DISCLAIMER: The below story contains explicit gay sex scenes. The writer retains all rights to this story, meaning NO posting on other free or paysite websites/online groups without the writer's permission. If you really like this story, please write to me at [email protected] Job Interview Going Awry Ian, a 24-year-old American white guy, just graduated from college. With a big dream to get a job in San Francisco, he left his deserted small hometown. But it was not easy to find a job in the big city. He had been turned down many times. Poor Ian almost gave up until he stepped his foot into an office building. All the employees there were men; no women at all. As a naive guy from a small town, Ian did not suspect anything. A handsome male secretary allowed Ian to meet Hunter, the boss, when Ian told him that he was looking for a job. 'Come in, Ian,' a man in his 40s said warmly as he saw the naive young man stepped into his office room. 'You're looking for a job, right? Come, sit down.' Hunter was eyeing Ian very closely as that young man came up to take a seat. 'What a handsome young man,' he said to himself. 'He's just the type of guy I like. I bet he's a virgin. I'd love to fuck his ass and turned him into a homo.' Hunter flashed his white teeth as Ian sat in front of him. A desk separated them. If there had been no desk at all, Hunter could have jumped at that young man and raped him. A big bulge was soon formed in his trousers, under the desk. But Hunter did not have to worry about that since Ian could not see it. Nervously, Ian swept his eyes around the room. It looked pretty comfortable, with large glass windows. The sun light came in through the glass, spreading brightness. Ian could see other buildings through the windows since he was on the top floor of the Hunter's building. A set of comfortable sofa was placed at the corner. When Ian presented a folder, containing the copies of his education certificates, Hunter rejected it. 'We don't need certificates here. I'm not looking for smart guys. I just want guys who can work to improve this company.' Showing his friendliness, Hunter reached out his hand and groped Ian's. 'So, you said that you came from a small town. From your body, it seems that you often worked physically hard back there.' He took Ian's hand and rubbed his fingers on Ian's callused palm. 'Yes, I do work hard. I help my dad. He's a farmer. The hard field work makes my body rather muscular,' he admitted shyly. Ian did notice how Hunter was groping his hand but he did not resist it. 'So, can I work here?' Ian asked naively, his black eyes glistening with hope. 'Not until you pass my test. I must make sure that you're a hard-working and obedient worker. You must follow every order I give without complaining or rejection. And you also have to be physically healthy,' Hunter replied with a serious look. 'Now, take off your clothes.' Before Ian could expressed his refusal, Hunter quickly explained, 'I need to see how fit you are. I can't accept sick and weak employee.' As if he could read Ian's mind, Hunter added, 'Don't mind me. We're men. There's nothing to be ashamed off. We both have cock.' Hesitantly, Ian stood up. Slowly, his hands began unbuttoning the shirt. Hunter followed the movement Ian's fingers as each button was undone. Slipping one hand under the desk, the older man was squeezing his own cock through the trousers. Shyly, Ian took off the shirt as all the buttons were unbuttoned. Seeing Ian's athletic tanned torso, Hunter almost erupted in his trousers. Gasping, he tried to control himself as Ian started to undo his trousers. The weight of Ian's wallet at the back pocket forced the trousers to slide down as soon as the button was unsnapped. The belt created a loud clinking sound. Standing in front of another man in briefs was a new thing to Ian. Hunter kept gesturing with his fingers, telling him to shuck off the briefs as well. Ian had no other option. He had to strip himself naked if he wanted the job. Slightly bending his body, Ian slipped his fingers under the band of his briefs. Clinging onto it, he slid the briefs all the way down. As he did that, his ass was exposed. Standing naked in front of Hunter, Ian shyly covered his genitals with his hands. He had never been naked in front of anyone. The lump in Hunter's trousers grew larger. Lust building in him made him breathless. Standing up, he proudly displayed the hard-on he had. Hunter noticed it as his eyes spotted a huge bulge in the older man's black trousers. But, being naive, he thought that it was normal for men to have hard-on. As that man approached him, Ian tried to maintain a perfect standing posture. Intentionally, Ian flexed his hand muscles so that he looked stronger. 'Nice body,' Hunter commented, positioning himself behind Ian. That perverted continued, 'You certainly have lots of muscles on your body.' Reaching out, Hunter placed his shuddering hand on Ian's warm naked back. 'Yeah, I like your body. It's very sexy and strong. I'm sure you have lots of stamina.' His hand continued to roam Ian's body, crawling to the shoulder. Walking around, Hunter moved to stand in front of Ian. Leaning his ass on the desk, that older man enjoyed the front view of Ian's unclad body. That handsome young man gasped with surprise as Hunter's callused palm reached for his chest. But he tried not to move and let Hunter inspected his chest. Hunter slowly roamed Ian's naked body with his hands. Squeezing it, he enjoyed the hard texture of Ian's fresh muscles. Focusing on the dark brown nipples, Hunter rubbed his thumbs over them. The constant rubbing generated tingles around those sensitive nipples. Ian flinched a bit, but he tried to keep his standing position. Gradually, those nipples became erect and hard. Hunter liked feeling those hard nipple heads. Trailing down, he inspected Ian's abdomen. Although the six packs did not show clearly, he could feel it upon touching the stomach area. 'So far, I like your body, Ian,' Hunter said hoarsely. His voice was quivering with lust. After clearing his throat, he ordered Ian to uncover his crotch. 'Let me see your cock. The strength of a man reflected on his cock. If the cock is easily hard, that means he's strong. But if it's flaccid all the time, that's a sign that he's sick. So, let me check upon your cock, Ian,' he said. The tent in Hunter's trousers grew even bigger. That older man was not shy to display his horniness. Pulling back one of his hand, Hunter placed it on his bulge. Lewdly, he massaged the lump blatantly in front of Ian. 'Come on, let me see your cock.' Perforce, that handsome young man moved his hands, uncovering his cock. A flaccid cut cock came into the view, with hanging balls. Thick bush of pubic hair crowned the crotch region. Nervously, he kept his eyes fixed on the floor. He was too embarrassed to look into Hunter's eyes. As a guy hailing from small town, Hunter never knew much about sex. Whenever he was in heat, he would milk his cock until it spurted gallons of warm cum. Ian was really a virgin guy. Hunter's breath became heavy as he vainly restrained the lust he had for that guy. Tracing Ian's stomach, hat older man directed his hand to Ian's flaccid cock. The young man did not flinch as his cock was held by Hunter. 'I want to see your cock hard. Make it hard. Strong healthy guy can do that easily.' Sensually, he was massaging that cock in his hand. The callused palm brushed against the limp cock head. 'Yeah, let me help you get hard. Come on, show me how manly you are.' Inevitably, Ian's cock grew longer and harder. Hunter's eyes took in every details of that erection. 'Oh, you're so hard,' he mumbled, pressing that cock. 'Oh, nice hard cock. You're indeed one healthy strong sexy young man.' But although the prick had reached its full hardness, Hunter did not want to let it go. He kept that throbbing pecker in his hand. Closing his eyes for a moment, Ian forced himself to distract his mind from the sexual pleasure he was having. But he was powerless to stop it. The naked young man just stood there, shuddering. His lips were quivering, gasping every now and then. Ian was carried away by the stroking. 'Oh,' he gasped audibly. As he looked at Hunter's face, he saw that the older man was enjoying himself. To him, that was the weirdest job interview he had ever gone to, but he enjoyed it, too. 'Ah, Sir, it feels so good. Oh,' he moaned, throwing his head back. Ian used the word 'Sir' to show his respect towards Hunter. Ian's Adam's apple bulged out of his neck, bobbing up and down. But suddenly, to his disappointment, Hunter let his cock go. 'A good employee is able to serve his boss well like a good assistant. No matter what his boss needs, the employee must be able to provide it,' Hunter said, running his hand over Ian's impressive pectorals. 'I'm quite hot now,' he continued, showing beads of sweat on the forehead. Although the air conditioner was turned on, Hunter was still sweating. 'As a good employee, you must make me feel comfortable. I want you to take off my clothes with your hands.' Ian was shocked to hear that weird request. But he figured that he might as well do it, since he had already been half-way through the test. Clumsily, out of nervousness, he unbuttoned Hunter's shirt. His hands were shuddering as he undid button after button. Hunter's fleshy chest mounds was revealed, streaked with sweat. When the shirt was taken off completely, Ian could see Hunter's erect brown nipples. Soft hair grew around the brown areolae, wetted by sweat. A noticeable big bulge still tented out of Hunter's trousers, shamelessly displaying itself. Focusing on the trousers, he continued to strip Hunter. Loose worn-out boxers clung onto the older man's waist as the trousers fell to the floor. The bulge looked even bigger. A large wet stain decorated the front. The smell of dry cum faintly permeated the air, emanating from those boxers. A moment of silence hung in the air as Ian looked at Hunter with his innocent look. Hunter nodded his head, confirming that Ian needed to take off his boxers. Reluctantly, Ian obeyed. Kneeling, he pulled the smelly boxers down. Gasping, Ian was taken aback when a hard warm cock hit his face. He had never been so close to another man's cock before. As a curious man, he could not help observing Hunter's cock to compare it to his. That cock was certainly longer and bigger than his own. At the hilt was a jungle of pubic hair. The head had been covered with slimy clear precum. Absentmindedly, Ian held the shaft. He could feel how hard that cock was. Slowly, he slid his palm up and down, jerking that cock slowly. As Ian did that, his inquisitive eyes kept watching the pulsating cock head. 'Ah, yeah, stroke my cock,' the older man groaned, letting his head fall backward. Parting his lips, he gasped again and again. 'I like your warm hand. Oh, touch my cock. Make me hard. Oh, Ian.' Both of his hands held onto the table edge as he enjoyed the stroking. 'Yeah, you can please your boss, I'm sure. Oh, jack me off. Oh.' The gasp continued. 'I'm so fucking horny. Oh, I have to have you.' Driven by his unbridled lust, the older man bent his body down and pushed Ian onto the floor. Both of them ended up rolling on the floor, naked. Some dirt clung onto Hunter's sweaty body, but he did not mind it at all. 'Sir, oh,' Ian moaned helplessly when the older man started to grope his body all over. That naive young man did not know what to do. Lying on his back, he was pinned down onto the floor by the weight of Hunter's body. His cock was throbbing in Hunter's hand, being jerked up and down. As a man, he was too weak to resist the pleasure his cock was feeling. 'Sir, my cock is hard. Oh.' Suddenly, a new sensation that he never felt before surrounded his cock head. It was wet, yet was warm. Seeing that his cock was in the older man's mouth shocked Ian. The naive guy thought that Hunter would chew off his cock. Yet, he didn't feel any teeth; all he could feel was tongue. Gradually, he relaxed and began to enjoy the sensation. Hunter smiled victoriously in his mind. He knew for sure that Ian had succumbed to gay sex. The cock in his mouth could tell no lie. It was throbbing hard against Hunter's tongue. Skillfully, the older man applied his sucking skill on that delicious man meat. Using the tongue, he swept it up and down the glistening dick head. His lips were pursed to form a tight ring. Occasionally, Hunter would use his tight lips to massage the cock shaft. Pleasurable moans escaped Ian's quivering lips. Slurping sounds echoed. The sexual tension in that room was very high. For the first time in his life, Ian experienced his first sexual contact. He never thought that man could have sex with another man. 'Ah, you make me feel so good, Sir. Ah, keep doing that. Oh, Sir,' he slurred, wanting more. As a horny young man, his sexual stamina was very good. Two balls hanging below his cock contained so much cum. 'Yeah, suck my cock, Sir.' Instinctively, he reached down for Hunter's head and guided it to a better sucking rhythm. The dampened head was bobbing up and down. 'Oh!' Ian groaned as Hunter's hand moved up to his stomach. Ian's stomach was indeed very sensitive. Bending down his head, the older man maintained his suction on Ian's cock. With relish, he slurped that fresh prick. It tasted good, especially when it started to leak out its precum. Like a dog, Hunter lapped up the cock head, cleaning it from every drop of precum. But the more he licked the pecker, the more precum it produced. As the lips moved up and down the shaft, saliva flowed down. Some of that fluid wetted Ian's pubic hair. Hunter's own cock had been hard for some time. Pulsating, it dripped precum onto the floor. With one hand on Ian's stomach, Hunter used his other hand to milk his own cock. 'Sir, oh, you make me so horny. Ah, I'm close to cumming, Sir,' Ian grunted, writhing his naked body. Beads of sweat began to appear on his chest. Grabbing his own chest, Ian tweaked the head of his nipples, in turns. Gently, he rubbed the head with his thumb and middle finger. His whole body shuddered with great pleasure. 'Oh! Keep doing that, Sir. Ah, yeah,' he groaned for the umpteenth time. 'Yeah, your cock tastes so good,' Hunter stopped to comment. Saliva dripped from the corner of his lips. 'I want to see you cum. Healthy man produces a lot of cum. Let me see yours.' With that, he sheathed the cock back in his sucking mouth. Slurping sound continued to resound. Hunter's warm breaths were blown out, warming Ian's crotch. His hand was rubbing Ian's flat stomach, feeling up the smooth skin. More precum flooded Hunter's mouth. Gladly, he slurped it all up. He knew that Ian was going to cum soon. Tightening his lips, Hunter massaged the shaft harder. More powerful suction was applied. The effect was soon to be seen. Ian's naked body shuddered more vibrantly. Sweat flowed out in greater amount, wetting his body all over. 'Sir, I'm very close! Oh!' he warned, bucking his body. Squirming, he tried to pull put his cock out of Hunter's mouth, but that older man did not want to let it go. 'Sir, I'm gonna cum. Oh! I wanna shoot my cum, ah. Sir!' But Hunter was deaf to the warning. Ian tried to hold back his ejaculation, but the stimulation was far too great. The young man's body stiffened as orgasm suddenly wrecked it. 'Ah! I'm cumming!' Ian yelled out, thrusting his hips up into Hunter's mouth. The cock shaft slid in deeper into the throat before its head erupted. 'Oh! I'm cumming! Oh!' Streams of warm gooey man juice flooded Hunter's mouth. The taste was so acridly bitter. That liquid splashed against the throat. Slowly, it slid down the throat. Finning on the floor, Ian was like a fish out of water. His sweaty naked body jolted. All muscles in his body flexed uncontrollably. It was the greatest orgasm he had ever experienced. 'Ah! Sir! Oh!' Groaning, Ian surrendered himself to the sheer pleasure. Staring at the ceiling, that young man kept ejaculating. During the climax, his mind was blocked out. But when he got his conscience back, he realized that he had cummed in the mouth of his boss-to-be. 'Oh, Sir, I'm so sorry. I shouldn't have cummed in your mouth. I'm sorry,' he hurried said, trying to get up. 'Don't worry. I like eating man cum, especially yours,' Hunter replied, standing up. His hard cock was throbbing, glistening against the light. 'You're a very sexy young man. I'm so delighted with your athletic body.' Carefully, he helped that young man stand. 'But you must pass one more test before I can accept you working here.' Guiding him to the desk, Hunter said, 'Bend over on the desk and wait there.' Baffled, the young man obeyed the instruction. Standing by the desk, he bent down until his sweaty chest came in contact with the wooden desk. Since the desk was quite empty, he could place his hands on it. Nervously, he waited what Hunter would do. Ian's cummy cock started to deflate, hanging down. The pleasure he just felt left a confusion in his mind. But he did not have time to think about that when Hunter started to grope his round hard ass. For a reason which he did not fully understood, he liked his ass being touched by a man. Softly, he moaned as Hunter started to get more lustful about his ass. Behind him, Hunter was playing with his own hard cock. The cock in his hand was covered in slimy clear liquid. The head region glistened, throbbing passionately. That older man took a longing look at Ian's ass. Just by looking at it, he could imagine how tight it would be when he shoved his manhood in. Jerking his cock several time, he prepared his tool for combat. Little amount of precum droplets was sprinkled on the floor. Lustfully, Hunter traced his hands around the ass globes. When he patted one of the globes, he could feel how firm the ass was. Holding onto Ian's shoulder with one hand, he aligned his dick head with Ian's twitching ass hole. Ian could only gasped with surprised as a warm blunt object was pressed against the entrance of his ass. He had no idea what it was. And then suddenly a sharp pain shot through his body. 'Ah! What's that?! It hurts like hell! Take it out! Oh, it's tearing my ass! Ah!' Yelling painfully, Ian bucked his body. His legs were shaking out of pain, being barely able to stand. 'Sir, it's so painful! Have mercy on me, take it out,' he cried like a baby. Tears were streaming down his eyes. Reaching backward with one hand, Ian was feeling up his ass to find out what dreadful object that had tortured his ass. His eyes almost bulged out as he realized that Hunter's cock was in his ass. Panic attacked him right there. Vainly, he struggled for escape but he was pinned securely under Hunter's body weight. 'Take it out, Sir, please! You're hurting me! Sir! Oh!' 'Yeah, what a tight ass, oh! The tightest one I've ever fucked! Ah, hold on there, baby. It'll get better. Oh!' That older man did not care for Ian's suffering. He just wanted to ride that guy with his cock. 'Ah, man! I love your ass, oh.' The cock drilled in, ripping open Ian's virgin tight ass hole. As the cock head fitted itself in, the stretched hole snapped back onto the shaft. 'Oh!' Hunter groaned, throwing his head back. The sensation he felt was pure pleasure. Wanting more, he kept forcing his manhood to reach the deepest part of Ian's ass. 'Yeah, baby, your ass is so hot. I love fucking your hole.' Contorting with pain, Ian clawed at the desk. His body tensed up. Cold sweat seeped out of the pores. The deeper the cock drilled, the greater pain Ian received. The once-virgin ass hole was stretched wide to accommodate the cock. 'Oh, it hurts! Ah!' he still cried for mercy. The bowels automatically started to work to expel the foreign object but that object was far too determined to stay there. Uncomfortable feeling downed on him. His ass was full with cock. Pain radiated from the small cuts at the ass lips. As the cock slid in, it scraped against them. 'Oh!' Hunter groaned satisfactorily when his dick head hit something inside Ian's ass. The whole length was planted firmly in that hot butt. Warmth sheathed that manhood, massaged by the bowels movement. 'Yeah, baby, I'm in! All of it,' Hunter declared, leaning forward to embrace Ian. His nipples brushed against the sweaty back. 'I'm gonna fuck your ass now. Hold on tight,' he warned before finally he started to hump that piece of tight ass. 'Oh, shit! It feels so damn good! Ah! Your tight hot ass is milking my cock head, yes! Ah, baby!' Still hugging the young man from behind, Hunter lifted his hips. His hard cock slid backward, leaving the ass. But as the head almost popped out, Hunter hurriedly shoved it back by bringing his hips down. The cock gladly re-entered the fuck chute. Precum oozed out to lube up the fuck hole. 'Yeah, I love your ass, oh!' he grunted again, holding onto Ian's body. Under the weight, Ian could only jolted with pain. The cock had impaled him deep, ravaging his insides. Moaning, he was rocked back and forth as Hunter humped his ass. The wooden desk he lay on was creaking every now and then. Like a ragged doll, he was helpless to defend himself. His ravaged ass hole was swelling as the friction continued. Whimpering, Ian squirmed his body. Despite the sexual assault he received, his hanging cock was throbbing hard. Shamelessly, that cummy meat leaked out precum. 'Yeah, I'm gonna plow your ass,' Hunter grunted, sliding his cock in and out rigorously. Sweat dripped down his naked body. While hugging Ian, he kissed Ian's neck and wetted it with saliva. 'Oh, man, I love your body. You turn me on. Yeah, feel my cock in you. Oh!' Lewdly, he rotated his hips while maintaining the frequent penetration. Like piston, the large cock plunged into the tight gripping man hole. Inside the hole, it was quite messy as the ass was filled with slimy precum. 'Oh, I'm gonna shoot inside your ass and impregnate you with my manly seed. Oh yeah, fuck you! I like your body, oh! You like my cock, huh? Say it, boy. Do you like my cock?' Hunter asked, demanding him to answer it. To emphasize it, he deliberately poked that ass as hard as he could. 'Oh! Yes, Sir! I like your cock!' Ian answered. To his surprise, he did start to like that penetrating cock. A strange sensation emanated from his bowels. As a naive man who did not understand gay sex at all, Ian was confused. Craving for more pleasure, that young guy backed his ass to meet Hunter's thrust. 'Oh, yeah! Oh! Fuck my ass, Sir, ah!' he slurred, writhing under Hunter's body. 'Ah! Sir! What are you doing to me? Why do I feel so good? Oh,' he asked. 'I'm hitting your joy button with my cock,' Hunter answered, maintaining his rhythm. 'Yeah, take my cock. Oh, you love cock, don't you? I'm gonna drill your ass so deep and cum in you. Oh, I will fuck your ass everyday. And feed you my cum. Ah, yes!' Harder, he banged his dick in and out. The swollen hole looked so wet, smeared with precum. Whenever the ass lips twitched, Hunter would groan with delight. Straightening his body, that older man ran his hands all over Ian's sweaty back. 'Oh, your body is so fresh and sexy. You're gonna be mine. I'm fucking your ass now, ah!' His hips were thrust forward, aiming his cock to hit Ian's prostate with each thrust. The dick head throbbed excitedly as it was driven in. 'Oh fuck you, Ian! Your ass is so tight! Oh! I love fucking your ass! Oh yes! Fuck!' 'Sir! Fuck me harder! Oh, I want your cock, Sir,' Ian whimpered, holding onto the desk. His body was furiously rocked back and forth as Hunter vented out his lust. 'Fuck my ass, Sir. Oh yes, fuck me! Ah!' Ian was no longer a virgin guy. His body and mind had been deflowered by Hunter's lewd action. But Ian did not regret it, for he had known a new world of pleasure. Tears no longer flowed from his eyes. And the anal pain started to feel really good. 'Oh, Sir, fuck my ass. Fuck me! Oh yeah, yes!' 'Yeah, you like getting fucked, huh? Your cock is hard,' Hunter commented, reaching down for Ian's pulsating cock. 'Oh yeah, it's hard.' Grabbing the throbbing cock, Hunter gave it a few hard jerks. 'I'm milking your cock. I want to see you cum again. Come on, stud. I know you have so much cum in there. Cum for me.' It was rather hard to grasp that meat since it was covered with cum. Several times, Hunter's hand slipped off. Holding the tip, that older man rubbed his fingers around it. 'Come on, shoot your cum. Let me see how virile you are. Dump your cum loads. Yeah, do it.' 'Ah, Sir, I'm so horny. Oh,' Ian groaned, squirming. The constant thrust in his ass drove him crazy. Pressure was increased, forcing his cock to spew out the cum. The pleasurable stimulation of Hunter's fingers on his cock head added to the urge to cum. Shuddering, that young man could imagine how great his orgasm would be. 'Oh, I'm almost there, Sir. Ah, keep playing with my cock, ah. Sir! Yeah, I'm gonna cum.' Suddenly, his breath became uneven, as if he was out of breath. Ian's groan grew louder as he approached his climax. 'Sir, I'm cumming! Oh yes! I'm cumming now!' The cock in Hunter's hand throbbed as it started to dribble out white gooey liquid. Ian's body shuddered violently, bucking like a bronco. Orgasmic groans echoed as Ian emptied his balls. 'Oh! I'm cumming! Fuck me, Sir! Ah, yes! Oh, Sir!' Hunter had to hold Ian's body to steady it. The young man continued to jolt, groaning aloud. Thick cum dripped down from his gaping cock slit. Ian's head was reeling with overwhelming pleasure. Both of his legs were shaking. When he tightened up his sphincter, he triggered Hunter's orgasm. 'Oh, shit! You've made me cum! Oh!' Then spurts after spurts of warm man juice spewed out into Ian's fuck canal. Although the liquid was warm, Ian could hardly feel anything. The older man groaned out as loud as he could, not caring for the fact that his male employees could hear it. 'Fuck! I'm cumming! Ah, I'm flooding your ass with my cum! Take it! Fucking take it! Oh!' His cock head shuddered with each spurt of the cum. That white gooey substance splattered the walls of his bowels. Soon, Ian's ass was overflowing with cum. Some of it seeped out of the battered hole, flowing down Ian's thighs. Both men cared for nothing but their orgasm. Cum was spurted out everywhere. Some smeared their naked bodies, while the rest was splattered on the floor. It was quite messy. The smell of cum floated in the air. Hunter was heaving hard as he threw his body on top of Ian's back. Lovingly, he wrapped his hands around the waist and kissed Ian's neck. The young man did not resist, tired out completely. Ian was very satisfied sexually. He wouldn't mind to get fucked again if Hunter wanted him. Ian's body exuded lots of sweat, wetting the desk. Ian's athletic chest heaved against the desk. 'You've passed the test, Ian. Welcome aboard,' Hunter whispered, licking Ian's ear lobe. 'You're officially my employee.' Naughtily, that older man ran his hand down Ian's thigh. 'And your job is to satisfy my lust every day.' All of a sudden, the door was opened. Ian was very shocked, trying to get up and hide. But Hunter's body was too heavy; he as trapped underneath. Hunter made no attempt to cover his body. Lewdly, he just stayed there, hugging Ian. A handsome man stood by the threshold. Seeing his naked boss top a naked man did not seem to bother him at all. Closing the door behind him, he walked up to his naked boss. Minutes later, lewd groans were heard. Although the door was closed, the sound of men having sex resounded through the room. Ian gladly spread his ass for that new guy. Ian had become a man lover, and he would always be a man lover. END




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