Jensen stumbled out of the bathroom and back into the living room. When he had gone into the bathroom the frat house had been filled with drunken frat guys, slutty sorority chicks, and other party goers. But now the room was completely empty except for one remaining frat guy, the owner of the house, Jasper.

Ever since Jensen met Jasper he had been attracted to him. Jasper was very tall, nice athletic body, sandy blonde hair, and beautiful blue eyes. Unlike the other jocks and fraternity brothers Jasper was always polite to Jensen. He always went out of his way to say hi to him and compliment him. Whenever the fraternity was having a party Jasper made sure Jensen was invited.

Jensen never thought much of Jasper's niceness; he always just assumed he went out of his way for most of his friends. Never once did he get the gay vibe from him either. Jasper was an attractive guy and always had more than enough girls following him around.

Jensen stood at the entrance of the living room looking at Jasper. He couldn't believe his eyes, before him was Jasper in nothing but black basketball shorts. Jensen watched as Jasper played with himself right before him. He noticed that there was a large rod in his shorts that was getting bigger and bigger by the second. Jensen couldn't help but touch himself as he watched Jensen.

As Jensen stood there watching Jasper pleasure himself his cell phone began vibrating loudly. Jasper quickly leaped up from the sofa, 'Yo Jensen, I thought everyone left.' He quickly adjusted himself.

'Sorry, I was in the bathroom I didn't realize everyone had left.' He turned to face the door, 'I'll see you later.'

Jasper noticed Jensen's raging boner through his skinny jeans. 'Whoa, looks like you've got one too.'

Jensen turned back around, 'got one what?' Jasper motioned toward Jensen's crotch. 'Oh,' said Jensen.

Jasper looked around the living, 'well it seems that we're home alone,' he walked back to the couch. 'Why won't you join me?'

Jensen was hesitant at first, he really liked Jasper, but he didn't want to complicate things. He enjoyed their friendship and he never thought Jasper to be the gay type. He walked slowly over toward the couch, praying that his boner would retract, but luckily for him it had a mind of its own.

He sat down easily on the couch next to Jasper. He sat a good distance away, but then jasper moved in closer to him and put his arm around him. 'Its okay man,' said Jasper, 'I've done things with other dudes before.' He sat up straight, 'you're gay right?' Jensen nodded his head. Jasper took Jensen's hand and placed it over his crotch, before he placed it down he asked, 'Do you want to feel?' Jensen involuntarily nodded his head up and down and then Jasper pushed Jensen's hand down on his hard cock. He moaned softly. Jensen felt Jasper's large cock throb though his shorts. 'It's all yours,' said Jasper.

Jensen looked into Jasper's baby blue eyes and then pulled his throbbing dick out of his shorts. He moved his head down toward his cock and wrapped his lips around the tip. Then he moved his mouth down the shaft of the penis. Jasper placed his hand on the back of Jensen's head and softly pushed his head down. Jensen took Jasper's cock until his lips were lightly touching his hairy balls.

Jensen inhaled through his nostrils and was immediately intoxicated by the smell of Jasper. He loved the way a man smelled, especially a man's cock and balls. He continued to suck Jasper's giant pecker until Jasper pulled it out of his mount and pushed Jensen's head down under his balls. Jensen stuffed his mouth full of Jasper's balls and sucked on them while Jasper stroked his massive rod.

'That's it man,' moaned Jasper, 'You're the best.'

Jensen got on his knees in between Jasper's legs and began sucking Jasper's dick. Up and down up and down he went. Slurping and sucking on Jasper's sweet cock. Jasper then lifted Jensen's head and looked him in the eyes. 'I want you to do something for me,' he asked.

'Anything,' said a breathless Jensen.

'When you're sucking me I want you to finger my ass,' commanded Jasper.

A smile spread across Jensen's face, 'anything for you.'

'Good.' Jasper pushed Jensen's head back down on to his cock. Jensen sucked Jasper and tugged on his big balls for a few seconds and then he ran his hand up Jasper's bare chest. He continued up his chest until he reached Jasper's mouth and stuck his finger inside his mouth. Jasper's lips closed in around Jensen's finger and sucked on it until it was nice and wet. Then Jensen moved his hand down under Jasper's ass. He then slowly slid his finger in Jasper's ass. He continued sucking on his cock until he felt Jasper start to loose up. He then started to move his finger back and forth inside Jasper's ass. It sent chills up and down Jensen's spine to hear Jasper moaning and asking for more.

Jensen kept finger fucking Jasper and blowing him while Jasper continued to moan Jensen's name. Before he knew it Jasper was thrusting his hips forward toward Jensen's mouth and riding his finger. His moans were growing louder and his ass was opening up more and more. Before he had a chance to move Jasper blew his creamy sweet load into Jensen's willing mouth.

Jasper collapsed into the sofa as Jensen swallowed Jasper's load. 'How was it,' he asked.

'Amazing,' Jensen said.

'If you ever wanna do it again I would love to,' said Jasper.

'Maybe we could do a little more next time,' suggested Jensen.

Jasper smiled and then said, 'My thoughts exactly.'




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