By now probably everybody knows that Jason Sehorn is the new model for 2(x)ist Underwear, but maybe not everybody knows the story behind the photo shoot.

It all began when Brian Stevens first learned that Jason Sehorn, Cornerback for the New York Giants, wore 2(x)ist underwear. Brian worked at the advertising agency that handled the 2(x)ist account and was in charge of the account. One night while surfing the internet, he came across a transcript of an online fan chat with Jason. Living in New York, Brian was a big Giants fan and, like a lot of gay men, found Jason very, very attractive. During the chat someone asked the good old standby question - boxers or briefs? - and Jason responded that he wore 2(x)ist briefs. At that instant the Brian began to formulate his plan.

Brian decided to actively pursue Jason for a new ad campaign for 2(x)ist. The company wanted 2(x)ist to be a household name like Calvin Klein, Fruit of the Loom, and Hanes. Brian convinced them that loosely imitating the enormously popular Calvin Klein billboard ads would be a great start and the people at 2(x)ist agreed.

Once he got the green light he began to actively pursue Jason for the campaign. At first Jason's agent turned it down. After a little persistence, Brian got the agent to at least show Jason the proposal. Jason had done a little modeling before and was interested in a possible acting career once his football days were over. Brian came at him with the Marky Mark angle: model turned successful actor, but Jason wasn't sure he wanted to be plastered in Times Square in nothing but his underwear and a smile.

Finally Brian managed to finagle a meeting with the superstar athlete. Jason turned out to be very personable and funny in the meeting. And much better looking. But he was still hesitant. Brian assured the reluctant stud that the campaign would be tastefully done and that the print ads would be limited to briefs and boxer briefs only. Also, Jason would be fully clothed in all public appearances. When Jason still couldn't decide, Brian decided to pull out his big guns: ego stroking and money. He upped the ante and, before the meeting was through, Jason agreed. The contracts were signed the next day and the plan was put into motion.

Brian scheduled the photo shoot for mid-July, one month after Jason and his fiancée, Angie Harmon, wed. Brian made sure the timing coincided with a modeling campaign for which Angie was a spokesperson. Angie would be in Los Angeles for the week that Jason would need to be in New York for the 2(x)ist shoot. The plan was coming together nicely.

The agency put Jason up at the Trump Towers and gave him the first class treatment all the way. There was a huge gift basket waiting for Jason, complete with several outfits by his favorite designer, assorted gift certificates for different shops and boutiques, and, of course, a good supply of 2(x)ist underwear. Jason was impressed and called Brian to show his gratitude.

The day of the shoot Brian sent a limo for Jason. Jason arrived at 10:00 am. It took almost an hour to get to the studio from his hotel. He'd forgotten how bad traffic was in New York. He was wearing a dark brown suit, having just come from an interview on the Today Show. He looked hot. True to his nature, he was eager and anxious to get down to work. He was unpretentious; he traveled with no entourage like most superstars: no personal assistant, no agent, no manager. Most likely he didn't want a lot of people watching him being photographed in his underwear.

'Good morning,' Jason said cheerfully. 'I didn't think you'd be here.'

Are you kidding, Brian thought to himself, I wouldn't miss this for the world! 'I take a hands on approach with all my accounts,' he said instead. 'I supervise them from beginning to end. Let me introduce you to the photographer, Josh Patrick. This is his studio. In fact, he used to model but decided he liked to be on the other side of the camera instead.'

After introducing Jason to Josh and his crew, Brian showed him to his dressing room. The small room contained a sofa, table with two chairs, several mirrors, and a small refrigerator. There was a robe draped across the sofa and on the table were several pair of underwear.

'I figure we'll start with the boxer briefs and work our way down from there,' Brian said matter-of-factly. 'They're all specially made and double-lined so nothing'll show by accident. So, when you get all settled, why don't you get undressed and come out to the make-up table and we'll get you all fixed up.'

Jason nodded. 'You bet.'

Jason emerged from his dressing a few minutes later. He had the robe wrapped tightly around his muscular frame and he had a sheepish grin on his face. He walked over to where Brian and Josh were talking.

'I feel a little naked,' he said with a chuckle.

'Don't worry,' Josh said. 'It's just another job to everyone here. You know, I did a couple of shoots with your wife. Nice lady. Congratulations on your wedding by the way.'

'Thanks,' Jason replied. 'I'm a lucky guy.' He looked around him. For the first time he noticed that there were no women around. He thought that was a little weird but shrugged it off as Brian led him to the make-up table.

'Take off your robe and have a seat,' a tall muscular man named Derek said, pulling out a chair. Jason lay the robe over the back of his chair and sat down.

Fuck, he looks great, Brian thought. He was standing a few feet away, pretending not to notice Jason in his white boxer briefs. What Jason didn't know was that the entire set, as well as his dressing room, was full of hidden video cameras, catching every move he made.

The first thing Derek did was shave Jason's muscular chest and rippled abs. When he was finished he rubbed in a good amount of lotion, which both soothed the shaved area and applied a nice sheen. Derek innocently brushed his thumb across Jason's tits. Jason sucked in his breath ever so slightly. Brian noticed it and smiled broadly.

Derek applied Jason's make-up and styled his hair. A few minutes later Jason was ready and Josh put him into position on the set.

The lights were hot and when they finally took a break, about forty-five minutes later, Jason was parched. He signaled for Brian and asked for some water.

'So, how's it going so far?' Brian asked, handing Jason a fresh liter of water and eyeing his crotch with his peripheral vision.

'A lot harder than I thought,' Jason said, chugging the water. 'I'm gonna have to call Angie later and apologize for all the ribbing I've given her.'

After a few minutes Josh called over. 'Hey Jason, we're ready for you! Let's try the regular briefs, okay?'

Jason nodded, and looked back at Brian. He handed him the nearly empty water bottle and shook his head slightly. 'I can't believe I'm prancing around in my underwear,' he said under his breath, but grinning. 'What did you get me into?'

'Ah, you'll live,' Brian said, giving him a playful swat on his butt as Jason walked toward his dressing room. He noticed that Jason had left his robe behind. 'Just think of how fat your bank account's getting!' Brian watched as Jason walked away, admiring his bubble butt, high and tight looking in the form-fitting boxer briefs, wishing he could dive into that nice, tight ass. He sauntered over to where Josh was waiting.

'What do you think so far?' he asked.

Josh was leafing through his stack of test polaroids. 'He's fuckin' hot. I'd like to get more, if you know what I mean'

Brian looked at Josh. He knew exactly what he meant. 'You mean...?'

'Yeah,' Josh said, cutting him off. 'Like with Travis.' Brian was referring to Travis Fimmel, the latest Calvin Klein underwear model. The Australian hottie on all the billboards in nothing but his tiny white hip briefs and a sultry gaze. Josh had been the photographer on that campaign, too, and at the conclusion of the shoot, Josh and his assistants threw an impromptu wrap party. Brian had 'just happened' to show up for the party. They made sure Travis had plenty to drink and as the party was winding down they gave him one final glass of champagne to which they had added a new designer drug. Within minutes Travis had no idea what he was doing. He went from being merely tipsy to extremely uninhibited, outgoing and suggestible. To the casual observer he appeared to be drunk, but he was like a puppet, doing everything Josh asked. They got him back in front of the cameras and had him strip down to his underwear and then naked for a separate series of shots. When they were finished shooting, the guys took the drugged model back to his hotel where they proceeded to use him as a cum dump for the better part of the night. The next morning Travis woke up with a monster hangover and raging pain in his ass. On his bed table were a note and video. Within seconds of watching the video he knew why his ass was hurting. The note told him to keep quiet or the video and pictures would be made public. As it was, copies had found their way to certain underground circles and now poor Travis had to endure routine ass-fuckings on every photo shoot. Brian still used the photos and video for jack-off sessions.

'Are you sure about this?' Brian asked, bringing Josh back to the present.

'Look, we can do it different this time. If we're careful Jason won't know a thing. I mean, look at him.' Josh gestured over to the craft services table where Jason, wearing nothing but tight white briefs, was snacking on a bagel. 'He's pretty but he's not the sharpest tool in the shed, if you know what I mean. I think he may have taken a few too many hits on the field.'

'I'm still not sure,' Brian said. 'I mean, if this backfires and he finds out, we'll be fucked. The only reason we're not in prison now is because Travis knows that if he says anything the pictures and video will be everywhere.'

'Look,' Josh said, taking Brian by the shoulder and leading him to his office, 'if we keep out of his ass he'll never suspect a thing. Trust me on this.'

Brian was still hesitant so Josh pulled him aside. 'Remember when we had lunch with Mark last week?'

Josh was referring to Mark Vanderloo, one of the world's most in-demand male models. 'Yeah, I remember. We talked about the new GQ layout. So?'

'Look at these,' Josh said, unlocking a drawer in his desk and withdrawing a large manila envelope. He handed it to Brian. Inside there were at least a dozen shots of Mark Vanderloo in various stages of undress. One shot even showed a cock in his mouth.

'What the fuck...?' Brian said, flipping through the pictures, practically drooling.

'This was after the wrap party for the DKNY shoot last month,' Josh explained. 'Mark was totally clueless. Still is. He just thought he passed out. He has no idea about these. So... if we do it right, we can have a similar party with Jason.'

Brian's lust got the better of him and he agreed. 'Okay, but like you said, no ass play. I want this guy bad, but not bad enough to go to jail.'

They continued shooting for the next two hours, both men trying to hide their glee and their hard-ons while watching one of the hottest guys in the NFL posing and cavorting in his underwear.

When the shoot wrapped Jason offered to take Brian, Josh and Derek to dinner. It was an odd display, since it was usually the ad men who showered the client with gifts and perks and not the other way around. But the guys weren't about to turn down a meal out with Jason Sehorn. While Jason showered and changed back into his street clothes Brian called and ordered a limo.

The limo arrived and the four men climbed inside. It was very posh, complete with a stereo, TV, VCR and DVD player. There was also a well-stocked bar. Jason picked up the phone and dialed the number to the Four Seasons. Forty-five minutes later they were sitting at a prime table toasting the day's shoot with Cristal, compliments of the maitre d'. Dinner came Brian made sure there was plenty of wine. The guys made sure Jason's glass was never empty. When the check came Brian insisted on taking care of it.

By the time they left the restaurant Jason was pretty buzzed. They bundled him into the limo and got in. 'Anybody up for another drink?' Brian asked as the limo slowly moved through the traffic.

'I'll have a beer,' Derek said.

'Me too,' said Josh.

Brian poured the beer into two glasses and handed them to his friends. He looked at Jason. 'How about you, Jason? Beer?'

Jason smiled, cheeks flushed red, still buzzed from all the wine he had drunk at dinner. 'No. Thank you though. I think I've had enough. I'm not a real big drinker.'

'Nonsense,' Brian said, reaching for another glass and filling it. 'It's only beer.' He reached into his pocket and pulled out a small vial of liquid. He quickly emptied the contents into Jason's glass and swished it around with his finger. 'Here you go,' he said, handing the glass to Jason. Jason hadn't seen anything.

'Cheers!' Jason said, lifting his glass and taking a drink.

When they finished their beers Brian offered more. Derek and Josh each took a second beer, but Jason declined. 'Whooo! I think this last one put me over the edge.' His voice was slightly slurred and Brian knew the drug was starting to take hold.

'Well, we're about twenty minutes from your hotel,' Brian said. 'Why don't you just sit back and relax.'

'Good idea,' Jason murmured. He let his head fall back. His eyes fluttered and slipped half-closed.

After a few minutes Brian leaned forward and rapped his knuckles on the partition between the driver and the back. The window lowered and Brian directed the driver to go back to the studio. When they arrived he put his hand on Jason's chest and began to slowly knead his pecs. He lifted Jason's eyelid. His eye had a glassy, unfocused look. 'Hey buddy,' he said, his lips close to Jason's ear. 'Wake up there, Sleeping Beauty, we're there.'

'He's totally out of it,' Josh said, running his hand up the inside of Jason's thigh. 'How much did you give him?'

'Enough,' Brian said, lifting the other eyelid. Jason's eye rolled back, showing white. 'He should be out of it for hours. We've got plenty of time.' He ran his finger over the drugged-out Cornerback's lips and worked his thumb into his mouth. He ran his other hand down Jason's chest and down to his crotch. He could feel the heat radiating from the stud's big balls. Jason moaned.

'Oh yeah, buddy,' Brian purred as he continued to fondle Jason's nut sack. 'Now you're coming around.' He pulled his thumb out of Jason's mouth.

'We there yet?' Jason asked slowly, his tongue thick. He felt like he was moving in slow motion; like moving through peanut butter.

'Yeah,' Brian said, smiling, with a twinkle in his eye. 'We're just going to take these last few shots and then we'll take you back to your hotel.'

'I thought we were already done,' Jason said, confused.

'No,' Brian said, shaking his head. 'We said we were going to finish up after dinner, remember?'

Jason's head was spinning. He was so out of it that he couldn't remember what he did two seconds ago let ago at dinner. 'Oh, okay,' he said, his voice slow and deliberate.

They guys helped the buzzed athlete out of the limo and back into the studio. Jason could barely walk and had to be helped along. Hands roamed over his ass and crotch, squeezing and rubbing.

Once back in the studio Josh and Derek quickly set up the cameras, both stills and video. Brian stood to the side with Jason leaning heavily against him. Derek and Josh came over and took hold of Jason. Brian knelt down in front of Jason and unbuckled his belt. Jason moved his hand down as if to protest, but Derek and Josh grabbed his arms and gently pinned them back. Jason could hear and feel the zipper on his pants being lowered.

'What's going on?' he asked again, his voice soft and distant.

'Nothing, Jason,' Brian answered. 'I think you're dreaming.' He stuck his hand through the open fly and began to stroke Jason's soft cock through his underwear. Within a few seconds it began to harden.

'Unnhh... ooohhh...' Jason moaned lowly. He felt Josh's hot breath on his neck and flinched reflexively as he felt a tongue enter his ear. His knees began to buckle.

'Oh yeah,' Brian said as he thumbed the tip of Jason's hardening prick while easing the dazed jock down onto the couch, 'you have no idea how long I've wanted to do this.'

Josh continued to tongue Jason's ear and nibble at his lobe while Derek slipped his suit jacket off his broad shoulders and down his back. He handed it to Brian, who laid it across the back of the couch. Jason's tie and shirt were next and then Josh and Derek gently pulled his t-shirt from his slacks and pulled it off over his head, too.

The guys eased Jason onto a deep leather couch. Brian was slowly rubbing Jason's crotch while Josh was running the back of his hand over the Cornerback's erect nipples. Against his will Jason let out another moan.

Derek smiled and reached into his pocket. He pulled out a small brown bottle and handed it to Brian.

'What're those for?' Josh asked, eyeing the poppers.

'Just for a little extra fun,' Brian said, unscrewing the plastic cap. He put the bottle to one of Jason's nostril and covered the other with his thumb. 'Hey Superstar, take a nice deep whiff of this.'

Without any reservations, Jason took a long, slow snort of the poppers. He moaned and giggled and Brian moved the bottle to his other nostril. 'Again, buddy.' Jason obeyed and took another hit. His back arched and he moaned louder.

Jason let his head loll back against the plush leather sofa. His eyes were blank and his mouth was open. Derek and Josh let go of his arms. His six-pack abs looked fabulous. His legs were spread and with his fly gaping open and his white underwear poking through, he made quite a site. Josh got up and snapped a few pictures. Then he had Derek and Brian twist and pull on Jason's nipples. Jason lifted his head and Josh took another picture.

Brian took the bottle of aroma and put it back under Jason's nose. 'Take another breath, Jason,' he instructed softly. The dazed man once again obeyed. 'Yeah, that's right. Nice and deep.' The whole room was spinning and Jason let his head flop against Derek's shoulder.

'Unnnnhhhh....' he moaned, his body slack. 'Mmmm.... oooohhhh....'

'Doesn't that feel better now?' Derek cooed, and he smiled as Jason stupidly nodded his head. The dumb jock was on another planet.

Derek hoisted Jason's legs up and onto his lap and looked into his glazed eyes. With Jason stripped to his waist and his fly gaping open, the guys marveled at his physique.

Jason's head was resting in Brian's lap and Josh was running his hands up and down his sculpted chest, pausing slightly to roll his hard nipples between his thumb and forefinger.

'Mmmm.... unnnhhhh....' Jason moaned. There was a bright flash and a click. He looked up through bleary, faraway eyes and saw Josh holding a camera but it didn't register. Josh snapped another picture and then another and another.

'Smile big, buddy,' Brian instructed and Jason did. Josh took more pictures. Brian picked up the bottle of poppers again. 'Hey Mr. Giants,' he taunted, 'have some more of this.' He stuck the bottle under Jason's nose and smiled as Jason sniffed the aroma.

They pulled Jason to his feet and unbuttoned his pants, letting them slide slowly down his muscular legs. They gave him another hit of poppers as they lifted his legs and stripped the slack off. Jason was now wearing only his white briefs and socks. The briefs were bulging and full. Brian's eyes were as wide as saucers as he began to cup Jason's crotch. 'You like how this feels, Jason? You want more?'

'Damn Jason!' Derek said. 'You're fine! I can't wait to see you on the billboard in Times Square.' He cupped Jason's ass cheeks and tickled the stud's ass pucker through his briefs.

Josh snapped yet more pictures, pausing here and there to reload film. 'Yeah, there's nothing like a guy in tightie whities!' he commented. 'But it's too bad nobody but us will be seeing any of these pictures,' he sighed. He continued to take pictures while Derek and Brian double-teamed Jason.

Brian began to gently blow in his ear, darting his tongue in and out, and blowing softly. 'You like this, Jason?' he whispered. Jason's glazed eyes fluttered open and closed and his head lolled back and forth on Derek's shoulder.

'Oh yeah, you're getting off on this, aren't you!' Brian said, his voice low and sultry. He was thumbing Jason's dick through his white cotton briefs and the material was chafing the sensitive head. Jason's body was twitching uncontrollably.

'Uhhnnnn...' Jason moaned and his body quivered.

'Oh, yeah, tell us what you want, big guy,' Derek teased. He had been alternating between twisting and rolling Jason's erect nipples between his fingers, but now he began flicking them. Jason's eyes rolled up and his body spasmed. He'd always had sensitive nipples, and during foreplay his wife would sometimes flick at them to get him going. Now, in his addled state, he arched his body and pushed his broad chest out to meet Derek's prying fingers.

'Ohhhnn... yeahh....'

Derek smiled. 'Hey guys, check this out! He's totally into this!'

'Whoo hoo! Come on, Jason!' Brian cheered.

'Now it's my turn now, guys,' Josh said as he set the camera down on the seat. 'Put him back on the couch.' The guys eased Jason back onto the couch and let him slump against the arm.

Through dazed eyes Jason watched Josh approach him with a look of pure lust in his eyes. He struggled to sit upright but, still spinning in his drug-induced haze, he fell to the floor. He tried to get to his feet but couldn't. He could only manage to haul himself to his hands and knees. Meanwhile Derek was softly stroking his lower back and running his hands over firm ass, still covered by his tight white briefs.

Josh reached out and cupped Jason's chin. His eyes were closed and Josh lifted his heavy eyelids and watched while Jason's eyes darted back and forth, trying to focus. 'Jason? Are you with us?'

'Josh...' he slurred. 'Why are you doing this?'

'Doing what, Jason?' Josh asked playfully. 'You're dreaming, remember?' The guys all laughed.

'We're just having some fun, aren't we?' The three men nodded in agreement. 'You know,' he continued, 'this is really all your fault.' Jason looked up at him, a confused look on his face. 'Yeah, it is. If you weren't so fuckin' hot none of this would've had to happen.'

Jason looked confused.

'Oh, come on, Jason,' Josh said, reaching between his legs and squeezing his bulging nut sack. 'Don't tell me this doesn't happen in the locker room all the time. Football's the number one all time homoerotic sport!'

'Oooohhh... mmmnnnnhhhh...' Jason moaned, his body quivering at the touch. Josh could feel the big studs hips thrusting ever so slightly into his hand and he smiled.

'Oh yeah... I knew it. Football's full of horny pretty boys like you, isn't it, Jason? Ohhh... yeah... feels great, doesn't it? If you're a good boy I'll let you suck on my pacifier.' While continuing to massage Jason's balls, he stuck his finger between the dizzy man's lips and slowly and deliberately pumped it in and out, back and forth. The drugged horny man began to suck it.

'That's good, Jason,' he said, speaking softly in a low, lulling tone. 'That's really good. Are you sure you haven't done this before? Come on... you can tell us. We're all friends here. Let me give you something even better to suck on.' Keeping his finger in Jason's mouth, Josh used his other hand to unbutton and unzip his pants. He pushed his pants and briefs down past his hips, his huge cock springing out and drooling pre-cum. He withdrew his finger from Jason's sucking mouth and replaced it with his cum-slicked cock. He rocked his hips back and forth slowly, fucking the stud's face.

Jason gagged and tried to spit the monster cock out of his mouth, but Josh grasped the back of his head and thrust his dick in further. Jason tried to push away again but Derek was there with the poppers. He stuck the bottle under Jason's nose and before he knew what he was doing, the dazed stud began to breathe in the aroma.

'That's good,' Derek coaxed. 'Big, big breath.'

'Uhhhnnn...' Jason moaned as Derek switched nostrils.

'Good boy.'

Brian moved next to Josh and together they both shoved their cocks into Jason's mouth. With Jason's head spinning from the drugs and poppers and his face being fucked, Derek slowly lowered the Cornerback's white briefs. He ran his fingers up and down Jason's sweaty crack, spread his cheeks and flicked his tongue over the bright pink ass pucker. For good measure he reached around and flicked and twisted one of Jason's nipples.

'Ummppphhh....' Jason moaned, his mouth full of cock. He was dizzy and confused. And horny. Never before had he felt such sensations! It felt good and he found himself giving in.

While Josh and Brian were taking turn thrusting their dicks in and out of Jason's mouth, Derek was busy tonguing Jason's virgin asshole. Jason breathed in sharply as the tongue flicked back and forth and forced itself in and out. He wanted to scream out in ecstasy but couldn't because he was too busy sucking away at the two fat cocks whipping in and out of his mouth. The drugged up Cornerback had no idea what he was doing. His body was on autopilot.

While still sucking Jason's ass, Derek wet his fingers and twisted Jason's red, raw nipples. He pulled at them, tweaking them back and forth. Then he grabbed Jason's hard, bobbing cock and began a slow, steady jerk. Jason was so out of it that he gave in completely to the delicious sensations assaulting his hunky body.

As if on key, both Brian and Josh came in unison. Jason's mouth was flooded with cum as the men jerked their cocks back and forth, shooting their sticky, creamy jizz into Jason's mouth and onto his cover boy face. Josh firmly stroked Jason's throat, helping him to swallow the warm gooey cum. It was too much and Jason's hips bucked and he shot his load into Derek's hands. Derek put his spooge filled hands to Jason's mouth told him to lick them clean. Jason, too drugged up to realize what he was doing, obeyed and licked Derek's hands clean.

Brian pulled the dazed stud's briefs back up and let him collapse to the floor. While it was all well and good that he had photographs of Jason sucking cock, what he really wanted were pictures of Jason fucking a guy. He didn't want it to appear staged, either; he wanted it to look real.

He glanced up at Josh and an evil idea flashed through his mind. Josh, a former model himself, was extremely handsome, still in excellent shape, and was totally fuck-worthy. He'd be perfect. He was in his early 30s, just under 6 feet tall and weighed about 170 pounds. He was of Italian-American heritage with dark hair that fell just below his ears and deep brown eyes. While Josh was busy feeling up Jason and snapping close-ups, Brian caught Derek's attention and whispered his plan in his ear. Derek smiled and nodded.

Josh was so busy with Jason that he didn't notice Brian opening the bottle of poppers. Suddenly he felt an arm around his shoulders and turned just as the poppers were thrust under his nose. He got a whiff of the fumes and quickly pulled back, but Brian grabbed his arms and held him tight.

'Wha....' he started to stay.

Derek held Josh steady and set his camera down on the couch as Brian covered his mouth and nose. 'Come on, Joshie,' he said. 'Be a good sport. I think Jason wants to play.' Once he began struggling for air, Brian released a nostril and Josh took a deep breath. The rush hit him and as his body slumped against Derek. Brian put the bottle to his other nostril and he inhaled again.

'Ooohhhh...' he cooed, his head exploding from the sensation.

Derek took the poppers and kept Josh buzzed up while Brian quickly stripped him down. He tried to struggle, but his efforts were in vain.

'Still looking hot my friend,' Brian said as he yanked Josh's pants to his ankles and sat him on his lap. Josh was wearing white Calvin's and they were fully packed. Poor Josh was spinning in a daze while his two friends, Derek and Brian, began to have their way with him. Just as Derek had done to Jason earlier, he now began to flick Josh's nipples.

Brian began to vigorously massage Josh's cock and balls. He took the poppers from Derek and kept his nose filled with the aroma while Derek pulled the muddle-headed Sehorn to his knees. He lowered Jason's briefs and tucked them under his cum-laden balls and furiously jerked his cock until it was rock hard. 'Uhhnnn...' Jason moaned, his hips thrusting back and forth. He was so over the edge that he didn't even know what he was doing. Derek continued to work his cock and balls as Brian positioned a buzzed Josh on all fours. He pulled Josh's briefs down to his knees and spread his ass cheeks apart.

Derek pushed Jason closer to Josh and guided the dazed stud's throbbing cock up Josh's hole, his hips still thrusting back and forth.

As Jason entered Josh, Brian picked up the camera and snapped a picture. Derek gave Jason another long hit of the poppers and turned his dazed, slightly smiling face toward the camera. Brian got a few more pictures, these clearly showing a giddily smiling Jason Sehorn fucking a dazed Josh Patrick.

Derek was so turned on by watching Jason fucking Josh that he stepped over Josh and pushed his cock into Jason's slack-jawed mouth. 'You liking this, Jason?' he taunted, bucking his hips like pistons and thrusting his cock in and out of Jason's mouth. 'Yeah, man, keep on sucking my dick! Come on, champ!'

Brian snapped more pictures, these showing Jason fucking Josh while getting his own face fucked. These were going to be hot pictures!

After his popper buzz wore off Josh was pissed off for about two seconds until the realization that he had been fucked in the ass by Jason Sehorn took hold. He was glad Brian took pictures and couldn't wait to develop them. The three men spent the next hour and a half playing with Jason's body. They gave him another glass of champagne, laced with just enough of the drug to keep him spinning in his dazed state. They laid the babbling stud on the couch, posing him in a variety of lewd and obscene positions, each making sure they got in on the action.

When they were finally finished, they cleaned Jason up, dressed him, and drove him back to his hotel. The lobby was nearly empty and no one recognized them as they took the drugged out football player up to his suite and laid him on his bed, fully clothed.

Jason was surprised to find himself fully clothed the next morning. He tried to remember back to the night before, but the last thing he could clearly remember was the restaurant and the beer in the limo. Hmmm... he must've passed out. After all, he did drink quite a bit. And it was really nice of the guys to make sure he got back to his hotel room okay. He'd have to call Brian to thank him. As he picked up the phone to dial the number he realized that his mouth hurt, but he just assumed that it was from all the smiling he did the day before at the photo shoot. He had no idea that it had been full of cock just hours earlier. Boy, he thought, modeling sure is hard work.



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