When my wife, Heather and I were out on the town we passed a casino that had a male strippers show on that night.

Heather had never seen a male strip show before so she wanted to go in for a look.

Inside I waited at the bar having a few drinks while she moved around and checked the place out and watched the dancers. 

I was on my 3 rd. drink when Heather came over to the bar, a huge smile on her face and looking great in her small black dress. Dressed for a night on the town, she was wearing a simple black dress, with spaghetti straps that left her shoulders mostly bare. It was tight fitting and floor length with a slit up the side that went up quite a way. It wasn't too revealing but very sexy, showing off her figure nicely. The outfit was completed by a pair of black 3-inch stiletto high heels.

She told me how great the show was and that she was the center of attention for the strippers from the moment she walked in. Of course the fact that I’d given her a big hand full of ones to put in their G-strings might have had something to do with that. While she was telling me about the show a tall chocolate colored black man walked out from the cabaret area and walked straight over to us.

He was obviously one of the performers. After a drink with us I could tell that he was flirting a lot with Heather and that she was enjoying the attention. He was touching her arms, laughing and standing so close to Heather that he was basically rubbing up against her,

Surprisingly, I didn't mind at all because I could tell that Heather was enjoying it. I decided to leave them alone for a little while so I said, “I’m going to play the slot machines for a little while.”

When I got there I positioned myself so I could watch what they were doing and to my surprise they got even closer as soon as I was gone. His hand was on the small of her back and he was slowly rubbing round and round. In no time he’d moved it down and was caressing her ass before moving down to her thigh before she sassily removed it and laughed.

I eventually went back over to the bar and suggested to Heather, “Why don’t we go home?” and before she could answer I asked our new friend, “Would you like to come back to our house for drinks as well?”

He couldn't have said, “Yes,” any quicker.

Back home I mixed us all a drink and then when Heather went into the bedroom to get changed our new friend, Jean-Paul started to apologize for his flirtatious ways and said, “I’ll head out if you want me too.”

I told him, “Don’t be silly. That's why I invited you here. I’m enjoying watching another man showing interest in my wife. I’ll even see if I can’t step things up a little.”

Excusing myself, I went up the hall and into our bedroom to help Heather. She was standing there staring into her closet at a loss as to what to wear so I suggested that she wear the sexy night gown that I’d gotten her for her birthday. I knew it was a little bit too see-through but I didn’t care. I even convinced her not to wear a bra or panties under it.. 

When we went back out to the living room, Jean-Paul’s eyes almost popped out of his head.

Pleased at his response, I poured more drinks and put on some Barry White to set the mood. Barry worked his magic because the mood changed quickly with Jean-Paul being unable to hide his excitement or the massive cock growing in his pants.

Heather noticed the bulge as well and asked Jean-Paul, “Is it true about the size of black men’s cocks?”  Then before he could answer, she giggled, “And how about you prove it?”
With a knowing smile, Jean-Paul stood up, unsnapped and unzipped his tight pants. Pulling his pants off his hips and down his legs he released his cock.

I think both Heather and myself both gasped as out loud as we saw it. He had a thick blackish/purple knob with a thick clump of dark pubic hair. And it was least nine or ten-inches long and as thick as beer can. Well maybe not quite that thick but the thickest I’d ever seen.

Heather gave me a questioning look so I said, “Go for it.” 

Heather pushed his thighs further apart as she immediately dropped to her knees. He was already hard as she took his cock in her left hand and started to eagerly lick it. Her tongue flicked afros the velvety head. Suddenly, on one of her upward licks, Heather took his cock into her mouth. Seeing her pink lips stretched into a ring around his thick cock nearly made me cum right then and there, but he held out as I watched her start her skillful sucking. Her beautiful mouth bobbed up and down as her tongue crept around the head of his cock, pleasing Jean-Paul in ways he had never dreamed possible.

Jean-Paul couldn't believe it. Heather was even better than he had imagined in his fantasies. She took him all the way into her mouth and she still managed to stick out her tongue to lick his balls.

I reached under her and put a couple of fingers in her pussy. She was dripping wet and covered my hand in her juices.

One more bob and it was Jean-Paul’s breaking point. With a roar he stood up and picked Heather up in his arms and if she weighted nothing. Then with me trailing along behind so I wouldn’t miss anything, he carried her down the hall to our bedroom and over to the bed.

He laid her down on her back and knelt between her outstretched legs. Holding her ankles, Jean-Paul lifted her legs up and forced her legs back until her knees were almost beside her head.  That curled Heather’s spine up so that her crotch was pointing at the ceiling.  He was so fascinated by the sight of her bald white pussy that he moved even closer to get a good look.

Awed, Jean-Paul slid his hands down her thighs and with his thumbs pulled her delicate pink lips apart, massaging and kneading the tender flesh and sending shock waves through her body with every motion. She trembled a little at the sensation.

Lowering his face, he ran his tongue in between them as he hunted down her clit.

Even from where I stood I could smell her arousal, her scent filling my nostrils and making my blood pump even faster.

Jean-Paul stroked her clit with his tongue, making her writhe around underneath him. She moaned, ‘Uuuuuuugh,” and spread her legs if possible even wider as he licked ever deeper onto her pussy, teasing it gently for a moment before moving back to her clit.

“Oh god,” she moaned as she reached down to stroke his curly hair and roughly knead the muscles of his neck as he blows so softly on her clit. A sensation that brought her ever closer to an orgasm. I watch him take me into his mouth and suck on it, the sensation causing her to moan, “Aaaaaaaahhhhhh.”

As he pulled back and released her clit, Jean-Paul started use his tongue in a way meant to drive Heather crazy, sometimes quickly, other times slower, moving it vertically or making slow, lazy circles around her clit while working a finger inside of her. He moved it in and out in the same rhythm of his tongue moving against her clit. Heather moaned, "Ooooh god yesss," as her head arched back, her eyes closed and her body shaking and trembling in the ecstasy of an earth shattering orgasm.

Heather lay writhing on the bed, moaning, “Ohhhhhhhhhhh yes, god yes,” as Jean-Paul continued to work on her. Kissing, licking, and stroking as he moved up, sucking on her erect nipples before making it to her mouth.

They kissed, his lips silencing her moans as his tongue pushed into her mouth, their lips and tongues danced to each other’s passions. Heather’s hands moved to his shoulders and pulled him deeper into their kiss. Their lips clung together as their tongues continued to danced, sending shivers deep to her core.

Their breathing was heavy when Jean-Paul sat up.

I got a funny look but no resistance when I reached between them and held his cock while I slowly rubbed it around Heathers pussy. 

Lying back, her blonde hair fanned out around her lovely face, Heather giggling like a little nymph, like the little slut in heat that she’d become and lifted her legs up and out as I guided Jean-Paul’s cock slowly into her.

Heathers eyes rolled back and her mouth opened wide as inch by black inch he slowly stretched her pussy more than it had ever been stretched before. But surprisingly Heather fit all of Jean-Paul’s ten-inch cock into her tiny pussy.

Heather looked up at me and said, “He’s going to destroy my tight little pussy with his big black cock,” and then she looked at Jean-Paul and said, “Fuck me as hard and as long as you can. I want you to destroy this little white pussy with your huge thick black cock.”

Jean-Paul immediately upped the ante, driving his cock into Heather’s sweet pussy. It was as if they were doing battled. Deep down she wanted to lose but she fought him anyway.

Her nipples scrapped his chest and as her moans echoed off the bedroom walls. His big black cock plunged in and out of her pussy as he brought her closer to the volcanic explosion that was threatening to consume her.

“White Bitch," he growled. "Fucking whore," he muttered as his mouth came down and bit her shoulder. Heather screamed and reached her first orgasm. Her whole body shuddering as she exploded all over his cock, showering his big black dick with her hot fluids. But Jean-Paul didn't stop, he just fucked her harder and faster.

Heather was cumming over and over again and covering his cock in her cum.

As Jean-Paul picked up the pace even more he shook the walls when he screamed, “I’m cumming, I’m cumming, Ooooohhhhh God I’m cumming.”

“I want it inside me,” she wailed wildly, her muscles clenched around his shaft as she pushed deeper onto his massive cock. As his balls slammed against her ass his hand moved to her clit and pulled the strip of slippery flesh. Heather shook with lust. "Ohh fuck," wailed as cascading falls of melted honey flowed down the velvet sides of her pussy. Every joint in her body stiffened. She couldn't breathe, think or speak.

For a moment Heather couldn't see…she just was.  She just existed in the black abyss that was void of all feeling and color. Then a few more pumps and it was if someone flicked a switch, a blinding shot slammed into her and her eyes shot open. "Oh my god," Heather screamed as they cummed together, his cum filled her pussy. .

"Oh fuck," Jean-Paul growled as the rapid waves of cum slithered out of his cock, filling her pussy to over flow, enveloping his balls and slid over her creamy white thighs.

As Jean-Paul sat back I could see Heather‘s pussy, stretch wide, red and swollen with thick com dripping out the bottom of her slit.

Heather thought they were finished but Jean-Paul wasn't. He flipped Heather over on the bed and then after putting a pillow under her hips, climbed back on top of her doggy-style.   

As she lay flat on her belly but with her naked butt in the air, Jean-Paul gave her a little swat on the butt, then grabbed her hips, notched his big cock between those cum slick pussy lips and inserted the whole thing in one long stroke. Heather groaned, “Ugh, ugh, ugh,” with pleasure as she felt the last inch push home.

I don’t think the black bastard was never going to stop.

As he increased his pace even more, Jean-Paul started slamming his cock to the depths of Heather cum soaked pussy as hard as he could. Picking up the pace, he fucked Heather harder and faster.

By now Heather’s body had gone limp and she was just lying there taking it.

"God, I'm cumming," she wailed weakly as she started to cum over and over again as the pace picked up even more.

There was already cum everywhere when Jean-Paul blasted another thick load of cum deep inside her.

As Heather got off the bed there was so much cum dripping out of her pussy that it was running down her leg. 

She was so thoroughly fuck, Heather could barely walk but made her way to the living room, to the couch and collapsed onto it completely exhausted.

Following Jean-Paul into the bathroom, I held his still semi-hard cock for him while he peed. Then sitting down on the edge of the bath tub, opened my mouth, wet my lips, and bent my head forward and sudden for the first time in my life I had another man’s cock in my mouth.
A manly, hard, cum filled cock.

Because I hadn’t shook it off I taste a tinge of urine. It wasn't really unpleasant, just a very different taste, kind of a warm mountain-dew laced with just a touch of white vinegar. It was no problem though because the moisture of my mouth soon washed it away.

I wasn’t proud of what I was doing there in my bathroom. Actually I was downright embarrassed. But now that I’ve done it I don’t think anything will ever compares to taking a man's most intimate organ into your mouth. It has a solid, yet spongy texture. It had a slightly musky scent and flavor, a combination of his and heather’s cum.  Being unsure how to proceed, I used my own knowledge of what feels good down there and apply it to him. Hearing Jean-Paul moan and breathe heavily, let me know I was doing a good job, a huge turn on.

For the next few minutes I was a cock-sucking whore, bobbing my head up and down on Jean-Paul’s rock hard dick. The longer I sucked and licked the longer and stiffer it got. 

Jean-Paul pulled his dick almost out of mouth so only the head was left in. like the good cocksucker I was destined to be, I worked the pee slit with my tongue.

Next thing Jean-Paul put his foot up on the bath tub so I got really low and licked just under his nut sack.
When I put his dick back, Jean-Paul started thrusting hard into my mouth, as I sucked him intently. His groans were driving me wild. Suddenly, he stopped and tensed up. I felt his cock swell and expand in my mouth, becoming even harder than I imagined possible. I knew I was about to eat a load of cum direct from the source and couldn't wait to taste his hot load.

All it took was one more swirl of my tongue beneath the head of his cock and Jean-Paul’s cum exploded into my mouth. His first squirt of cum hit the back of my throat with such force that I almost choked. His cock seemed to contract, and then swell again as he shot a second squirt of cum into my mouth. Thump-squirt-thump-squirt, Jean-Paul pumped stream after stream into my mouth, coating my tongue and throat with his salty sweet cum. I had to keep swallowing in huge gulps to keep up with his warm flow.

There was so much that some of his cum ran out my mouth and down my chin.

As Jean-Paul's orgasm subsided, I sucked the last drops out of the pee-slit of his throbbing cock and let the warm liquid remain in my mouth to savor the unique taste. I continued to hold his cum in my mouth, feeling the tingle of sensations of his cum, savoring the taste and feeling of having a mouthful of another man's cum. Then, slowly, I let his warm cum slide down my throat.

The whole incident had taken place with neither of us having spoken a word. Still without speaking we left the bathroom and joined Heather in the living room.

While Jean-Paul dressed, I fixed us drinks.
After the drink we said our goodbyes to Jean-Paul and invited him back. His been back over several times since. And not always when Heather was home.

Once he left it was my turn. I honestly didn't touch the sides of Heather’s stretched pussy but it didn’t matter, I finished in seconds and then we both fell asleep.

The end…



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