From part 1....

Upon entering, I went to the reception desk and told them I had an appointment with Mr. Miller. I was directed to his office and upon entering I was greeted by his secretary.

"Mr. Davis, I assume," she said.

"Yes, that's right."

"Please, make yourself comfortable. Mr. Miller will be with you shortly."

"Thank you," I replied.


Part 2...

After several moments, her intercom sounded and I heard, "Connie, would you show Mr. Davis in please?"

"Yes, Sir," she replied, then turned to me and said, "This way, please."

She opened the office door and as I entered, I saw Mr. Miller standing at a credenza with his back to me.

"Have a seat and make yourself comfortable. How about some coffee? "

"Sounds good, sir," I replied.

I sat on the sofa, where a tray with cream and sugar waited, and tried to relax. After he had poured two cups of coffee, he turned and when we looked into each others eyes, he dropped one of the cups of coffee as he exclaimed, "Holy shit!"

Connie knocked on the door then opened it and asked, "Is everything okay, Mr. Miller?"

"Yes, Connie. I just dropped a cur of coffee. And by the way, we're not to be disturbed."

"Yes, Sir."

Looking at me he asked, "So, who is Cory Sims?"

"Maybe I should ask who Brad Cooper is," I replied.

"I asked first," he replied.

"I realized that I was in a gay bar, and when you came over, I just thought it best to give a false name."

"I can understand that. Justin Miller is a well known name, although the face is not. So, to protect my identity, I always use Brad Cooper. All my gay friends know me by that name."

"Well, I can understand that," I replied, then asked, "Where does that leave us as far as this interview?"

"First off, how much of what you told me about your past and all is true?"

"All of it. The only thing not true was my name and why I was in town."

"In that case, I don't think this interview is necessary," he replied, looking at me.

My heart sank as I knew he was about to tell me that I wasn't right for the job.

"Mark, if I may call you that, I have gone over you college transcript and achievements thoroughly. They are quite impressive."

I continued to wait for the bomb to drop when he looked into my eyes and said, "Now, when can you report for work?


"You've got the job with just one stipulation."

"What is that?" I asked.

"You are the only one in the company that knows about my private life. You must vow to keep it secret or be terminated immediately."

"What goes on behind closed doors stays behind closed doors."

"Very good."

We began talking about the job and my duties. My position would be Head of Development, and the salary was much more tan expected.

"Do you have furniture to move?" he asked.

"Yes, Sir, I do," I replied.

"When it's just you and I alone, feel free to call me Justin."

"Okay, Justin."

"When you get home, call a mover and let them pack you up and ship everything down here. Have them store it until you find the proper place to live. While your looking, you'll be living in the condo where I took you."

"Justin, I don't know how to thank you."

"Just do your job and help the company advance and you will be rewarded."

He gave me a key to the condo and the pass code for the elevator.

"Go check out of your hotel and get settled in the condo. I'll stop by and see you after work and we can go to dinner."

He stepped closer to me and leaned forward and after a hot passionate kiss, said, "Welcome to the company."

"I bet other new hires don't get that kind of welcome."

"Laughing, he said "No, they don't."

He called head of personnel to report to his office. When he arrived Justin said, "Mark, this is Jim Thompson, head of personnel."

As we shook hands, Justin told Jim to have me fill out the necessary paperwork and to set me up with a company credit card and expense account.

Justin and I shook hands and I followed Jim out. After all paperwork was completed, I went to the hotel and packed up and took a taxi to the condo.

Once inside, I went to the master bedroom and unpacked. It had a nice balcony overlooking the gulf. I went for lunch then returned for a beer out on the balcony.

later, I went in and turned on the TV and lay on the sofa. Before long I was sleeping soundly. The next thing I knew was the pressure of lips against mine and a tongue entering my mouth.

Opening my eyes and looking up, I saw Justin there above me. "Hello," he said, smiling.

"Hello," I replied. "I sure could get spoiled to this place."

"Well, this one is reserved for clients when they come into town. However, there is a one bedroom with office a couple of floors down that you can probably get at a decent price."

"You think so?"

"Sure. When you move down here you can stay here while looking for what suits you. At that time we'll see what the other condo will run."

He grabbed each of us a beer then led me to the bedroom. Lovingly, we undressed each other and were soon in bed hungrily sucking each others cocks.

After devouring each others loads, Justin looked at me and said, "You're the first employee I've ever had sex with."

Smiling, I said, "And you're the first boss I've ever had sex with.

Justin insisted I spend a few days at the condo before going home to get my things. Every day after work he came buy and we had wild sex, either sucking or fucking, sometimes both.

Soon, I returned and began looking for a place of my own. weekends we would go to the bar together and while there he was Brad Cooper and I was Cory Sims. I checked out several places then went to the management office at the condo.

The company condo was on the twenty-fifth floor and the one he had mentioned to me was on the nineteenth floor. It was extremely large and opulent. I fell in love with it immediately but knew I could never afford it.

To my shocked surprise, considering my salary, the price was within reason and I jumped at it. Within a week I was settled in. I had made sure Justin had a key for his visits.

Work was great and he began having me do presentations for our micro cameras for home and office use. I began making out of town trips to see clients and discretely finding other men to have sex with.

I was shocked by one certain client. He was the starting quarterback for a major league football team, single, built, and damn good looking.

As we sat on his sofa in his study going over the placement of security cameras, I suddenly felt his hand rubbing up and down my thigh. As my cock grew stiff, he began rubbing it. Before long we were nude on the floor and I was fucking his ass like a wild man. He loved getting fucked.

After our sexual encounter, he told me that I had his authority to put in all the cameras I thought were needed.

A year passed and I was promoted to a vice president position. Several others thought that they should have received the position but Justin made it clear that he made the decisions.

Then, a few months later, while having dinner with Justin at his estate, he said he wanted to talk.

My birthday was only a couple of weeks away and he surprised me by asking me to be his lover.

"What about keeping things secret? If I change my address to yours, word will surely get around."

"I've decided that it doesn't matter. If they can't accept it they can quit. I love you and don't care who knows."

"I love you also and I would be honored to be your lover."

We held each other and kissed passionately. When we parted, he smiled and said, "I know your birthday is coming up so I have a present for you."

"You have already given me the best present possible," I told him.

Smiling, he handed me an envelop. I opened it and nearly fainted. Inside were legal documents making me forty percent owner of the company.

I moved in with him and leased my condo for more than my monthly payments. It was then that I found out why my payments were so low. Justin was owner of the building .

He made the announcement at work and it met mixed feelings. We were both shocked when several employees soon came forward telling us that they were gay also.

Justin and I have sex more now that we are lovers than we did before hand. Our lunch period is spent in his office either sucking or fucking each other. We have sex before and after work, and on weekends, we stay nude and have sex numerous times during the day.

Some of the guys we have met at the bar come over and we have orgies. It's not unusual for ten to fifteen guys there all of sucking and fucking anyone and everyone.

All the while our love grows stronger.


Coming Soon.......My Brother-In-Law



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