It was really quite a nice hotel. My doctor had advised me to take a couple of weeks off after a particularly stressful time at work, so I found myself here in the Lake District. It was out of season and there were only a few people staying at the hotel, mainly elderly ladies. There was really nobody who interested me, you see I like boys, teenage boys preferably - all legal and above board, of course!

There was one chap with whom I'd struck up a conversation, a Sikh chap by the name of Jitinder. He was around my age, 30, and he wore the characteristic Sikh turban and full beard and moustache. He dressed very smartly and I had only seen him fully dressed complete with shirt and tie. We shared a breakfast table, but little else.

One morning as we finished our cooked breakfast and turned our attention to the toast, he realized that there was no marmalade on the table. The rather surly young waiter was also absent so Jitinder went in search of some.

When he returned to the table he placed his hand on my shoulder in a friendly gesture as he passed me. Well, it was as though a bolt of electricity had passed through me, and it went straight to my cock. I couldn't believe it. He was so 'not my type' that it was a total surprise that I could be so affected.

As he sat down I could tell that he had felt a similar sensation. We were staring into each other's eyes as we were making small talk and the toast and marmalade lay forgotten on the table.

'Perhaps we might spend some time together today' he suggested.

'Well', I replied 'I had intended to take a rowing boat out on the lake today. Perhaps you'd like to join me and we could share the rowing. I hear it's going to be very warm so you might like to take off your tie.'

We arranged to meet in an hour in reception.

When I got to my room I was still pretty hard and was still wondering why his touch had had such an effect on me. I sorted out what I was going to wear for the boating trip and stripped off ready to change. My cock was so hard and I thought that rather than waste the erection I'd do something about it. I lay on the bed and slowly pleasured myself, all the while thinking about Jitinder and the more I thought, the more I was intrigued as to what he looked like under that shirt and tie. I climaxed with a healthy offering of cum, which almost reached my chin, and then I dressed in baggy shorts and a tee shirt and sandals (definitely no underwear or socks).

When I got down to reception Jitinder was waiting for me and I was delighted to see that he was similarly dressed. The first thing I noticed was that his shorts were showing a very healthy bulge which seemed to move of its own accord as he watched me coming down the stairs. The second thing I noticed was the shock of jet black hair battling to escape the neck of his polo shirt. His legs were pretty much the same and I could hardly

see his lovely dark skin through the forest.

We shook hands (strange, as we had never done so before, not even the first time we met) and my cock leapt once again at his touch. He smiled and his whole face lit up. I was absolutely certain that he knew exactly what I had in mind and I thought that he was looking forward to our day together as much as I was.

We passed several people on our way down to the boatyard and I was very conscious of the bulge in my shorts, where my cock was totally refusing to behave itself, but nobody seemed to notice.

Jitinder insisted that he take the first stint at rowing and I sat facing him in the bow of the boat. After a little while and a little inane chit-chat I became aware that if I lay back in the boat, I would be able to see up the loose leg of Jitinder's shorts.

Unable to resist the temptation I lay back and was rewarded with a glimpse of his cock through the forest of black hair. I also suddenly became aware that if I could see up his shorts, he could probably see up mine as the legs of my shorts were even looser than his.

I soon knew that I was right because as I watched his cock moving with the effort of rowing it suddenly began to grow as he saw mine doing the same.

Because of the way he was sitting it could not grow upwards so the head slowly stared creeping towards me down the leg of his shorts and eventually I was rewarded when it finally made an appearance in the open air. As I was lying down my own cock was able to expand upwards but there was no hiding the fact that I was as hard as iron and Jitinder's eyes were glued to my crotch.

Jitinder shipped oars and put a hand down as if to tuck himself away, but seemed to change his mind at the last minute and took his cock head in his hand and started to massage it. He knelt forwards and with his other hand he started rubbing my cock through my shorts, all the time staring into my eyes as if for approval.

I smiled and moaned as his hand moved over my covered cock and then he slipped his fingers up the leg of my shorts and for the first time I felt him touch my balls and then my cock.

Quite how I stopped myself from cumming I'll never know. The sensation as he touched me was earth-shattering, and my cock leapt in my shorts. A wet patch started to form and I could feel my hand getting moist where Jitinder's cock was doing the same.

The boat was drifting slowly towards the shore, but it was scrubland and unlikely that anyone would venture near the lake at that point. He moved his hands to my waistband and I raised my arse off the seat as he pulled my shorts to my ankles and then off completely. He stared at my seven inch cock and uttered one word -- 'beautiful' and took it gently in his mouth. I lay back in absolute ecstasy as he pulled my foreskin right back and licked around the head, then took my balls one by one into his mouth before taking in my whole seven inches and burying his nose in my pubic hair.

His hands were running all over my legs and eventually slipped underneath me and squeezed the cheeks of my arse. The wooden seat of the boat was hard so I slipped forward until the small of my back was resting on the seat and he had full access to by buns and my crack, and all the while his tongue was working wonders with my cock, and I knew that I wouldn't be able to last too much longer, a feeling that was confirmed as I felt his fingers enter my crack and start massaging around the entrance to my tunnel of love.

As far as I was concerned at that moment,we could have been surrounded by a flotilla of Yachts full of pectators, waving flags and cheering us on, I could not have cared less. I was in heaven and if people could see me there, then so be it.

As Jitinder carried on massaging my arse I could feel the pressure start to increase until a fingertip pierced my hole and entered the inner sanctum. I moaned with pleasure and the remainder of his finger followed. I felt my balls start to tickle and knew that the moment of truth wasn't far off. The finger started moving in and out and very soon it was a full-on finger fuck. This, with the continued magic being worked on my cock soon left me in no doubt that the moment could be put off no longer. My moans started getting louder and Jitinder, taking his cue, sped up the attack until I could hold back no longer and fired my load into his mouth. Although this was my second orgasm of the day it was like none I've experienced before. It seemed to go on for hours and I was still thrashing around long after I had shot my sixth and final rope.

Eventually I calmed down and lay exhausted with my eyes closed and a smile on my face. I was suddenly aware of Jitinder's face close to mine and felt the touch of his beard on my chin just before his lips landed gently on mine. 'Thank you' he said softly with our lips touching.

'No, thank YOU' I replied before my lips parted and his tongue entered my mouth, still tasting slightly of my cum, which added to my enjoyment.

We lay in companionable silence for a while and when I'd got my strength back I turned on to my stomach and presented my arse for attention. Jitinder got the idea immediately and I felt his tongue licking my cheeks which he then peeled apart revealing the object of his desire. He started by inserting a finger which immediately got me hard again. I could feel his hot breath on me so I knew that his mouth was not far away.

I knew when his tongue was approaching again as I felt the tickle of his beard on me. He prised me further apart and I felt his tongue in my crack. I moaned with pleasure as he focussed on my hole, pushing hard and eventually entering me.

I was dripping precum on to the floor of the boat and I felt as though my balls were going to burst.

I felt his tongue leave me and then He turned me over and lifted my legs up so that my feet were on either side of my head. He pulled down his shorts and I was rewarded with the sight of the hairiest cock I have ever seen. It was around eight inches long and pretty thick, probably as thick as a baby's arm! I could see that it was really hard and as he approached me I knew that although it was a huge cock to accommodate, I was going to thoroughly enjoy every moment of what was to come.

We had no lubrication with us but he spread his precum over the head and pushed towards me.

Being the bottom slut that I am I was ready for him and had no difficulty in accommodating his girth. He felt great inside me and he seemed to be in another world with his eyes closed and his breath coming in fits and starts.

I raised my hands to his hairy chest and played with his erect nipples causing him to moan loudly.

He started slowly thrusting in and out and I dropped my hands to his hairy arse and pulled him hard towards me, making sure that every millimetre of his cock was deep inside me.

He opened his big brown eyes and stared into mine, smiling contentedly and licking his lips.

I knew that I was going to cum soon and wondered whether I could last out long enough for a simultaneous orgasm. I rather doubted it as his cock was pressing my g-spot with every thrust.

His breathing started to become more laboured and I knew I wouldn't have to wait much longer but alas I just couldn't contain myself and shot my load all over myself and Jitinder's stomach hair.

When he saw my cum it seemed to spur him on and I soon felt him unload his manjuice inside me.

Jitinder collapsed on top of me and we hugged contentedly. I looked again into his eyes and whispered 'Thank you, that was wonderful.'

He smiled and said 'The pleasure's all mine'.

He rolled off me and we hugged for a while and I found that I loved the feel of his hairy body against mine, not at all what I was used to and really what I had imagined I wouldn't like. How wrong can one be?

The rest of my fortnight was spent with Jitinder. When the weather was fine we'd take a boat on the lake and repeat our love-making. When the weather was bad one of us would go to the other's room and we would put the 'do not disturb' sign on the door.

As I said, I'd always fancied smooth teenagers before but Jitinder introduced me to the world of the hairy body. A world which I have had great pleasure exploring over the years and still visit to this day.

As for the teenagers, I still love them, but there's nothing like a REAL man!


Robbie Calverley

[email protected]


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