It was a normal Monday evening during the summer, and Josh wasn't doing much. He was having the typical summer, except he was stuck at home and nowhere to go. Around 5:00, he got a call from a local youth centre. On the phone he was asked if he would like to attend a youth trip to California. Josh was like, Yeah a free trip to California would be great!

It wasn't like he had anything better to do. So that Thursday the Van pulled up to pick him up. As he walked outside with a suitcase in both hands, he was greeted by a man probably in his 30's. Josh first thought of the man 'damn he is sexy'. The man greeted him and asked his name and all sorts. So they talked and got along really well.

Josh didn't know of any of the arrangements for the trip and when the van pulled up to the airport Josh said to the man driving;

'I don't know so much about this anymore. I don't really like planes.'

The driver told him;

'I forgot to introduce myself earlier, but I'm Leo. And don't worry about anything. You will be sitting by me.'

He winked at Josh.

The woman over at the youth centre gave Josh the key to his room. When Josh found his room, he opened the door and found Leo masturbating!

Leo saw him and said;

'Holy shit, I'm sorry man'

Josh laughed and said;

'It's ok and I guess we are roommates'

Leo laughed too and said;

'I guess so..'

That night everyone mostly stayed in their room and rested from the long flight. Josh and Leo were watching TV and Josh decided he would take a shower. In the shower, he heard a knock on the door. He yelled;

'Come on in!'

When he got out of the shower cubicle, Lew was standing there butt ass naked. Josh fell to the ground and started sucking his dick so hard..

'Damn son, you suck so good!'

Josh ran his hand up Leo's hairy chest. And Leo said;

'Now it's your turn Josh'

Leo picked up Josh and threw him on the bed.. He fucked Josh's guts out and they made love all night long.. That was the best youth trip Josh ever had!



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