and up into his chute; inch by inch. He moved forward till all ten inches were engulfed by Nathan’s gut. Nathan moaned and squeezed Harry’s cock with his anal muscles, rippling the sensation up and down that sweet invader. Harry pulled back slowly then repeated the forward thrust; Nathan’s channel drew him even deeper into him. Slowly they evolved a rhythm and their long withdrawals and thrusts became quicker. Harry dropped his head again so that they could lock lips before he raised himself and started to power drive his cock into his young lover.

Nathan was revelling in the invasion; his cock was stiff from the battering his prostate was receiving and the stroking it was getting from Harry’s body. He felt he might cum if Harry could keep it going. Then he felt Harry’s hand move between them. It gently teased his glans and in no time he passed the point of no return and with a cry came, shooting streams of white cum up between and over the two of them while his chute spasmed at each ejaculation causing Harry to explode within him, firing wad after wad of thick babymilk deep into him so that his thrusts were now sliding in a bed of cum which trickled back, out and down on to Harry’s balls.

OOOh fuck, Harry… I … am … Oh fuck!!

Nathan felt the snake retract and tightened everything, so as to hold on to that magical moment. He never wanted Harry’s cock to leave; he wanted to feel Harry deep within him for eternity. He wanted Harry’s cock to harden again and fuck him again… and again… and again.

As Nathan held him and his cock was still imprisoned in the firm but velvet and semen lined cuff of Nathan’s ass, Harry kissed and explored the mouth of his sweet tasting friend.

“Fuck, Nate, let me out.”

“No. I want you to do it again. I want to feel your cock up me again, please. Stay in me, fuck me again… Fuck me harder…..” He kissed Harry’s eyes and tongued his ear, nipping the lobe. He found some of his own cum on Harry’s chin, licked it up and fed it through the open lips before him and Harry found his cock was hardening and he started to fuck again. Slowly and gently then without coming out he turned Nathan onto his knees and started to plunge his cock deep into Nathan’s hole.

“Yeeees….yeeeessss…. harder, Harry, harder….”

Harry fucked as had never fucked before. He drove his highly sensitised cock deep into Nathan and all that Nathan did was call for more. The bed creaked under them. They knew they were making a lot of noise, but they didn’t care. Harry felt the signs and he knew he was coming again. He felt the tightening in his ballsack and his cock expanded and with a cry of release he reseeded Nathan’s gut with three huge ejaculatory bursts.

Harry’s cock head was now so highly sensitised that as Nathan squeezed the very last drop of cum from it Harry gave a wild cry before pulling out and falling across Nate’s back biting his shoulder then moving up to his neck and kissing him.

“Shit, sweet man… you’ll kill me – but what a lovely way to die.”

Nathan turned over moving Harry to the side and they kissed feeding on each other as they came down from their high. He kissed Harry’s eyes and moved down kissing his torso and tonguing him and nibbling him as he progressed. Harry’s cries and groans were of pure pleasure now, not that the others hadn’t been, but these were for a pleasure beyond any he had ever experienced. Nathan cleaned Harry’s cock gently with his tongue tasting his salty-sweet cum and his own juices. Then he found Harry’s puckered hole and tongued him hard. He tasted sweet and clean and he opened up to the welcome invasion.

OOOOOh! Fuck me , man. Please. Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me

Nathan rose up between Harry’s legs, carrying them on to his shoulders and lined up his pre-cum-dripping cock-head. A soft and gentle insertion allowed his head in then with the lightest of pressure he entered him and slowly pushed his way ever deeper until he found that place where his cock could excite Harry’s prostate and Harry’s cock hardened, despite having cum twice, and he called for more. Starting slow Nathan fucked him deeply and then accelerated until he was driving his cock deep up Harry’s channel and his glans were scraping the sides of the chute and tingling in anticipation. Nathan’s great balls tightened up in their sac and in no time he was shooting wads of his man-seed into his so-special lover

Harry felt Nate’s cum as it lubricated him and he tightened his passage. Nathan was almost as noisy as he had been and hugged his legs and folded up body to him as he discharged the last of his man-gift.

Both young men were panting , short of breath and with their bodies slick with sweat and dicks highly sensitive to touch. They kissed and held their sticky bodies together. Harry turned and took the flared head of Nate’s cock in his mouth and gently cleaned it, then Nathan returned the favour and drawing back Harry’s prepuce and exposing the pink head before sucking it softly and sweetly.

Harry lifted Nate’s head and they kissed again before they spooned together pulled the sheet up over them and cum-scented as they were, fell asleep.



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