I do believe in love at first sight...

Josh moved here in 2005, he started off as a bit of a loner, with a big attitude and a athletes body, the rebel type.

it all started when he started off in my science class, he was being threatened by the biggest black guy in school, he didn't want to get bashed by this guy, so he asked me, (the nerdy, skiny white guy, sorta - in the closet type of guy, who was checking him out the whole lesson), if he could hang out with me at lunch time in the art room, where me and a few friends hung out, just playin with the clay and painting all lunch.

Now, obviously i said yes, because i thought i may have a chance with this hot, new guy. so we went to teh art room at lunch, and i shouted him some food from the tuckshop, we talked all lunch, he had played footy at his old school and had won a few games for them, he had dated a girl from a retravision ad on tv, and he was just wondering what he was doing at this new school.

i was the first person who actually accepted him in one of the groups at school. he ws grateful for me, and i loved it like that.

so as time passed on, i asked him over for a weekend at my place, and he came over, i introduced him to some of my fiends, and they instantly saw that he was a nice guy. there was four of us there, there was a long time friend of mine, his brother, me and josh.

I have a huge TV, it is 2m wide, everyone thought that this was the big attraction, so we sat doen and watche some austar for an hour. when we got bored of this, we went out side, as none of my parents were there, we took the four wheeler for a drive down the paddock...we have a 27 acre block of land, and a heap of accessories to run around on. so we went for a ride, with four of ur on the 440cc four wheeler, with dames on the front, his brother on the back towing rack, and josh sitting behind me on the seat with his leags spread around me, i could feel his package rubbing on my back when i braked, he was sitting with his hands behind him holding him on, so he was basicly pushing his huge package into me...

i tried to brake harder everytime we came to a corner. i could feel the heat of his thighs rubbing against mine, it was just so relieving, i wounldnt trade that moment for anything, instead of yelling to me over the noise of the engine, he would rest his head on my shoulder and whisper in my ear.

his soft skin rubbing on my naked shoulder, it felt so good, that i was soon driving 50KM/H on a 4wheeler in a paddock with my eyes closed. We hit a bump and his package went under my bum. he moved quickly, and looked very red in the face, i opened my eyes wide and looked back at him and smiled, he let out a shameful smile.

dames and his brother couuld see we had a connection, but i dont think josh got the idea as yet.

we parked the 4-wheeler back in the shed and went for a swim in the pool, josh slipped his shirt off straight away revealing his toned body, with his abs shining in the hot sun, and his small erect nipples glaring at me as we slipped into the cool water.

dames, lule (his bro) went home a few hours later and it was just me and josh, we went inside and listened to some music, he had the same taste of music as me, so we turned on the big amp in the living room, and the big speakers glaring the song 'FLAUNT IT' by TV ROCK, making the smoke alarm go off by the vibration. Our yamaha 4500W RMS power speakers are loud enough to sing along to from 2 KM away, so when josh stepped in from of the speakers shirtless and in a pair of boxers, facing the speakers, his boxers were blown onto his still damp body, revealing the size of his penis and his huge cupped balls. The vibration was obviously plasing to him as he close his eyes and stood there nearly naked.

when it was time for him to go home, he thanked me and i walked him out the front where his step dad picked him up. i waved goodbye and hoped that we would be seeing each other soon.

time passed...1.5 years to be exact, and it is now 2007, we are best mates, and we tell each other everything, josh now lives half of a KM away from me, we do everything together, from travelling, to sleeping.

When he sleeps over my place now, as i have a king size bed now, we sleep in the same bed.

teh other night, we were up at 1:00 in the morning, playing Forza motorsport on xbox, i got up to go to the bathromm, and used his soft thigh to lift myself off the bed, he looked at me with his blue eyes, and i said, 'you loved it,'

as he replied sarchasticly, 'i love you,' and he made a kiss in the air at me, as a sarchastic gesture. i laughed behind my jealousy, close the door behind me, and went into the bathroom to do my business, all i could think about, was the words that came out of his mouth to me, over and over again,

'i love you'

'i love you'

'i love you'

'i love you'

'i love you'

as i let my mind add on extras on the end.

i entered the room, and we went to sleep about an hour later, he slept on teh right side of the bed, and i slept on the left. when i saw he was asleep, i silently leant over and smelt his hair, it smelt of minty conditioner and cigarette smoke, it was the smell of fate.

i eventually fell back to sleep, and woke up two hours later, at four-ish, and felt his shirtless body move across near my shirtles body, his arm go up, his head come over and rest on my shoulder, his arm go down, and his naked nipple cross to mine, and at last his arm come down to lay around my head,

i layed there in my own paradise, i went to sleep, and i re-awoke when i rolled to the right, laying on his stomach, my head on his abs, and my arm hugging his hip, but i wrecked the moment, when he woke at this moment and moved to his side of the bed again and we just had a moment staring into the back of each of our heads, straight through our blue eyes. i was clearly in his control, i was now dead to myself, and he was my saviour.

- - - - - -

I WILL CONTINUE THIS STOY LATER, AS I AM NOW TOO TIRED, (and horny) to type anymore, and i will be going for a shower and a masturbate now, thakns for reading my story, and so you know, all of this did really happen, and i am not making any of this up. thanks!

love yas all,




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