'So if you square root this by this.... ' the teachers lecture was drowned out by my thoughts of later tonight. It was my friends 18th birthday, and he was going to have a bunch of people over for the night. But there was a party being held by a jock at the school, and everyone who was going to his house, is going to the jocks now, so it turned out to be just us two. We had been friends for years, since kindergarten.

His name was josh, and he was a pretty short kid, about 5.4' and had creepily blue eyes. His hair was a sandy blonde, and it was just long enough to stay above his eyes. He was quite athletic looking, his shirts always hugging him tightly. He had averaged sized hands, and quite small feet. He was a lot of fun, and I was quite a bit jealous of his looks.

I on the other hand am just really tall. I am really lean, and had some muscle, but I'm not as toned as I would have liked to be. I had quite huge hands, but they were skinny, and graceful, for I am an artist. My feet are also VERY big. Size fifteen. I have trouble finding shoes. My hair was weirdly done up, all splayed in different directions, and it was a lighter than normal brown color. My eyes were just a normal green as well, nothing abnormally good looking about me.

'... so do pages 8 and 9, all of the questions' a chorus of groans erupted, and than the infamous *BEEPEPEP*. the bell rang. Finally! I leapt up, and booked it towards my locker. I opened it up, and grabbed my crap, than jogged over to josh's locker, he was getting his stuff out of his locker, and he seemed really excited, but a little sad at the same time.

He looked down and started walking away. My guess was because his other friends weren't coming to his birthday party. I put my hand on his shoulder and asked, 'are you okay josh?' and he looked up at me, and smiled, his electric deep blue sparkled back at me and said 'yea, I can't wait! It's gonna be awesome curt!'

We walked to my house first, so I could drop my stuff off, and grab my overnight bag, and walked down the street to his house. His house was a normal, two floor house, with his parents room upstairs, and his downstairs in the opposite direction, with his brothers just across the rec room from his. We could be as loud as we wanted and they wouldn't hear us. Not that it matter because they were going away to the next town for shopping. He only had one, older brother who was always at his girlfriends house, so we were home alone for his birthday.

We dropped off our stuff on his queen sized bed, than made our way to the rec room that him and his brother shared downstairs, and played video games. After a few hours, we realized we were starving, so we ordered pizza, and went back to playing games.

After he beat me yet again on halo, he stopped and looked over at me. 'I am thirsty, want something?' I enthusiastically drawled yes, than followed him to the fridge that they had downstairs. His parents had stocked up a bunch of beer, and coolers for the party, so we had a bunch of drinks to choose from. 'hmm.... I think I want the blood orange Bacardi breezer. What will you have curt?' I glanced around looking at the different brands and, not being much of a drinker said 'uhmm, the same as you I guess' he smiled at me, than reached down and grabbed one out for me.

He started looking around for a bottle opener, than cursed after finding the drawer empty of bottle openers. 'hey, im gonna go look in my brothers room for a bottle opener, can you look around in my room? I think that I might have one, but I might have lost it at the party last week.' 'sure' I answered. I started searching around, looking in the drawers, and on the dresser.


Than I looked in his dresser, and noticed that in one of the drawers there was a tube of lotion, and a collection of hustler magizines. And to the right of them, there were circular objects that varied in size. I looked around a bit more, and found a few condoms stashed in the back.

I guiltily pushed the drawer back, and continued to look for it in other places, until I heard a 'FOUND ONE!'

I jumped at the voice, than realized it was josh's and tore out of the room looking for him. I found him walking my way through the rec room, with the prized bottle opener in his hands. We walked over to where our bottles were, and opened them up.

Than as we were about to sit down, we heard a DING DONG, and than we both looked at each other with big smiles, and booked it up the stairs. We opened the door, and the pizza man stood there with the pizza. He was a tall kid, with a stubble growing on his chin, and he looked quite athletic. He had a mop of black hair on his head, and he had pretty huge hands. His dark eyes looking at us hungrily.

'13.90'$, he said, and than looked me and josh up and down, licking his lips. I tilted my head, and looked at him weirdly, and than after josh closed the door, I turned away.

I shook the thought outta my head as we walked over to the table. We opened up the box, and dug in. I looked at the receipt sitting there right in front of me, with an 8 digit number, and also saying that his shift ended at 9. I looked at it weirdly, than passed it to josh.

He took a second reading it than burst out laughing, me abruptly following suit. 'we should call him, just to see if he was serious!' he said between the laughing fits. I agreed, and than after we settled down, we finished our pizza, grabbed our drink, and retired to the rec room.

We decided to watch a movie, and after a while we decided on watching some random show I had never heard of. I sat there for awhile, not really watching the movie, just thinking, when the thought of the drawer came back to mind. I pondered over it for a few minutes, than decided I was going to ask him about it later. So after the movie, we played more games, than decided we would go for a walk.

We turned out of his house, towards the park talking about lots of random things. Movies, books, games, and girls. After awhile we turned back, and we were five minutes or less from the house when the subject of porn came up. Hey, nows the time to ask, I said to myself.

'hey, I was looking for the bottle opener in your room, when I came across a bunch of magizines, and some weird circle things in your drawer.' I looked over at him, and he was blushing and had turned away, his eyes cast down. His cheeks had blushed over, and I gave him a weird look, like I had no idea what he was blushing over.

'uhmm... sorry, my brother gave them to me. And the circle things are called cock rings. They are these things you wrap around your cock to keep it hard when your not jerking it off.' I gave him a confused look as he said jerking off so he continued 'what, you've never jerked off before?' he asked. I shook my head no, and he just stared at me wondrously. 'Do you have any idea what masturbation is ?' he asked me disbelievingly. 'no' I replied.

'well, I guess you are an only child, and you are pretty sheltered...' I was so confused at what he was saying. But he never said anything for the rest of the walk.

When we got back, he went into his brothers room, and came out with a DVD that had a dude plowing a girl on the cover. My eyes widened when I saw it, and he just laughed, and said 'I have something to show you. No man can go without this, and function properly' I stuck my tongue out him than sat down on the couch in front of the tv. Josh came and sat next to me, only a few inches to the left of me. His heat radiated to me, and I noticed I was really jumpy.

The movie started, and there was lot's of horrible acting to begin with. I began to get bored, and started not paying attention, than the sound of clothes ripping brought me back to the tv. The guy had ripped off the ladies shirt, that had made her look flat chested, and her boobs, the size of melons each were flopping around in a tiny bra. My cock twitched, and I could feel it slowly rising. Than her hands were traveling up his shirt pushing it off. She started playing with his belt buckle as he slid down her pants to show a tight ass, and a skimpy bright red thong. The belt was now gone, and the zipper undone on his pants. They were being pushed down, to show a pair of bright blue and red briefs, barely holding in his hard manhood. He put his hands behind her back, and in a second her bra was off, and her tits were flopping out freely. His mouth was on them in a flash. They had started to slowly move towards the bed, and when they got there, he hooked his finger in her thong and pulled it down to expose a shaved clit. He stopped making out with her boob, and started strip teasing, pushing his breifs down, ever so slowly, his bush being shown a little more with every push until you could see the base of his cock. It was thicker than a beer can. He than pushed them down and his huge uncut cock slapped against his abs, sending some clear liquid to splatter on his stomach.

'Precum' josh said. 'it comes out if your penis gets happy... which yours seems to be getting' he added, as he looked down to my engorged dick, that was pushing its barrier of my tightie whities down my leg. I blushed, and crossed my legs, trying to hide it. He pushed leg down laughing.

'you don't need to do that, mine gets that way too.' he gestured downwards to the ever growing bulge in his pants. 'this always happens when you watching porn' he said knowingly. Smiling.

I looked at him happily, and than looked back at the screen. Now the guy was ramming his at least 9 or more inch dick into the girls clit, and they were groaning like crazy. A movement out of my left eye caught my attention, and I noticed josh rubbing his bulge slowly. He noticed me looking, and smiled

'here,' he said taking my hand and putting it on his bulge 'put your hand on here and rub really slowly with a little bit of pressure... there you go' he added, followed by a moan. He than reached out with his hand, and put his hand on my crotch. I leaned back and continued to rub his growing bulge.

'urgh... yes... that feels so fucking great Curt....' he groaned out. I knew what he was feeling, so I agreed with a grunt. He than took his hand off, and than stood up, pulling his shirt off, showing his wonderfully maintained bare chest. He looked at me for a second, than bent down on his knees and moved closer to my crotch. He put his hands underneath my shirt, traveling up to my nipples, pinching on them a little. He lifted my shirt higher, and told me to take it off. I obliged gratefully. He looked at my chest while pinching them, than bent forward and started nipping at them.

He than moved his hands down to my pants and started unbuttoning them. He pulled them down a little than reached up to my nipples, and brought his head down to my crotch, sucking on my balls through the clothe of my tighty whities. My dick had become wet at the end, and as I looked down, I noticed he hasn't even licked there yet. Than I remembered him saying something about precum, and than realized that I must have let some out. I was moaning non stop, and my hands were just limp at my side. After a few minutes of him making out with my underwear, I reached down and started playing with nipples the way he did with mine. They were full of muscles, and very hard. Than, I felt him starting to tug on my pants, and so I lifted my hips so he could tug them off. My cock was pulsating, and it wasn;t even out of my pants. He than started to squeeze my cock through my underwear, while licking now at the tip of my penis, as it poked through the top. I tried to talk to him, but nothing came out, and I was voiceless for awhile. My head was spinning, as these new feelings went through my mind at warp speed.

Than, with out warning, he stopped, and went beside me and sat down. He started watching the movie again, and didn't look over at me. 'why'd you stop josh' I whined 'it felt sooo gaddam good.'

He looked over at me and smiled 'oh good , I'm sorry, I should have asked... I was worried you were disgusted with me for awhile, as you stopped moaning.' he smiled brilliantly at me. He reached over to rub my chest again than stopped.

'wait, so you have never jerked off before?' I shook my head 'huh... okay, well, than let me show you how to do that.' he said, than smiled and reached down to his pants, and pushed them down. His skimpy male thong was barely holding his straining package. He than reached into his underwear, and pulled out his cock and balls, tugging on them gently. It was at least 6 inches. And it was good sized thickness. He also had huge balls. Like the balls you see on those bulls on farms. He Than stood up, and pulled his underwear down.

'I'll be right back' he said mischievously, than walked to his room, his balls swaying back and forth. When he came back, he had those 'cock rings' as he called them. There were four of them in total. He grabbed the biggest one, and than slid it over his cock and balls, and than latched it, constricting it. Than, he got the smallest one, and wrapped it around the base of his cock, making it look bigger. He than sat down, and started pulling his foreskin up and down his cock. He than motioned for me to try it on myself. So I pushed down my briefs, throwing them to where he threw his thong, and than started to move my foreskin up and down. I looked over at him, and he nodded, and said I was doing good. He than stopped his hand, and than grabbed the other two cock rings. He reached over to my cock, and with his free hand started to play with it a bit. My cock stood straight up, and it was aching, it was so hard. It was bigger than his, by about an inch or two, but not quite as fat. He laughed as I brought my hips up a little, making his hand slide down my cock, making me shudder at the feeling. He strapped the cock rings onto me than, and than started playing with my cock.

'aweeh... fuuuckkk... yess josh, that feels so fucking great' I moaned out. I reached over and than started playing with his cock, bending it down, and making it slap against his abs, making a loud sound. I laughed as I fooled around with his cock, pulling back the foreskin, and pulling on his balls. He was groaning quietly, his head leaned back, with his eyes closed. I thought about what he did earlier, with my balls, so I leaned over and licked the top of his penis, where it was glistening with what I think was pre cum. His eyes opened up, and were wide as he watched my lick his shaft, up and down. He was now moaning quite crazily. I got to his balls, and put on in my mouth as that was all I could fit they were so monstrous. I sucked and than licked them all over, my tongue lapping up the salty taste. After a minute of sucking each of his balls, I released them, and rose to his dick again. This time I tried putting it in my mouth. I tried keeping my teeth away from his cock, as I went up and down on his shaft, licking all the way.

He was becoming really loud, and he was yelling my name, and calling me nasty names like cocksucker. I got at least three inches down his penis, when my gag reflex stopped me. I lifted off coughing. I tried again, and this time, when I was only like two inches in, he grabbed my head with both hands, and rammed his hips up, sending his cock down my throat, and bringing his balls, and light bush close to my face. I inhaled liking the aroma. He than proceeded to go up and down with my head, shoving it in deeper and deeper screaming my name.

Than I tapped him, as I was having trouble breathing. He stopped suddenly and I leaned back and breathed in wildly. He was looking worriedly at me, but I just smiled and said 'holy fuck. That's awesome!' he smiled a huge ass smile, than leaned forward, and kissed me roughly on the lips, sending his tongue, searching throughout it. I also sent my tongue into his mouth, and we fought for awhile.

Than, after gasping for breath, we leaned back, and started laughing lightly. I looked at him and said 'thank you' he looked at me weirdly, and said, 'hey, it's not over yet !' I looked at him strangely and he added 'you still need to cum buddy. Nothing feels better than that !'

I didn't know how to do that so I asked him 'well, you just continue doing what we're doing. Except let's try a different way this time. '

So we than got into a position, where my face was by his dick, and my dick was by his face. He reached over and tugged my balls a bit, and than started sucking my dick, licking the top whenever he came back up. He kept on going farther down every time, until finally, he reached my pubes. He than stopped and looked at me. My eyes were huge, looking at him

' hey, we both do this at the same time you know!' he scolded me jokingly, smiling. I smiled back than we went back to sucking each others cocks. I couldn't quite get close to his pubes, but I wasn't that far away. Only an inch maybe. After awhile of that I started feeling this weird feeling, like I was about to pee.

'hey josh, I think I need to pee, oh my god, you need to stop that, it's making me want to go even worse. Please stop !' I finally yelled. He than stopped and looked up at me smiling

'that's what cumming is. You spit out your seed, which, when your having sex with a women, you create babies that way. But it's alright because it's quite edible, as you will hopefully soon find out.' he smiled back at me.

I nodded, than went back to sucking his cock. After awhile, I felt that same feeling as before. I thought about telling him, but I wasn't about to take my mouth off of this cock. His cock was now swelling up, and it was becoming even more hard. I was amazed at how hard it was getting. But I couldn't ponder, because that feeling of cumming was becoming great. All the sudden, my body started shaking violently, and my cock felt like it was erupting. I shot something out of the tip, and I was about to gasp, when I felt his body shuddering as well, I just sucked harder, moaning very loudly my mouth vibrating his cock, he started to shake very hard, and his vibrations were making my cock spew out ever harder than it had before. I than felt a jet stream of hot stuff come flying out of his cock. I tasted it, and was deciding whether to swallow, when another came out even harder, as mine had. I swallowed what I could, but felt it dripping out of my mouth. My dick was twitching uncontrollably, and he mouth still went up and down on it. So I did the same to his cock. It shot about 8 times, and they were all very strong shots. My mouth was feeling very hot, but I didn't stop.

Than after a few minutes, him sucking my cock started to hurt, as if it had become more sensitive. I stopped sucking his dick and told him to stop. He did stop. He stopped moving. And he wasn't looking at me.

A throat cleared, and I turned slowly to see his brother standing there, shirtless, with track pants on. I looked back at josh, and josh looked back at me. He looked like he could start crying.

To be continued...





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