Just This Once

Dan had only been gone for 3 days and already I was climbing the walls. How would I ever make it another week without feeling his hard, thick cock slamming in and out of my ass? We usually got together once or twice a week to fuck, but with my buddy away on business, I was surprised to realize how soon I missed that regular plowing - how uncomfortable it felt to do without.

I texted him: "U should cut your trip short and come home early. I've got this itch I can't seem to scratch."

His reply came right away: "I wish! Tulsa is lame. I'd much rather be there helping u scratch ur itch LOL"

I answered: "Dude I'm so horny the gearshift knob on my jeep is starting to look good!"

Almost immediately he texted back: " Make sure the parking brake is on before u do that! Wouldn't want u to knock it into neutral and roll out in traffic like that! :)"

"I'll try to restrain myself but don't make any plans when u get back. I plan on riding your dick all night."

Dan was the perfect fuck buddy- uncommitted, and horny all the time. We had been "friends with benefits" since meeting online a little over a year ago. Not only were we compatible sexually (he's a 50 year old redneck top who likes butch bottoms and I'm a masculine, hairy, 40 year old man who can't get enough dick up my ass), but we quickly realized we enjoyed each other's company out of the bedroom, too. We both loved football, and we each drove a Jeep. Except for being 10 years apart in age, (Dan's older) we were as alike as two peas in a pod. We even looked alike- beefy, muscular build, dirty blonde hair, furry chests, legs and butts, and thick, cut cocks.

Over the past year, Dan had begun to include me in other activities besides fucking. He made sure to invite me when he had his buddies over to watch a game in his basement media room, and for the most part everybody just treated me like one of the guys. I'm pretty sure Dan hadn't revealed to his buddies that he and I were more than just friends. Due to our general resemblance to each other, a few of them even joked that I was Dan's long-lost little brother. Paul was different. Paul was Dan's oldest friend, a guy he'd known since grade school. Paul was also the only one of his current circle of friends that knew Dan was gay.

Dan told me that Paul had guessed the nature of our relationship the first time he met me. Since then Paul had consistently acted like a jerk to me- sarcastic, dismissive and condescending. For the most part I just learned to ignore it. I knew the basis of my relationship with Dan was our mutual enjoyment of each others' bodies, without attachments of any kind. I didn't want to seem like a whiny little girl by complaining to him about his best friend, so I never mentioned my difficulty getting along with Paul. Besides, it should have been obvious to anybody that the guy had a bad attitude towards me, and really, so what if he did? It never stopped Dan from calling me when he wanted to fuck, and he nearly always made time for me when I called him, too. Paul could be as unfriendly as he wanted to be, as long as he didn't impede my access to Dan's fat, 7" cock.

Just then another text came in from Dan: "Sorry to leave you hurting, buddy. Hang in there. Relief is closer than you think"

What the hell did that mean? Was he going to come home early after all?

Before I could respond, I got another text- but this one was from Paul!

"Um, Dan says you need my help with something?"

I nearly dropped the phone. Was this a joke? Why would Paul text me? Did Dan tell Paul about my horny texts?

I didn't know how, or if, to respond. I decided to play it casual, laugh it off. I texted back to Paul: "LOL Naw, I'm good. thanx anyway."

"Are u sure? He made it sound like u are really in need."

Just what had Dan told Paul anyway?

"Did he say what it is I need?"

The next text was just an image. There on my phone screen was a slightly out-of-focus closeup pic of a cock and balls! Without anything else in the picture for perspective, it was hard to tell how hung the guy was, but it sure looked like he was pretty well endowed. The uncut cock was fat and smooth, save for a big vein that ran along the top of the shaft. It rested on a set of what appeared to be the biggest, roundest balls I had ever seen. I squirmed in my chair as I imagined the copious loads those big nuts must be capable of producing.

I couldn't possibly consider hooking up with Paul! He barely spoke to me most of the time. Why would he want to fuck me? I decided to text Dan again to try and find out what the hell was going on. Before I could start a new text, though, my phone rang. It was Paul.


"Do you wanna fuck or don't ya?"

"Paul, you can't be serious. We don't even -"

"Look Andy, it's simple: You're hurting for some dick, and I happen to have a pretty nice one. So why don't you get your ass over here and get on it?"

"You're offering to fuck me? Seriously - why the sudden change of heart?"

"It's no big deal. Dan forwarded me your texts and asked me to take care of you as a favor to him."

I was shocked by this violation of privacy, and I WASN'T going to be anybody's pity fuck! "Well, thanks for your oh-so-generous offer, but I'm gonna pass. I don't need you to do ME any favors!"

There was a long pause, then I heard Paul take a deep breath. "Hold on, man. It's not like that. The truth is, I want you to come over. I've been super horny lately, too, since my girlfriend went back to her husband. Let's just put aside our differences so we can help each other out. How 'bout it? Just this once."

My heart was pounding in my chest. I couldn't believe I was having this conversation with Paul. If I agreed to go over to his place, I wasn't sure I would even be able to go through with it. Although I'm a total bottom, in public I concealed my submissive side behind my cocky, macho demeanor. Letting Paul fuck me would mean revealing myself fully, giving him access to my most private of places.

I couldn't believe what I heard myself saying next. "Okay. Just this once."

Twenty minutes later, I was standing on Paul's front porch. I reached for the doorbell, but before I could ring it, the door swung open. There stood Paul, wearing only a pair of threadbare boxers, and his usual devilish grin. "It's about time, man. Get your ass in here!"

I swallowed hard, and realized I was frozen to the spot. I couldn't make myself take a step into Paul's house. Instead I just stood there and looked him up and down. Usually when I saw Paul he was in his standard attire, consisting of worn-out t-shirts, dirty Levi's and work boots. Seeing him like this, almost naked, was kind of a turn-on. At 6'4" he towered over my 6-foot frame, but I am a solid 200 lbs, and Paul couldn't have weighed more than 180, soaking wet. The man was skinny!

I noted with appreciation that even though he wasn't beefy, like me, and even though he was in his early 50's, Paul was certainly in good shape. He had a well-defined six-pack, and his pecs were broad and strong, the result, no doubt, of a lifetime of physical labor. His biceps were round and tight, like baseballs, and his whole body seemed to be composed of ropes of lean muscle. The other thing I noticed was that, except for his armpits, and a little trail leading down into his boxers, Paul was naturally smooth. I was still standing motionless on his porch, staring at him with my mouth hanging slightly open. It all still seemed unreal. "Hey!" he said, "You didn't drive all the way over here to ogle me from the porch. Get in here!"

I silently complied, walking into his living room. "That's more like it," he said. "Kick off your shoes, get comfortable."

I obeyed as if in a trance. I slipped off my shoes and sat down on the couch. Paul disappeared into the kitchen, then came right back with a couple of beers. He plopped down on the sofa, right beside me. "Here you go, buddy. Let's have a cold one before we get started. It'll help you relax for the main event"

I had to smile when I considered that Paul was probably as nervous as I was. He must have been extremely horny to suggest this. I popped open the beer and gulped about half of it down at once, then let out an extremely loud burp.

"Paul you blew my mind when you texted me. I never dreamed we would do something like this. What gives?" I said.

Paul chuckled, and reached down to give his crotch a good squeeze. "Well, you know how it is, man. I've got a two week load building up in my balls, so when Dan said you were busting his chops about leaving you high and dry, I figured, what the hell?"

Made sense, more or less. Still, this was a side of Paul I had no idea existed. "Yes, but aren't you straight? I didn't know you messed with guys at all."

"Well, yeah, I'm mostly straight, but I've had a few encounters with guys. Not many- but enough to know it's no big deal if a couple of guys mess around together. Isn't that the arrangement you have with Dan? Just a casual fling when you need to get off?"

"Yes, that's pretty much how it works. I like to keep things uncomplicated," I said.

Paul finished his beer and stood up right in front of me. His crotch was at eye level. "Good! I like to keep it simple, too, so let's fuck!"

Couldn't argue with that, but I wasn't sure how to get started. I knew we wouldn't be kissing or making out. I reached up and placed my hand on the front of his boxers. Beneath the thin layer of fabric, I could feel a warm, heavy bulge. I gave it a squeeze. "Damn, what've you got hiding in those shorts?"

He smiled and looped his thumbs in the waistband of his boxers and slid them down to his ankles. "See for yourself."

I gasped loudly as his cock sprang free. Partly inflated, it jutted out from his body, hovering just above his balls. It looked like the pic he had texted me, but in real life, his cock appeared to be at least 8 inches long, and it was still expanding.

Paul placed his hand on the back of my head and pulled me closer to his expanding cock. His plum sized head nudged my lips.

I opened my mouth as wide as I possibly could, and Paul fed me his long, rubbery cock. It continued to stiffen and lengthen as he pumped in and out of my mouth. He was hitting the back of my throat, and my jaw was aching. Paul's cock continued swelling, and in no time it was thicker than my mouth could hold. I didn't want to scrape him with my teeth, so I raised my head up and let his massive tool fall free. A strand of drool stretched from my lower lip to the tip of his huge, purple cock head. I drew in a ragged breath. This wasn't going to work. His cock was just too big to fit in my mouth, and I certainly had no intention of letting him spear my butt with it, either.

Now fully erect, Paul's member was 10 inches long, and as thick as my wrist. The fat vein that ran along the top of his shaft had doubled in width as it carried more and more blood to his engorged schlong. "Paul, I'm sorry. It's not going to fit. You're just too big for me."

Paul seemed to think I just meant his cock was too big to fit in my mouth. "No prob, little buddy. We both know you're here because you need it up your ass, so let's get to it."

I broke out in goosebumps. He still planned on fucking me with that battering ram of a penis.

I couldn't take my eyes off his cock, now slick and shiny with my spit, bobbing hypnotically, inches from my face. I swear I could feel the heat coming off of that big thing. It was like he put a spell on me with his manhood, and I was powerless to stop the inevitable. Paul reached for my arm and guided me up off the couch. "Come on, let's go those clothes off of you."

Paul led me silently to the bedroom. I let him pull my t-shirt off over my head, and I didn't resist when he unsnapped my jeans and then reached behind me to place both his hands on my firm, round buttocks and slid my pants right off. I hadn't worn any underwear.

I stood there, naked, exposed, and terrified of what he was going to do to me with his fearsome tool. I had never seen a cock that big in person. Until now the biggest cock I'd taken had been right around 8" but it had nowhere near the girth of Paul's monster. I was shaking all over, and my teeth were chattering. Paul had both his hands resting on my butt cheeks, and he gave them a firm squeeze. "Nice ass, bro. I'm gonna enjoy having you ride my dick."

"Paul....uh.. I don't know about this. I'm not sure I can handle you. That thing could really do some damage -"

He cut me off. "Relax, Andy. You're a big guy, I know you can take it. Admit it- you know you want it. Tell you what- why don't we start off with me laying on my back? That way you can sit on it and control the entry at your own pace."

I didn't see how going slow would make it any easier to accommodate Paul's horse dick, but I didn't protest. "Okay, but we're gonna need LOTS of lube for this!"

Paul produced a bottle of ID Glide from the nightstand, and then lay back on the bed. His dick throbbed and pulsed, pointing straight up at the ceiling. He grabbed the base of his dick and squeezed tightly. It grew harder, taller and more purple. I felt lightheaded as I popped open the lube. I knelt onto the bed between Paul's spread legs, and squirted a blob of lube onto my trembling hand. I grabbed his shaft and smeared the slick stuff all over him. His balls hung heavily below his shaft so I reached out and held one, then both of them in my hands. They were massive and heavy- the perfect match for his freakishly large dick. "Damn, everything on you is huge! "

Paul chuckled. "Yeah, and just so you know, my balls are FULL. You're gonna get a big load."


I worked plenty of lube into my hole, never taking my eyes off the throbbing piece of manhood that towered in front of me. I figured, worst case, I could go about halfway or two thirds of the way down on it, and spare myself from getting ripped open.

I straddled Paul and reached back to grab hold of his slick shaft. He smiled and gazed directly into my eyes as we began. I aimed his cock at my hole and lowered down enough to create some pressure against my anus. The fat knob was pressing against my hole, but didn't seem to be able to break through. Paul placed his hands on my thighs, and encouraged me to relax and let him in. I took a deep breath and sat down a little more firmly, and my sphincter began to open a bit. In another moment, the head popped through the ring of my ass muscles, and slipped right inside my hole.

"Oh!" I gasped, surprised by the sudden entry.

As soon as the head of his dick popped in my overstretched hole, Paul's smile changed to his familiar evil grin. "Take a deep breath, boy. Here it comes!"

With a flash of alarm, I realized that Paul had no intention of letting me go at my own pace. He was gonna shove that whole thing right up my ass! Before I could protest, he grabbed me by my waist, and, without stopping, pulled me down, all the way down onto his dick. I panicked and tried to resist but I had no strength in my legs to raise up off him. "Wait! NO! NO! Paul....Stop! I can't...please..oh God... uhhhh."

I felt his cock burrowing farther and farther up into me. There was nothing I could do to keep the invader out of my deepest recesses. I grunted and gasped in fear, "Wait! Awwwww....God that's too much... going too deep.... please...don't...."

Just then I felt Paul's cock hit an obstacle, which made me cry out in pain. I knew that somewhere up there was my second, inner sphincter, and I figured that's what Paul was hitting. When his cockhead bumped against the barrier, I saw stars. Paul twisted his hips slightly to one side, then the other, then pulled me down harder as he powered past the impediment. His cock continued on, rearranging my guts with no regard for the agony he was causing. I was no longer able to speak. "Unnnhhh.... oh....ahh..."

Eventually I felt my ass resting on his wiry, black pubes. I was impaled.

Paul held fast to my hips, keeping me locked in place on his cock. Not that I could have gone anywhere. I was afraid to lean forward, or move around much at all, with his cock so far up in my insides.

"Sorry I had to skewer you like that, but I had to show you who's boss. Just take a few deep breaths and try to calm down. You're doing great," Paul said.

Calm down? I was in a state of total panic, both mentally and physically. I felt like I had been split open, and I worried that Paul's gigantic meat may have done some permanent damage. My insides spasmed and gripped the invader involuntarily. I placed my hands on Paul's strong, broad pecs and sat there whimpering, trying to hold as still as possible. Paul sneered and laughed as he watched me struggling to adjust to his enormous penis.

Minutes passed and my breath slowed down a bit. My ass still clutched tightly at Paul's mighty shaft, but the waves of pain had subsided. Sweat poured off me, dripping down onto Paul's chest and stomach. He relaxed his grip on my waist. "Okay, you ready to ride me, boy? Go on, slide up and down."

I still couldn't manage to speak, but I had visions of being gutted, so I shook my head to indicate I wasn't ready to move. Paul didn't want to wait any longer, though, and he suddenly, sharply bucked his hips hard, driving his erection even farther into my body. I let out a yelp of pain and surprise. My ass muscles responded to Paul's thrust by clamping down on him even harder. He bucked again.

"Come on, buddy, the worst part is over. All you have to do now is enjoy yourself. Go on, raise up, you'll see- it's gonna feel great."

I found enough strength in my legs to raise up a few inches off of Paul, but it felt like his cock was going to drag my innards out with it. With a defeated sigh I sank back down onto the full length it. "Ohhh... unhh," I moaned.

"That's good. Take it slow and easy." Paul bucked his hips again. "Go on, ride it. Isn't that what you came over for?"

Once again I hoisted myself a few inches up off his dick, and this time the sensation of movement sent a wave of pleasure radiating through me, from my head to my toes. I shivered and moaned as I eased back down onto Paul's hot, throbbing shaft. "Mmmm...."

Paul noticed the change in my tone. "Sounds like it's feeling pretty good now, huh? You like my dick up there?"

"Uh-huh, yeah." I said with a whimper as I raised up again. This time I tried to lift myself a little higher, test how far I could get before sinking back onto Paul's rock-hard penis. My own dick had shriveled into a little button when Paul first forced himself in, but now it was starting to lengthen and throb. My breathing slowed and deepened, as I felt myself relax and accept what was happening.

Now that I knew Paul wasn't going to turn me inside-out with his cock, I rode him as best I could. I still couldn't lean too far forward because of the unyielding cock sliding straight up through the middle of me, so I kept my back straight and used my thighs to bounce myself up and down on Paul's shaft. Paul thrust his hips up to meet my downward strokes, which caused the fat head of his dick to pop in and out of that second, inner ring of muscle deep inside my bowels. Each time I sank back down onto him, a deep, satisfied grunt escaped my lips. "Uhhnn...uhhnn...ohhh....ahhh"

He had opened me up in a way no man ever had, and I wondered if my ass would ever be the same again. I didn't care. My shocked innards had completely surrendered to the invader and I enthusiastically bounced on Paul's big schlong. My own dick was rock hard and drooling precum everywhere, which lubed my strokes as I furiously beat my meat.

Right when I got a good rhythm going, my orgasm came cascading over me. It felt like every muscle in my entire body contracted all at once, and I clenched my teeth and let out a guttural "aaarrrgghhhh.." A thick rope of cum shot out of my cock and hit Paul in the neck, causing him to chuckle. I shot volley after volley of cum onto his smooth chest and belly.

The intensity of my climax made me lose my balance, and I fell forward, just as Paul reached up and placed his hands on my pecs to support me while I spasmed helplessly on his dick. The feeling of my body tightening up on his shaft triggered his own orgasm, and though I didn't feel the individual spurts of his cum, I could feel my insides getting slick with Paul's enormous load.

Finally we were spent. I was panting, sweating and trembling from the workout Paul's massive meat had just given me. I rested there, with Paul holding me up by my pecs, and his cock still firmly planted to the hilt in my ass. As he lowered his arms down, I realized his dick had softened enough to allow me to lay forward and rest my head on his sweaty chest. I was still too weak and shaky to try and move, and it didn't feel like my insides were ready to release Paul's cock just yet. I lay my cheek on his chest and listened to his heartbeat, matched by the throbbing I felt in my ass. Time stopped, and I felt like I was floating. Beneath me, Paul lay perfectly still, with his hands resting on my butt cheeks.

I reflected on how this encounter, this fuck, had changed me like no other. It seemed remarkable to consider that, until two hours ago, Paul and I couldn't stand each other, and now we lay here physically joined in the most intimate way possible. I also thought about the lasting effect of taking such a large cock. Would my hole close up again after the punishment Paul had put it through? I tried to squeeze my ass muscles, to see if I even could, around the rubbery phallus still nestled inside me. The sensation seemed to rouse Paul out of his own post-coital daze. "Hey buddy. How're we doing? You okay?"

I sighed contentedly and raised up off Paul's chest to answer him. "Yeah, I'm still here, man." I squirmed a little on his cock, and it felt warm and squishy. "You weren't kidding about being a heavy cummer. Feels like I've got a quart of your cum in my guts."

Paul patted my butt. "Well, at least I don't have to worry about getting you pregnant."

"True, but I'm probably going to be walking funny for a few days. That was...intense."

"But wasn't it better than using the gear shifter on your jeep?"

I laughed, a little sheepishly. "Yeah, thanks man, I NEEDED that."

"I could tell," Paul said. "So did I."

I sat up and leaned back. The change in position caused Paul's half-hard cock to shift inside me. "Ohhhh..." I moaned, as I gave his cock another squeeze with my ass muscles.

"Damn, son, don't tell me you want more! What happened to 'just this once'?" Paul said.

I'm usually a one-shot guy, but I knew I needed more of Paul's amazing dick. I contracted my ass muscles and gyrated my hips, sending a wave of pleasure through me as his cock began to stiffen inside me.

I taunted him, "What's the matter? Did I wear you out already?"

"Not by a long shot, smart-ass. But be careful what you wish for. We can go again, but it's gonna take me a LOT longer to cum the second time. Are you sure you can handle it?"

"Fuck yeah, cowboy!"

"Okay, but this time I wanna take you from behind. Get on all fours!"

Slowly I raised myself up off of Paul's beautiful manhood, not wanting to let go of it, even temporarily. Finally the head plopped out with a little wet slurping sound. I turned around on the bed to get in position, and gasped when I saw Paul's slimy, erect cock. I couldn't believe I had taken that huge thing inside my body, and would be taking it again momentarily.

Without a word, I got on all fours and crouched down, keeping my ass high in the air. Paul had me spin around so my ass was at the edge of the bed, and he stood up and took aim. "It should go in easier now that I got you opened up."

I grunted my agreement and held on to the bed, bracing myself for another impalement. This time when Paul penetrated me, his massive tool slid in smoothly, since my chute was slick with his load from our first coupling. I sighed happily as I was once again filled to capacity with the biggest, most satisfying cock I had ever encountered.

I wiggled my butt to let Paul know I was ready to fuck, and he was off to the races. He grabbed my hips with both hands and began thrusting deeply into my slick, slack asshole. I moaned involuntarily with each stroke, but my attitude towards Paul's cock had changed from fear and apprehension to greedy, lusty need. I lowered my head down onto the bed and pushed my ass even higher, encouraging Paul to pound me like a jackhammer. He long-stroked me wordlessly, varying his angle occasionally to fully explore my depths.

After what seemed like an eternity, but was, in reality probably 20 minutes, Paul spoke. "Damn, Andy you're a greedy fucker, aren't you? I figured I'd make you cry like a little bitch, but you're taking it like a champ!"

I was in a state of fucked-out bliss that made it difficult to talk. "Uh-huh... don't.... uhhh...stop...mmmm..."

Paul laughed at my lust-crazed babbling and continued his rapid-fire strokes. Every thrust sent warm waves of pleasure through my entire body. I clawed at the sheets and whimpered as Paul used my hole. My cock had fluffed up about halfway, so I reached down to grab it. Unfortunately, lifting my hand off the bed caused me to lose my balance, and on Paul's next forceful thrust, he knocked me forward onto my belly. His cock withdrew with a loud, wet slurp and I cried out in surprise, feeling suddenly very empty.

"PLEASE don't stop!" I begged, as I raised back up on my hands and knees.

"Don't worry, bro. I'm not done with you yet."

I sighed with relief as Paul re-entered me. I stroked my own cock, and was surprised to feel the onset of a second climax. Behind me, Paul's rhythm had changed. He picked up the pace, and I figured his own orgasm must be imminent. I felt his cock expand slightly as he shoved it home one last time and held still. He cried out and I felt each throb as he emptied his second load of the day into me. My own orgasm was eluding me, as I stroked my cock and clamped down as tightly as I was able to on Paul's big pole.

After his climax subsided, Paul held still and let me catch up to him. I shoved myself back onto his cock, grinding my ass against his pubes. "Hold on," I grunted, "don't... move...uhhh... almost..."

And then I exploded. My second load was much less in volume, but no less intense. I gritted my teeth as my body tensed and tightened.

Finally I was done, completely drained and dazed. Behind me, Paul was ever-so-slightly rocking back and forth, keeping up a gentle in and out motion. With each little thrust I could feel that he was gradually withdrawing his dick, and I protested by gripping him with my ass muscles once more. "Where do you think YOU'RE going?" I asked him.

"Andy, buddy, I love your ass, but I can't stay in there forever. Right now I've really gotta piss, so you either have to let me go, or you're gonna get a LOT fuller."

I looked over my shoulder at the man who had just rocked my world, who had, perhaps, turned me into a "size queen." I flashed him a devilish grin. "Well, just this once..."


Andy Avery



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