It was the weekend, and Joe and I had no plans. Joe picked me up at 6:00 in front of our building. He had just gotten a haircut and as I got in, I noticed he was wearing a very fitted blazer and collared shirt. "Boo, you didn't tell me I had to dress up." "You look great! Don't worry, I just wanted to impress you." I smiled and fidgeted a little. I had chosen some slim leg trousers from Marc Jacobs, with a side stripe, and metallicized tee shirt, and shawl collared vest from Zara. Joe took my hand, as we pulled away from the building.

We went for sushi, and cocktails. Joe and I chose a plush corner couch in the lounge, and caught up on our weeks, and what had been going on with friends of ours. A heterosexual couple from a couple floors up that we'd run into, in the fitness center. They were trying for a baby, and Joe was talking to me about a surrogate service. He wanted to find a woman with similar features as mine, as we would use his sperm for the conception. I loved the idea, and was actually feeling giddy at the idea of being a Dad. I wasn't sure exactly of how that would work for both of us, but Joe said I could be Dad, and he would be Daddy. I laughed, because sometimes when we're making love I call him Daddy.

Joe was feeling pretty buzzed, and wanted to go dancing. He gave me the keys, and I drove us to Posh. He led me to the bar, and we sat and ordered a couple of captain and cokes. He was getting frisky, and it was cute...until a heavily intoxicated boy walked by, and placed his hand on Joe's crotch. I stopped talking, and Joe laughed it off, pulling the boy's hand up to his left pectoral, "This is as hard as you'll get baby." I smirked, but got up and walked away. Joe followed after me, and stopped me by the bathroom, "Alexander, you're not going to be like this. I love you." I didn't say anything, cause I hate feeling jealous.

Reluctantly I went back to the bar with him. I knew I'd get talked to later, because he rarely uses my full name. The intoxicated boy came by again, and Joe shrugged off his advances. I scooted closer to him, and he reached up and brushed a strand of brown hair away from my face. We kissed briefly, and finished another round of drinks.

Joe kept pinching me in the elevator and chased me doen the hall to our apartment. I tried to put the key in, but he caught up, and tickled me relentlessly. I shushed him, saying Mrs. Tompson would hear us. He got us inside, and tripped on his way in, landing roughly on the wooden floor. I shut the door behind me, and stumbled over him. I fell, and hit my knee on the table by the door. Joe crawled over me, and started kissing me knee, laughing. He was drunk, so I laughed it off. He slide his hands under my tee, pushing the fabric up, and kissing my stomach, and up to my chest, forcing my arms up, to completely remove my vest and shirt. I wrapped my arms around his neck, and put my face in his neck. I drank in the smell of his Romance cologne and felt his stubble against my cheek. He sloppily kissed me, and slowly took off his jacket, throwing it across the foyer. I unbuttoned his shirt, and helped him out of it.

After a few awkward minutes of undressing my drunk boyfriend, and him trying to help me out of my pants, we were naked on the floor. He had almost all of his weight on me, and his hard muscular frame was not comfortable to try and support. I kep squirming and nudging at him to move. He laughed and rolled off me, onto his back. "Okay, blue eyes, come to Daddy." We both laughed, and I straddled his abdomin, crouching over his chest, and kissing his lips. His rock hard dick kept rubbing against my ass cheeks, and I eventually felt the moistness of his precum, sliding across my smooth skin. I played with his chest hair while I kissed him. I playfully spread my thighs, and slid up and down his abs, feeling the softness of his trimmed body hair and pubes brush against my ass, and balls. He moaned how he wanted to be in me where it was warm, and I purrred in his ear how I wanted him there. I got up and walked to the bedside table to grab a bottle of lube, and I heard him grumbling about where I was going. I knew he wouldn't eat me out tonight, so I lubed myself up, and resumed my position across him. He planted his hands on both of my hips, and slid me toward his throbbing dick.

I slowly ease myself over him, and he exhales loudly, with a groan of pleasure. I rock my ass up and down as I slide over him completely, teasing his dick with contractions inside. I begin to ride him slowly at first, then quicken my speed. His eyes are closed, and a smile is on his lips. "That feel good" he said softly. I keep riding him, when he gets a pinched look in his eyes as he grunts an "Ooh yeah" and I feel him unload inside of me...I keep riding, and quickly jack myself off, cumming across his abs and chest. His hands drop at his side, and his body goes limp. Not even his dick is twitching, and I lean forward, to hear his breathing. I slide myself off of his dick, letting it slap against my mess on his abs. I grab a blanket and pillows, and create a makeshift bed on the floor, propping his head up on, and nestling in the nook of his neck. I fall asleep quickly.

The next morning, I wake up alone on the floor, to the sounds and smells of Joe cooking. "Good morning babe" "Good morning..." "I guess I got you off last night huh? I found your mess on me" I laugh shyly and walk up behind him. He's standing naked at the stove, with an apron around his waist. I rest my cheek against his strong back, and pull the sheet around us, my hands resting just above the apron line. I close my eyes and feel his movements. He turns to put eggwhites on two plates for us. I step aside and he leans over for a quick kiss. We sit down at the pub table, and I smile at him, while I stuff my face. He gets a serious look on his face, and asks "so what happened last night? I don't know why you got jealous." I glance out the window, a little ashamed. "See my tags around your neck? You're by boy. Nothing will change that." I smile and apologize. "I don't know what came over me. I think it was just the way he came onto you right in front of me, like it wasn't obvious I was with you." Joe smiles, and his green eyes are lit up by the sunlight. "Well maybe my tags aren't enough. Should we get rings?" I feel my face light up. "Okay, okay" he said with a laugh. He stands up and walks around the table, pulling me to him. I let the sheet fall, and stand up, falling into his embrace. He pulls me close and kisses my neck. I untie the apron backs, and let it fall "oops," as I clasp my hands around his dick. He quickly gets hard, and moans in my ear. I pull back and walk toward the bed. "Damn baby," as he follows close behind. I crawl into bed, and turn around, backing against the headboard, the cold leather immediately arousing my pores and nipples. Joe seductively crawls toward me, inching closer and close up my body, until he's pressing his dick between my thighs, and raises his arms above my head, bracing against the top of the board. I can smell his musky odor from his furry pits, inches away from my face. He hunches over me, and. Bites at my neck. I pull my legs up, and his dick rests inbetween my cheeks. I start to open instinctively, as I move my ass up and down, sliding my hole over his shaft. He's twitching in response, and moaning, while his lips press against mine. He is pushing out so much precum, I don't need to lube up at all, and I firmly press against his dickhead. He responds, and slides inside of me. He moans lowly, and I can feel his voice vibrating against my lips. He starts rocking in and out of me. I pace with him, and we sync our movements. I hold on to his neck, and moan loudly, "ooh baby, work it in me...make thos babies Daddy..." He moans back, and picks up his speed, moving his arms under me, and pulling me closer to him. He's thrusting deep inside and my legs are pulled up and to his sides. I feel a rush of passion, as he hits my spot over and over again. I whimper that he's going to make me cum, and he pushes harder inside, pulling away, and looking into my eyes. We're both quickly becoming moist with sweat, and I can barely keep my eyes opened and focuses on his. He exhales loudly and says "Baby I'm cumming, cum with me..." I let myself go, and feel my cum shooting directly toward my neck, as he grunts and writhes, his dick pulsing wildly inside me. I can actually feel his spurts of cum releasing into me, as I slowly dribble out the last of my load. He falls against me, his dick still twitching. I feel my cum spreading between our moist naked bodies. He's still holding me, and I feel him shaking a little. Instinctively I wrap my legs tight around his waist, and my arms around his neck. We hold each other for a few minutes, and then he rolls to his side, pulling me on my side, facing him. He's still inside me, and he makes his dick jump. I giggle, and feel mine jump in response. He shakes his head, "Boy what you do to me. I wanna be in you forever." "I want you in me forever Joe." He's rocking softly, still rock hard inside. I feel tender on the inside, and freshly fertilized by his cum. A sense of belonging comes over me, and I lay my head against him. He's caressing my stomach, and hip, and pinching softly at my ass.

We lay together for nearly an hour. His dick naturally retracts from me, and his cum dries on the outside. I still feel the swishing inside my ass, from the load he released. I crawl off the bed, and start a bath. I feel oozing down my leg, and quickly wipe it up. Joe laughs at me, and I wipe my hand across his face. We kiss, and embrace, and I pull him by the hand to the bathroom. I push him to the tub, and he slowly lowers himself into the lukewarm water. I get in after him, leaning against his body. The sun pours in from seemingly every direction in our aptartment, and I close my eyes, allowing myself to melt aginst the rhythm of his breathing...



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