(This is the story of a close friend of mine)

It all started in senior year an I had a crush on Jordan Anderson. He was everything I had wanted I'de been friends with him since we were in the fifth grade but never actually went any where. Jordan was about 6'1 was mixed with white and black and had big feet and hands. His Hair was long his eyes were light brown.

Well it began one night when we did our annual sleep over's. His parents had left for the week to go on vacation and had left us some cash for pizza. We were watching porn as usual when Jordan asked me how many times I had sex. I'm sad to say I choked. He didn't wait when he flipped out his huge cock it was at least 9 inches long and 6 inches around. I was hypnotized with it I could only imagine how it would feel just to hold it in my hands. When I noticed I had grabbed his cock and began to move up an down on it.

'Come on Wyndom go faster please don't stop' he slurred between moans.

I moved faster and faster and began to slowly enter some of me fingers into his ass hole. I saw that he was in sheer pleasure and began to move my mouth closer to his manhood. I soon had my lips raped around his cock.

'wow Wyndom this is amazing' Jordan was in purr ecstasy and I was doing it to him I saw that he was about to cum and moved faster and lower. He was going wild. It was to much for him he began to shiver and he yelled 'I cuming stop I'm gonna cum' So I began to go faster and faster till I hit the point of no return. He shot at least seven long ropes of cum into my mouth I savored the cum in my mouth. It tasted Salty yet sweet at the same time.

After that week was over and his parents returned we never the same but much more we were fuck buddies.




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