John was an avid adventurer. He often sailed out to sea for weeks at a time. He had no wife, no kids and a craving for adventure only satisfied by his curiosity for new experiences. John was just above six feet tall and a typical looking affluent young millionaire living off his start up business success. He had his own large house, large yacht and a small sailing boat he could operate on his own. He often wore tight fitting clothes to match his tone physique. His muscles were sculpted daily by his fitness trainer. John rarely thought about the opposite sex but his sex drive was only matched by his enticing drive to be on top at all costs. Johns trainer was the first man he slept with. The human specimen of this trainer was just about as pure and hard as you could imagine. Outside of that he did not come into many situations where homosexual contact was possible. John was happy for what he had but never realized the potential.

During a regular lower body workout, which finished with a nice massage John struck up a conversation with the trainer about this coming weekend and where to sail to. The sensual massage always finished with them both naked, oiled and more sexual positions than the book of Kamasutra. The conversation turned exotic during the chat about uncharted islands. The trainer was a well out gay with a thirst for fairy tails. The trainer was an exotic looking man with long brown hair, dark olive protection and a large Italian sausage. Even though he has been in the US for years he spoke with a deep lusting voice with an Italian swirl. He spoke of this island not too far from the coast where exotic men go to fulfill their sexual fantasies. He called it, "Shipwreck Island" which made it sound like it was named in a book for children. Although the very nature of this island gave John the slightest chubby he brushed it off. It was nonsense and a fantasy as that was not going to exist.

The next morning it was time to prepare for the weekend sail. He left all electronics behind this time, he wasn't going far this time. His trainer had rocked his world yesterday after the massage and his wet dream about finding this island gave him a sense of want so powerful it would be impossible to finish this weekend without proving the fairy tale island to be true.

He put on his salmon swimsuit with an inseam so short when he sat down it was almost a guarantee to get a glance from what was underneath. John did not believe in underwear and i don't think anyone would care with how drop dead gorgeous he was. His slight tan and slick black hair was complementary to his near hairless body. The only part of his body he shaved was he pubes but he did not have to worry because he never really grew hair. Beside his dyed hair there was not a dark hair on his body. As he set out in the morning sail he only had one thing on his mind.

John was barely paying attention to where he was going and did not notice the approaching harsh waves. What started as very light conditions soon turned into violent winds which his small boat could not handle. He did not look at the weather report since he felt the need to just sail. As time passed he soon lost control of the vessel and was knocked into the thrashing waves. Although John was an excellent swimmer he would not last long in the water. As if someone were watching over him after a long struggle and swallowing a lot of water he was washed ashore to what appeared to be a deserted small island. The waves crashed over his and he ran ashore as fast as his tired body could move. Just then while running into the approaching treeline he slipped and fell knocking him unconscious immediately.

It seemed as though the Italian trainer was right after all. Here was an island that was about 10 square miles taken up by one large mansion that took up the majority of the north side. It was built 70 years ago by a group of outcast gay men who found it harder to hide their passion and taste for public sex. Never abandoned it now was more of a vacationing spot for wild connoisseurs of gay fantasy sex. No holds bar best way to release any want a straight male could be curious about. At one time there was about 20 men on the island at one time living out their sexual fantasies. Whether they were in the mansion or out in the open, the island really did not have any rules. Besides the mansion on the North side of the island there was a path leading around the island for the lost, an abundance of trees, a few caves on the outskirts and open fields in the very center. The island wasn't big but the many landscapes made it seem much bigger. The only real truth was as soon as once you step foot on the sand you consent to any and all gay sex.

John woke up in a blurry haze. He head was splitting and it took him awhile to take in his surroundings. As his eyes adjusted it seemed to be about late evening and on the edge of the treeline on some what seemed to be a small deserted island. As fear started to sink in he felt a rush of relief as he spotted what looked like a well kept mansion on the far side of the island. John took a minute to check himself, no injuries, good. He took off his damp ruined shirt only leaving his small bathing suit. He set off on his walk towards the house and had no idea what would come next would be an extraordinary adventure for this particular thrill seeker. As John walked he noticed how beautiful the island was. White sand beach, tall trees but flat landscape let you see to a point where you felt a sense of privacy where ever you were. He felt a sense of luck and curiosity to what would wait for him ahead. While he was walking he pickup up to what seemed to be a young athletic boy walking in the distance. excited john yelled out to him. He was wearing a tight white tee shirt and a Hawaiian themed swim suit. But, the young boy turned smirked and kept walking. Well that was weird, john thought. He followed in wild curiosity. John yelled out again just in case, this time the young kid sped his walk and did not look back. Excited, John felt his heart beat faster and faster.

The teen then walked into what seemed to be a cave just off the coast. John was basically back tracking but every part of him pulled him closer to this kid, he was surely toying with him. He set foot in the cave but couldn't see very far. Every step took him into more darkness till the light behind him was far away. Getting nervous John paused. Before he spoke a strong voice took him by surprise.

"Falling for the little twink trick, huh, don't worry i'll play nice too."

short pause then,

"Go ahead and take off those shorts and unveil that cock of yours."

As soon as the voice stopped John had nothing but the wildest fantasies running through his head. He felt his insides erupt with a pure sexual warmth and a mouth watering hunger for the nearest man meat. a fire was then lit unveiling the man and young boy by his side. The man sat on a rock throne and the end of the cave and the young boy sat by his side. The man look to be late 30s and he gave off an aura of sexual experience and the smell of a raging bull. He had slick brown hair and hair on his manly chest. A pure breed bear and the teen boy by his side stood up a stripped naked. This twink must have been barely 18. He had soft features, light skin, and the look of nothing but joy while his blonde hair came down to barely cover his deceiving light blue eyes. The twink approached him with slow determination and put his hand on Johns chest. Backed him up to the center of the cave where a rope hung from the ceiling. Gently tied Johns hands behind his back so he faced the the king. John silently let all this happen while he felt his manhood bulge to a hard 7 inches. The twink laid his hand on his shoulders and slowly walked around to Johns front. Stood long enough to smile then stuck out his tongue and licked as Johns nipple. Gripped his other nipple and John let out a soft moan. Now this was getting fun. The older man looked like a king sitting on his throne in his naked glory. He had hard eyes and he was enjoying every second of what was happening before him.

The twink slowly worked his way down seemingly covering every inch of Johns chiseled frame. John moaned in pleasure and his cock now oozing with precum. Then slowly the twink put his mouth around Johns cock and in pure pleasure took as much as would fit in his tight mouth, released and licked the head of his penis. This was not the first cock this young twink had worked and that was evident in how well he worked Johns shaft. This was better than any blow job he had got before and Johns eyes didn't leave the back of his head and his knees trembled in satisfaction. The twink work his dick for as long as it would take to taste the pure white cum that he had coming to him. The twink begged for his mouth to be filled with the warm cum of John. Johns muscled then clinched to release a shower on the young twink. The explosion covered his face and you could see the pure satisfaction of receiving the cum shower. The young twink took it all and then started on Johns ass hole. The pleasure wasn't done yet and he could barely take it. Usually John would get his nut and move on, he never would have thought he could still be turned on and be getting a tongue lashing by a teen boy around his tender and sensitive asshole.

The king stood up revealing his hard 9 inch royal cock. He strutted down and brand John to his knees. The king then grabbed the back of Johns head and guided him to his ready member. John slobbered on the penis, he was over anxious and was wanting the dick so far inside him he never felt this passion before. With the twink licking his asshole and his mouth deep on the kings cock he thought there was no better feeling. After Johns asshole had a good licking the king too his place at the rear and readied his cock for insertion. The twink spit on his ass and then the royal member slowly entered John. He felt a ripple of pleasure from his asshole to his head. He was so far deep John felt it was hard to breath. In and out the monster cock went pleasing every insertion with a shot of pleasure. The twink then took Johns hands and re-tied them above his head. Then slipped under him and started sucking his dick again, the little twink could not get enough. John had never experienced this before but loved every minute. The twink then slipped down further to start the full stretch of Johns ass hole for double penetration. The older man made room and both stuck their hard cocks into Johns loose asshole. John, now hard again creamed at this fantasy. The two cocks works Johns asshole until the twink finished and all that was left was the older man and he let his load go inside John. It filled his anus and the warm wave rushed through him. He felt his body give out after everything subsided and lay on the floor of the cave. The fire was now barely lit and John just had his first experience on the island. The fantasy was now proven true and John now couldn't wait for what lie ahead.

...More ahead if this proves to be a success!


Edward Younggun

[email protected]


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