Conner grabbed Ben's shoulders and pulled him closer, their lips touched. Ben's tongue drove into Conner's mouth as he reached down to conners pants, undoing his zipper. They took of their shirts, Ben's abs were so friken sexy, Conner had the hottest nipples in the world, Ben started to lick them. Conner moaned. Ben licked down his body, all the way to Conner's briefs, his cock visible through the fabric. Ben licked conners cock through the them, his hands moved up to his waist, he pulled them down. There was conners beautiful cock, 7 inches with a gorgeous head. Ben started to lick the cock, rubbing it over his face. He took the cock in. Conner smiled. Ben started to suck more and more, his tongue massaging the head inside. Conner started to pump his dick into Ben's mouth, Ben rubbing his own cock through his pants. Conner reluctantly slowly pulled his cock out. He kissed Ben, then knelt to his pants. He pulled down the pants and the briefs, in front of him was a long cock of 7 and a half inches, god it was hot. Conner sucked the fuck out of it, Ben pushing his cock in and out, pre-cum all over Conner's face. Ben leaned over and started to finger Conner, he had a tight little ass. Conner turned and faced his ass to bens mouth, ben leaned in and smelled it. It was a twink ass, he started to lick, occasionally dipping his tongue in. Conner groaned with satisfaction. Ben lined his cock up with conners ass, he slowly pushed his big fuckin cock in, conner was in pain, and he loved it. Soon the whole thing was in and ben was pumping away at conners ass, ben was smiling as he fucked his friend. Ben wanted to change position, so ben layed down and conner lowered onto ben's big cock, and started to ride. Ben pumping up and Conner squatting down, ben had his hands on conners hips pushing him all the way. Ben squinted, he was getting close, he pulled his cock out and put it near conners mouth, cumming all over his face, the cum was so tasty. They groaned, conner was ready too, but ben had better plans. He pulled his legs over his head, his ass up in the air, conner leaned down and licked and tongue fucked his white tight boy ass. Ben turned so he was in doggy position, conner rammed his cock up his ass. Ben whimpered. Conner started fucking the crap out of him, again and again he forced his cock up his ass, he turned ben over and fucked him, feeling him up as he did it. Conner's cock was pulsing, he took his cock out and came on ben's abs. Conner licked the cum up of them, then shared it with ben, ben grabbed conners ass and put his own cum into his ass, fucking it with his fingers again. They laid back and smiled.




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