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Lance brushed a hand through his wet and clumpy hair as he stepped out of the shower. Steam rolled from his body clouds on a tan horizon. He felt his skin tighten into goose bumps as the cool air collided with his body. He shivered violently, but stopped as Damien stepped out right behind and wrapped his strong, muscular arms around his trembling boyfriend. "Did that make you feel any better?" Damien asked.

Now readers, I know you may be wondering what happened with that last little moment. When Lance couldn't get off the floor, he had to text Damien and tell him that he came down with an impossible case of the runs and that he should come back in an hour. Well when he did, the two decided a hot, steaming shower would soothe their minds.

"Yeah, I'm feeling much better." Lance smiled back as he turned to plant a soft kiss on his lover's lips. "I'm really glad you came here. I needed to relax with someone." Damien leaned down and kissed Lance's collarbone. "Anything for you babe." Lance reached over to the rack above the sink, retrieving his bright orange towel. He slipped from Damien's grasp and began drying himself off. Damien watched closely as the blonde rubbed the towel across his smooth, hairless skin. First his arms and back, then down to his faint six pack, then on to his surprisingly toned thighs and calves. "I suggest you dry up, unless you wanna be cleaning up a puddle." Lance stated as he pointed to the floor where a pool of water had developed at th masculine boy's feet. Damien pouted. "You already have the towel, why don't you do it for me?" Lance was a little surprised, but quickly fulfilled his request. He first dried Damien's hair thoroughly ruffling it up in the process and giving his cocoa brown hair a sexy, messy look. Lance leaned up and pecked Damien's cheek and continued down. He rubbed the large orange cloth over Damien's chest and then his strong, firm arms. Lance knelt in front of the godly figure before him and began to dry his thighs and slowly hardening cock. Lance leaned forward, sucking the thick cock head into his mouth and making his boyfriend stumbled back a little. Damien grabbed his fully erect dick and grabbed the back of his lover's head, forcing him down over and over again. Lance felt his own arousal stiffen as Damien slid sloppily in and out of his throat. Lance's throat had adjusted, as if Damien's rigid member was meant to be there. Lance grabbed Damien at the hilt, sucking hard and pulling off with loud, wet 'pop', and making his boyfriend moan.

"I'm gonna save the rest of that for later. After all, you don't want that strawberry lube to go to waste, do you?" Lance asked as he stood. Damien gulped hard and nodded. "Come on, let's get dressed, my mom left a list of stuff for me to get from the supermarket."

As Lance had finally dressed, he trotted downstairs to meet his waiting boyfriend. He walked over to the kitchen counter and picked up a long list of groceries his mother had left. "Alright, I'm ready." Lance announced as he stuffed the note into his pocket and brushed a bit of cat hair off of his "Kingdom Hearts" shirt. "Well then, let's go." Damien rushed, pretending to be upset just to tease his lover. "Don't rush me!" Lance smiled as he walked out of the door, but not before giving Damien's muscular butt a firm squeeze. As Lance walked outside, he bent to pick up a piece of paper that had been sitting on his front porch. Damien used this opportunity to slap Lance's right ass cheek as hard as he could, ripping a cock-hardening whimper from the blonde. As he picked up the second note, he stuffed it in his pocket and turned to Damien, trying to fight back a smile. "God damn it! I bruise easily!"

"No, I think we should get the eggs and then go get the chicken." Lance protested against Damien's idea of

going to the fruit

section for the third time. "Please?" Damien begged. "FINE! God! You act just like Blu!" Lance said as he punched Damien in the shoulder. The two of them walked over to the fruit aisle near the front of the store. To the sides, there were large refrigerated shelves stacked with chopped fruits and scattered between them were tall stands with vegetables. "What was to important that I needed to be dragged over here for? We can wait to get the cele-" Lance stopped as he saw that in Damien's hand was a container of fresh strawberries and a can of whipped cream from one of the shelves. Lance's mouth hung open as he saw that Damien's jeans were unbuttoned and unzipped and his thick cock was hanging out.

Damien picked one strawberry from the container and set the rest down. Then he sprayed his cock from base to tip, placing the strawberry on the head of his member. "We- We can't do this in here!" Lance shouted/whispered. Damien stepped forward and put down the can of whipped cream as he forced his confused boyfriend to his knees. Without a moment more of hesitation, Lance took the strawberry in his mouth and chewed, letting the bitter-sweet juices run down his chin. He placed the underside of Damien's cock in the palm of his hand, then licked the airy, sweet cream from his man's member. Damien moaned and threw his head back. The sight and feeling was even more pleasuring than he had planned for it to be.

The two were so involved in there public satisfaction, they hadn't noticed that someone was standing there watching. Lance pulled off of Damien's dick and gasped as he looked up at the man standing over him. He was tall, ocean blue eyes, and looked to be about 18 or 19. His stiff erection pulsed against his denim jeans, right in Lance's face as he rubbed a hand through his spiky black hair. "Damn, that's hot. Are you two open for guests?" The stranger asked, rubbing his bulge and pushing it closer to Lance. The man's hard cock imprint pushed against Lance's cheek. "No. This is my boyfriend and I'm not open to sharing." Damien protested, grabbing Lance's hair and forcing him back down onto his still stiff rod. The stranger still stood there, watching and rubbing himself to the amazing sight. Damien let out a deep sigh and moaned. "Oh fuck, I'm cumming!" He hissed as he shoved himself deep in Lance's throat until thick ropes of cum painted his mouth. Damien pulled out, thinking that he was finished, but two more shots fired out onto the blonde's face. Lance stood, pulling the string from his face and licking them off his fingers.

Their spectator bit his lip. "Fuck. You two gotta join me and my group one day. Maybe next time though." He said, turning and walking away. "That was weird. But he's right though, you were pretty hot." Damien said, leaning in to taste the sweet treats from his lover's tongue. "Let's hurry and finish shopping."

Lance had returned home, without his boyfriend. As the two were leaving the market, he'd gotten an urgent call from his mother about something the kids had done. So Lance was left to stock the groceries on his own. As he was putting up the canned foods, standing on the tip of his toes to reach the top shelf, a folded piece of paper fell from his pocket. "What's this?" He asked himself, leaning forward to pick the note up. After he unfolded the seemingly endless folds, he read.

"Dear owner,

If you ever wanna see your pussy alive, come to the alley at the corner of 4th and McComb street."

Lance furrowed his brows. "A letter this horribly formatted could only be the work of Blu." He sighed. "He always does this 'I'm upset, leave me alone.' bullshit, and I know if I don't go get him, he'll stay out... Wait that's good! Oh fuck, Mom is probably going to make me look later anyway." With a deep exhale of impatience, Lance grabbed his thin, black jacket and walked out into the late afternoon sky. He slammed the door shut behind him, making sure it was locked, and began his ten minute trek. He reached down into his pocket and retrieved his earbuds and ipod. He scrolled through several songs before finally finding the perfect one, Breaking The Habit by Linkin Park. As he shoved his ipod back in his pocket and pushed his earbuds into each ear, he let his mind wander a bit. He started thinking about his dad and how much he still loved and missed him, even though he'd walked out of the family picture when Lance was only 6. He started thinking about his first day at his high school and how he absolutely loathed every minute of it. The only thing he'd liked was that in the second quarter of school, he met Damien while attending one of the football games for his photography class. He was absolutely handsome, charming, charismatic, and an absolute gentleman. The two instantly clicked and began seeing each other. One day of their relationship stood out to Lance the most. He'd remembered when he was walking down the crowded hall during lunchtime, and he was struggling to keep his heavy bookbag on his shoulders. Out of nowhere, Damien slowly approached from behind, interlacing their fingers and kissing his new love interest on the cheek. Lance had never flushed a brighter shade of red in his life. He could distinctly remember all the looks they'd gotten, but no one said a word.

That memory still makes Lance shudder with happiness to this day. He also remembered how confused he was when he first saw Blu. It was his 3rd month after he had absolutely fallen in love with his brand new tabby and left it, sound asleep, on his bed to go get some cat toys his mother had bought. When he returned, he gasped when he saw the naked form of a boy sleeping on his bed, his muscled bum pointing towards the ceiling. The cat toys fell from his hands and Lance made a loud THUD as he tripped over his trashcan trying to back out the door. Blu jumped up from the bed and landed on top of Lance covering his mouth before he could scream and wake up his mother.

"Lance, relax! It's me, Blu." he said as he hesitantly removed his hand from Lance's mouth. Lance and Blu just stared at each other for a few minutes before Blu began explaining himself. He'd talked about how there are shapeshifters all over the world and they weren't all just cats. As Blu explained himself, Blu became even more fascinated with Blu than before.

Lance snapped up from his trance of nostalgia and looked up at the streets signs. Covered in nasty yellow pollen were "4th st." And "McComb st." Lance turned down an alley between "Javier's Italian Cuisines" and "American Gun and Pawn Shop." As he turned into the long, dark alleyway,the ground turned slightly smoother from the cobblestone and he could feel cool air emitting from the brick walls on either side. He continued, moving deeper in where he could see four dogs of different breeds standing around a hissing tabby cat.

"Blu, is that you?" Lance called. All five of them stopped their growling and hissing to look back at Lance. Blu morphed into his human form and jumped over to Lance, hugging him and kissing him on the cheek. He turned to look back at the four dogs. "See! I told you he would come rescue me!" Lance sighed and turned to leave, but one of the dogs ran in front of him and changed into a normal form. He immediately recognized him as the spiky haired boy from the supermarket.

"Well, fancy meeting you here. Come on, do be so quick to leave." He extended his hand out for Lance to shake. "My name is Abel." He smiled. Lance blushed with embarrassment. "Oh, uhm, I'm Lance." He stuttered. But before he could reach Abel's hand, Blu swiped it away and bared his teeth. A dog like growl came from Abel's throat before he turned back to smile at Lance. "What seems to be the problem?" Lance asked. Abel's face smile shrank. "Well, your little demon walked onto our turf and started disrespecting us. And we value respect above all things." Lance rolled his eyes. That sounds exactly like something Blu would do. "I'm sorry for the misunderstanding, I'll just take him out of here and be on my way." He turned to get Blu, but Abel grabbed his arm gently. "Please stay a while. We don't get very much company and you seem like a nice person." He connected his fingers with Lance's and walked him to the far back of the alley, standing with him in front of an unusually clean Beige couch where three people were seated. On either side of the couch were two bright lanterns. "Where are my manners? Let me introduce my little group." Blu was standing by a dumpster, his eyes practically begging for Lance to take them home. "This is Jay." Abel said, pointing to a young Asian boy with short black hair, which he kept in a ponytail, and beautifully sparkling brown eyes. He was wearing a dark black leather jacket that was open to expose a white tee, and a pair of tight fitting denim jeans. He smiled and bit his lip as he gave Lance a once over. "I'd ask how you're doing, but it seems you are very, very fine." Lance giggled and his face heated, putting an even bigger smile on Jay's face. "This is Eric." Abel continued, pointing at the boy to the left of Jay. His skin was a stunning caramel color that ran up to his strong, deep hazel eyes and his long, black dreads. 'Oh no, not dreads...' Lance thought as he nibbled his lip. For a while, Lance had a strong fetish for dread heads that was quite unexplainable. Eric joined in a smile with Jay, then frowned and looked at the other two sitting next to him. "Where the hell are your manners?! Let our guest sit!" He said through gritted teeth. The other two seemed to be so enthralled by Lance's beauty that they hadn't even thought about that. Before any of them could, Eric stood up. He was wearing a black V-neck that his massive chest was threatening to burst out of and a pair of baggy black sweats. He motioned for Lance to sit down, but before he could, Eric grabbed him around the waist and turned to sit, placing Lance in his lap, perfectly cushioned between two muscular legs. The other boys seemed to pout with disappointment. "Okay... And last but not least, Zackari, but everyone calls him Zac." Abel finished, pointing to the boy on the other side of Jay. His skin was a caramel complexion like Eric's, but a little lighter. He looked to be french and had on a pearl white beanie. His calming blue eyes were staring all over Lances body. He unbuttoned the top button of his black and red plaid shirt and grinned at Lance, grabbing his hand, leaning over Jay, and kissing the back of it. Lances eyes shot open and he blushed again, his cheeks absolutely aching from smiling. "Pleased to meet you." Zac sighed, slowly releasing Lance's hand.

"Oh, Lance, why do you look so tense?" Abel asked. "Yes, please relax." Zac cooed. "I know we may be dogs, but we don't bite." Jay chuckled. Eric slipped his hands into Lance's shirt and ran them down his sides. "Unless, of course, you want us to..." Eric said, nibbling on the outer rim of Lance's ear. All four of the boys laughed and Lance shook with pleasure. "Hey! If you don't mind, I'd like to leave!" Blu called finally as he walked over to the four cuddling boys. "He's right, we do need to get going." Lance said, he attempted to get up, but was pulled back down my Eric's beefy, strong arms. Abel grabbed Blu and hoisted him over his shoulder. "I'll take care of this one." He said, walking off into the darkness with Blu. "Wait, where are you- Oh!" Lance's sentence was cut short by a moan as one of Eric's hands slid into his pants and began rubbing his thigh. "Shh... He's gonna be fine. You're gonna be fine. You're with us now. So just relax..." Eric whispered into his ear. Lance took in a deep breath and let his body relax against Eric's strong chest with a staggering exhale.

"Good boy, just like that." Eric whispered before Lance closed his eyes. He could feel Eric's strong erection against his butt, pushing at it slightly. He felt another pair of hands at his thighs and could hear someone getting up. Eric's warm hand was removed from Lance's pants and began unbuckling his belt. His eyes shot open and he sat up a little. "Wait!" Lance could see that Jay was still sitting next to them, but Zac was on his knees between his and Eric's legs. "Aww, see! You guys are moving to fast! You're making him uncomfortable." Jay quipped, his hands still rubbing and kneading Lance's thighs. "It's not that, it's just... I've never done this with more than one person at a time..." Lance stuttered shyly. "Aww!" The three boys surrounding him said in unison. "Maybe it'd make him more comfortable if he could see someone else first." Zac suggested. "Ooh! Ooh! I'll do it!" Jay called enthusiastically as he grabbed the hem of his shirt and began pulling it off. Zac stopped him. "Nope! It was my idea, so I'll do it." He smirked as he stood and walked to the arm of the couch. Jay stuck his tongue out at Zac and continued rubbing Lance's thighs. Zac tugged down his black jeans along with his tight briefs and got closer to Lance's face. His semi hard thick member pulsed in front of Lance's face as he stared at it, dazed. The large head was halfway covered in smooth foreskin. It was even thicker than Damien's! It looked to be the same length though. Lance hesitantly reached his hand up and stroked it in amazement. He couldn't even fit his hand around it! He wasn't even sure that he would be able to fit two around it, but that didn't deter him from trying. He turned his torso a in Zac's direction and reached his other hand up to stroke as well. His fingertips just barely touched. Zac moaned slightly and began thrusting himself through Lance's hands. With a hard push, Zac's cock brushed slightly against Lance's lip, leaving behind a drop of precum. Lance licked the. Sweet and salty fluid from his lip. He wanted more. He leaned farther forward and sucked the head of Zac's cock into his mouth, licking vigorously at the endless drops of precum. Zac moved in a little closer and grabbed the back of Lance's head, pushing him farther down. Lance could hardly fit his mouth around the throbbing mass. He could feel the head hit the back of his throat, but Zac kept pushing, farther and farther down until Lances jaw hurt. Lance struggled to hold his breath as his face turned red. "Damn Zac! Don't kill him!" Jay shouted. Zac, who was in an absolute state of bliss, snapped out of it and stepped back, pulling out of Lance's stretched throat. He coughed and choked a bit. "Oh shit. I'm sorry! Are you ok?" Zac asked. When Lance was done coughing, he smiled and nodded. "Hell yes. That was actually pretty fun. Can I try again?" Lance asked. The boys laughed. "I like this kid." Eric said. Zac smiled and moved back in, grabbing his rigid member at the base and pushing back into Lance's mouth. Lance's jaw had adjusted and he could push more into his throat. Zac moaned even more as Lance rubbed his tongue against the underside. Lance could feel hands undoing his pants again, but this time, he didn't care. Zac pushed farther until he could feel Lance's lips against his knuckles. "Shit..." He hissed as he began pushing in and out of Lance's wet, warm throat. Lance could feel a hand wrap around his hard cock and start stroking. Lance moaned, sending vibrations straight from his mouth to Zac's cock and balls. "Oh shit! I'm gonna-" he moaned loudly and shot after shot of tasty love juice coated Lance's mouth, some running down his chin. He swallowed. And his mouth was instantly refilled with more. "Finally, after what had seemed like an eternity, Zac stopped and pulled out, breathing heavily. "Shit! I haven't finished that strong in ages." He sighed, walking to the couch and sitting back down. Eric grabbed Lance's chin and turned his head to kiss him deeply, tasting every bit f Zac on his tongue. Eric pulled back just as Jay moved up, licking Lance's chin and kissing him. Jay stepped back and pulled Lance's pants off all the way. He then reached up to pull his own pants and shirt off. "My turn!" Jay said as he licked his lips. Lance quickly registered Jay's strong muscular frame and his beautiful eight and a half inch cock. Jay turned around to show off his big, chiseled, muscled ass. "Hey Eric..." He taunted as he waved his butt in front of him. "I know its been a while, but can you... Fuck me?" Lance could feel warm breaths on the back of his neck as Eric laughed. "Hmm, why not?" Eric smirked, slapping Lances ass to make the boy stand up. Lance moved over and sat between Eric and Zac as Eric removed his shirt, sweats and red Osiris sneakers. Lance's mouth flew open at the sight of Eric's monster. It wasn't as thick as Zac's or Damien's, but it had to be at least 12 or 13 inches long. "Don't worry, we all had that same look when we saw it." Jay smiled. He laid out his shirt on the ground between Eric's feet and knelt on it. He patted the spot next to him, beckoning Lance to come down. As Lance got down next to Jay, he smiled. "I wanna show you something." Jay smirked as he rubbed Eric's inner thigh. "Jay, I swear if you-"

"Shh!" Jay cut Eric off. Eric's erect cock stood high, waiting for some attention. "I wanna show you just how easy it is to pleasure a guy like this without dying. What really turns him on is if you rub his legs like this and swirl your tongue around his head." Jay leaned in and began to lap at Eric's swollen cock head. He bit his lip to keep in a moan. "You know you wanna let it out..." Jay taunted before going back down and sucking the entire head into his mouth, licking and slurping as he continued to rub his muscular legs. "Oh fuck!" Eric moaned, biting his lip again. Jay came off of Eric's cock with a loud slurp and turned to Lance. "Come on, you try it." Lance leaned in and licked Eric's wet, throbbing member. He slowly moved his fingertips along his strong thighs. "Dammit..." Eric groaned, clutching the sofa cushions. Jay grabbed Lance's shoulder and pulled him back. "You wanna know something that really, really makes him wanna explode?" Jay grinned evilly up at Eric then looked back at Lance. Lance nodded. "Jay, I swear if you-"

"He really likes it when you suck his hard cock and look in his eyes, like this." Jay moved in and took about three inches of Eric into his mouth, staring straight into his hazel eyes. "Oh fuck, Jay..." Eric moaned as he grabbed a handful of Jay's hair, pulling it out of its ponytail. Jay grabbed the base of Eric's cock and squeezed, taking about seven more inches in, still staring up at his eyes. Eric let out a slight whimper and gasp. Jay continued to move up and down on the large member presented to him, evoking more and more moans from its owner. When he'd thought Eric had enough, Jay pulled back, breathing heavily. "Your turn. You don't have to do that last part though." Jay said, smiling up at Eric. Lance unzipped his jacket and took off his shirt, throwing them in a pile next to him. He then leaned in, taking Eric's cock just as Jay had showed him, and staring up into the dread heads lust filled eyes. "Oh, damn you, Jay." He moaned, closing his eyes and biting his knuckles to keep from shouting. Lance went down as far as he could go before coming back up in a mess of coughs. Jay moved him out of the way and straddled Eric's lap, lowering himself onto Eric's stiff dick. First three inches, then two more, then three more. He jumped up a little as his prostate was hit and he met his limit. "Fuck! I can never go down farther than that." He gave up as he bounced up and down on Eric's lap. Lance moved back up to sit next to them on the couch. He watched Jay lean forward and press his chest against Eric's laying his head on his shoulder and rubbing his lips against Eric's neck.

Jay let out a moan that was louder than the rest and immediately, spurts of white ropes shot all over their chests. Eric had grabbed Jay's hips and was plunging upward into him. "Shit, Eric, stop..." Jay cried out of breath. Eric quickly stopped, thinking he'd hurt Jay. "What?"

"Before you cum, I wanna see you fuck Lance." He stated between breaths. Lance shivered a little. Jay quickly slid himself off of Eric's cock. He pulled Lance up off the couch and took his spot. Lance looked down and saw Eric's dick, even harder than before, and pulsing with each heartbeat. He climbed into Eric's lap and sat on his rigid arousal. The first nine inches slid in easily, Damien had stretched him out pretty good. But the last few were a struggle. With a deep breath, he plunged down onto Eric's cock until he felt his large ass against Eric's thighs. "Holy shit!" Eric exclaimed. "He's even tighter than you, Jay!" Jay was incredibly turned on. He turned and leaned his head on Zac's shoulder, who had been enjoying his show so far. "I can't believe he can take it all the way!" Zac gasped. Lance gasped as the warm pain turned into fierce pleasure. Eric plowed into him with such force, Lance thought the swirling ecstasy would cause him to pass out. With a fierce growl, Eric plunged upwards and Lance felt his ass fill with hot cum. Without even having to touch himself, his own cock erupted all over the both of them. Lance collapsed and just rested his head on Eric's shoulder for a moment, slowly and unconsciously he drifting into a deep, exhausted slumber.

Lance quickly shot up and saw that he was in his room, tucked into his bed. He reached his hand up and saw there was a note taped to his fingers. He quickly opened it and read.

"Rise and shine sleeping beauty. The boys told me you gave them quite a thrill, it's a shame I had to miss it. Maybe next time you come, you won't be accompanied by an annoying cat... That is, if you ARE planning on coming back again. We don't have to have sex either, in fact, tonight, we were wondering if you'd wanted to come to a club with us? In which case, we've all put our numbers into your phone. Give us a call.


(P.S. The annoying feline is outside.)"

Rather than immediately hop up to let Blu in, he reached into his pocket and scrolled through his contacts and nearly died of laughter. The first one he saw was "Honest Abe" with a picture of Abel's eight inch thick cock sticking from the fly of his blu jeans. Next one he saw was "Frenchy" with a contact picture of Zac's hand wrapped around his thick, hard cock. As he kept scrolling, he nearly fell off the bed laughing when he saw "Juicy Jay" with a picture of Jay's thick ass. And finally scrolling to the bottom, he saw "The Mamba" with a picture of Eric's 14 inch cock, still deep in Lance's ass as he snoozed on his shoulder. At the exact same time, all four of them sent him a message that read the same thing. "Can you cum out with us?!" Lance smiled to himself. It was only 8:30. He was DEFINITELY going out...



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