"I miss you baby."

"I miss you too boo. I'll be back Friday morning, and then it's just you and me, okay?"

"Alright. So how is the new deal going?"

Joe called me this morning, to update me on his trip. He's in Chicago this week, and I've missed him terribly. Not just him, but his loving too. I know sex is not the most important thing, but nobody can do me, like my baby.

He made love to me Monday morning, before his flight that afternoon. He came in me twice, and took my load in his mouth. He does this occasionally, and I think it's the only submissive thing that gets him aroused. He had pinned my legs up to my chest, and started by eating my ass. I felt him popping my lips with his tongue, and smacking his lips with spit, getting me all lubed up. He entered me slowly, and pushed all the way in, making his dick throb against my prostate for a good half an hour, while kissing me, and fondling my dick. It had started on the floor, at the foot of our bed, and I was braced comfortably against the double pillow top mattress. The comforter acted as a cradle, under my ass, while he planted both forearms on either side, and I was literally free hanging, while he pushed into me. I love feeling him all the way inside of me, his thick pubic hair softly caressing my smooth balls, and his thickness comforting me on the inside, making me the only boy in the world. I love his lips on my neck, collar, chin, up to my jaw, cheeks, and even when he kisses over my closed eyes, brushing my hair from my face. He's so romantic, and so sexual.

He let go of the comforter, letting my weight come down on him, moaning in my ear about making babies. He shoot a thick load inside of me, and I felt him fill me up, squishing and swashing his dick around inside. He pulled out, and moved his way down, taking me in his mouth. It didn't take long for me to cum hard, and he took my load without swallowing. He got erotic, when he turned me over, bending me over the edge of the bed, and going down on me again. I felt him push his tongue inside of me, and blow...It was so hot. Feeling him push my load in with his. I almost came again while he tongue fucked me, and I pulled my legs up and close to my body as I could, giving him all the access to my inner most parts. He lapped at my hole, sucking and biting, taking it all back inside of him. He eased up on my puckered lips, nibbling at the insides of my cheeks, and biting at the bubbled cheeks, on up to the dip in my back, and making my spine tingle as he kissed and caressed it with his tongue. He kissed the back of my neck, pulling me close to his hairy body, making me feel warm, with his strong arms around each side of me. I felt him slowly grind against my ass, with his throbbing dick up under my balls, pushing them aside, and sliding in between my smooth thighs. His furry pubes brushing at my cheeks, and his moans in my ear. He pulls my hair tightly, growling his lust for wanting to fuck me all over again.

I can't help but whimper, as he pulls my hair, and grinds harder against me. It's painful, but erotic, and I want him to fuck me over and over, until he's had his complete way with me. My lips are pucking at my ass, and I feel him tease me with the upper side of his shaft. He's throbbing to enter me, and I'm clenching and gaping for him to do so. He puts the head in, and kisses me passionately from the side, as he slowly starts to push all the way in. He speeds up his thrusts, and fucks me quickly, and deliberately, cumming a few short seconds later, and gasping in my ear.

"Fuck baby...fuuuuuuuuuuucccckkkkkk....God I love you."

He's still thrusting in me, and I feel his much smaller load inside. I let go of the sheets, realizing I had white knuckled the last fuck.

We showered and enjoyed breakfast. I had called in a half day, to see him off, and when I arrived back at the apartment, walking through the lobby to the elevator, I felt a sadness inside. The holidays had really brought my attention to the base of our relationship. Love. Life. Family...I realize how much I truly love Joe, and I had grown accustomed to having him there, since the end of his contract. Not that he hadn't gone on other trips as well, but I guess it was a combination of the weather, the beginning of a new year, and the renewed feelings I'd developed over the holiday road trip and spending time with his family.

The next morning I got ready for work, a tailored Versus blazer, and plaid Vivienne Westwood trousers with dramatic pleats. I slipped on my favorite Jimmy Choo loafers, and as I walked out of the room, I glanced over toward the walk in, and saw that Joe had left his jock strap on the floor. He sent our laundry out religiously every Monday morning, and it was odd that he would forget something simple like a jock. I ignored the oddity and left. The day slowly went by, and I had all the time in the world to finish my projects and reports. I had messaged with Joe a few times. His flight had gone well, and he had a spacious room at the W. He said tomorrow he had a few hours to burn, and he was going to shop and pick me up a present at Ralph Lauren.

I arrived back at the apartment at 4:00. It was so quiet, with just the sounds of the city echoing up against the windowpanes. I had some hummus and crackers, and watched the beginning of a show called 'Ringer' on netflix. Sarah Michelle Gellar acts the same in everything...I got bored and went to take a bath. I saw the jock strap, anfd scooped it up to put in a laundry bag. It felt soiled, and I remembered him changing quickly after our last workout, for a night meeting. I curiously raised it to my nose and sniffed. I could smell his musk, and sweaty scent, feeling myself becoming aroused. I pulled it away, admiring the yellowish stains around the pouch, and straps, and there were a few little pubic hairs inside the pouch. I even saw some dried cum spots, giggling at remembering us having a makeout session in one of the shower stalls. He had gotten hard while spotting me. I don't lift alot, but I do alot of repetition, just to keep my arms from flabbing. He likes to spot me, with his crotch directly over my face. It's a little fun for him, knowing I have to look up his shorts the entire time. I had mentioned his boner, and he looked around, making sure no one was looking, and squatted quickly, hitting my forehead with his hard dick. He stood up again, and the motion had cause a re positioning of his dick, so that now it was very visible, even without an angle. He told me this was bad, and he wanted to take care of it, tapping his finger on my wrist. I giggled, docking the barbell, and sitting up, to follow him to the showers. He chose the last stall, and as soon as I pulled the curtain closed, he had me against the wall, grinding against my ass, and his hands pulling my tank top up and over my head, pushing my nylon shorts down, and spreading my cheeks. The smoothness of his dick beneath his nylon shorts, had me turned on in seconds. I cupped my hand over my dick, guarding it from the tiled wall, as he continued to grind against me. He pulled his shorts and jock down, and spit on his dick, rubbing the head against my opening. He had me begging for it within a couple minutes, and slid all the way in. It didn't take long for him to cum, and we stayed perfectly still, with his dick throbbing and spasming inside me. We waited a couple minutes, and heard someone start another shower. Joe quickly pulled his jock and shorts up, and helped me get dressed, giggling as he did. We made out briefly, and went back out to finish our reps.

I put the jock back up to my nose, savoring the memory, and undid my trousers, letting them fall to the floor. I got down on my knees, and reached into my Cavalli bikini cut briefs, jerking at my dick. I shed the briefs, and lay back, with my feet up on the wall, behind the row of hanging trousers. I arch my feet, and jerk ferociously, deliberating my orgasm into Joe's used jock. I pant and moan loudly, letting my feet fall, and legs drop to the floor. I'm laying on the floor, with his jock over my softening dick, cum surround the head and shaft, and oozing down the inside of my right thigh. I use the jock to mop myself up, and carefully unbutton my shirt, slipping it off me. I walk into the bathroom, and relieve my bladder, turning on the shower. I step in and wash off. The night drags on, and I waste the remaining hours of daylight watching more of this oddly addicting show. Joe called me around 10:00, and we talked about our days. I didn't mention the fun I'd had, and he said he had had a long day, so the conversation wasn't long. I said goodbye, and snuggled up to his side of the bed. I looked at his jock strap on the floor, and fell asleep imagining him wearing just that, doing a little dance for me.

I woke up Wednesday morning, and pulled the covers over my head. I'm so used to being woken up playfully by Joe, and it was hard not to want to fall back asleep. I force myself to get out of bed, and walk toward the bathroom. I see Joe's jock on the floor, and pick it up. It's crusty and dried closed from my cum yesterday, and I peel it apart. I drop my pajamas, and slip it on. I look in the mirror, and it hangs loosely on me. I imagine Joe's beefy body wearing his used jock strap, and I become hard quickly. I reach in and start slowly jacking off. I'm quickly reaching climax, so I let go, and slip the jockstrap down, resting my upper thighs against the granite counter top, letting my balls spread against the cool stone. I continue to jack, watching myself in the mirror, and reach behind to put a couple fingers inside. It's not the same, but it feels so good. I feel my prostate begging for pressure, and I cum within seconds after. I make quite the mess across the granite, and against the mirror. I finish my shower, and wear simple GAP skinnies, with a Margiela blazer and vintage poplyn. Joe messages me:

"Good morning baby, I just had one of my best solo orgasms, with you on my mind. Love you"

I make it through the day, and now find myself sitting on the couch, shopping on my ipad, and thinking of my love. He'll be back tomorrow, and I couldn't be happier. I just remembered to hide his jock strap. Or maybe I'll put it in a hiding place, and save it for another lonely day...



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