You are about to enter a story of sexual discovery. It's begins are familiar enough...a young man having his first experience with a man. But the twists and turns that follow lead to an ever-expanding world of lust and depravity.

* * * * * * *

Paul loved how the late morning sun felt on his chest as he laid on his back on his beach towel, half dozing to the sound of the surf and the indistinct voices of other beach goers in his resort hometown. Normally he would be with his best friend, Hank, who was also a new high school graduate. It was a summer Friday in 1982 and both were usually at their jobs, earning money for college. But the warehouse where Paul worked was closed this Friday for the poring of a new concrete loading dock. So this was the start of a sweet long weekend, one that would change Paul's life in unexpected ways.

Paul could feel sweat forming on his smooth chest and hard abs as a light breeze tickled his always erect nipples. His girlfriend, Clare, often praised his beautiful chest, made even more sculptured by hard work on the truck loading dock. Sometimes she would tease his nipples during their long make-out sessions, causing his cock to ooze what seemed like buckets of precum. Clare was a 'good girl' and refused to let Paul go beyond touching her beautiful breasts and sometimes her moist cunt. Paul felt his cock stir as he thought about their sessions and how they were sure to lead to more than touching.

Although his eyes were closed, Paul could sense the sun and the sudden shadow that fell across his face. He opened his eyes, shielded them with his hand an looked up the see a man standing by his side and looking out at the surf. The figure was in shadow and hard to make out at first. The man looked down at Paul and said 'Hi' as Paul's eyes slowly adjusted.

'Hi,' said Paul as he lifted himself onto one elbow and got a better look at the man. He looked to be about 30, tanned, slim but not skinny. His chest had a moderate covering of black hair that folded into a line running down and disappearing into his modest swimsuit. His face was handsome, possibly Italian-American, clean-shaven, thick black hair. 'Mind if i sit down?' he asked with a smile.

He sat without waiting for an answer. 'Surf been good this week?' the stranger asked.

'I couldn't say,' said Paul. 'This is my first day at the beach this week.'

'Wow,' he said. 'With that tan I would think you spend every day here.' It was true, Paul had a great tan and the sun naturally bleached his hair blond.

'I send a lot of time in the sun at work,' Paul said.

'I see. My name is Rick, by the way.' He said he loved the sun and traveled the 50 miles from the city where he worked to the beach every chance he got. 'Nothing like the sand, sun and surf.'

Paul agreed and he and Rick fell into an easy conversation about the joys of summer. Paul found himself looking more closely at Rick and found him surprisingly attractive. Paul had never done anything sexual with a guy. One fag at school had offered to suck his cock, but Paul turned him down. Girls were his turn-on and he spend a lot of time jerking off while looking at straight porn.

Still, Paul was curious about all kinds of sex and he had to admit that he often felt his cock stir watching a guy's cock and balls being worked over in the porn movies he and Hank liked watch. They had even seen a bi-sex scene in one flick. Hank was very uncomfortable watching a guy pull a buddy's cock out of a cunt and put it into his mouth. But Paul found it very exciting...something he kept to himself.

There was something about Rick that excited Paul. Maybe it was their similar body types, especially Rick's chest and stand-up nipples. Paul had thought about m2m sex, he had to admit, and Rick was an attractive man.

There was something about Rick that made Paul think this older guy was also interested in him. Something about how Rick looked at him...perhaps the fleeting glances Paul thought he saw Rick take at his young body. And then Rick said something that told Paul his intuition was right!

'So, Paul, what does a guy do around here at night for fun?' In and of itself, the question was not provocative. But in context...the body language, looks, compliments about what good shape Paul was in...Paul knew what Rick wanted.

Paul's heart pounded as he considered Rick's question. He knew this was a moment of truth. Rick was offering something that he had often thought about secretly...having sex with another male. Not just any male. Not a pimply-faced cock-sucking kid. No, with a masculine, handsome, articulate and clearly experienced man.

A gentle smile crossed Rick's face as he waited for Paul's answer. It broadened when he heard Paul's words.

'I don't know, what would you like to do?'

'Well Paul, I'm staying at the Oceanside Motel if you would like to come by at about 6:30. I think we can have fun getting to know each other better. Would you like that Paul?'

Paul was sure Rick could hear his heart pounding. He couldn't believe he was doing what he was doing. Yes, Paul said, he would like that. There, he had done it! He'd agreed to meet a man and have sex with him. Exactly what would happen in Rick's motel room he did not know, but he knew he would be crossing a line he had often dreamed about crossing.

'OK, great,' Rick said. 'I am on the second floor...Room 26 at the north end. It will be good Paul, I promise. We'll relax...take things slow, OK?' 'OK.'

Rick smiled again, stood up and throw his towel over his shoulder. 'I have to go now Paul...see you at 6:30.' Paul nodded yes and watched Rick turn and head for the boardwalk. Rick smiled and gave a short wave to two women sitting nearby with their young kids. The ladies smiled, obviously admiring Rick's good looks. Yes, they were thinking, you could fuck me anytime.

It was past noon when Rick left. Paul's mind was racing. What was he about to do? Should he really do it? What would they do together? He entered into a new mindset. Yes, he was going to keep their date. Yes, he was going to cross that line.

Paul knew exactly where the Oceanside Motel was, but he went there early to check it out anyway. It was the nicest place of its kind along the strip. The second floor had an unobstructed view of the ocean. Outside stairways led to second floor rooms. Paul had changed into white jockeys, jeans and a golf shirt. He was so excited thinking about his date with Rick that he was afraid to touch his cock for fear that he would cum. His eager cock oozed precum.

He circled the block and at precisely 6:30 walked up the steps and down the walkway to Room 26. His heart was pounding and nerves had softened his cock. He felt like he was in trance and having an out of body experience as he tapped on the door.

'Hi Paul, so glad you could come,' Rick said as he opened the door and waved Paul inside. The heavy drapes in front of the balcony doors facing west were open, but the light curtains were drawn, admitting a glowing light from the setting sun. Rick wore slacks and a dark-colored t-shirt that fit his hard torso. He looked as good as Paul had envisioned.

Rick had a glass of red wine on his dresser and asked Paul if he would like some. Paul declined.

Without another word Rick moved close to Paul, looking deep into his eyes. 'You are new to this aren't you baby,' Rick asked. Paul gave a slight nod. 'It's OK Paul, I understand you are nervous, it's only natural. But what we are going to do is only natural too. It's what a lot of men like us who are truly sexual.'

Rick leaned forward, put his hands on Paul's waist and drew him closer, gently kissing his lips. Paul surrendered to Rick's expert kisses, closing his eyes and responding as he would if it were Clare. But making out with Rick was even more exciting...a forbidden fruit that tastes so good.

Rick's lips left Paul's mouth and moved to his neck as he gently pulled Paul's shirt out of his jeans. Paul raised his arms as Rick pulled the shirt over Paul's hard nips, pits and head. 'You are beautiful, Paul,' Rick said as he bend down to gently lick one of Paul's nips.

Paul moaned as he thrust his chest forward. Rick's hands caressed Paul's back, feeling down to the base of his spine. He drew his head up and kissed Paul again, but more forcefully. Rick's passion was building and he pulled up his t-shirt and threw it aside.

Paul quivered as Rick kissed him deep and forced his hands under his belt and onto his smooth ass cheeks. He could feel Rick's hardness as they pressed together. Having Rick's hard, naked chest pressed against his own made Paul dizzy.

'You want to be my lover, Paul?' Rick asked as he fumbled with Paul's belt and zipper. Paul's answer was to push down his jeans and kick them aside. His nervous cock was curled down into his white jockeys.

'Lie down Paul,' Rick instructed. Paul slide onto the bed and watched as Rick took off his slacks. His body was so beautiful, Paul thought. Rick also dropped his jockeys and for and instant Paul saw his cock and balls swing free between his strong, hairy legs.

It was only a quick glance because Rick pushed Paul's legs apart and slide down between them. He looked up at Paul and ran his fingers over the outline of Paul's cock under the cotton. Paul sightly arched his back at the touch and threw his head back, loving the feel of a man touching him.

Rick slowly pulled down Paul's jockeys, watching as the thick pubic hair, the cock base and shaft came into view. Finally the ring of Paul's cock head and then the whole cock fell free. Rick held Paul's semi-hard cut cock to the side and took Paul's balls into his mouth. Paul one have ever done that and it felt so good.

Rick continued his wordless lovemaking as he slowly stroked Paul's cock to hardness...7 inches of young male meat. He nibbled along the cock shaft and ran the tip of his tongue under the rip of Paul's cock head. Precum oozed from Paul's piss slit when finally Rick took him inside.

'Fuck' was all Paul could say as he felt Rick's mouth slide down his cock. Paul looked down to watch his lover, then thrust his head back and arched his back with pleasure. Rick knew how to pleasure a young man.

Rick got to his knees and pulled Paul's jockeys completely off, throwing them aside. He leaned over Paul, hovered above him, bend down to kiss him and then dropped down onto him. Their bodies melted together, their cocks touched for the first time. Rick gently moved his body against Paul's, causing new sensations for the teen. He pushed Paul's right arm over his head and dove into his pit. Another new pleasure.

Paul felt confident enough to explore, touching Rick's strong back, thrusting up to meet his thrusts, feeling his surprisingly muscular ass cheeks. They kissed and felt and pressed together for what seemed like hours.

Finally Rick spoke. 'You like this don't you Paul.' It was more of a statement than a question. The answer was obvious. Paul kissed him again, pushing to tongue deep into Rick's warm mouth.

Rick sat up and straddled Paul's chest. In front of the teen was an awesome sight: A fully erect mancock...curled slightly up, 7.5 inches, veined, oozing, towering out of a forest of thick black pubic hair. Rick slapped his hard cock down onto Paul's chest, then leaned up and forward, letting his cock and balls hover over Paul's face.

It was an incredible sight and Paul knew what to do. Following Rick's example, he held Rick's massive cock in his hand, shifted it to the side and raised his head to take Rick's hairy balls into his mouth. The feeling was soft and new. He could feel the cum churning in Rick's sacks as he stroked his first mancock. Rick moaned and reached back to stroke Paul's cock.

He could wait no longer. Paul released Rick's balls, pulled his cock to his mouth and took him in. As much as he could as fast as he could. Rick's silky cock head pressed against the back of Paul's throat. Paul gagged, then took it deep again. The smell of Rick's man musk and taste of his hard cock was overwhelming.

Rick swung around into 69 position. He dropped down onto Paul's throbbing cock and added a new sensation to Paul's experience. His strong hands cupped Paul's ass cheeks and then worked to the center, feeling his sweaty ass crack. A finger passed over Paul's boihole, making his cock jump in Rick's mouth.

Paul could feel Rick's big cock pulse and his balls harden. He was amazed at how natural sucking cock was, and how much he enjoyed doing it. The feeling of Rick's fingers near his asshole was awesome. Paul thrust his ass up...offering his hole. Rick knew what his new boy wanted and slowly eased a finger into Paul's ass.

'AHHHHHHH' was all Paul could say as Rick's finger slide into Paul's virgin hole. He face-fucked Rick as Rick finger-fucked his ass. Paul's balls tightened and his cock throbbed. There was no holding back...he had to blow his load. The cum rushed through Paul's cock and pumped into Rick's mouth. Rick held on to his boy's thrusting ass and took his hot cum.

1t was the most intense, longest orgasm of his 18 years. Rick caressed Paul's cock as it slowly softened. Paul was so dazed that he had stopped sucking Rick's cock, letting it rest in his mouth.

Rick pulled his cock free, swung around and laid down on top of Paul, kissing him and giving him a taste of his own cum. Rick's hard cock rested in a bed of Paul's pubic hair and his hard nips pressed into Paul's chest.

'That was good wasn't it baby?' Paul wrapped his arms and legs around Rick and whimpered 'yes, it was unbelievably good.'

'But Rick, you haven't cum.'

'The night is young,' Rick said. 'That will come baby, I promise.'



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