Written In Memory of COOPER DAVIS 1979-2011

"All he ever wanted was to love and be loved"

Rest in Peace, dear friend


Certain sexual activities that may be depicted in this story are safe only in fictional literature.

This story is a work of total fiction. Any resemblance to real people, dead or living is purely coincidental.

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Written by: Bill Hudley

Edited by Mildred (TooFeeky4u) and Bill Hudley



I woke to a warm Saturday morning in Atlanta. Spring flowers had seemingly jumped from the ground into full bloom overnight. Trees that were bare suddenly leafed and bloomed with their flowers. As I sat on the balcony of my 26th street apartment near Buckhead, I drew in a deep breath of the sweet morning air. Everywhere I looked a riot of color lay before me. Azaleas wore red, pink and white. Dogwood trees were laden with their white and pink blooms and yellow jonquils, bright as the morning sunshine. There isn't any place I'd rather be in the spring than Atlanta. The magnificent foliage, the spring air, filled with the sounds of birds chirping as they toiled at nest building against the sounds of the city.

My communion with spring ended with my cell ringing in the apartment. Trying to locate the muffled ring of the phone, I soon found it in the pocket of last nights jeans. Not immediately recognizing the number calling I answered tentatively,


"John! It's Bob Seberg, how's it going, dude?"

Bob was a former client that seemed to desperately need friends as he called frequently just to keep in touch.

"Hey Bob; don't tell me you've blown out a knee again."

"No! Thank goodness, just looking for a guy like you to round out a group set to play a pick up game of B Ball today, interested?"

Bob was a former a physical therapy client, and a nice enough guy; and he did send me lots of referrals. It was unusual for a straight guy like Bob to call me to play sports, although I really enjoyed the activity. He's about 3 years older, married to a real beauty and no kids. He said the other guys were his buddies and co-workers.

"I need one more body and you've got the best one I know, dude." he laughed.

I smiled and said,

"oh Bob, I bet you tell that to all the guys."

We both laughed. I asked when and where, figuring that the game could replace my 5 mile run I had planned for later today. I like running but when done alone, it takes some mental prep to get into the mindless zone that lets my body take control and keep me focused. He told me the particulars and to be there at One o'clock. I smiled, thankful for the opportunity to mix it up with athletic guys. Bob knew I was gay but it couldn't have mattered less to him and his wife. I looked at the time noting it was nearing 11 a.m..then snapped the phone shut and headed for the shower.

I gathered my things and headed out the door when I remembered to get a headband and towel, the afternoon would be well into the eighties and I'd be drenched by games end. I tossed them into a gym along with my phone, and wallet and spare pair of shorts, in case we lingered there or went to grab a bite. I stopped to grab a large bottle of water and was on my way. Mornings like this were the reason for having a convertible I mused as I pushed the top button down. I donned my shades and wore a grin a mile wide as I drove down Peachtree Rd. toward Downtown. We were playing at the Grady High School playground on 10th. Street near the park. I parked the car, raised the top and locked the car and headed out to join the guys.


The ringing phone woke me from my dreams leaving me in a slightly confused and with an erection in my hand. As I groped for the phone I rolled into a sticky wet spot on the sheets, ummmm wish I had been awake for that I thought. The call was for my brother, Christopher who was away for the weekend. The caller was his friend and fraternity brother Bob Seberg. I told him Chris and Cheryl went to Hilton Head for the weekend with her folks. Bob explained that he and some of his buddies were going to play basketball and he needed one more guy since Chris wasn't there. He asked

"hey, Cameron do you play?"

"You bet"

I jumped at the chance to be around these older guys. At 19 and gay, being with sweating, good looking guys was a major turn on. Bob knew I was gay and he joked,

"I meant do you play basketball."

I laughed and teased him back

"darn Bob, I thought you were trying to seduce me".

"my wife has been begging me to find some nice guy to give her a break from my huge sexual appetite."

We both laughed.

Looking at the clock I saw it was after eleven so I dragged my sleepy butt out of bed and into the shower. Refreshed and wide awake I drank a glass of juice as I threw on shorts, a Georgia Tech tee shirt and sneakers. I tossed spare clothes in the bag with my cell, wallet and my travel kit with its supply of condoms and lube. Hey, I was a scout. "Be prepared" was our motto. I hopped into the Mini and off I went. As I turned right off West Paces Ferry onto Peachtree Road I wondered if there would be any hot guys in the group. So sue me, I'm 19, I have urges and needs too. Sex is near the top of the list of things that occupy my 19 year old mind. Before I knew it, I was turning left onto 10th St. and was parking the car. Bob waved as I neared the group, came over, clasped my hand, pulled us together in a bump hug, arms & hands between us, and patted me on the back.

"Come meet the guys, Cam."

He made introductions telling them that I was Christopher's little brother since they all knew him.

Out on 10th street a gunmetal gray Audi convertible slowed and turned into the parking lot as I eyed it enviously. The driver parked carefully, far enough away to avoid any door dings, he closed the top, tossed his shades into the seat and locked up. As he stepped away from the car I forgot all about what he was driving. I almost gasped aloud. This guy was wearing a tee cut off just below his pecs showing off his rippled stomach, bright red running shorts with a vent slit nearly to the waistband, sweat socks and sneaks. I hoped he was joining our group. As he neared I kept watching, I could see his smooth round butt cheek peek though the leg vent in those shorts on every other stride and watched his substantial bulge flop with the next step.

I was mesmerized, watching this handsome hunk with his lean, ripped body walk toward our group. As he got closer I saw he was a very handsome man in addition to that body. I felt a surge in my crotch and was glad for the jock strap holding me down. I was getting short of breath and could not tear my eyes away. His walk oozed with sex. The straining in my jock was becoming painful. A body like that can stop traffic! I noticed that I wasn't the only one watching his approach. Even the straight guys stopped talking and watched him come to our group.

Bob went to greet him, giving the same hand clasp and bump hug and put his arm around his shoulders and began the intros to the guys. I was in a trance, as Bob introduced John to me I barely heard a word, I said "hi, then excused myself as I rushed to the restroom. There was no way I could play the game with that ache in my cock and I jacked off in about 5 strokes thinking of that man! John was the last to arrive and we divided up into shirts and skins. I was glad to be on the skins and him with the shirts, since I could show off the thick mat of hair on my chest and the curls on my arms and legs as well. I knew I would get the chance to touch and bump him as we played. The game got going and at only 5'7" all the others were taller than me but I was fast and could duck under and between their larger bodies strip the ball and score easily. I was trying especially hard to get the better of the hot guy. Once I made a lucky grab from behind him and got the ball away and made an easy lay up. Feeling full of myself and wanting him to remember me, I pointed my forefinger, raised my thumb and made the shooting gun gesture and said

"I gottcha, babe."

I knew he saw me but I doubted if heard my words.

After about an hour and a half we called it quits, tired, drenched and gasping for air. I headed straight for Bob and grilled him about who that guy was. Bob just chuckled and said I knew you'd like him. As he rambled on I saw the hot guy walking to his car. As soon as I heard Bob say, 'John's gay, you know.' I ran after him leaving Bob talking.


I was a just a couple of minutes late getting to the game, having lingered a little too long in the shower, taking my time and caressing my body as I lathered up, wishing that another pair of hands were gliding over my body. It had been a long, long time since I had shared my bed with anyone. I parked the car and closed it up and started over to join the group. I began to feel a bit self conscious when I noticed that the whole group had turned and was watching me walk to them. As I was introduced to the guys, we came to this one guy, shorter than the rest of us but he was so cute I just kept smiling at him, he excused himself and ran off. I thought, there you go John, scaring off the cute ones again. The game soon started and the little cute guy, his name was Cameron, was all over the place. Bobbing, diving and stripping the ball away and scoring easily on the rest of us. To be fair, he was a few years younger than us "old guys", I'm 24.

Near the end of the game, he stripped the ball away from me and as I stumbled over my own feet, he scored. He turned to me, made the finger gun gesture of shooting me and I read his lips as he said

"I gotcha, Babe,"

I smiled and just shook my head. Cheeky little devil I thought. The game was over and as I walked away I saw him giving Bob the 3rd degree about something. When I looked at him as I passed, I saw how very handsome he was. I mean movie star handsome! I was surprised that I didn't see that at first instead of just his cute side. The thought ran through my head that I wished he'd pulled or strain a muscle and Bob would refer him to me. He certainly had a muscle I'd like to pull, for sure. Not the most professional of thoughts but damn, just looking at him got me hornier than a goat! I decided then that I would call Bob Monday and find out who he is and what he's about. I was intrigued.

I unlocked my car and heard, then saw the little, cute guy come running up to my car, he stuck out his hand, and said...

"good game", Hi, I'm Cameron, your John, right? I was just asking Bob about you."

I felt the blood rush to my cheeks, knowing Bob as I did, his first words to Cameron were probably...

"oh, that's John, he's gay you know."

Sometimes being up front about your sexual orientation can make friends do or say the craziest things. I kind of laughed and said...

"well Bob is usually quick to talk about everyone's business but his own, he tell you my life story?"

Cameron said that he left Bob still talking when he saw me leaving and ran to catch up to me before I left. I laughed picturing Bob talking on with no one there.

Cameron smiled, looked me in the eye and asked

"can I get a ride with you?"

I noticed that one of his eyebrows kind of wiggled when he asked for a ride. Is this kid coming on to me I wondered? I chuckled and said

"sure, where are you going?"

He blushed, looked down at his shoes and said quietly, his voice a bit shaky

"anywhere you're going is where I want to be."

As he looked up my mouth fell open in surprise at his bluntness.

"I'm sorry, but what did you just say?"

He paled, but looked me straight in the eyes and said again, quietly but firmly

"anywhere you're going is where I want to be."

I blinked, clearing my throat to gain a moment to compose myself because his straightforward statement had rattled me, I told him that the first thing I was going to do was go home, shower and get out of these smelly, sweat soaked clothes. He just grinned at me and nodded as he settled into the passenger seat turning his back to the door to face me.

Wow, that's twice that he has said something that surprised the hell out of me, usually a new acquaintance is not that blunt or forward. But, I reasoned, he was coming on to me and he wanted me to know it, no game playing here, he's out to get what he wants. It's trait I usually admire, but this time it did feel a little odd as it was directed at me...oh well, it is really a refreshing approach. Just run up to a guy and tell him you want him. Bam! Could it be that simple to get a guy? I was beginning to think that in his case, looking like he does,it probably is just that easy. This just might work out for him today, I was already intrigued and now this, there was a twinge in my groin as I looked at him... Damn! He is just too cute. He has plenty of nerve and loads of charm, he'll do well in life...and in my bed I hoped. Hmmmm, intrigued indeed!

I learned that he was 19 and a freshman at Georgia Tech. in Midtown. As we drove he told me how cool he thought the car was and talked almost non-stop telling me about his studies and himself. I liked him more than I had expected I would. Usually the really cute, young ones rarely have a brain that they use frequently. Cameron was the exception, bold, witty, bright and very smart; "Average" students did not get accepted to Georgia Tech. When we got to my Apt. the AC had kicked on and the cool air quickly chilled us in our sweaty clothes. Clicking off the AC I went first to my bedroom, then the linen closet and handed Cameron a towel,wash cloth, tee shirt and a pair of my boxer shorts to put on after his shower and led him to the bath in the guest room. I put our sweat soaked game duds into the washing machine, went to my room, showered and was drying my self when he knocked on my bedroom door. Wrapping the towel around my waist I said...

"come on in."

Cameron entered naked and drying his hair with his towel. Confident and sure of how his body affected others, he grinned shyly and explained that my boxers were too big and fell to his knees and the T-shirt looked like a dress on him. Later I found out that the T-shirt wasn't to big but too short, his cock hung down below the hem! I stood there, mouth agape, staring at his stunning 19 yr. old body, a 27" waist, perfect bubble butt and that cock, about 6" while flaccid, draped over his testicles. I wondered just how big that thing was going to get and I was becoming eager to find out. Talk about one guy having it all. That face, that body, that cock! I could tell that he knew what his body was doing to me by the impish, shy grin he flashed at me. My towel was beginning looking like the Big Top tent at the circus as he watched. I turned quickly and rummaged through a drawer and found an older pair of running shorts with an elastic waist and tossed them and told him I'd be right out and to get anything he wanted out of the fridge. I could swear that he looked disappointed as he left my room.

In the kitchen I grabbed a bottle of water and asked it he'd like to sit on the balcony. I had put on the baggiest pair of shorts and tee shirt I could find, wanting room to keep any further growth in my crotch area concealed. We sat in lounge chairs, Cameron clad in only the running shorts and that beautiful fur on his chest, arms and legs. We started talking about our families.

I led off telling him about my parents, Jake and Annie Damon and how they got married the day after they graduated college in 1968 and their honeymoon was the trip driving from Illinois to Atlanta where Dad was to start a job with a small insurance company.

"Dad still works for the same insurance company he started with in 1968 and is now the Vice President of the entire company. Bo is my brother Robert, he's 26 and our sister Celia is 18. Bo graduated from University of Georgia, 3 years ago, with a degree in Finance. I graduated from Emory University last year." His eyebrows raised at my graduating from Emory.

"I was on a scholarship that was the only way I could go there. 50 grand a year for college is a bit steep even for my folks! My Degree is in Nutrition/Physical Therapy. Celia started her senior year in High School this year. Bo is engaged, he proposed to Cheryl over Christmas and gave her a diamond the about the size of a jawbreaker gum ball. We all kid him that a gum ball machine is the only place that has "Gems" that size. They haven't set the date as yet."

"Bo has always been my hero. All my friends knew him by sight, he came to my baseball games every time he could, and the same with the swim meets. I was a much better swimmer that baseball player. I even won some fairly big State High School Events and I still hold a couple of meet records. Dad always took our trophies to work to show off but they never came back home. He has a display case that holds all the trophies, even Scout Badges, that the three of us had won. The Trophy case became "The Shrine" as Mom called it."

"I'd known I was gay since I was 16, but I never had a sexual encounter with a man until I was 20 and at Emory. When I graduated from High School I told the whole family I was gay. Mom & Dad didn't have a clue and were shocked. They sat me down and said that although they didn't understand it all then, it didn't matter. I was their Son first, last and always and nothing I could say or do would ever stop them from loving me and supporting me and my choices. WOW, I really didn't expect that. Celia just looked at me and said 'so.' I knew it wouldn't bother her. It was Bo that reacted badly and stormed out. I was crushed. If he hated me for this I didn't know what I would do, he was my hero and I had let him down. Of all people, it was Jenny, Cheryl's Mom that sat him down and told him what he was throwing away with his actions and his stubbornness. She had a gay brother and he and his father had a row that never came to a resolution. Her Dad died without telling his son he loved him no matter what and her brother desperately need to hear those word from his father."

"Later that night as I lay on my bed in my room, my door flew open and banged against the wall. There stood Bo looking bigger than he really was and I thought he was going to beat me up, try to beat the gay out of me so to speak. He just stared at me and I started crying, I turned my back to him and the sobs wracked my body. Then I felt his hand, gently on my shoulder and I turned my head to look at him and he wrapped me in his arm, rocked me back and forth."

"it's okay, it'll all be okay Johnny Boy. Bo's here, it'll all be okay.""

"I knew then that Bo would make it be okay and he would still be my hero and protector too. I've never loved him more than at that moment."

"After Graduation from Emory I got a job as a Nutritionist/Physical Therapist. I guide patients through the process of rehabilitating their bodies after illness, injury or advancing age. I enjoy the work and I am good at it too.

"Gee, I really didn't mean to go off on a rant like that, boring you with all that stuff about my family."

Cameron gave me one of those dazzling thousand watt smiles that make me warm all over my body.

"I enjoyed it. I want to learn who you are and what you're about."

I felt myself blush as he said he wanted to know me. I knew I sure wanted to know him, and soon! I went to the kitchen, made some snacks and got more to drinks while Cameron excused himself to the bathroom. I took deep breaths and forced myself to calm down. I thought about jumping him as he came out of the bathroom and dragging him to my bed...not my style though but it was a tempting thought.


John looked surprised as I ran up to him, but gave me a smiled that punched me in the gut, hard. When I asked him for a ride with a grin and twitch of one eyebrow, he gave me a questioning look but nodded toward the passenger seat. Before I could get in he asked where I was headed. I knew that I had to take control to get him to relax and let us get to know each other. I looked him in the eye and quietly said ...

"anywhere you're going is where I want to be."

"what did you say? he asked.

As soon as it was out of my mouth I was horrified. Had I gone too far? Had I freaked him out? How pathetic and needy did that seem. But the truth was I did need him, I wanted him more than I had ever wanted anyone. He would say yes. I looked straight at him and told him again...

"I said... anywhere you're going is where I want to be."

I guess he could see the panic in my face for making such a faux pas with a complete stranger, then I could see the tension ease out of him, he looked back straight ahead, kind of shook his head, and grinned. Not making any acknowledgment of my statement he cleared his throat and said he needed to take a shower and get out of these clothes I let out a big sigh of relief and turned halfway in the seat and watched him drive. I realized on the ride to his place that I didn't have a change of clothes with me. In my rush to get to him I forgot my gym bag with clean shorts & Tee in my car. Damn, I forgot my car!

As we stepped into his apt. the AC was on and it was cold in there. Goose bumps popped up on both of us, he turned off the AC and went to one of the rooms. He came back with a towel and clothes for me for after my shower. Wow, he's observant and thoughtful too! After my shower I knocked on his door to tell him that the shorts and shirt were way too big for me. At his "come on in" I opened his door and he stood there with a towel around his waist. He stared at my naked body and his eyes opened wide as he gazed at my cock then and back up to my eyes, I knew then that it was going to happen, this fantastic man wanted me too! I could see it all over his face. I saw his cock was getting hard under his towel. He saw me looking at the towel bulging out and he blushed again. He turned and looked in a drawer and found a pair of running shorts with an elastic waist and tossed them to me and said that he'd be right out and to get anything I wanted out of the fridge. I tried to hide my disappointment, we were already in his bedroom, both of us naked, his towel hiding the object I desired and he sends me out of his room. Maybe I read too much into his look at my nakedness. Puzzled, I went to the fridge, grabbed a couple bottles of water and had opened mine when John came out of his room wearing the baggiest shorts and tee shirt I have ever seen. We sat on the balcony and talked for hours, learning about each other and our families. It was almost dark when we rose to go back inside.

On returning and putting the snacks on the table between us we settled down John said

"Well, it's your turn tell me who Cameron is."

"You really want to hear this?"

"Only fair, you got my story."

"My parents are Christopher and Angelina Campbell III, My Mom's family were from "old money" a big plus in Atlanta society. My brother is, Christopher Clayton Campbell, IV, and with that name the pressure is all on him, not me to produce the 5th. That works out very well for a gay man. I'm 19 and Christopher is 22, Mom led a sheltered life until she married Dad. She went to a finishing school in the East and as Dad says "was quite the little snob when I met her." After twenty five years of marriage she was still naive about some things. When I told them that I wanted to go to Tech and be an Engineer Mom thought I was going to "drive a train." When Dad explained that I wasn't going to drive a train but design them, she laughed and told Dad, "what ever, you know that boy's going to do it his way no matter what." My Dad laughed, looked at me, and said to her, "I wonder where he gets that?" She just smiled at us. Some times I was sure her "snobbery" was all an act she put on to see how far we'd let her go with it. Until her marriage she had never had contact or mingled outside the Society crowd. Despite her upbringing she was a great Mom. We were never shipped off to boarding school, although it was a favorite threat of hers when we misbehaved. We never lacked for nor did we doubt the love our parents have for us. She could be playing with us having a loud, fun romp and at the sound of a door bell or telephone she'd become "Miss Got Rocks" in a heartbeat and give us a wink as she did. Christopher and I would have to leave the room when she assumed that role before we burst out laughing, Dad too when he was there. It became a role or part she played and she loved it."

"I knew I was gay at 13 but never did anything with anyone until I was enrolled at Tech. All through High School I played the game, dated lots of girls but never any long term or steady. I knew what was expected and required to reach my goals and knew that after I entered college I could relax and be myself. I was a good student and had good grades. At Tech I pledged my Fraternity as a Legacy and it was there that I had my first sexual encounter with a man. Two more one night stands and here we are sitting on your balcony."

"I bet that your family says you're just like your Mother, don't they?

I was surprised but nodded to affirm.

"And how did you know that?"

"I've only know you a few hours, but already I know that you are precocious, straight forward, blunt and say things that others might think outrageous, determined and very self confident. After hearing about your Mom, I'll wager you got all those traits from her genes."

I was silent and he added.

"Your Mom is someone I would want to have as a friend"

"What about me?"

He laughed, looked straight into my eyes and said

"Cameron, you and I being friends is just about the last thing either of us has on his mind,"

I smiled.

"yeah, you are right about that."


Suddenly we realized it was almost dark, we had chatted all afternoon as we stood and stretched our legs; he asked if I had plans for the night, he would like to treat me to a dinner and more getting acquainted with each other afterward. That eyebrow wiggled again. I was sure of it this time.

"Sure," what did you have in mind"

He asked what I would prefer and I decided to take a cue from him and move this seduction thing right along.

"How about a Pizza, delivered in?"

I said staring straight into those green eyes again. He smiled and nodded yes. As we walked back into the apartment he put his hands on my hips and steered me away from the balcony doors and spun me around to face him. He stepped forward held my face in his hands and began a kiss that set my knees to wobbling, my heart to pounding, and changed our lives for ever.

As the kiss lingered we strained to get closer to each other, it seemed that sparks were flying around the room, my knees were weak as we broke apart and gasped for air. Our chests heaving we looked at each other and at the same time both of us said "Wow! We stumbled to the sofa and sat down, reaching for the other and just held each other. My mind was racing I had never had a kiss like that, I still tingled all over. I wanted him to do it again. He turned as if he had heard my thought and kissed me again, harder, our tongues battled. He stood, took my hand a pulled me to my feet and walked to my bed where he pressed my body back until I was lying prone with him on my chest, our arms locked around the other. When we broke apart to breathe, our lust for each other had already taken control, bodies entwined, lips and mouths locked and each trying to crawl into the others skin . We were attuned on every level. This was so very intense that we both ejaculated locked together in an embrace, clothed, without ever touching our cocks with our hands. It was raw over powering lust, and a connection with him like nothing I had ever known.

This was all new to me, I've never felt these feelings and emotions this kid was bringing out in me. I never knew how powerful man to man sex could be, or how the male teen-aged body was the perfect sex machine. How does a 19 yr. old ejaculate so hard that his sperm flies across his body and onto the wall above the headboard and then he keeps pumping and does it again in a matter of a minute or so? When he started in for his third orgasm in 30 minutes I had to beg for a rest break. As we gained control of our lungs and breathing became an unconscious act again, we lay side by side, touching from our lips to our toes. He got up and brought a warm damp wash cloth from my bathroom and cleaned our bodies. I liked his taking the initiative and control. I liked him a lot!

He moved to hold my face in both his hands again and gently kissed my forehead, each eye, my nose, my ears, each cheek, avoiding my lips that were straining to kiss him back, he kissed my chin and down to my neck where he nestled his beautiful face. Slowly, he ran the tip of one finger lightly across my shoulder, down to my chest to play in the sparse blond curls there. A short detour over to pinch then circle around each nipple making my body tense and a low moan escaped my throat, on down between my pectorals to my abdominal muscles. He opened his hand and lightly let all five fingers slowly drag across the ripples there, giving me goose flesh. Such a simple act but so erotic! My body was trembling from his light touch.

His fingertip traced a couple of circles around my navel and then down into my trimmed pubic hair. Another moan escaped from deep inside me. He detoured around my still hard and throbbing cock, lightly across my testicles and down the inside of one leg as far as he could reach without changing positions, then across to the other leg and back up. By the time his finger reached my knee on the way up I was all over him again, moaning, whimpering and unable to get him close enough to me, unable to kiss him deep enough, unable to get into him and wear him like skin as I desperately wanted to do. Pushing both of his arms over his head I nuzzled the musk of his armpits, I slowly worked my way down to his chest and chewed a bit on the twin prizes my tongue found buried in his dense fur and then on to his thick treasure trail. I traced my tongue down his rippled stomach. My tongue lingered in the space between the navel and the pubic hair, a part of a male body I find so sensual that I could cum just looking it at on a body like Cameron's.

Remembering the task at hand, I reluctantly moved on until I came face to face with what I knew lay waiting for me between his legs. Well, it wasn't exactly "laying there" it stood tall, much longer than my own, which was usually the biggest in whatever bed I was in. His cock is more than 9 inches long and more than 7 inches around! Big surprises really do come in small packages sometimes. I began licking and kissing his cock and it took a while to cover all that territory but soon I was getting almost half of in into my mouth and throat and was pleased to hear his grunts and moans as he thrashed back and forth on the bed.

Knowing I could do better, I flipped around into the 69 position so that I could take more of him into my throat, keeping my hips as far away from his head as I could. I wanted this big cock! I wanted to bring him off in my mouth before he distracted me. I knew if he took me in his mouth I'd come very quickly. He settled for gently stroking my cock then holding my testicles tightly and pulling on them hard which made me suck harder. In this position his cock now curved perfectly into my throat and I took it all. Soon my nose was in his pubic hair. I inhaled deeply to smell his man musk. There is no other aroma like that found at a clean man's crotch. I haven't the words to describe it either, but to me it is an aphrodisiac. Oh how I wanted to stay there, my nose buried in his balls, my throat massaging his cock and I wanted to taste him forever. I came up for air just when he howled and called my name as he erupted down my gullet. Cameron rolled his head and body from side to side, moaning, whimpering and softly calling my name. He thrashed about on the bed and called my name again as I plunged back down, eager to take all of his sweet nectar. I eased back just enough to taste his essence again then plunged down to take it all as he continued gush spurt after spurt of his semen into my guts. As he calmed down from the ecstasy of orgasm he reached to pull me to him and crushed me into his embrace, saying

"oh John, oh John" over and over until finally he fell silent.

Tears had welled up in his eyes and I asked

"What, did I do something wrong? What is it Cam!

He shook his head no, and in a shaky voice said

"what you did, I've never felt that before, I mean no one has taken all of me like you did...I didn't know it could feel like that."

I kissed the tears from his eyes, turned him and spooned him in a tight embrace. whispering in his ear how good he felt against me how his body fit just right into mine. We were a perfect fit, made for sleeping together. We drifted off cuddling and holding on to each other.


I woke with John spooned to my back, his arms holding me tight to his body. He felt so good against me. What a fantastic lover he is, so sensual, and what he did to me, no one had ever taken my cock all the way to its base like that. What a feeling, this is more than I expected, he's so perfect, this can't be just a one night affair. No it's more, there's something that I just can't quite figure out, but it's more than anything I have ever felt. Everything is heightened or intensified with him every touch is electric, my emotions are deeper, more profound, its sex like I have never known before. I already want more of him. I could stay in this bed with him forever. He turned me, his front to my back and spooned me and hugged me tightly to him and whispered in my ear "feel this, you fit perfectly against me, made for sleeping together, your body pressed against mine feels so good, so right" and we drifted to sleep.

Later, I turned and slid down and out of his arms and began touching and kissing his perfect body. When I had worked my way down his body he woke as I nuzzled my nose against his balls. I heard him moan my name as I kissed and licked his rock hard cock. I took him into my mouth, bobbing and working my throat muscles as I took him far down into my throat, when I reached up and pinched a nipple he erupted into my mouth. Tasting his semen made me bob faster taking all of him into me. My chin rested on his testicles as he emptied them down my throat. We collapsed again in an entangled heap, gasping for air. He reached out and took my hand, our fingers entwined as we slowly floated back to reality.


I knew that I was in trouble. He had totally captivated me. I had to hold him, had to have him, had to possess him, I had to make him mine. I never knew that sex could be like this, never had anyone make me feel like he did. I knew that I'd do anything he asked just to lie with him like this. I was a goner and I knew it, even welcomed it until the doubts entered my mind. He's still a kid, he won't be ready for what I want from him, to be mine and mine alone. Sharing him would be a torture I couldn't bear. I thought, 'Get a grip John....it's just sex' but I knew it was much, much more than just sex. What we had done was make love, and that was so very different than just sex. How could I ever get past this, with his looks and body he can have his pick of any man or woman he desired. After today I feared I'd never get to be with him like this again. He would move on to his next conquest and I'd be left here without him, shattered. I fell from euphoria to utter despair in a matter of moments. Crushed!

Lucky for me, my fears that I would lose Cameron did not materialize. He was just as enamored of me as I was of him. Enamored, what a choice of words, why was I dancing around the truth, I know this all happened quickly but already there it was, the dreaded "L" word and who would say it first. It wasn't exactly love at first sight, but for me it sure was "love really, really quickly".

Cameron did not leave my bed until Monday morning, we were sore in places that we'd never been sore before. I woke very early reaching for him, I was already accustomed to having him in my bed but he was already up. He came back to bed from the bathroom where he went to brush his teeth. I had laid out a new spare toothbrush but I secretly hoped he had used mine. He settled into me as I lay propped up on one elbow. I started making love to him one last time before we would part for the day. I wanted his smell on me all day. He lay on his back as I sat on my knees between his legs, like magic, he handed me a tube of lube from thin air. Where does he hide that stuff when he only wearing a smile? I leaned forward and began kissing him, tongues gently caressing sore lips. As we kissed I opened the lube and put the tube aside. His butt was the only place left unused in our marathon of sex.

I slowly raised his legs fondling and kissing them, when his foot got near my mouth I licked it, drew it close and eased a toe into my mouth. His moaning and thrashing about started again. He yelped loudly as I put all five toes into my mouth at once. I noticed that there was even a small trail of hair from just above his ankle onto the top of his foot and hair on each of his manicured toes as I laved them with my tongue. Letting go of his foot I lowered myself and raised his legs, kissing the backs of his thighs I slowly worked down to the point where legs, butt and testicles converge taking in deep breaths of the musk there. I pulled both testicles into my mouth and sucked and pulled hard sending him into fits of tossing his head from side to side, gripping the mattress in his fists, gasping and moaning all at once. Pushing on the back of his thighs raised his butt where I wanted it. As my tongue circled his anus, he roared and called out my name. When my tongue speared his opening I thought he would faint. He finally asked me to stop or he would explode and we both wanted something other than my tongue in that spot now.

I carefully lubed his hole, stopping and adding more lube and adding fingers to this soothing massage. It wasn't long until he said "now" I eased up, put my lubed slick cock at his opening and gently eased inside his anal ring and stopped there. I was fighting to hold myself still until he signaled me to go further; I leaned in to kiss him. Soon his eyes told me yes and I slowly started the push sending my cock into an inferno of heat and passion. A long sigh escaped from Cam's lips as he pulled my legs, pulling my cock deeper into him until I was in as far as possible. Cameron eyes were closed and he had a look of rapture on his face. When I was in as deep as I could go his eyes flew open and there was a look I had never seen in those eyes. Triumph, possession and lust; he circled my hips with his legs and locked them at the ankles and ground his butt into me. Now it was my turn to moan and whimper as he ground against me. I started the long stroke back to his ring, shifted my hips and plunged in faster, rubbing his prostate as I plunged in and again on the upstroke, plunge down, rise up, plunge in. Cameron began grunting each time we hit bottom, soon we were moving in a frenzy, sweat flying all around us, raw beastly sounds coming from us like rutting animals.

A man's sexual pleasure knows no boundaries, it doesn't matter how deep, how hard or how intense the penetration, it's never enough. With each stroke slamming his prostate he soon gasped,

"JOHN!!! NOW!"

His first shot hit my face and sent me reeling as I licked it up and shot my load deep into his guts.

"I feel it. I feel your cum in me" Cameron cried.

One last push and I collapsed on him. We lay there, gasping for breath and slowly we calmed back to normal breathing.

I rolled off to lie by his side, he groped for my hand again and we lay there stupefied by utter exhaustion. I don't know how much time passed with us lying there holding hands, but eventually we stirred and turned to look at each other. A smile started spreading across Cameron's face and all at once we were laughing like crazy. Cameron wiped the laughter tears away and said "you know you're very good at that. We oughta do that again sometime" that set off another round of laughter that ended in a soft lingering kiss.

I rolled to my side, spooned up against him and held him tightly. We could nap for almost an hour before it was time to get ready for work and school. As I nuzzled to him, he sighed and made a mmmmm sound. I whispered in his ear...

"this feels so right, we're so good together... you belong here... stay with me Cameron... Stay!"

The alarm sounded and reluctantly I stood and pulled Cam from the bed and on into the shower. This made about our 15th shower since Saturday afternoon. It was Monday morning and I had to go to work and Cameron to his classes. As we dressed, me in my every day scrubs and him in his cleaned game clothes I opened a drawer and picked up a key. I turned and handed it to Cameron,

"I expect you back here in this bed tonight". He looked at the key then looked at me and I heard.

"anywhere you are is where I want to be."

Tears welled up in my eyes and I couldn't speak for the lump in my throat. I pulled him to me and quietly hugged him for almost a full minute.

Without another word between us we headed to the car, I drove him to his car and we each had a long lingering look to fix the image in our minds until we could be together again tonight. As we broke contact I yelled "wait" and scribbled my cell and home phone numbers on the back of my card. He said ...

"thanks, I'd forgotten that. I'll text you mine."

I watched him walk away, sorry to see him leave me even for a few hours, thankful for our chance meeting and excited that we might have a future together. Also, we both needed a rest. Neither of us had ever had such a long session of "sexual activity". We had been together over 40 hours and most of them were spent in strenuous sexual activity. Although I knew I shouldn't, it went against everything I was taught and relate about nutrition. I stopped and picked up a sausage, egg & cheese McMuffin. I was ravenous.


Wow, what an incredible weekend this was, mostly spent in bed with the man of my dreams. Smart, sweet, polite, and handsome as all get out, a body that rocks my world and a feeling of connection to each other that I never knew was possible. Nothing I have ever experienced prepared me for John. Had anyone ever told me something like this would happen one day. I wouldn't have believed it, I have trouble believing what I know has just happened this weekend.

It's now Monday morning and John has just finished making love to me as no one ever has. He was so gentle and loving as he entered me for the first time. I felt an overwhelming desire for him, I wanted him in me, I pulled on his legs, ground my hips around his as his cock slid down and down filling me to bursting with his magnificent cock. When I had all of him in me I went wild, grinding against him, throwing my hips to meet his thrusts. His big cock jabbing at my prostate on each stroke in and out, the sounds and noises were incoherent, like animals in rut, sweat, body fluids and the pungent smell of man sex pervading the room. I've always been a top, John didn't know that he was the first to ever take my butt, and I never dreamed that I would be wanting him to do this to me over and over again.

After he had finished my first fuck as a bottom he spooned to my back, held me tightly and whispered in my ear..

"this feels so right, we're so good together...you belong here... stay with me Cam... Stay!"

My heart jumped to my throat, he was offering me everything I wanted, he wanted me here with him all the time!. He wanted there to be "us". Hell yes I'll stay..he felt all of these feelings and emotions too. I had never met anyone I wanted to stay with before John. I was happy, I didn't want anyone else. Making love with John the rest of my life would suit me just fine.

After our shower John dressed in his work scrubs and me the game clothes he had washed and dried. We were quiet, we knew we had to part and neither of us wanted it. John turned from his dresser to face me and handed me a key and said that he expected me back in his bed tonight. I got a lump in my throat and it was hard to speak. I looked at the key in my hand, and then into his eyes and said...

"Anywhere you are is where I want to be"

Tears welled up in his eyes and he grabbed me and held me tightly in a hug for a long time. Neither of us said a word.


As the weeks passed and our bond deepened the frantic urge to consume each other waned. We were confident now that we wanted each other equally and both desired only the other, a more gentle love making took over. Learning the "hot spots", what we each liked our partner to do. Eventually, keeping two apartments was silly, we were only apart for his school and my work, he moved into my apartment and that night we pledged our love and lives to each other. We were a couple from that moment on. At first I was fearful that a 19 year old man would see and have chances to be with many, many men. I was never one to share my toys very well, but Cameron never gave me doubt or a reason not to trust him or his love for me.

On days when his classes were over early, I would walk into a darkened apartment, with candles giving off a flickering glow. It never failed to send a shiver down my spine when I walked into that candlelit room. That became his signal to me that I was his tonight, forget dinner or movies, TV, reading or any type of work; I was his all night. If we got hungry (for food) we would catch a sandwich in our rest breaks before he took me again. I was his, he could and would do anything he desired with me and I was an eager and willing participant. I felt an excitement and a rush of overwhelming love that anyone could want me so much.

Right on cue as I laid my keys and briefcase down, a naked Cam stepped around the corner and pulled me into one of his kisses that made me light headed and set my knees to wobbling at the same time. He began undressing me, pulling off my scrubs sinking to the floor, our lips locked together as he gently pushed me onto my back, produced a bottle of lube out of thin air, carefully lubed my butt and worked to loosen and relax me. As his fingers worked inside me, I began to writhe and moan letting him know it was okay to enter me when he was ready.

Slowly caressing my body, reaching for my legs he raised them and spread them as wide as he could. Letting go he aimed his big fat cock at my eager butt and slowly entered me as I held my feet to keep my legs spread and out of his way. He was kissing me all the while his cock was sliding into my butt. This wasn't the first time we had tried this, it took a few practice runs to train my butt to take his big cock. Lucky for us, my butt learned to like his big fat cock really fast.

There are no words I can come up with to describe the feeling of his fat, long cock filling my butt except that it is an overwhelming feeling and makes me do things I never thought I was capable of doing. I go wild when he gets it all the way in me. That moment when he's in as far as he can go, pushing hard into me and I'm pulling with my heels on his butt and pushing my butt up against him. That feeling is what I'm trying to describe. It's pain, pleasure, lust, need, love...it's too much and never enough at the same time...all those things.. it's just the FUCK ME feeling I guess! As he began to move back to my anal ring and plunge his long fat cock would bump against my liver or diaphragm...it was something way up near my stomach anyway. As his strokes quickened he made a subtle shift in position and slammed that big cock head against my prostate with each stroke and I writhed and moaned. I pulled on the backs of his thighs to get more of him into me. I locked my legs on his hips and ground against him each time he was in as far as he could go. It was sensory overload I thought that if this gets any better I will surely die from pleasure. What an epitaph that would be. 'He died from Pleasure.'

What feelings that can compare with those of anal love? With the one you love it becomes intensely emotional... acts of surrender, submission, possession, love and trust all done with pleasure beyond description. I get chills just writing about it and an itch deep within me just thinking about what he does when he is in me. It amazes me that he plans out our love making sessions it such detail. Like the lube, he knew exactly where we would be when he was ready to use it. Those details and many others prove his love for me many times each week. I began to feel guilty that I didn't plan such surprises for him.

It's been almost six years now since our pick up ball game and our bond has deepened and our love is the single strongest thing in our lives. Every thing we do is based on the love we have for each other, at times as I sit across the table from him, my eyes fill with tears of joy that he sits there every day just to be with me. He knows why, but always says, "what is it Babe?" and I say "your loving me brings tears of joy to my eyes, and I thank you for being mine." He gets up, comes to me, pulls me up and places one hand on my heart as I place mine over his. He tells me

"John, I live to be right here, I'll never leave you, I am forever in you heart,"

and it is true for I feel him there every day. He is a part of my soul and I am a much better man for his presence.

Soon after New Years I began to think about what I could do to surprise Cameron on our upcoming six year anniversary in the spring. One afternoon in March when I was on the phone with Christopher, Cam's brother, I mentioned that I wanted to get us a new place but didn't know how to do it and keep it a surprise for him. He thought a minute and said, "call Cheryl, she'll know. She's almost your sister-in-law and her Mom's in real estate. I'll bet she's done it before. "Do you know where you want to buy?"

"Yeah, sort of, we both want a high-rise loft with floor to ceiling windows that doesn't cost a kings ransom. It will have to be Downtown, Midtown or Buckhead, I guess to find a high-rise. We have to have a good view or it's just not worth the cost."


he agreed and we said our goodbyes and hung up. Surprisingly he called back the next day with the plan Cheryl's mom had devised. Cheryl and her Mom were excited to help us.

I called Jenny, Cheryl's mom and asked her to be our agent and told her what our requirements were. She took everything down and told me how we were going to work the surprise in for Cameron. Jenny set to work and finally found a place in Midtown that I loved and thought was perfect. It was close to the downtown connector, the eight lane highway running through the heart of the city, but we were up high enough and faced to the east on the opposite side of the building than the freeway and we didn't hear the noise.

On the day of our anniversary Cheryl called Cameron and asked him to do her a big favor. She told him that she and Bo had found an apartment and knew it wouldn't be on the market long and they needed to buy it now, six months before their wedding. Cam tried to put her off telling her that tonight was our anniversary and he was taking me out for dinner and some surprise fun afterward. She insisted that she had to have him today to get his opinion, they both knew Bo would say okay to anything she asked. She pleaded with him that it would only take a few minutes of his time. As usual she got her way, she adored him and he adored her. They met at the apartment about 5:45p.m. On the elevator Cameron was raving about the grounds and parking available here. As she opened the door to the penthouse, Cameron audibly gasped.

"It's so big and open, but you can't have it it's not for you, I want it" he joked... "It's perfect Cheryl you guys need to act quickly before it's gone."

She smiled and hugged him as I walked out of the kitchen area where I had been hiding. Hearing my footsteps he turned and gasped again,

"John she called you too?"

"No Cam, I called her Mom."

He looked at her, looked back to me and said "what?" I changed the subject saying

"don't you think this place is nice?

Still without a clue to what was going on he said

"sure it's wonderful and they need to get it quick before it's gone. It's too perfect, I'm jealous."

I reached into my pocket, pulled out a set of keys and tossed them to him. He opened his hand and stared at the keys, looked at me confused as I walked to him and said

"they're too late it was sold last night."

Even more puzzled Cam looked at Cheryl then back at me and started to open his mouth when I said

"Happy Anniversary Cameron, it's ours"

It took a few seconds for him to process all that had just taken place. He yelled

"No! You can't be serious!"

He looked at me, then Cheryl, who was clapping her hands and jumping up and down, and back to me realizing that it was true and we had really tricked him. I caught him in mid air as he leaped into my arms hugging and kissing me. Just then Jenny, Bo and Christopher came out of the kitchen, with Christopher aiming a video camera at us. He had filmed our little scene as a keepsake for us, and to show our families.

Cameron started running through every inch of the place, oooing and ahhhing as he explored. When he opened the terrace doors and stepped out onto the large balcony that extended out onto the buildings roof, it began to hit him what I had done. He ran back into my arms and held me close and said.

"We're home John, this is our home. Thank you, thank you. You do know I'd live in a cardboard box with you if you asked me to, don't you? I've dreamed about this place and now it's ours."

"Not quite" I said, you still have to sign the papers so it will be in both our names. But yes, it's ours. And thanks to some of that stock we've been buying, we'll have quite a nice budget for furnishings too..."

Finally I had to tell him the rest of the surprise to get him to leave.

"We've got to go home, uh; I mean the apartment, clean up and change to get to Wildfire Atlanta and meet our parents for dinner.:

His brow furrowed a bit then I said

"yes, it's your worst nightmare my family and your family at one table"

I joked to him. He sat down on the floor and put his head in his hands,

"It's too much he said I just can't believe this is happening".

I reached my hand down to pull him up, held him close and whispered to him...

"now you know just how I have felt for the past six years loving you."

We parted and then I pointed my forefinger at him, raised my thumb, winked at him and made the shooting gun gesture and said,

"I Gottcha babe!"


Of all days, Cheryl called for my help on the night of our anniversary, six wonderful years wit h the man of my dreams. Sometimes when I'm in the shower I close my eyes and think of that first day, I get hard visualizing him walking toward us, those red shorts showing his hard round butt cheek, his big package flopping as he walked. I can still get off in about five strokes thinking of how he looked that first time I saw him, umm. Sometimes I ask him to wear those red shorts around the house just so I can sneak up behind him and pull them to his knees and I attack that perfect butt with my lips and mouth and my hard cock...uh oh..Back to Cheryl. She and Bo had found a killer apartment that wouldn't last long in the Atlanta market. Their wedding was six months away but she felt that they needed to move on this place now.

I explained how it was our Anniversary and what I had planned but she begged and pleaded until I gave in and told her no more than 30 minutes, that was all I could spare tonight. We met at the apt. building and rode up to the top floor. I gasped aloud when Cheryl opened the doors. It was huge; the east wall was all glass overlooking midtown. It was what John and I had talked about, what we wanted. Of course I told her it was perfect adding that I was really jealous of them.

I heard footsteps and turned to see John walking toward us.

"John, she called you too?"

I said surprised to see him. He said...

"No, I called her mother."

That didn't make any sense, but he asked if I liked it, and...

"of course"

He knew very well it was what we had both said we wanted someday Then, even more confusing, he said it was sold last night. I wondered 'why are we here then' as I started to ask just that, John tossed something to me and I looked at a set of keys in my hand. As I opened my mouth to speak John said...

"Happy Anniversary Cameron, it's ours."

It took a few seconds for all that had been said in the last minute or so to register in my brain. Then I remembered only two words he said 'it's ours.'

As I jumped to him he caught me in mid air, hugging and kissing him I was too excited to take it all in. I ran through all the rooms and outside onto the rooftop terrace. Out there it hit me that we had our first home, as I thanked him I had to sit down,

"It's just too much," "I can't comprehend it all.

I heard John say something about leaving and meeting our parents for dinner. He reached down and took my hand and pulled me into his arms and whispered;

"now you know how I've felt these past six years loving you."

That touched my heart and tears started to fill my eyes. He stepped away then turned and looked me in the eyes, raised his hand and thumb, winked and shot me saying

"I gotcha babe!"

My jaw dropped, I stood there mouth open thinking he did see it and heard it six years ago today. Then I laughed and yelled at him

"I can't believe you've waited six years to do that to me!"

But you are so right.

"You've got me Babe!"

The End (of the first 6 years)


Bill Hudley

[email protected]


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