The daylight was bright and sunny as it poured into my bedroom window. I lay there in my boxers thinking about the weekend before. Rubbing my hand across my chest and stomach, enjoying the sensual feel and soft caress of my wanton hands as they made their way to my waistline seeking out the upper band of my boxers. Slowly sliding one hand beneath, imagining the encounter last week.

I get chills and an erotic sense of desire every time I close my eyes and see his face. Short cropped blonde hair and deep blue eyes with a jawline and smile that made me want to commence with ripping his clothes off.

I was out jogging my 30 minutes in the morning wearing blue running shorts a grey pullover and nikes. Now I am no slouch I work out 3-4 times a week and jog every morning. I am 6'1 190 black hair blue eyes. I used to play point guard in highschool, and still keep up with it.

Anyway I was just coming to the halfway point of my jog. When I came around the corner there lay this beautiful man, his right shoe and sock off. rubbing his ankle.

I smiled at him as I began to pass where he was, then thinking better of it I slowed and asked if he needed any help.

'Hey need any help?'

'Umm, kinda...'

He replied.

'But I am not to sure what to do the nearest place to get help is like a ten minute jog, and I don't know how well I can hike. I just sprained my ankle pretty badly.' He continued.

'I see that the swelling is just starting to settle in.'

His ankle was already looking pretty swollen. 'Just put your shoe back on before your foot can fit back in and I'll help you to my place. It's right up the road here. When we get there we can bandage it up.' I offered.

I couldn't help but admire his legs so so nicely shaped and well muscled. I kneeled down next to him saying, 'Here let me help out just lean back.'

With that I pulled his foot up and began to massage into his ankle and slid his sock back on for him and then pushed his shoe on as he grimaced while I tied it tightly.

'Okay it might take us about 20 minutes of walking, think you can make it?' I asked.

'Yeah I think I can, as long as I have someone to lean on.' He said.

'Sure enough...well lets get started. If you cant get along to well, I can always carry you on my back.'

He laughed a little, 'I am sure you could.' He said as I helped him up.

We each put an arm around each other and after about ten minutes of slowly limping towards my house he asked to stop. 'I need to stop. I don't think I can walk on it anymore.'

'Are you sure my house is only a few minutes more.'

'Yeah, I just get a shooting pain and feel like I am going to collapse every step.'

'Well thats fine.' I said as I turned my back towards him.'Jump up.' I referred to my offer to carry him the last few minutes.

'Well if you insist.' He said climbing up onto my back, wrapping his legs around my waist and his arms over my shoulders.

We talked very little though he did tell me his name was Jared, and that he was a college senior graduating next spring.

I introduced myself,'Thad, my names Thad I told him said I lived right up the path here.

From that point on I was so sexually charged I could barely feel his weight upon my back. I could however feel the precum dribbling down my leg. Oh man was I hot and bothered from carrying this angel upon my back.

And suspiciously I could swear I felt him getting a little excited as I carried him home.

We made it to my front porch and I slowly let him down as I reached for the key above the door frame. 'Hmmm...there are several keys around here, this is the only one I remember to put back.'

I opened the door and helped him inside as he limped more than before. 'Its already started to stiffen up.' he said leaning on the back of the couch. 'Hey I am all sweaty and I don't really wnat to sit down on your couch and get it all sweaty, can we go to the bathroom?'

'Sure...' I said as he put his arm over my shoulder again.

'Listen, I am sorry for being such a nuisance, and so much trouble.'

'Oh no trouble at all and don't worry about it. I got nothing to do the rest of the day.'

'Cool...I just feel like I am imposing.'

'No not at all...although anyone with any manners would feel that way. One sec...lemme grab you some clothes.'

I left him standing in the bathroom as I rushed into my room. I grabbed the tightest underwear I could find a pair of shorts and a t-shirt.

Wen I returned to the bathroom he was sitting on the stool with the lid down trying to take of his shoes. I kneeled down and began to remove his shoes for him, and said I could wash his clothes for him.

He reached up and pulled his shirt off, revealing a nice chest and a slick 8 pack. I grabbed his shirt off the floor and handed him the clothes I brought from my room.

'I'll grab you a towel.' I said as I stood to leave the bathroom.'

'Yeah, okay I am going to jump in the shower then.' He said as he stood on one leg and pulled his shorts off as I turned around to ask if he needed help.

'You need help getting in the shower?' You need help with that cock? Was what I really meant as I seen a fat hooded snake hanging down from his blonde pubes.

'I could use some help, I don't want to put too much pressure on my ankle/foot or whatever there.'

I turned around and put an arm around his naked body lifting him over the lip of the bathtub and carefully setting him down in the shower. 'Uh you might want to wait a few minutes before you get under the water it takes a while for it to heat up.' I said staring him up and down.

'You like what you see?' He asked me a mischevious smile played across his face.

'Uh yeah...but who wouldn't?' I said quickly turning to exit the bathroom. When he grabbed me by the arm and pulled me close to him.

'I was wondering if it would be too much to ask if you could wash my back.' He said as he turned around still holding my hand in his he put both hands on the wall settling my hand on his shoulder.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing. His body lithe and muscular from head to toe. As he turned on the shower, I pulled my own clothes off and kicked my shoes to the side as I climbed in behind Jared grabbing the soap to lather up his back. I wrapped my arms around him spooning him as he moaned slightly as I grabbed began massaging around his crotch. My cock rested lightly against his nice round asscheeks.

'Oh yeah Thad. How big are you?' He groaned as I dry humped his ass.

'I got a nice thick 9 inches here for you.' I said as I kissed the inside of his neck.

I couldn't help myself as I stroked against his extremities. I knelt down as the water glimmered against his ass cheeks and washed his ass out before nuzzling my tongue up against and inside him before having him turn around to get another look at his fabulous cock. He was fully hard and maybe 10 inches long. My cock got even harder. 'Damn thats what was rubbing against my back the entire walk home?' I smiled at him.

'Yeah.' He said as he pushed his cock head against my lips and I kissed it and wrapped my lips around it tasting a light sweet saltiness. Which stuck to my lips as I circled my tongue around the head before engulfing it in my mouth, working on deep throating it.

'Lets finish washing up and I'll carry you to my room.' I said to him.

I washed his hair and back and every nook and cranny his body presented and he did the same to me. The more I touched him the more I wanted him. I picked him up, he wrapped his legs around my waist and my cock against his ass once again.

I stepped carefully from the shower and walked to my room, where we made out kissing licking hugging and touching pasionately.

I lay next to him as he stroked my cock up and down turning us to a 69 position I pulled the foreskin back and put my tongue inside his piss slit, and deep throated him as much as I could while he did the same to me, too bad I had to come up for air or I could've never taken my lips from it.

Until Jared started working his way lower and lower licking and sucking my balls before heading past them to my perineum where he lingered for a bit before starting to lick my ass. It was sending me into a wild fit of passion. I spit on his cock and lubed it with my saliva as he got on his knees while I crawled onto my knees before him. He pulled me closer by my waist and began to massage my ass with his monstrous cock toying with me making me want it. Then he pushed the head of his slickened cock against my asshole and began pushing. Oh how it hurt at first but as it entered more and more into me I began humping back against him and and he began pounding against my ass making that telltale slapping noise, that fuck noise. After fucking me for a while He lack back pulling me on top of him his cock still inside of me I began to bounce up and down on top of him my cock flopping against his stomach as he groaned.

After about ten minutes of this he was groaning so loud and hard as he began fucking upwards into my ass as fast as he could, stroking my prostate with that huge piece of meat. Oh man was I in heaven. I built towards climax as he fucked me faster and faster and was soon spraying cum all across his chest and face, before I felt him unleash an ocean of his manjuice into my insides. Oh it felt so good as he continued to spray his dna inside me and kept on fucking me.

When he was done I collapsed on top of him his cock still inside of me and fell asleep.

When I woke up he was hard again and slowly fucking me as he kissed me. 'Thank you so very much...' He said




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