We looked at each other, then looked at him. He lay sunning himself by the pool. The golden tan coated the perfect body. He was naked, lying on his stomach, and his perfect round ass drove me crazy. Technically, he wasn't a prick tease. We knew damn well he had every intention of putting out. All we had to do was scrape together the nerve to take it. Robbie looked at me and shrugged, then took a sip of wine. He was still debating it. I'd made my decision. I wanted that perfect ass fucked until it flooded with cum. I stood up, stretched, and stripped off my trunks. My cock was hard. Robbie looked at me, then looked away. I felt sorry for him. He wanted it so badly, but was afraid to take it.

I walked over to Joel, sat astride that incredible ass, and began to massage his shoulders. He moaned and stretched out his arms. Robbie and I had been pampering him for two days while we worked up the courage to fuck him. We spent a fortune on him, waited on him hand and foot, indulged his every whim. I was tired of it, and my balls hurt. It was time for the beautiful Joel to earn his keep, with me at least, if Robbie couldn't make himself do it.

I leaned forward and tongued Joel's ear. He purred at me and wiggled his ass. 'Naughty, naughty,' he said, giggling. 'You want to do naughty things to me.' I sighed. He was beautiful, but not bright. 'Yes,' I whispered in his ear. 'I want you to suck my cock, then I'm going to fuck your luscious ass until my cum pours out of you.' He put his palms flat and pushed up like a cat. I rolled off of him. He lowered the angelic face, a twinkle in the luminous brown eyes and kissed me. His tongue flicked in my mouth, teasing me. I grabbed a fistful of hair and held him still while I kissed him hard. He pulled his head away and pouted. 'You want it rough,' he said, whining. 'I don't do rough.' I ran a finger down his soft face. 'I don't want it rough, sweet boy,' I said. 'I just want it now. It's time to quit the helpless virgin act and fuck. Understand, Joel?' He looked at me with his beautiful, empty face and smiled brilliantly. Then he turned, lowered his mouth to my cock and sucked me.

I put my hands behind my head and got comfortable. Joel gave great head, working with both hands and that tender mouth. I wanted it to last. I looked over at Robbie. He'd taken his cock out of his swimsuit and stroked it as he watched. His cockhead was swollen and purple, and must of hurt like hell. He couldn't take his eyes off Joel's round, wiggly ass. I really hoped he get the nerve to fuck it. Robbie must have had at least 10' of very thick meat in his hand. I wanted to see Joel's eyes get even bigger if Robbie put that pole in his ass.

Robbie seemed to read my thoughts, because he half-smiled, stood, and stripped his trunks the rest of the way down. Anticipation of the ass fucking Robbie could give Joel made me even hotter, and my cock started to throb. Joel made a greedy little noise deep in his throat and wagged his perky little tail. He was taking my cock deep in his throat. Robbie sat beside me, leaned over and kissed me. We sucked each other's tongues for a few minutes until I couldn't hold back anymore. 'Swallow it all, little Joel,' Robbie said, just as my cock pumped cum. Joel swallowed frantically, trying to get it all, but I continued to spurt, and the cum overflowed and ran down his chin. He sat up with a self-satisfied smile, licked his lips and wiped his chin with his finger. Robbie grabbed his hand and sucked my cum from it. 'Sweet,' he said. 'As always.' He had been talking to me, but Joel blushed and thanked him. Robbie rolled his eyes at me.

Robbie stood and gestured for Joel to come and kneel before him. I propped myself up on one elbow to watch. Joel started in on Robbie's huge rod, licking and sucking the tip, pumping the long shaft with both hands. Then he started to take him deeper and deeper in his mouth. I looked up at Robbie's face. He looked stunned, and spread his feet to maintain his balance. Joel worked steadily, until finally his lips were tight around the base. Shit, I thought. Nobody had ever taken all of Robbie in their mouth. Nobody. The fucking thing was just too big. Joel was deep throating him with ease. Robbie was going to lose it. 'You better back off, Joel,' I said. 'He cums buckets.' Joel made his greedy noise again, which was slightly muffled due to the heavy mass stuffed down his throat. 'You beautiful cock-sucking slut,' Robbie groaned as he began to cum and spurt. Joel must have taken the whole load straight down his throat. I jumped up and held Robbie's arms back to prevent him from fucking a new hole in Joel's head. He kept cumming, and turned his face to mine for a kiss. 'Shit,' he breathed. 'Shit fuck, can this bitch suck.' Joel wiped his lips delicately and smiled.

When Robbie could function again, we laid Joel out on the mat and knelt on either side of his crotch. His cock, like every other part of him, was beautiful. Rosy pink, long and slender. His balls were tight, and his pubic hair was neatly trimmed. Robbie and I started licking him at the base, our tongues sliding around and touching each other. We worked our way up to the head, licking and nibbling. Joel oozed out a considerable amount of precum. Robbie scooped it up with his tongue and fed it to me. We sucked him together, taking turns lowering our mouths on him. We kept at it, bringing him to the edge, then bringing him back, until finally he couldn't take it anymore. Robbie and I put our mouths together over his cockhead, and he shot cum into both our mouths. We tongued each other with Joel's hot cum, getting it all over our chins, letting it drip down on our necks. We licked each other clean as Joel watched us and giggled.

Robbie flipped him over and smacked his ass. Joel raised up on all fours and told us he was a naughty boy and needed to be spanked. Robbie obligingly spanked him. Joel squealed and wiggled his ass. I tossed Robbie a tube of lubricant. Robbie opened the tube and put it on my index finger. I worked it into Joel's little puckered hole. I looked at Robbie wide-eyed. This little ass was tight. Very tight. Robbie just stroked his huge dick and smiled. I worked the hole with one finger. Shit, if I didn't know better, I'd swear he was cherry. I worked it good and deep, opening him up, then slid in a second finger. Joel thrust back at my hand, moaning 'fuck me, fuck me good' as he did. I looked down at Robbie's swollen, hard cock. 'Want to have a huge cock fuck your ass, Joel?' I asked, hoping the little twit would have the sense to say no if he thought he couldn't take it. He just kept moaning 'fuck me, fuck me good' over and over. I coated Robbie's pole with lubricant, then put on more. Robbie gave me one of his looks, and I relaxed. He knelt behind Joel's cute ass and put his cockhead against the little pink hole. He pushed it in very, very gently...until Joel slammed his ass back and took it all.

Joel screamed, but what he screamed was 'I LOVE IT!!!! IT'S HUGE!!!! FUCK ME HARD WITH THAT HUGE COCK!!!!' Robbie was stunned and immobile for a few seconds, then he grabbed Joel's hips and did as requested. He slammed his cock in as hard as he could, as fast as he could, thudding his pelvis against the little pillow of an ass. I sat and watched and jacked off like crazy. I'd never seen Robbie fuck an ass like that. It was one of my favorite fantasies, to watch him pound that long, thick cock into a soft, little ass. He screwed Joel like he was a fucktoy, slamming it in hard, pulling it almost all the way out before driving in deep again. My cock was throbbing and starting to leak. Joel kept screaming 'HARDER!!! HARDER!!!'

Robbie had his head thrown back, eyes closed, mouth gasping. He was going to explode soon, and probably fire his little fucktoy into the next yard. My cock erupted, the cum spurting up all over me. I kept pumping with my hand, even though it was too much. Joel started to shriek as he pulsed cum all over the mat, still bucking his little ass back at Robbie. Thankfully, Robbie came, too, holding Joel still and driving his cock deep. Cum poured out of Joel's ass. I mean it POURED. Even for Robbie, it was an impressive amount.

We decided to let Joel stay with us a little longer.


Morgan Grayson

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