After hundreds of years of meaningless wars, countless deaths and many wounded, the two kingdoms of Flora and Infernia finally decided to call a truce. Normally none of them would want to raise the white flag, but in this case it was necessary.

The reason for this truce, you ask?

The birth of two baby princes, prince Dahlia of Flora and prince Flario III of Infernia.

As queen Aurelia of Flora stared into the beautiful green eyes of her newborn child, she knew that Dahlia would one day end this war once and for all. She tousled his fiery red curls and caressed his pale green skin. She planted a kiss on his forehead.

This made up for the grief she had felt when she heard from her royal spies that her husband had committed adultery with the king of Infernia. That had been the worst day of her life. Never had she felt so alone. But now she had her beautiful Dahlia and her cheating husband could rot in hell for all she cared.

Queen Pyrin of Infernia gently rocked Flario in his crib. This was by far the best thing to happen to her in a while. Ever since the day she caught her husband fucking the enemy, she spent every moment training in the royal sparring room, trying to get the image out of her head.

The pain she felt when she caught her husband, king Flario II, between the legs of none other than king Aurelius of Flora was near the point of unbearableness. It took every shred of self control she could find not burn the both of them to ashes.

As she rocked her baby boy to a gentle sleep, she forgot all about her husband. Flario was all that mattered now. Nothing else. Not even that meaningless war between Flora and Infernia. She knew for some unknown reason that her son would one day save the world.


Eighteen years later..

It was a beautiful day. The sky was blue and the sun was shining. In the royal gardens of Flora the young prince Dahlia made his way to the small door in the north corner of the castle walls. The door was hidden behind a layer of thorny vines and beautiful flowers.

Before slipping between the hidden opening, Dahlia cautiously looked around to see if any of the guards had seen him. The gate led to the neighboring forest, which granted him cover from the guards in the high towers of the royal castle.

It was hard enough slipping passed the guards posted outside his bedroom. And even harder getting passed the ones at the main gate. Many times had he wondered why there were always so many guards around.

When he asked his mother why this was, she always smiled at him and ignored the question. His father wasn't much help either. When asked this question king Aurelius stammered nervously and began rambling about some corny story about how he and his brother would go into the barn at night to drink berry juice. That story didn't make any sense. Dahlia knew about his father's affair with the king of Infernia. The rumors had made sure of that.

Something horrible must have happened for both his parents to be so cautious. He knew it couldn't be because of the war, since a peace treaty was signed many years ago. And the trolls didn't pose much of a threat, since they were cowardly creatures who preyed on innocent young men.

Dahlia had heard whispers of a psychotic lunatic who also had his mind set on young boys. He would kidnap them and sexually abuse them. Then he would return them home. Nobody had ever seen this man. And the abused boys were too scared to even mention the traumatic experience.

Dahlia shook these thoughts off and continued his journey through the forest. He didn't know where he got it from, but he always seemed to break the rules. His mother telling him not to do something, would only raise his curiosity.

"Don't go outside the palace walls," queen Aurelia would say.

But all that Dahlia understood was: "PLEASE go outside the palace walls, darling."

The fields were located far enough from the castle so that no one would see him. It was a daily routine of his. He went to the fields to relax. To be free and careless. He would take his sketchbook out and draw the landscape or the many animals that roamed this area.

The fresh air filled his nostrils and the gentle breeze that always seemed to be there would send his fiery red curls dancing with delight. He sang and danced and rolled around in the grass. He picked flowers and planted them in his hair one by one.

Dahlia studied himself in his small hand mirror and gave an approving nod. He then dropped the mirror and stormed in the direction of a small hill. He stood at the top and peered down, excitement showing in his beautiful green eyes.

Then he started running down the hill. When he was halfway down he tripped and rolled the rest of the way down. He laughed and giggled and was as happy as one could be. As he lay there in the grass many colorful flowers grew all around him.

Before long butterflies were fluttering around his head. They landed on his face and in his hair, making him feel like the most carefree spirit in the entire world. He giggled when one of them tickled his nose.

"That looked like fun," someone suddenly spoke.

Dahlia sat up and saw who had spoken. It was a boy of the same age as him. His brown shoulder long hair was tied in a ponytail. His naked upper body glistened in the morning sun. The six-pack abs and strong pecs with dark chewy nipples almost made Dahlia's mouth water. A sword hung from the boy's left hip and in his hands he held a pair of black leather boots.

"It was," Dahlia smiled, "care to join me?"

"Don't mind if I do," the boy said, a wide grin on his face. He made his way over to Dahlia and the prince of Flora couldn't help but notice the sensual way this boy's hips swayed and the way his muscular body rippled when he walked.

"I'm Flario," the boy said as he sat down next to Dahlia, "in case you were wondering."

"I was wondering that," Dahlia chuckled. "I'm Dahlia."

It took every bit of self control Flario had not spread those beautiful green legs apart and violently ravish this pretty boy. But instead he quickly stood up and stuck his hand out to Dahlia.

"Come on," he said, "let's go for a swim. I seriously need to cool off."

Dahlia took Flario's hand and let this hunky devil of a man pull him to his feet. Dahlia lost his balance and tumbled into Flario's muscular arms.

"Hey, I gotcha," Flario chuckled. "A little clumsy are we?"

A blush spread across Dahlia's face as he stared into Flario's eyes. They were red with just a hint of orange in them. He wanted nothing more than to kiss Flario. But instead he gently wormed himself out of Flario's strong arms.

Flario stuck out his hand again and Dahlia took it. Together they strolled to the nearest spring. They didn't speak. But the silence wasn't awkward or anything, it was rather pleasant.

"W-what are you doing?!" Dahlia had an astonished look on his face as he saw Flario unbuttoning his blue jeans and pushing them down to his ankles. Flario stood there in all his naked glory. And he looked gorgeous.

His ass cheeks were muscular and well-rounded. And this time Dahlia's mouth really did water. Flario's body put Dahlia's entire body to shame. He wasn't skinny or anything, he had a slim body built like most of his people. With just the right amount of muscle here and there.

"What, you've never seen a naked guy before?" Flario asked while turning around. His thick flaccid penis was swaying freely between his legs, his massive balls hung low from his scrotum. When he saw that Dahlia didn't answer, he continued: "You like what you see?" He sucked his lower lip between his teeth and flashed Dahlia his one hundred gold piece smile.

Dahlia ignored the question and turned his blushing face away from Flario.

"Come on," Flario urged, "get rid of those ridiculous leaves and pull that weed and those flowers out of your hair and let's go for a swim."

That's when Dahlia snapped. "It's a carefully crafted undergarment and this is not a weed, it's wreath!" He wanted to storm off, but Flario took his arm and pulled him in for a kiss. Dahlia resisted at first, but soon gave in to the moment. He put one hand on Flario's chest and slowly lowered it to his rock-hard abs.

"You can go lower if you want," Flario panted as he broke the kiss. He ran his fingers through Dahlia's fiery red curls and caressed his blushing cheeks. Then he planted a kiss on Dahlia's freckled nose. "My God, you're beautiful," he whispered.

Flario softly moaned as he felt Dahlia's thin trembling fingers grabbed hold of his now not so flaccid cock, which stood proud at a length of nine inches when fully erect. Then Dahlia slowly began to stroke the shaft, causing Flario to moan once more.

"Oh, yeah," Flario moaned. "You've done this before, haven't you," he panted.

"Not really," Dahlia whispered while planting kisses on Flario's neck and chest, "it's a natural talent I guess."

"Oh," Flario moaned slash laughed, "beautiful and funny." He pulled Dahlia in for another kiss, this time invading the beautiful prince's mouth with his tongue. Dahlia's tongue didn't take well to the invasion and lashed out at the intruder.

"Fuck, you're hot," Flario breathed in Dahlia's mouth. He couldn't take it anymore. He broke the kiss and knelt down before Dahlia. He ripped the undergarment from Dahlia's body and immediately took Dahlia's erect six inch penis in his hot mouth.

Dahlia almost fell over from the pleasure that rushed from his groin to his head. He grabbed the back of Flario's head and urged the hunky young man to take his manhood deeper into his mouth.

Flario did this with ease. He swallowed Dahlia's cock all the way to balls, sending the prince of Flora into a world of pleasure. He couldn't hold back. He felt that he was cumming.

"I'm gonna.. shoot.. " And a few seconds later he was filling Flario's throat with his hot sticky cum. His body trembled and he could barely maintain his balance.

"You're cum tastes like honey," Flario said while licking his lips.

"I know," Dahlia smiled. "Now let's see what yours tastes like." He pushed Flario to the ground and rolled on top of him. He kissed Flario's neck, paying special attention to his exposed Adam's apple. Then slid down, pleasuring Flario's nipples one by one, chewing on them as if they were two pieces of candy. He slid further down and licked the sweat off of Flario's six-pack, taking pleasure out of the moans that escaped from Flario's throat. When he reached Flario's pubic hair, he took a big whiff of the manly aroma rising from that area, which sent him into an undescribable frenzy.

Finally he reached Flario's nine inch monster. "Your cock is so big."

"Hmm, I know," Flario moaned.

Dahlia didn't waste any time and popped Flario's glans into his hungry mouth. He sucked on the cock-head as if it were yet another piece of candy. Flario moaned under his breath as Dahlia pleasured him with his magic mouth.

"You sure you've never.. ahh.. done this before?" Flario asked, barely able to form complete sentences. "You're amazing.. ahhh.. "

"As I said before," Dahlia said, releasing Flario's cock-head from his mouth, "maybe I'm a natural.. " Then he swallowed Flario's nine inch beast to balls.

Flario let out a beastly howl and instantly came in Dahlia's mouth, shooting a thick stream of hot man juice down Dahlia's throat.

Dahlia, startled by the sound, choked on Flario's cock and sperm altogether. He pushed himself off of Flario's cock and coughed himself hoarse. Cum was hanging by threads from his lips and chin and dribbled to the ground.

Flario kept cumming like a garden hose. Squirt after squirt of cum was fired from the tip of his cock. He pulled a handful of grass out of the ground every time another jet of semen escaped his mighty cock. He lay there panting, exhausted from the violent ejaculation. "I'm.. sorry.. s-so sorry.. " he panted.

Dahlia wiped the cum off his face. "What was that sound," he whimpered, "it was.. so.. frightening.. " He buried his face in his hands and started sobbing. His body trembeled uncontrollably and soon he was crying, almost whaling, like a lost baby.

Flario not really knowing what to do, took him in his arms and held him in his embrace. "It's okay, baby," he cooed, "it's alright. I will never make that sound again. I promise.. " He ran his fingers through Dahlia's hair and gently rocked him back and forth. "It's alright.. " He felt Dahlia calm down and wiped the tears from his freckled cheeks. "You okay?"

Dahlia nodded. "But.. can you hold me for a while longer?"

"Sure, baby," Flario said, planting a kiss on Dahlia's forehead.

"Why do you keep calling me 'baby'?" Dahlia asked as he felt himself drifting off to sleep.

"I.. I dunno," Flario answered, not really sure why he did call Dahlia 'baby'.

"I like it," Dahlia softly said and fell asleep in Flario's strong manly arms.

Flario gently lay Dahlia down in the grass. His heart skipped a beat as he saw the peaceful look on Dahlia's face. He planted a kiss on Dahlia's lips and continued admiring the boy's beauty. There was no doubt about the way he felt for Dahlia. They had only met not so long ago, but Flario knew for sure that he had fallen in love..



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