I'm sure there's more than just me out there who realize, that being gay when your in high school sucks. You get made fun of, rumors spread quickly, and before you know it, the whole school knows which pretty much kills your chances of bagging everyone's fantasy, the 'straight' male.

Playing sports my entire life sucked because you just wanted to rip the hottest guys on your team or opposing teams pants off and go to town on what you know is a perfect cock. We all know that you can just look at some athletes and know they know how to fuck like a champ!

Anyway, it was my junior year of high school. Football season. Football was always huge at our school no matter how bad we were. After being in the popular crowd my entire school career, word got around that I was gay with one of my best friends who was a freshman at the time. Of course it was true. He was a fucking stud that could fuck for hours because he was a horny teenager. It was great, but couldn't tell anyone that.

I was pretty smart in school, it always came easy to me. So I offered to tutor my friend who was the quarterback of our team. Just picture him. About 6'1 190, muscle, tanned skin, reddish brown hair, and his best traits: 8 inch cut cock and an ass to die for. Perfect bubble butt! Just imagine him in the pants.

Everyday for weeks he would stop by after practice, shower at my place, and then we would study for an hour or so. This day was completely different. He had gotten hurt at practice so he came over a little sooner. No parents home, so perfect timing ya know. He limped into my house and I helped him upstairs.

'Yo no homo, but I need help getting out of my clothes' he yelled from the bathroom. I helped him get out of his shirt, hands shaking. And then his pants. Then the real dilemma.

'Its just a jock strap dude. Don't be scared' he said as I moved my hands towards it. 'Just be gentle with it.'

I took off his jockstrap and revealed his semi hard cock. Even better than I imagined. Thickness was fucking hot and sweat trickled down which made for one hot cock.

I went to move away but he grabbed my head and moved it down to his cock. 'Don't act like you haven't wanted this' he laughed.

I dropped to my knees and put his cock in my mouth. I put one hand under his balls and the other on his ass and started to suck faster making sure to get every part of his thick shaft.

'Damn dude. This is fucking hot!' he moaned as he moved towards the shower.

I took off my clothes and followed him into the shower. He grabbed my head and forced me down on his cock as water flowed down his chest. I started to jerk his shaft harder and faster as I pinned his back to the shower wall. He began to play with my cock with his feet. 'I want some of that' he said.

Of course no objection from me. He went down on me for a few seconds before I began to face fuck him. Each thrust causing his mouth to slobber all over my cock. He stoof up after sucking and pinned me stomach first against the wall. I knew what was coming next.

I felt his hands grasp onto my ass. 'You ready for this?' he asked. I slowly felt penetration and a firmer grip on my hips. He slowly pushed all the way in and my toes curled up in a little bit of pain but pure heaven! He began to slowly go in and out as his right hand reached towards my cock. I lifted my leg onto the wall so he could fuck me deeper.

He turned me around after a minute or so of quick hard thrusts. Then he did the unthinkable. He backed me in towards the wall and slowly began to sit on my cock. I bent him over and shoved it all the way in. His hand reached around my ass and pulled me in.

'Deeper!' he yelled.

I grabbed a hold of his hair and fucked him hard. Pre cum leaked out of his cock as I gave him a reach around.

'I'm gonna fucking shoot' I yelled.

'So am I'

I kept thrusting as he shot cum all over my shower curtain. I pulled out and fired a load onto his back and hole. I slapped my cock against his hole and stuck it back in for a minute.

The total jock was a total power bottom. No clue if that was his first time, but my fantasy was complete. The first of many great stories to share!



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