All of these event and characters are fictional.

College is hard everyone knows it especially Rick. He is 18 years old tall slender, but has broad shoulders and smooth body. His long black hair almost covers his sparkling green emerald eyes. If he wants to stay on the soccer team he has to keep his grades up. His teacher said he would send a student over to tutor him. Rick did not know whether to expect his tutor to show up at all.

Wearing only a t-shirt and shorts rick answered the door. 'James!', James was the guy he always stared at in class. Now he was at his dorm for tutoring. He was a little shorter then nick and well defined muscles. James is 20 years old with short jet black hair, blue eyes, and just a little body hair. His smile alone was enough to melt Rick's heart. James was wearing a stretch muscle tee and jeans that show cased his bubble but. 'Let's get started,' James said as Rick tried not to make it obvious that he was staring at James' crotch. James had planned to discussing the periodic table. Rick just wanted to lay on the table while he got fucked by James. Who would not like to be fucked by the hottest guy on campus.

It did not take long for James recognize the deep sexual glare from Rick. James said, 'When there is something you want, go for it!'. Without any hesitation he knocked all the books out of the way, pressed himself up on James and kissed him passionately on the neck. James is immediately turned on by Ricks bold forwardness and starts to get a hard on. Noticing this Rick said, 'Want some help with that?' and put his hands down into James' tight jeans before he could respond giving off light moans. 'That feels so good!' James exclaimed as he reached into Rick's pants to grab his ass. He responded with even more passionate kissing.

James took off his jeans so Rick would have easier access to his 7 inch dick. They exchange kissing while Rick lifts his own shirt off and grabs James' nice firm ass. Immediately James starts kissing Ricks nipples. Rick begins to unbuckle his belt as James sucks on his massive, cut chest. After Rick's pants come off, James stands up to take off his shirt. Both completely naked start making out. Rick grabs James ass and thrusts his cock against his own causing an even more heated make out session. Both were moaning with intense pleasure as the kissed each other. 'Let's give your cock a little more attention shall we?' said James who then kneels down to please his 5 inch cock. Rick starts yelling, 'Oh! Oh yeah! Show me what you know, tutor me, OH YEAH! OH!'. 'Alright,' said James as he pulled away, 'now get down and suck my cock bitch!'. 'Yes master,' replied Rick obediently as he began to service his 7 inch meat. 'Oh! Oh yeah! Suck faster bitch, you're learning Oh! Yeah bitch get that cock ready. Where's that cock going?'. Rick pulled out just long enough to answer, 'In my ass sir,'. He moaned with pleasure when James spanked him and said, 'That's right bitch!'. Rick continued sucking like he had not had any sex in months. James, 'Oh yeah boy suck my meat'.

At this time Rick's Chemistry teacher, Dominic, enters the dorm room. He's a 29 year old hunk 6' 1' tall & tan well built and defined muscles including an 8 pack set of abs. Not to mention the noticeable 10' boner under his tightly fitted jeans. His pecs were hard and clearly visible through his white muscle tee. 'How's my newest student doing James,' as soon as Dominic said this Rick turned around in astonishment. 'He's shaping up into a class A student,' James said as he repositioned Rick onto his hands and knees. 'I am the teacher so I'll see how well you've tutored him,' said Dominic as he began to undress. Rick was speechless as he saw the beauty of what was his teacher undress in front of him. 'Loosen him up Jame's,' commanded Dominic.

James began to rim Rick's ass as they both stroked their own cocks. Rick looked up his teacher fully undressed who began walking toward him. James then inserted his dick and was followed by an intense moan from the receiver. Dominic was standing next to them now stroking his own cock. 'Part one of your test is 'blow jobs' now suck!' commanded Dominic. Rick ,a willing student took his teachers cock and began his work, moaning from the ferocious pounding from behind. Dominic and James leaned in and began a passionate make out above the student who was taking his test. Rick pulled back and began to work on the teacher's balls. Dominic pulled away from James 'OH yeah boy suck them balls oh yeah,'. Slapping of balls could be heard as James began pounding harder and faster. The initial shock was too much for Rick to hold in as he pulled away to let out intense moans of pain and pleasure, Rick yelling with great pleasure 'Don't stop, it feels so good!'

'It's time for Part 2,' said Dominic. James knew exactly what this meant. He pulled out and Dominic replaced his dick with his own. Rick began to moan as extra inches penetrated his body. 'Am I getting an A?' rick breathed deeply and spoke in between moans of pain. 'Looks pretty good Rick but your test isn't over yet,' Dominic said with sly grin on his face. Dominic started pounding as hard and fast as he could. 'Please stop it OH! It hurts Mr. Dominic,' Rick said with intense pain mixed with pleasure. As Dominic was pounding away James was sucking and foundling Rick's balls. 'ugh OH!' Rick began to moan louder.

Realizing Rick might not have much time til climax Dominic pulled out began jacking off penis aimed at Rick's face, all the time deep moans of pure pleasure came out. Within a minute his face and chest were covered in hot white man juice. James lifted from foundling Rick's balls and began jacking off. James groaning with pleasure with a little help from Rick's hand underneath his balls. 'Oh yeah I'm going to cum, oh YEAH!' James exclaimed. Rick received yet another beautiful facial.

Dominic liked the taste of cum. So he licked Rick's beautiful face drenched with cum and kissed him. Dominic then whispered into his ear, 'cum into my mouth and fill my thought with your creme.' Rick let go of his dick so his teacher descended upon it and started up and down. 'OH yeah teacher that's it, OH!'. Dominic pulled out just long enough to say 'you like that don't you boy, you want that A'. 'Yes teacher yes! Don't stop it feels so... oh!' Rick's load had launched and his teacher swallowed with great delight.

Dominic, 'I'll post your grades with the others, but I think you got an A'




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